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There are over 240 campsites in NRW, and they make dreams come true. The triple plot, what does it cost now? Two and a half thousand euros. that is an annual price? A total of around 100,000 euros flowed into the parcel here. Annually over 1.7 million
Overnight stays on NRW campsites. But they too have their price. What does such a place cost here all year? So around the 4,000. And also in camping: there is something for every budget. We’ve got a show truck here, and then they sell 4, 5 tons of meat in one day. Luxury for 450,000 euros. Alone in the last year were in
Germany newly registered 400,000 RVs it was the caravans
even 600,000 and then for comparison: Motorcycles were in the last
Year around 150,000 only admitted. So, we are a people of campers! What
Let’s take a look, and it’s the camping holiday really cheaper than that
Package holiday trip? Welcome to a millionaire market, welcome to “Camping and to clarify these questions,
I’ll start here first at the travel and camping fair in Essen. You thought camping meant camping and just sleeping on the floor? In Essen, 90,000 visitors have convinced themselves of the opposite. Whether on the car roof, in the camper, caravan or mobile – in the barrel. Small but comfortable. Camping is more diverse than you think. And more expensive. Where does the trend go, who earns on
new camping boom, and what does he look like, the typical camper? Daniel Assmann in search of initial answers in the 350,000 euro mobile. Some people at home do not have this, such a heating, where the towels are dried and warmed. Camping does not mean it
Abandonment of luxury. Great, here you can even see from above! The size also requires technical aids. Unfortunately, I should not drive at all. I do not have a truck driver’s license. I just read 12 tons outside, weighs the part. Incidentally, you are allowed to drive this camping truck on Sundays. The special use permit makes it
possible. Small garage, just always there, fits a small car in … So you can confidently leave your camping truck at the resort and change to the car. Hello, may I disturb you? You found what you are looking for? You just look so interested? Just for the sake of interest, if what we have is enough for us … or whether we need to improve. But I do not think so. It is enough. That means you are camping regularly? Yes, we do camping regularly. Even with a camper? With a motorhome, and also in winter sports … Why do not you go to the hotel? I’ve been around for years, and I have to say honestly, I do not like watching the clock anymore. if you have to look at the clock in everyday life … If you have holidays, then have a little more relaxed breakfast in your pajamas. Is already luxury. I often look at these cars at the campsite and think, my goodness … It can live in there, right? And now they just wanted to go that way
just to look in there, or … No, that’s too big for our wallet … Yes, the size of the wallet will play an even more important role. But not only the size of the purse. Does it matter to the size? Yes! For some it is even crucial. Why do you choose something like that, what attracts you to it? Because it fits well in the garage. Almost two meters high. And then you sleep up there on the roof or how? You can probably sleep in there, you have to test or see how it works. That should be for four people. Start with the camping or … Are you a camper? We are campers. What attracts you to it? Camping is the freedom to drive there
when and how and how you like it. They are campers? Yes. We are campers. Only our cars are stuck, you can not pull that anymore. So we are permanent campers in the sense. What attracts you to permanent camping? Yes, what can I say … The friends! Camping of the future. In this design of a manufacturer makes the holiday a lot of fun. And that for a mere 2 million euros. Camping offers a bit of home. Mobile homes, so-called chalets, have conquered the market. And Frank Seibt sells them. Hello! Daniel Aßmann. Frank Seibt. Yes, that is … you live here? This is the residential and leisure trend 2017. Aha. Central heating at home, central heating, at home … at home, you have that too … Refrigerator, like at home … The cabinets are all self-closing … automatically … Four-burner stove top, extractor hood … Here are bathrooms … There is the possibility, there you can down
to install another washing machine. At home, then the hidden, is the way. Bedroom, at home … It does not feel like camping anymore. I would say, we will make a contract and you sign. Gladly, but then I need a few percent of Messerabatte, very large Messerabatte. How expensive are we here then? So, as we are here now 50,000 euros, it is also cheaper. Is also cheaper? Where do we get in? At 35,000, 40,000. Here we are at 50,000. How many square meters do we have? Barely 40. But it is also only once put down, so I can not move again now? If it stands, it is. But who buys something like that? Where we are on the subject of buying. Who buys something like that? It buys the bank director, but also the simple worker. We have the right one
