What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. You’ve asked for it. I’m going to do it here
today. It’s the 4th of July weekend so it’s a good
time to step back and take a little bit of a break and give you guys a tour of the new ATHLEAN-X Gym here the X BOX, that
you guys have been asking about. You’ve noticed it in the training videos,
you want to know a little bit more about it. Well I figured I’d take you through so I could
show you why I selected what I selected. And give you an idea of what this place looks
like, you know. First of all, we’ve got a tract here of Turf.
And when I’m training teams in here, it gives me a good open run to do Sled Pushes, or to do Sprints or just a good open area
to do any kind of Ab work where we need some extra space. But this is our big, sort of tract of Turf. Then we have, of course our display screen
here. There’s a lot of cool things that I can actually do on that display screen. For the guys that have any of our programs,
they know that I spend a lot of time at that board. It’s basically a large Telestrator. So I can
actually break down, something I haven’t done yet is actually take somebody’s performance, film one of my Athletes doing, let’s say a
Squat and then draw and physically show the most important parts about their form, and break it all down there, sort of like
an NFL Telestrator type effect. And that’s a very helpful thing. And starting right here in the corner, we
basically have our, first of all, we have our ATHLEAN-RX Supplements here. They’re always on hand here. Guys that train
with me know how important I think nutrition and supplementation is, especially in and
around your workout. So we basically have our RX1, 2 in the back
there, Post Workout, Pre Workout over here and Nighttime Recovery and of course, our Athletes, while they’re
here, with what I feel is obviously, only the best in Sports Nutrition. Then we have our Kettlebell racks, some Slam
Balls, some miscellaneous, you know med balls right at the bottom. Right off the bat, well first of all you’re
going to notice, that there’s always Sports on here. I mean this is what I do for a living so here
my beloved Mets. Of course you’ve got to pull for them and rout for them. They’re here playing the LA Dodgers. But in the background here we have our Woodway
Treadmill. And the Woodway, for those of you who are familiar with the treadmills, is definitely
the best in the game. There’s a reason why it’s here. Because this
training environment was meant to be equal to the best in the game. I spent many years in Major League Clubhouses
and got used to the fact that, the best pieces of equipment were offered to the players so
that they could train at their highest level. Well I wanted to make sure that the same exact
thing was available to the guys that train with me here. So there’s no step down from what they’re
used to training with. This Woodway Treadmill, the greatest part
about it is this belt doesn’t go on a deck. There’s no deck under here. So it’s basically suspended on air. So that
allows us to have a really nice cushioned surface, very low impact, safe, feels good
for all the Athletes that run on it. So that’s why this is here. Next we have a Glute/Ham Raise. Now the Glute/Ham
piece is a great opportunity for us to do Closed Chain Hamstring Training because our
feet can be in contact there with that backplate. And more importantly than that it gives us
to train Hamstrings and Glutes together. And I talk about all the time about trainings
those two muscle groups together because they’re meant to train together and basically drive the entire Posterior Chain
by working together. And the guys that train Hamstrings in isolation
are the guys that wind up having many many Hamstring injuries. Something that we work a great deal on here
trying to prevent, is Hamstring injuries. One of the most common injuries in Sports. And even just for our weekend warriors, Hamstrings
can be a big deal and a problematic thing. Not if you’re training the right way and getting
your Glutes to work with your Hamstrings. So we have our rack of Dumbbells, you’ve probably
seen these appear in previous videos. One thing you’ll notice, yeah I’m pretty damn
anal about how these things go back in the racks. I put them back in the order that their supposed
to be in. And I don’t know why in most commercial gyms,
people can’t figure that out but it’s pretty simple, they go from 5 all the way down there,
up to 100 down here. And they just go up every 5 pounds. So if
you can count you can put them back in the right way. Here is a Lat Pulldown Machine. I certainly
love Pull Ups and I do a lot of weighted Pull Ups. But I just love the ability to lock myself
in here on a Lat Pulldown and pull a lot of weight. And it’s a low profile machine, it doesn’t
have a lot of width to it so it fits in nicely in this gym. It’s just one of the pieces that I like to
include. Here, this is a remnant from what I actually
had back from a few videos ago and I kept it. Because it gives me the chance to still have
the Roman Chair setup but it was the Pull Up Bar until the rest of the stuff came in. Which I’ll show you in a second. But this Roman Chair setup I actually use
still to do our Boxer Ab routine. I’ll link it over here if you haven’t seen
it already. It’s our routine that we use, it’s a Crusher but it works best off of a
Roman Chair so we kept it. Here this is my machine that was sort of like
a special order piece for me. It’s sort of my and some of my older Athletes,
it’s a Perfect Squat is what they call it, but what this allows me to do is, face in this way and basically put the pads
on my shoulders so it creates an environment where I can actually do Hands Free Squatting. So for me, I don’t know if however long you’ve
been watching me, but I have a pretty messed up set of Knees. They’ve been beaten up and bashed from doing
years of bad training, probably the number one impetus for why I created the ATHLEANX
Training System in the first place and why I even became a Physical Therapist,
was to try to learn more about maybe the shit I did wrong for many many years and fix it. And help others fix that now. The Perfect Squat allows me to actually brace
my own Knees, give my Patellar Tendons a little bit of extra support because that my hands
don’t have to be on a bar, and I can still load up, with this plate loaded
machine, do some heavy Squatting but give my Knees a little bit of a break. And it doesn’t compromise your form like a
Smith Machine does because your body can move in any plane here as this thing arcs down. Alright so this upper piece will arc in the
direction that you like to move in. This is just a big overhead door, allows us
to get the equipment in here. It can open up on a nice day. Got a True Bike here. Another way for me to
