Athens Greek Food Tour: Must Eat Food in Athens, Greece!

They’re so lovely they give you a little
Ouzo with your dish Hey guys I’m Ross and Bek is behind the
camera today we’re in Athens Greece and we’re
gonna take you around the streets here and show you our favorite Greek eats we
absolutely adore the place the people are so nice and the food is delicious
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starving so let’s get going so everywhere in Athens they have these
local bakeries that are just amazing they have some really classic
traditional Pies! Spanakopita is one that you maybe have heard of before
that’s my favorite the other one is Tiropita so this one
is spinach and feta and the torpedo is Bek’s favorite that is just feta they
both have this fillo pastry and they’re just delicious we’re talking under two euros for
anything that you want this is Bek’s! I won’t eat any no way I
just have one little bite truly delicious Moussaka the national dish this thing is
a beauty I love it it’s somewhere between lasagna and some sort of
eggplant dish now you’ve got the layer of eggplant there’s a hint of cinnamon
in here with a bechamel sauce up high and some potatoes down low and the
layering is perfect in this place we love this spot the beef is really rich
now the other thing is there’s this little crispy bit on top so I’m looking
forwards is tucking into this all right check out that layering it’s just
visually for me really exciting and a generous amount of bechamel in here ah the eggplant just kind of melts even
with that beef sauce and the bechamel is really creamy as well a tasty treat not an everyday food but a
couple of times a week I’m going in for more look at that this is mainly
bechamel this bit! Now most of the time we feed ourselves with a little Greek
salad to sort of balance out the heavy carbs that you can sometimes get with a
delicious salad now I just love the big slab of feta on these things and the
sprinkling of oregano on the top and the rest is you know
cucumber tomato some onion and capsicum it’s just a good little mix now they
also just drizzle a generous amount of olive oil over the top and we have this
with most meals and love it we found that the feta everywhere in
Greece is really creamy I love it it’s a not as harsh and as salty as you would
think. We’ve opted and just sat here and even bowls of Greek salad without
ordering anything else thank you you can find seafood
everywhere in Athens but we’ve fallen in love with this place because you can get
them in the cones we’ve got sardines prawns and squid and
it’s only a few euros per cone sardines I actually never really liked the tinned
version at home I love fresh sardines now Oh you get the little tails still on there
you’re gonna get everything quite salty fresh a little bit of batter on the
outside a very light batter and yeah you can still see all parts of the sardine try them try them Oh amazing
fresh prawns now these are crumbs but you can get them any which way you want
you know you can have prawn sardines or squid octopus all sorts of things chili sauce from that one and some of the freshest squid that you
could imagine again a very light batter
with some fresh lemon on there it’s just so citrusy and salty and it’s just a
delicious you’d normally eat seafood in a restaurant sitting down and stuff but
hey I love that you can just get these on the go and there’s lots of people
walking around with these cones so come here and check this out so we thought this dish was called mezze
but this lovely lady here said to us it’s picklelea
all we know is it’s delicious these share plates where you just pick what
you want now we’ve said just put a bit of everything on here
there’s seafood pickles salad yummy dips and bread it’s so amazing to try so
just get stuck in and eat some of this if you’re in Athens so some of this dip
on the bread a spicy cheesy dip is a taramasalata
fish there’s a mackerel and sardines on
here as well. Some squid loving fresh seafood they’re so lovely they give you a little
Ouzo with your dish this place is packed This place is packed with locals sitting around doing exactly what we’re doing so immerse yourself no tourists here guys a traditional pork gyros! I think I said
this right but guys this is one of the reasons I’m gonna cry when we leave
Greece it’s delicious perfect takeaway food pork that’s been slow-cooked on a
rotisserie just slow-cooked really nice seasoning delicious this guy behind the
counter has clearly made a few of these he’s put Tzsaiki the pork tomato
some chips and their own little sort of salad bit in there and it just will
marries together deliciously this is one of my favorite things I’ve eaten the Pita is so soft really really soft I’ve had about 20 of these since I’ve
been in Greece and I love every single one of them souvlaki is meat on a stick and it’s
packed with flavor guys who squeeze on this lemon and you dig in now whore I’ve been told
is the traditional Souvlaki so I’ve gone with that and guys normally you would
have some Pita with this and you would wrap it up in the Pita and have it with
tzatziki in all those but I just can’t bring myself to eat that today so
Souvlaki by itself is what I’m all about let’s taste it! yeah it’s so chunky meaty really good
seasoning on there and the lemon just adds this acidity to it
we love souvlaki pork souvlaki in particular meat on the go
what is there not to love about this as always thanks for watching if you
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haven’t already we’ll see you next time squid squid squid squid squid


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