Australia Australia is a promise a promise of pristine landscapes empty beaches and unforgettable adventures we set out to exploring [Music] our journey starts in Paris capital of Western Australian Earth a city of more than 1 million people hosts a number of beautiful parks and buildings ejection port on a free metal is known for its lively atmosphere and has a beautiful Oceanside promenade Fremantle exudes a creative atmosphere s can be witnessed by the amount of street art the local pelicans our first contact with the Australian wildlife with a wingspan of two and a half meters the Austrian Pelican is medium sized by Pelican standards on the other hand it has the largest bill of any bird worldwide Earth’s most beautiful attraction is located 45 minutes offshore rhod miss Thailand entices visitors with beautiful base crystal clear water and above all the happiest animal on earth quoi cast our small marsupial is related to kangaroos on godness Island they are used to the presence of humans and have lost their natural shyness much to the delight of visitors they can frequently be seen foraging for food or posing for selfies a short ferry ride brings us to penguin island a designated 3rd century thousands of sea birds call this their home countless breeding pairs lay their eggs in nests and protect them with fierce crimes back on the mainland we travel south until we reach Lake Clifton the shallow water is home to one of the world’s oldest living organisms from bolides a school of bottlenose dolphins often approaches the beach of unreason bana Bay volunteers of the dolphin Discovery Center provide visitors with interesting information they’re venturing out into unknown waters or deeper waters if they’re going outside the bay where there might be some more threats then they usually go in groups and we’ve had a few dolphins that have that their first carp has survived but sometimes they’ll lose their first calf and learn from that experience and become more successful mum out deeper you’ll see a row of dolphins all asleep the two at the ends seem to be a little bit more alert they’re all asleep in a row and it’s called snagging because they look just like sausages on a barbeque after passing through the city of Brussels – which holds the world record for the longest wooden jetty we visit the Chemex these rock formations are a traumatic feature on Australia’s southwestern coast in stormy weather mess of waste smash again Roczen churn through the gannets cleansing in some of the crevices reveals that they are not all uninhabited a visit between September and December might furthermore be rewarded with seeing some whales seven right whales and humpback whales can be spotted on their southward journey to their feeding grounds in Antarctica some of them are a euphoric mood regularly jumping out of the water [Music] only a short distance south they are several beautiful beaches among which Hamlin B is outstanding in many ways following a rough off-road track through the forest principal will drive enthusiasts trails like this one make it obvious why 4×4 vehicles are the most reasonable choice for a road trip in Australia many beautiful spots are solely accessible with such account [Music] we made some of our most memorable experiences by following an unknown path into the world [Music] on a sunny day this beach is a perfect spot for playing around in the surf with you twice crashing onto the shore [Music] seven min with the Bay stingrays often hope to catch a scrap of fish from the local fisherman they swim in the shallows and do not mind a pat on the back a simple rule applies to all of Australia’s beaches the rougher the path to get there the fewer people you are likely to encounter with a little luck an entire Beach could be yours contrary to popular belief Australia does not only offer fabulous beaches but also magical forests the curry trees of the Southwest are among the tallest trees on earth with heights of up to 90 metres in the afternoon sunlight every visitor feels a sensation of or among these giants of a forgotten time adrenaline seekers can also get their share by climbing to the top of up to free carry trees the diamond tree cluster tree and dave evans bicentennial tree all have a viewing platform far above the ground climbers will have to scale 130 packs on the way to the top ewing platform rests 65 meters above the ground it is notorious for swaying several meters from side to side in windy conditions the climb is not for the faint-hearted but the experience and view are more than worth the effort some argue that the climb back down is even harder than the climb up as you can see the forest floor below a truly unique tree is the giant tingle tree with a height of 24 meters this is the largest living eucalypt in the world the tree was hollowed out by one or more bush forests but it still lives to this day funnily enough it isn’t the only hollow tree in the area this curry tree can aptly be nicknamed the wharf or the tree in close vicinity the dr. Cousteau National Park is a 4-wheel drivers paradise many easy to challenging tracks cross the park and I was walking ahead all the time because the track is pretty much overthrown very intense going whereas at least as we’re not bad experience and that’s just like taking some tranches off the track but they also big big trees actually lying directly on the track so we have to drive over them up to now it was a cake so now we managed hopefully we’re back on a travel track pretty soon so that we can end well we are not lost we’re on the track the track is just a bit more intense this is a track it is a track but is it right the tracks lead through forests and half landscapes and more than once and on completely deserted beaches [Music] [Music] the closeby eager ups