So let me ask both
of you a question. A really important question. I’m gonna put you
on the spot here, real simple and you can only answer it with one word. In one word… In one word! It’s a one word answer. Don’t copy each other, you
can’t use the same word, OK? Mm-hmm. Goody… [laughs] In one word describe
why travel agents rock. I’m gonna go with ‘friend.’ ‘Amazing.’ ‘Knowledgeable.’ Knowledgeable. ‘Very reliable.’ Can you just say
‘there when we need her?’ – One word!
– One word! – One word!
– One word! Can I say ‘fantabulous?’ Yeah, sure! [laughter] I’d say her experience. ‘Personality.’ She’s got a great personality. You guys are so sweet! ‘Time management.’ Time management? OK, I’ll count that as one word… sort of. ‘Professionalism.’ Yep. ‘Loyalty.’ Loyalty? Sounds like
you’re loyal to her, too. You’re gonna make me cry now. Denise gets things done. She goes above and beyond and she was so patient with me! I actually booked their
two sons, so it’s like… Adolfo: Generational. Isn’t that crazy that you’re
in the business so long that you’re booking their kids. Yes, second generation! I’m getting old! [laughs] We took our granddaughter
a year ago on a cruise and she had the room decorated for her with Cat in the Hat. That’s nice. She adds that little
special touch. We don’t worry about anything because we trust her! Adolfo: Yeah, you really
build this relationship and she knows you inside
and out at this point. They do have a wealth
of information. Recommending what
they know you like. You know, you can’t lose, right? And it’s always great to have somebody whose got your back. If there’s a problem, you can’t complain to the computer! Adolfo: No you can’t. And all that is for free! True! And so many people
don’t understand it. If you could have a personal
assistant for free, why wouldn’t you
have one, right? She’s awesome! Yeah, she is. Book with a travel agent and you’re gonna have the best experience you can imagine.

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