Camping, we have all the infrastructure to … How many are there from these chalets? About 80, 90. Yes, Daniel, I’ll invite you to Grav Island. This is our mascot. That’s the Gravi, and when you’re with us, you bring it with you, and then you greet his big brother, who is with us in the petting zoo. You also have a petting zoo? We also have a petting zoo and there is the living donkey from Wesel. It seems that there is nothing there that does not exist. From A to Z. I’m happy. We’ve just been so casual with you, I think you all dude, you camper, right? Once you have a parcel with us, we are by you. And that’s the realm of top seller Frank Seibt: Wesel am Niederrhein. Grav Island, Germany’s largest campsite. Over 2 million square meters, 2000 permanent pitches, 500 places for vacationers. The Gravi and me on the island, we made it, here it is, the Grav Island. And here I meet not only Frank, but also real campers. For two generations, family Seibt earned here and herewith their money. How much, Daniel Aßmann wants to find out, and of course bring the Gravi home. Here they are again, everything started here, here I met Frank, in such a thing. What’s on it? From 50,890 euros. Yes. He also had that at the fair. The Grav Island, a worthwhile business model. According to the official 2015 annual report, GmbH & Co KG is moving millions of euros. What makes the charm and the benefits of Grav Island? Frank, there you are! I searched you everywhere, here I find you. Look, I brought it, he’s back home. The Gravi is back home. Then I would say, then I show
Look where his brother lives. The real. Come in. Then we turn a small round. 35 kilometers of gravel roads and at peak times home to up to 15,000 people. So “little lap” is an understatement. How big is this? In comparison, Monaco is 202 hectares, we are a bit bigger … But we have about 200 hectares of nature conservation area. And you are the king here. Yes, in the second generation. And the king of the Grav-island takes care of its inhabitants. How much does a plot cost? Depends on the size … That starts at 650 euros and then stops somewhere at 1,800, 2000 euros, but then you already have two or three plots. In the year? In the year. Additional costs are once again separately. They are around 450 euros a year. That means, with a really big piece of land, so three parcels, I’m a maximum of 2,500 euros. Well, at 300 square meters, you’re at 1,800. This one is a three-parcel lot. The triple plot, what does it cost now? The costs around 1,800 euros, which has just under 300 square meters. And then there is something else … Yes, there are the additional costs of 450 € in the year. And power consumption goes through a counter. And then she is somewhere with
two thousand, two and a half thousand euros. 2,000 parcels, an average of 700 euros lease, makes 1.4 million euros in annual leases. When every seat is occupied. There are also 500 vacation pitches. Now, of course, we also have something very distinctive or unique: we have the memorial here for all campers we have left. These were all people who had a permanent residence here? Yes, or a parcel … Our slogan is: friends who have been recalled to the great campsite forever. That means: once campers, always campers. And so you do not land so fast on a plaque, there are those here. Here we have our accident assistance. That’s just for you here? Yes, that’s for our campers, and some have thanked our paramedics. So, employees. They have already brought back the times were not there anymore. These are of course the extreme cases. But what are the usual things, where then have to move out? Everything. Cut the finger with the hedge trimmer, cut the finger with the scissors Mosquito bite, heart attack, circulation … Incidentally, every camper pays 7.50 per year for the fast accident assistance. This includes not only the space-saving ambulance, but also its own fire department. Here we have self-service market, get here
you, of course, everything. Drinks from the cold store, meat, beer, own bakery … The meat counter must be huge here, right? No, we already have
here and there, a show truck like this, and then they sell four to six tons of meat in one day. At the weekend, the supermarket sells 2,000 boxes of beer. Here the box costs one euro
