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– Welcome to ask Barbie,
where you ask and I answer. I get a lot of questions
about the dream house, wow, if these walls could
talk what would they say? – Creak.
(ominous music) – What was that?
(dramatic music) – Huh, it’s just me. – What were you doing under there? – I lost my teddy bear, Dr.
Wiggles, so I’m going through every inch of the dream house. Wanna help me out? – Sure Chelsea. Sounds
like a perfect chance to show our friends a house tour. – You search here and
I’ll check the kitchen. – Celeste Baby says, “Please
do a what’s in my wardrobe.” That’s part of the house, let’s do it. Okay, here’s my beekeeper outfit and oh my sparkly silver dress is
definitely one of my favorites but lets really get in there. What haven’t I worn in awhile? Whoa!
(magical chime music) Wow, my wardrobe is a
portal to dreamtopia, just like “The Lion, The
Witch, and The Wardrobe.” (upbeat happy music) Is that my sweater? – (laughing) – Are those my ice skates? – (laughing) – (unicorn neighs) – Now that is definitely my hat. – (unicorn whinnies) – Of course you can borrow
it, it looks good on ya. (laughs)
(unicorn neighs) (trumpet music) Rose D says, “I’d love for
Chelsea to have a tea party “in her new fancy playhouse.” – (laughing) – Hey Chelsea, have you seen Barbie? We were supposed to play
basketball this afternoon. – She had to run to the
store, wanna hang with me? I’m having a princess tea party. – I’m not sure my friends will want… – [Doll In Yellow] I love tea parties! – Do you have chamomile? Oh man, every time. – I guess we’ll stay for a spot of tea. – Great, it’s a princess tea party so you have to wear these crowns. – I don’t think my friends will want to. – I call pink. – And I call purple. – Okay, is there a crown for me? – Hmm, out of crowns. – Aw, man. – Don’t worry you can wear these wings. – Sweet. (wings flutter) Cheers. – Hey guys, are you
going to wear those wings to play basketball? – Oh yeah, it gives me a serious advantage getting to the hoop. (laughing) – Hec one says, “I Love You Barbie! “Could you do a room tour?” I think we’ve seen plenty of my room, but Chelsea has an awesome room as well. Hey, Chelsea? Can I tour your room? You’ve been redecorating it for a while, and I can’t wait to see the changes. Chelsea? Chelsea? Where are you? – [Chelsea] The question
is, Barbie, where are you? – I’m in your room. – [Chelsea] Ok, very funny. You’re actually on Chelsea’s Challenges! The challenge today: Solve the clues in order to unlock the door. – Oh, I love escape rooms! What do you have for me? – [Chelsea] Look around. I left a clue under my favorite treat. – You love cupcakes! And here’s the clue! It’s a math problem! What equals two plus two? The answer rhymes with
where you’ll find the clue. Two plus two is four. Four, more, core, lore, floor! – [Chelsea] (laughs) Isn’t this fun? – It totally is! Okay, when you find where I’m
kept, you’ll know what to do. I protect your feet, not a sock but a shoe! Found ya! Uh, Chelsea? This last clue is blank. – [Chelsea] Or is it? – Could it be invisible ink? Well done? What does that mean? (exciting celebratory music) – You solved Chelsea’s escape room! – Aw, it’s over? – You want me to lock you in here again? – If you don’t mind? – No problem! I have three other versions
that I need to test out. – Yay! I love escape rooms! Chelsea? (calm happy music) The next question comes
from It’s me Gewlz who says, “Can you please give a kitchen tour?” (stomach grumbles) Perfect timing! (laughs) – I’m starving! (stomach grumbles) Would you make me a sandwich? – You are in luck. Welcome to The Barefoot Barbie! (upbeat pizzeria music) One sandwich coming up! – Wow! How did you do that? – We upgraded our house to have different kitchens for
our different needs. – That’s cool, but I actually think I’m in the mood for something sweet. – No problem! Cupcake? Pancake? Plate cake? That’s just a regular cake on a plate. (laughing) – This is great! But now, I think I want fries. – Here are your– – Or do I want a cookie? No, veggies. No, a pie!
No, scrambled eggs! (yells) – Let’s just order us some pizza. – Pizza sounds perfect! (laughing) – Phew! What a day!
(calm happy music) Thanks for watching Ask Barbie! You can comment below
and I just might answer! Oh, what’s that? There you are Dr. Wiggles! Bye!


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