train my Legs in a way that I can still do a sort of a low impact approach but also train my Legs just by making that
resistance a little bit higher. So obviously a little bit more of a lighter training effect
there. But that’s ok, it’s still another conditioning
option as well. Here you notice the Landmine setup and I’ll
link that video again right over here where I gave you some unique Chest exercises you
could actually do with an Olympic Bar Landmine setup. And if you haven’t seen that video, you’re
going to want to watch it. But this is a great piece and it’s attached
right to sort of the Holy Grail of the whole place which is our Double Rack setup. And our racks here are custom made, you can
see they’re made in our black and red colors and this is the best that it gets in the business. They don’t make anything heavier duty here
and again I’ve talked about, there’s some guys training in this gym with me, some pretty strong assed guys, I need my equipment
to be able to stand up to the punishment that those guys can dish out. And these racks do just that. I have one sort of set up for Benching. And
we span across to the other one that I’ll set up actually for Squatting. But back to the one here, again we’ve got
lots of different support options here. We have spotter plates back there. But then we can have, even if we decide to
do Pull Ups, I’ve got nutra grips set up, I’ve got wide grip, I’ve got a skinnier bar
for underhand. So lot’s of different options. Our training bands, our ATHLEANX Bands hanging
from here. Our red XTREME Bands there. The cool thing is we can actually do Resisted
Bench Press or Resisted Squats with the pegs that are on the bottom of the Squat Rack. Up top we’ve got our Angled Latter, sort of
our American Ninja Warrior Ladder and then we’ve got our Straight Ladder. And again I’ve been going back to my days
as a child, don’t worry I’ll explain that in one second, my childhood days, I used to
love the monkey bars, and just sort of being able to climb all over
the place. Well I still do this now but I’ll make it a little bit more challenging. I’ll actually thrown either a weight vest
on or I’ll put a weight belt on, a dip belt with suspended weight and maybe carry 45 pounds
or 90 pounds as I do these bars to make it more challenging. That again as I talked about, that’s our Sports
Ticker. And again I have to get all the updates. This is my business, it’s not necessarily
a hobby for me guys, so I have to understand all the latest injury updates. I have to understand player movements, you
know player moves, guys getting sent up, sent down. But what’s also cool is when we’re training
in this environment here, I can get my players all set up with their heart rate monitors, and actually have them display upon that board
so guys can get an instant feedback on where their heart rate is depending upon whatever
our training goal is for that day. It could be right here displayed on this board
so it doesn’t just have to be a Sports feed, it can be much more than that. Again over on this other rack here we have
a Jammer setup. So a lot of times Defensive Backs, Offensive
Linemen, Defensive Linemen, they’ll train in here and when we do we use those Jammers
a lot. If you haven’t seen them, basically this allows
us to load up here on one side and then press in an explosive way up and out, ok. It’s just up and out in an arc. So if I get down in a, you know in a breakdown
position here I can come up, use my Legs and jam at the same time, which is a pretty functional movement for
guys that especially like I said, Defensive Linemen, Offensive Linemen, Defensive Backs. So this rack, once again, I will set up as
a Squat Rack primarily so I don’t have to keep jumping back between the two. Ah, I mentioned the TV’s up there and the
entertainment is always there. But of course we’ve got this place locked in for sound too. And we can turn it up when we need to. Little
Metallica on right here. So it’s a pretty cool place to train I can
guarantee you that. And the guys that do train here we seem to get our work done. Let’s just hear that first part. Probably
the best band ever, for you guys that always ask, Oh I wonder if Jeff’s a metalhead? I definitely like Metallica, this is sort
of my deal. But I do have LL Cool J Radio on here too.
Just in case I need to get into that groove too, some old school R&B Hip Hop. So this is the gym guys and I’ve got one more
thing I meant to show you. Hey Charlie come here. Charlie come here, get over here. You guys know Charlie here, this is the official
mascot of ATHLEANX. Come on right here to the logo. Come here, ok are you ready to sit
. Sit. Sit Charlie. And there he is, that’s my boy. So Charlie
joins me here at the X BOX. He’s my best friend. You guys remember that Charlie’s the one that
had, see he’s tired already, he’s the one that had the ACL issue on that knee. I’m happy to say, he’s doing great and he’s
on the mend, he’s on the comeback. He’s never been stronger. So he hangs out here and I love having him. But guys this is it. I basically wanted to
put together a little tour for you here on this 4th of July weekend. Ah, it’s kind of a time to just step back
a little slow video here but you’ve been asking for the video and a tour of the new place. So I figured let me show you what it’s all
about. I can promise you this, there’ll be a lot
of great videos coming out of here. We’ve tried to up our production value for
you guys, you are loyal viewers who are almost at a million viewers by the time you’re watching
this. And I think it’s well deserved by you guys
because you’re the ones that have supported this channel. And have sort of forced the upgrade here from
the low quality videos that we started with to things that you guys can expect now, bigger
and better things. That being said, whatever you want to see
done in this X-BOX, you’ve got to let me know below. What type of video, what type of questions
you have, and I’ll do my best to make sure I bring the videos to you. And lastly as said, it’s the 4th of July,
this all wouldn’t be possible without our Independence and our ability to do some really
cool things here and choose what we want to do for a living. This is what I chose to do, this is my life,
this is my passion and I thank any of those who had any part in creating our Independance
here, anybody that served who’s allowed us to be
able to do things like this, I feel Blessed. So guys, remember leave your video request
down below and I will do my best to bring them to you here on this channel. And I’ll be back here in just a couple days
to get those requests going for you alright. So have a great rest of your weekend. If you’re
celebrating the 4th of July, have a great one. I’ll see you back here soon.


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