more than outside, but there are all varieties always cooled. And if after the beer, the small hunger comes: a cheese roll costs here 1.40 euros. We have the only dyke on the Rhine rail from Basel to Rotterdam which was self-financed and self-built. We made the campsite flood-proof in 1993. How much does a dike cost? That was in the seven-digit range. Incidentally, the WLAN annual ticket costs 179 euros. From here are all nature conservation areas. They belong to you, or what? Yes, of course. Wi-Fi, catering, Beverage – who lives here, also gives his money here. And now I’ll show you our petting zoo. There’s the living Gravi inside, the donkey from Wesel. That’s Wesalius, he’s so baptized
by the mayor of Wesel, she is patron, but the nickname is Julius, he listens to that too. Who has leased a parcel here,
does not have to leave the place. Not for shopping and not for dinner. Look here, do you know that? He is only interested in the bun. Where we are feeding so well: That’s a gold donkey, right? This is a gold donkey. You know what I’m aiming for. With over 300 hectares and so many people living here, that must be worth it, right? Well, I mean, I’ve already taken it over rewarding. Your dad started this way … We started in the green field in 1968. So there was nothing. Camping … I ask, animals give always so a feeling of security … Is camping good business? Yeah, we can all do that
of life. I have no feeling for it, now there are so many people, what turnover do you make? He is getting nervous … Well, we are already in the millions. We do more like a million. One two? We do more like a million. More like one. Less than five. Less than five and more like one, yes. About three. Good year, bad year. Okay, yes, but camping is a business, you can start earning good money with it. We’ve been doing that for half a century. An estimated 25,000 people live in a campground in NRW. The Reichstein family also lives where others spend their holidays. Hi! Frank has dropped me off here. I’m doing a report on campsites, and he said, here had to look, at the Reichsteins. May I come inside? Hi, Daniel. As a camper you also duzt. That’s the first thing you learn. Man, that’s well-kept here. These are the standard works that you do. Do you live here, right? We live here. So, no other home, this is your home. Exactly. We gave up everything, come from Bottrop … Yes, that is understandable then … Why did you say that we are leaving Bottrop and have come here to Wesel? We have had a condo before and initially got a taste for a caravan. If I may ask, what did you invest? So, a total of about 100,000 euros have flowed here in the parcel. But then with garden, with wall … All in all, 100,000 euros and let’s just say house and that looks like there is still an extension … Yes, exactly, but the house is about 60,000, then the cultivation comes with 20,000, 22,000 … and then comes all the interior design that we did ourselves. The lecturer for recycling and his wife have So consciously get up for life
the campsite. Although … after camping, it does not look like this anymore. Well, like a bedroom, right? Do you have any differences here, unlike a normal apartment? Do you have to cut corners somewhere? No. Insulation or something else? No not at all. Even the heating is in no way inferior to a one-family house. Here I could get that
To fulfill your wish: the walk-in wardrobe. Usually you think, everything is smaller and narrower here, and now you finally got the room. Exactly. Here, just for me, my shoes, all my things … I do not need to sort anything by winter or summer, because I have everything here. My cosmetics, bags, everything I could distribute here, and that is my absolute highlight. Continue from the “awning” in the “caravan”. Do you want to grow old here? We want to grow old here. We hope that we will never have to move away again for some reason, you never know what’s going to happen … but we already plan to stay here. Nothing draws me into an apartment, a rented apartment or whatever. We feel right at home here and
hope … “dachshund” I would say! What did the friends say, friends, family, when they say we move to the campsite? Well, at first, some have said, how? Campsite? In the caravan? Are you crazy? And after they were here for the first time, of course they were flat. And Daniel is flat – because of the bathroom. You even have a daylight bath, I do not have. And a very big bathtub. It’s almost too long for me. If I get into it, I’m gone. Here are the blinds. Asked differently, if you always care so on the campsite what you always hear, that sometimes breaks down one or the other or so, you have to worry as synonymous? For example, I rarely finish, I have to say quite honestly, so I’m not afraid, on the contrary! The safety I have here when I’m in the dark I do not have any with the dogs
Fear. Well, I’m already at two at night gone with the dogs, with the flashlight, and I’m not afraid. I go in Bottrop or in which city