and downs but the largest landlocked Xanten system of the southern hemisphere after deflating tires they can also be exported with four-wheel-drive vehicles [Music] we continue our journey on rough off-road tracks always heading southeast sandy beaches in Cape leckrone National Park are among the whitest in Australia [Applause] considering all beaches we visited Hellfire Bay is our favorite pure white sand an incredibly clear water it is certain nobody wants to leave too quickly [Music] taking a dip in the ocean is highly recommended we simply couldn’t get enough of the massive waves rolling in [Music] not far away another kind of beach goer can be encountered it often happens that kangaroos visit lucky Bay and search for food among the flotsam and jetsam other inhabitants of the country are the colorful galas and their cousins the rare black cockatoos north of Perth the distances between sites star chakra with a suitable vehicle and enough time the monotony of the highway can be broken by following hidden paths into the wild a GPS is essential as these tracks can’t be found on any regular map being able to enjoy these sand dunes and complete loneliness more than makes up for the rough trails at number National Park thousands of pretch are limestone formations known as pinnacles create a serial landscape a four kilometer long drive makes this one of the most easily accessible national parks in Australia they’ve on the coast kaberi National Park excites with its beautiful red coloured cliffs many viewpoints offer spectacular sights under different rough patterns like Natural Bridge and Ireland rock as beautiful as the cliffs are her berry National Park is most famous for its nature’s window to escape the tourist crowds arriving early in the morning is key looking through the window visitors will behold the murchison river gorge an equally marvelous sight most people are satisfied with a short walk to the window the more adventurers however can hike along the ridgeline or even down into the riverbed the intensity of color see from swatter all National Park is simply stunning use of red green blue and white met in an almost inconceivable overall picture close to the National Park another world-famous attraction can be found shall Beach billions of tiny white shells down to a depth of 10 meters create this unique Beach while those people have heard of the Great Barrier Reef it is a lesser known fact that Western Australia has its own coral reef by taking a cruise to the outer Ningaloo reef between April and July visitors have the chance to swim with the biggest fish in the sea a whale shark as a filter feeder this gentle giant isn’t dangerous for humans swimming along one of those whales is without a doubt an experience that won’t be easily forgotten inland of the Ningaloo reef marine park the landscape is equally astonishing everything is dry and dominated by bushes and spinifex grass with the occasional giant termite hill off-road tracks are rough and sometimes even require track building upon leaving the park a decision has to be made continuing along the coast or heading inland all further journey takes us through the dry but scenic taubira close to the town of Tom Price we decided to drive up the second-highest vehicle accessible mountain of Western Australia our nameless the sweeping view was rewarding and we took some time before we headed down again ironically and Neal succeeds where many sharp rocks couldn’t causing us our first tire puncture rule number one for outback travel is always be prepared and so we fixed it ourselves roughly 600 kilometers from the reef karijini is one of Western Australia’s most beautiful national parks to explore the many gorgeous visitors will have to climb down handrails balance along rock ledges and hike through deep water among all the gorgeous hancock gorge is outstanding in terms of adventure and scenery this especially demanding part is known as the spiders walk it gets really interesting if hikers are walking into opposite directions [Applause] the river will fall the climbing is Kermit’s pool at the end of the trail in comparison dales gorge is more family-friendly the hike is not as strenuous and with circular and fern pool there are two water holes to cool down in the trees upon flying foxes create a noisy atmosphere wherever the next day may be it is far away we travel 1,100 kilometers to the start of the Gibb River Road in Australia’s Kimberley reached the gibb river road is now tech travel track which shouldn’t be taken lightly Oh trees fringed roadside amid thousands of termites especially during dusk and dawn driving is hazardous as cattle wanders freely along the road the high grown grass proves to be the perfect camouflage for Wallabies poverty’s inhabit the trees above and big pythons can be seen crawling along the road [Music] freshwater crocodiles regularly relax in the Sun in Banjara gorge these crocodiles crew up to a length of three meters but are considered non dangerous for humans along the 700 kilometres of the get River Road visitors can enjoy many different gorges and water holes after the high walls of Banjara gorge Tunnel Creek offers a view into a world of light and dark the short walking to Gale Gorge is rewarded with a beautifully cascading waterfall in one of the best sceneries around the GIMP Alvin’s Gorge boasts a mesmerizing waterfall a refreshing flange port and aboriginal rock art almost no adventure along this outback road ends without any mishaps flat tires are common sight we were exceptionally unlucky to also be afflicted by a leak in the fuel tank we just had one of the most horrible nights probably of our lives yesterday in the evening we drove to our campsite set up our tent and then and I smelled some fuel so we discovered that