Assassin’s Creed Origins: Discovery Tour | Trailer

[MUSIC PLAYING] In “Assassin’s
Creed,” traditionally, there is, yes, an
action component which is very important. But there is also a very
contemplative aspect. In the “Discovery
Tour,” we really wanted to focus the main experience
on discovering and learning. And all of a sudden, you’re
not in the game anymore. You’re just in Egypt
enjoying it and looking at the world like never before. MAXIME DURAND: This
started off in 2014. A lot of professors were
contacting us, saying, hey, you know what? It would be amazing if you
could do a mode– a dedicated mode for us so that we could
use that into classrooms. It’s been on our
mind ever since, and we were thinking,
like, all right, how can we make
the game different, something that would be
interesting for students, but also that would be
interesting for our players? JEAN GUESDON: The idea is to be
able to share the entire world without heavy narrative
or fight control that would be a barrier. And we’ll just let you
enjoy the entire world, but keeping the interactivity
of the game, which is, I think, very important
for such a tool. So in addition to
exploring the entire world, we decided to add more than
75 tours that are thematically framed. Most of the tours will be about
the architecture, the people, the way of life. But we have also very
specific stations that are clearly identified
where we will try to tell more about our development process,
so that people understand a bit better the
development of video games. With the “Discovery
Tour,” we can be proactive about the
information that we give, understanding that
sometimes, it’s just artistic liberty
where we raised a little bit the pyramids so
that you see them from afar. But the dimensions of the
pyramid are actually true. And the way that we
build it is actually based on all the knowledge
that we have at the moment. Very early on, we knew that
something that was interesting was to have external point
of view on what we’re doing. So to have a
scientist and his team doing an external research
on our product is great. They reconstructed a world
that doesn’t exist anymore. Because when we
teach, we try to help them to be immersed in
that kind of environment. But to see it at the
same time, that’s something brand new
for the teachers and really helpful
because students, I think, will remember more what we
teach if they can feel it. JEAN GUESDON: We are really
here to say, you know what? Video games can bring more
than pure entertainment. I’m really happy about the
quantity and the quality of things that we’re
bringing to the people so that they can
actually enjoy and really learn about ancient Egypt. Get the ultimate
experience on Xbox One.


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