also at night through the streets with the dogs, I was always scared. The counter model to the growing uncertainty in the cities. Nobody comes to the square without passport control. And you know the neighborhood anyway. Before I get to know the biggest Schalke fan here on Grav Island and you can in the background
It’s easy to see where he’s camping, I would like to introduce you to Gabi and Wolfgang. The two come from Siegburg near Bonn, are passionate campers and have been riding the same campsite for years. And just before leaving I visited the two. Still prevails at the two holiday campers absolute peace. Absolute peace? Not for long. No more hibernation, now it is camped! Namely with Gabi and Wolfgang. Where are you going this year, you two? To Italy. Marina di Venezia, as always! So you are in the same campsite every year? Yes, every year. And then always with the baby here? With this baby. For three years we have the. Before that it was other treasures. And what did you pay for, if I may ask? So he cost 27,000. Nine months, the 27,000-euro baby was well protected on the farm in Siegburg. It’s supposed to be his annual morning
Travel to Venice. And there it goes now? Exactly. That’s the place. That’s what the children had made for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day two years ago. Twice a year Gabi and
Wolfgang to Venice. Wolfgang, what did you bring here? This is the news we still have to take with us, which we have newly procured. Here, for example, this tub that we bought, which is then pumped up, which is laid out in the awning inside, and then clamped with herring, then pumped up, and if there are rainy days, there is also a rainy day, it can also be stormy, that there is such a real river, as strong as it rains, then it runs under the ground, not into the tent. That slows that down here. Good tip. What does it cost? That costs 56 euros in our size. Then it’s called shuffle and couple. For
Professional driver Wolfgang, of course, no problem. So, now test drive? Yes, we can do it. Gabi, you have to look then. We have to shuffle back and forth. Because we can not get past the fence otherwise. I’m getting in, right? Gabi, finished? Yes, yes, I’m done. Fits, fits, fits. At 1000 kilometers with 100 speed makes
a test drive makes sense. And now that’s how it feels
everything right, is everything going well? Everything. Wonderful. Towbar still needs to be lubricated? No no, you can not lubricate it! It has to be dry. Why? At the dealer they have sanded the, which must be rusty. Otherwise I do not think so. If it were now oiled, lubricated, it slips out of the bracket. No idea, the men have to answer that, the question. I would have thought that it always needs to be lubricated so it does not … That’s why it’s cracking like that. But that stops after a while. But at some point even the most beautiful test drive is over and it gets serious. Italy we’re coming! In the morning at half past three in Siegburg near Cologne. Gabi and Wolfgang on the road. And arrived. Here the way to Marina … Fantastico! Now after the turn entrance to Marina. For caravans, cars, two dogs and two adults pay Gabi and Wolfgang good 480 euros for 18 nights. In the absolute low season. I’m doing a bit of Grav Island break now and visit, as promised, Gabi and Wolfgang here on their regular campsite in Italy. And while I now see where the two are, we show you the favorite camping destinations of the Germans. Ranked 5th favorite German
RV Owner: Norway. 4th place: France, 3rd place: Croatia 2nd place is Italy, and 1st place
Surprise: Germany. At home it is the most beautiful. Unlike the caravans: their owners prefer to travel to Italy. Back on the largest campsite in Europe. Marina di Venezia can accommodate 12,000 campers on almost 3,000 parking spaces. There are also about 400 bungalows for two to seven people. Incidentally, camping in Germany is on average five euros cheaper the night than in southern Europe. There you are! Hello! You already look well recovered. How long have you been here? One and a half weeks. Before you show me your caravan … Should we make a round trip? Yes, I’m worried about something. Yes, come on, let’s go directly. Have you ever gone tandem? Nä. The first time. Gabi prefers to be exclusively from
Client Manager Massimo driving. Right now we are at the reserved zone