we got a fuel leak under a car all right nicely tripping and luckily there was a mechanic at the camp said he said we should drive back to the road hose immediately because he couldn’t fix anything the road house of course was already closed we tried to try often mechanic which was another 30 K away which was also already closed so we drove to another campsite stop there try it just put the pot underneath and then we discovered another beautiful thing we had a flat tire so now we’ve got a fuel leak and a flat tire we can just try to fix it before I tire tries to the road house and see if they can do anything today see after training the fuel tank for 4 to 5 hours cleaning the whole another hour maybe letting it try and an out-of-place the steel stick clue which we bought in the Montana Road has directly behind me I’m gonna hope that it’s good Celie a hole in the fuel tank at least so we can get to mechanic in Cannon all right let’s see driving the giver River Road is only possible during the dry season as there are many water crossings along the way most of them are no big challenge even for novice forward drivers the longest then potentially most dangerous crossing occurs at the Pentecost River with the Coburn ranges as a scenic backdrop this spot is the iconic symbol of the gift no visit to the Kimberley’s would be complete without stopping it than constantly 38 degrees warm stivity Springs similarily the tranquil scenery and ice-cold water of emma gorge invite to reflect on the past adventures before we leave western australia towards the northern territory we travel south to honolulu national park often refer to as the bungle bungles this National Park can only be accessed via a 50 kilometer long demanding Cradle track several hiking trails lead to different landmarks an early start is paramount to escape both the heat of the day and flocks of bus tourists the beautifully carved Creek that is especially scenic during sunrise as soon as the Sun is high enough to reach the bottom of the gorge every step becomes a struggle visitors deciding to spend the night in the gorge will be rewarded with loneliness and a sky full of stars [Music] after three days on the road our first destination in Northern Territory is Nitmiluk National Park the scenic short War boots into butterfly gorge and on to the Catherine River taking a swim in the river would be a welcome change to the daily humidity due to the potential presence of crocodiles it is not advisable though to get the decide cool down will has to walk a per kilometers to a place known as sweet water pool this croc free water hall and chance with a little kiss Kading waterfall and for all those that can enjoy the tickling our free foot nibbling heading north brings us to the lost city of Litchfield National Park with a little bit of imagination the eroding sandstone formations can be seen as an ancient city cleaned back by nature one of Australia’s most famous national parks is kakadu the Park protects many marshes such as the mammal collar wetlands this habitat is a perfect breeding ground for Asia’s mosquitoes bigger insects also tend to feel homely in the warm tropics a high clearance vehicle is necessary to overcome Cahill’s crossing there by crossed East Alligator River is inhabited by lurking saltwater crocodiles even snakes do not take chances many rock art galleries tell the story of the long inhabitants of the area by Australia’s indigenous people a must-do during a visit in kakadu is still witness a sunset above Obion the view from atop the rocks is marvelous tearing data watching the sunlight fade over the plains is truly magical the yellow water wetlands are another popular destination on a calm day it clouds reflect perfectly only to be interrupted by the occasional boat cruise in the early Troy season visitors should not start to panic if they see a burning landscape control bush fires are part of the annual cycle to stimulate plant growth and reduce the chances of out-of-control wildfires the magical combination of a serene plunge pool and sweeping views make gunmen poles the last highlight of kakadu more than two and a half thousand kilometres away every traveller crossing from the Northern Territory into Queensland nothing else than cattle farms make this the most unexcited part of Australia as soon as tropical North Queensland comes into sight the vegetation changes considerably this region is a lot wetter in many ways in daintree national park mangrove beaches can be explored during low tide it turns our home in the rain forest and water crops can be found in a lot of places [Applause] plenty of water rushes down the impressive more lemon Falls Australia’s highest single trap waterfall with a height of 268 meters often a little bit of patience is required as the Falls are regularly filled in clouds of mist with a little bit of luck the fog disappears only to be substituted by a rainbow to fully gain an appreciation for the splendor of the Australian landscapes as scenic flight offers a suitable perspective [Music] flying in such small airplane on a windy day is an adventure in itself that requires a strong stomach after floating over several islands of the whitsundays the Great Barrier Reef appears below stretching for 2,300 kilometers the Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef in the world we catch a mere glimpse of its beauty but that is enough to leave a lasting memory [Music] another way to explore the area is with a sailing ship [Music] is embarking directly onto whitsunday island allows visitors to take in the world-famous hill Inlet the dazzling white color of the beach stems from the high amount of silica contained in the sand although it can get crowded most people only leave reluctantly through the South Fraser Island office