Astana Cycling Team Bus Tour | Giro d’Italia 2019

(digital gears grinding) – We’re at the 2019 Giro d’Italia, and we’ve been given exclusive
behind the scenes access to the Astana Team bus,
so we’re going to go take a look and see what we can find. (funky soul music) Before we even go in the bus, you can see next to the door here, there’s, well, all the major
successes of the Astana Team. So we’ve got Vinokourov’s
Olympics win in London, and then also all the
victories they’ve had in the Grand Tours, in the
Vuelta, the Giro, and the Tour, so, Alberto Contador back in 2008, but also Nibali’s wins here, as well. Woo! Alright, let’s go in. It’s nice here, isn’t it? Nicer than my house. I’m going to take my sunglasses off before I get accused of being like Bono wearing sunglasses indoors. But these are the chairs
that the riders sit in when they’re traveling to races, and also, when they have
their race briefings. And I’m told that they
turn, they turn round, and they can swivel around for
when they’re driving along. (hydraulic lift squeals) (exasperated sigh) Got Road Books littered
around, so we’re at the Giro, so this is the Giro Road Book. It’s got the rider’s name
on it, and inside here, all the riders read
this before every stage and do their homework,
and they learn about what’s going to happen on the stage, and where the feeds are, and
what time the stage starts, and all that stuff. Cool, I’ll leave that one there, right. Let’s put this away. (hydraulic lift squeals) There we go, alright. As you move further back into the bus, the first thing that captures my eye is this rather splendid
looking coffee machine. Think I better check that it works, just want to help the team out and stuff, fancy a brew as well,
so, put a pod in there. (coffee machine brewing) (brass horn serenade) Yeah, it’s uh, appears to be working okay. (funky bass drum beating) (speaking Italian) Complementi. Oh, look at that, it’s
loads of coffee pods, that’s a lot of coffee. Tell you what, this is
neat, this, look at that! (door handle clicks) (chuckling) This stops people catching on it as they walk past, that’s nice. Alright, let’s move
further back into here. So this is a small kitchen area, plenty of recovery stuff here. So we’ve got all their whey protein, the energy drinks can be made up here, and also things, some of the supplements, so we’ve got glutamine
as well, all good stuff. And this is a sink, but underneath here, we’ve got a little hub,
so a little electric hub, which means that’s the
soignuers can cook rice and things like that for the
team when they’re finished. And then a big fridge here. Wow. Lot of Coke, a lot of Coca Cola in there. We’ve got lemonade,
all the chilled drinks, oh, some nice lowfat
yogurts, parmesano cheese. I’ll tell you, this fridge is brilliant, look at the chocolate. I mean, dark chocolate’s good for you, I’ve been saying it for years. And what have we got in here? Tuna, plenty of tins of tuna to get their protein in, as well. And well, it looks like some more yogurt. More yogurt, so, you
want to eat like a pro? Chocolate, tuna, and yogurt, with some parmesan cheese on top. Also, got a microwave oven here for cooking other various bits and pieces, and then these cupboards are full of all sorts of other bits and pieces, lots of food, as well, in there. Nice big bag of cookies and some cereal. Nice, close that, right. As we move further in, well,
we’ve got a toilet here, so it’s a nice sort of sized bathroom. There’s a standing up
one and a seated one, pending on your requirements,
and a big sink, as well. And then in here, we’ve got the shower. There’s actually three
shower heads, so in theory, three people could shower at once in here, but apparently the team generally just do two people at a time. But yeah, it’s quite,
it’s a good size shower considering it’s in a bus. As we move into the back of the bus, there’s this nice, sort
of, sofa area at the back, and this is an area that’s
used for different things. So sometimes, this is a chill out space where riders can come and just relax if they’ve got time ahead of a time trial, or at the end of a stage, and they just want
somewhere where they can just have a little
sleep or just chill out. But also, it’s used to store things. So at the moment, you can see we’ve got all the rider’s helmets here, ready to go for the next stage. And also, they’ve got finish line bags. So this is a finish line
bag that we’ve got here, and a finish line bag is