drove off. And here are the permanent campers who are here all year. How much does a place cost the whole year? Since you ask me something … 4,000 I believe. This way. Around the 4,000. By the way, a long-term parking space in NRW costs just over half by the way. Here are also houses that you can rent. What do they cost? Do I have to look first … € 68.90 a day in the preseason, and in the high season € 181. Now we are very close to Venice, that does not end with a hotel, right? Hotel is definitely more expensive. In the hotel you have breakfast or half board, depending on. Or full board. But you also pay per day … what can I say … depending on where you go … And if you have as much freedom of movement in the hotel as here … And you are right on the beach. You have everything. The beach you show me later, right? Sure, of course! We still have many ways to go. How big is this here? That works huge. It is, it is huge. I do not know how many hectares are here … Does the boss know that? There are 80 hectares! Already a lot, right? You can not imagine how big 80 hectares are? Let us show you. But like. 80 hectares correspond to 800,000 square meters or an area of ​​160 football fields. So, and here are now so small mobile homes? Yes, here are the mobile homes. But these are several providers who do this here. That means I can join here now
book different tour operators? Touroperator does it himself! … they are all okay The 400 cottages are divided into 15 different types. Camping Light so to speak. So-called Glamping – to find more and more in NRW! You’re Munich, I think, right? I recognized the number plate. We are here right now and have looked at the bungalows. Not so many are inhabited yet, but you are there. May we look at you like this? That’s nice, great. You did not expect that, did you? Is that still camping here? That looks like a house! Nah … has nothing to do with it … But still has more privacy, not like the all-inclusive hotel where you always have to look at the look, here you can somehow retire and the way we walk around now. I just wanted to say, but you still look good. And the price? From the price it is absolutely fine. What do you pay, if I may ask? I think just under 600 euros for a week. I think that’s all right for the season. May we look at it? Clear! Here is your kingdom … Cost: about 600 euros a week,
without food. Good, then thank you, yes? Nice holiday yet and all the best for you three then. Cheaper than a package holiday? Depends on the destination and hotel category! Massimo, I have a question. But not that you’re going anywhere before now: How much does a lodge cost you when they put it down? Around 30,000, then there is the terrace, still different things, the green turf and so … There are always several things that have to be included. How long does a lodge last? We usually change a lodge after six or seven years. Oh, only six or seven
Years? Yes, we will continue to sell it. To people who become permanent campers here or does it go away completely? No, they will go away completely. Look here, I’ll show you, I’m staying there. That’s new here. You are here? And which do you have? 35 or 37. That back there. Do you want to drive backwards? I have never driven backwards in life! The exclusive marina lodges for five people cost in the high season 225 euros the night. In the low season just under half! So here is a doormat missing. It’s already happening. How should I clean my feet here? Just in. The missing doormat is then but also the only flaw that discover the Siegburg camping professionals. Now the highlight here, come around. The shower or what? No, much better! Look here. What is that, a bed out here? Wow! A hot tub! Can you let that blow even stronger? Are we going on? Yes. We still have a lot to see. We were not at the beach yet! The campsite has direct access to the wide sandy beach! And to Gabys and Wolfgang’s Stammbar – at the campsite, not only the course operator deserves! You take certainly pocket money, right? How much is this? What do we have this year? spend everything
we do not go all out so one day in a cut what is there in the day then
Once again, a world like this if we had normal day i would
say we come almost with 30 40 euro help package yes that before by so that
you think about how she was needed and then you write down that on that
we’re keeping this up right now not because we have space ourselves
apron already paid that must be yes the turn pay the place
but the persons and dogs are birthday or wait there is there in the end
will be settled now in the three weeks together
The season starts already different caravan awning and a car just under 30
euro per night plus two adults still just under 25 euros the night two dogs
cost 12 euros 20 per night for 14 summa summarum well 834 euro leaves
one’s wound at home and and the Children with you come to just under 940 euros
for 14 days the next morning in venice idyllic
rest like the camper market but not much longer than daniel is back
on the way to gabi and wolfgang Site inspection a bit out of air yes
All four had also rained the coffers was brought forum already
a small hole a cracked as well also he has a welcome with the
we already have the first one again still inside
there is always something to get and what does it look like in the refrigerator? Do we have anything else?