just as much scenery the world’s largest sand island can only be accessed by ferry we chose the seven tip of fraser and thus embarked on the manta ray barge although the ferry lands of sand a 75 mile beach is an official highway with a speed limit of 80 kilometers an hour left lane traffic rules apply in the same way as our mainland besides being a highway at the 75 mile beach is also an official airstrip small airplanes land in designated sounds which change with the title this airplane lends next to the maheno shipwreck washed ashore during a cyclone in 1935 Iraq has been a tourist attraction ever since the relentless tide eats its way slowly for Mohini many inland tracks crisscross the island all of which are unpaved due to the soft sand only four-wheel drive vehicles are allowed to enter the island sooner or later visitors will come upon one of the over 100 freshwater lakes on fraser island lake mckenzie is doubtless the most famous and a true jewel of nature just as clear as the water of lake mckenzie is mengele creek which gently flows for a Fraser’s rainforest on the western side of the island visitors can find many abandoned piece such as mckenzie jetty a little bit of patience reveals an active wildlife thousands of soldier craps move along the beach sifting the sand in search of food [Music] other animals that are frequently encountered include the dingo and snakes to truly explore the island a couple of days are necessary many beautiful campsites along the beach are perfect to sit back and relax [Music] if there is one Austrian city that almost everybody has heard of it is Sydney capital of New South Wales its fame can mostly be attributed to one architectural landmark the Sydney Opera House to evade the crowds staying on the opposite side of the Sydney Harbour creates a stunning Vista including the art approach another attraction of Sydney is the Blue Mountains National Park a multitude of hiking trails Lee visitors down into the canyons resulting in strenuous climbs back up many easily accessible lookouts provide the not so adventurous with an alternative most tourists only pay a short visit to the free sisters venturing further into the adjacent canang graboid National Park guarantees excitement and views enjoyed in solitude following roads through the snowy mountains we arrived in Melbourne from where we set out to des mania hesays west coast is rough wild and mostly uninhabited by humans most waterfalls carry a lot of rain water at the end of winter while gaining altitude the image of Australia as an everlasting summer beach destination is finally shattered snow-covered landscapes aren’t unusual in many parts of Tasmania with the distance of 82 km/h known overland treck crosses through the pristine wildness of two Tasmanian national parks the track is notorious for its unpredictability at anytime of the year snowstorms can occur only the fit and well-prepared should attempt to walk in spring the Overland track is aptly nicknamed the underwater track with some luck the climb to the top of cradle mountain is possible on the first day conquering the summit will be rewarded with views towards barn Plouffe and the surrounding landscape traversing a diversity of landscapes every day will offer something new the track winds through alpine plains dominated by button cross follows temperate rain forests along mountains and wild waters walking the olan track only one thing is a certainty stepping into one bed coupe reaching Lakes and Claire after seven days is an exhilarating feeling sometimes followed by a little surprise a completely different kind of landscape can be explored on the Tasman Peninsula a scenic tolerate calms of cape raoul and cape hoi are well worth a visit but far away former convict settlements tell the story of Australia’s first European habitation next to mountains Tasmania also offers beautiful beaches a climb to the top of Mount Amos is rewarded with magnificent views of the famous plain glass pane one of the most exhilarating roads in all of Australia is Jacob’s Ladder the switchback Drive is short for Rogen adrenaline rush what really sets this mania apart from the rest of Australia is the permanent presence of wildlife echidnas across the street in search of food just to take a nap on the other side also known as spiny anteaters acuteness are acclaimed mammals although they do resemble and eaters and hatch Hawks they aren’t closely related to either female Wallabies with their Joey’s enjoy the Sun in the mean time Tasmania’s natural lawnmowers wombats chew their way through the landscape outstanding in terms of wildlife is Nair and Harper National Park in Tasmania small visitors are all but certain to see Wallabies feeding on bushes forests the Kangaroos relaxing on the meadows and wombats keeping the cross short last part of our journey takes us along the world-famous great ocean road koalas are commonly seen in the u-clip forests although they sleep more than 20 hours a day once they start to move they are agile climbers [Music] all this excitement is solely for purpose of finding their favorite food you can replace spectacular cliffs and eroding rock formations make the Krait Ocean Road a truly scenic drive among all the formations the 12 apostles are most well-known but many of the other sites are just as impressive 35,000 kilometers on rough roads and highways experiencing tranquil lakes and the roaring sea with close wildlife encounters and views of a lifetime Australia is the tranquil crackle of the campfire and the laughter of the Kaka Bora the stunning white beaches and the snowy peaks the relentless heat of the morning and the cold serene heights of the South Australia you kept your promises [Music] [Music] [Music]

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