filled with everything that a rider will need at the finish line. Clue is in the name. So at the bottom, we’ve got some shoes. So obviously, you don’t
want to be going around in your cycling shoes,
especially if you’re going on the podium, you need your podium shoes, so you can walk up there. And then there’s also other
things in here such as, well, clothing and things like that, and towels to get your dry. And you’ve got your finish
line baseball cap, as well. So the soignuers will have those bags ready at the finish line for the riders. Something else cool we’ve
got in here right now is all the team radios ready for the race. So they’re all labeled up
depending on the riders. We’ve got Lopez, his radio there, Dario Cataldo’s radio there, Ion Izagirre’s radio, and they’ve all got their own headphone, and then these are the radios down here. Cool. Also got a cool bag here, as well, which the soignuers can
use to put cold drinks in, keep them cold for the riders. I’ll tell you something
I really like though, I’ve just spotted these
towels, look at these. The riders have personalized
towels with, what, golden embroidered names on them. (laughs) They’re really cool, and they’ve got their flags on, as well. I want a personalized Astana towel. (chuckles) (funky electronic jazz music) At the front of the bus, you’ll see we’ve got a really nice tribute to Michele Scarponi, who is a
much loved member of the team who sadly died when a car hit him in 2017. Scarponi was, well, as
very successful rider. He was a 2011 winner of the Giro d’Italia, but when he went out training, there was often a parrot
that went out following him, so as a tribute to that, there’s a parrot up in the bus, as well. And then also, when we go
around the side of the bus, Scarponi’s memory very much
lives on in the Team Astana, and we’ve got a little picture
of Scarponi there, as well, with a parrot on his shoulder. It’s a nice tribute to a
much loved rider in the team. On the outside of the bus, there’s loads of really
cool features, as well. So this here is actually a massive screen, and the purpose of that is that when fans are stood round the bus,
say, at the finish line, waiting for the riders to come in, they can watch the race on this big screen on the side of the bus. And it’s really nice, sort of, harboring that sense of community
with the fans and the team. And then, also, there’s a
big awning that comes out. There’s a big kind of, well,
gazebo out the side of the bus, and well, it serves two purposes. It protects mechanics
and riders from the sun, but also, the rain as well. (hydraulic door opening) In here, we’ve got all the tax rollers, so these can be pulled out and
the riders can be warming up on those at the start of a stage, or cooling down on them at the end. And then in this one… (brass horns amplify) They’re not going to go
thirsty on the Team Astana. It looks like they’re
expecting some kind of drought based on all the stuff we’ve got. (chuckles) Then in here, well, we’ve got a load of energy bars stowed away, and some cleaning kits, as well. So these little hoses, these
can be used to clean the bikes, but also, the bus as well, and
that’s what the pump’s for. Right, let’s go have a
look around the other side. At the back here, we’ve got a
massive 24 kilowatt generator, and the purpose of this is to power all the systems on the
bus, so the showers, the washing machines, the
TVs, when the bus is static. And it means that they
don’t have to run the engine and just sit there with the engine idling, which would be bad for
the environment, and well, any fans outside, or mechanics,
would be breathing in loads of fumes, which wouldn’t be nice. We’ve also got the washing
machine here, as well, which is really important
for cleaning all the kits so that riders aren’t
riding in dirty bib shorts. And there’s all the
detergent and stuff for that. And then here, we’ve got more supplies, more drinks and bits and pieces,
and various sort of things. Also, the sort of memorabilia,
sort of stuff, that, I guess can be given out to fans, as well, information on the team,
these nice little cards, and Giro d’Italia promo
bits and pieces, as well. And underneath here, there
is a 1,000 liter water tank which is for, well, all
the showers, and washing, and cooking, and well, toilet flushes that you’d want to do, so
more than enough water. I hope you’ve enjoyed this
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