someone that the grill good probably from Austria at transit or
yes, yes was still in front of maria riesch delicious the Christian and not
and with us all the things that too it is not clear whether for or even more so
the petrol stations we are on the last refuel and hofa then this one too
drink here yes the title will be here The first stop in Austria will be on the
most of the stuff like many reports many gates the mother that costs here
and then it’s not that much only the half
129 times read here at home has 119 tasted ok so the euro the
dutch german-dutch like Germany, too, is also becoming too
home on when at home with too I have this animal more expensive now
but seen a six-story 179 and home paid one euro 9 14 14
Meier bought her for her at home in germany then around here
to take this on vacation that’s why you have to have this for me
Buying 70 euros I always get that Think so at my favorite discount store
I also in a business that once I do a shopping I do too
always that he always scolds me because I make a very short conclusion
yes great but yes yes, see that with the durability data about the two
we do not know which ones We bought three weeks before
everything is good on the first day Planning is everything and that’s how it stays
Refrigerator always good value filled yes, that was exciting, it was often that
I had so great so was a great sight so versatile you say bye week and nice holiday still the
No TV without the whole day satellite dish and television belongs
to the campsite, like the rest already has I call the course of the Islamists
put me over it now you probably have to turn this way
I’ll try, I’ll just go and have a look time and with her but is loud call
We are not doing it yet still not the other way around I say the senses have the men
Not but still not nothing
you know men and technology yes almost antique still so
not happened I was exactly the same
do nothing I made everything paletti again
stars say precise shot not different from marina di venezia
offers many things you do not necessarily in a campsite one expects
church for example but it is even better here come the
probably most exclusive and expensive campsites europes place 3 of the
caravan park in sexten in south tyrol in Located on the mountains is an open air balcony
and the bathroom with fireplace for 146 euro the night
Platz zwei wants mountain beach denmark clear right on the beach private bath and 1
199 square meters of land per camp costs 159 euros per night
place one esterel caravaning at the French riviera with private
hot tub dishwasher washing machine in the high season a bare 405 euro per
back at the grav island at night wesel germany’s largest campsite
now daniel will experience first-hand what makes camping so special the community of like-minded people lord wvw haven flows av only on me stop singing
I was always Michael over there So in the back the fortuna fan has
said I had to go over here were crazy crazy the expansion
experience yes and today is also running Football against it probably look exactly here
I could be there because I could be myself actually put on it or if you
not on the throne every weekend meet here
dennis family and friends to common fever
that’s how dennis has died father held
the founder of this fan mile enough The teams are talking no matter if street builders or dennis or
employee in public service at Camping are all the same Yes
all campers are just one seems a bit out of the way because here is
the dollar because I am actually Dortmunder and no Schalke fan and
So he takes a bit of football time too I have to watch to talk in rheine
said come I’ll take over you beautiful day today
That’s just true friendships Under campers I was not that was yes there are things that have too
camping friend has no influence and therefore is not the weather in this case
meant live in the campsite exciting and
betulich but also cheaper be safe as a main residence but when
Holiday depends very much on how you feel ausstattet natürlich können sie mit dem
fahrrad und einem zelt richtig günstig camping urlaub machen aber wenn sie
etwas mehr komfort haben möchten und mit einem entsprechenden wohnmobil richtig
schöne campingplätze anfangen dann sind die preis ich auch ganz schnell bei
einem pauschalurlaub aber probieren sie es einfach mal aus denn wenn sie im
kämpfen genauso ausgehen wie die menschen die ich hier kennengelernt habe
dann ist das echt gut investiertes geld

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