Azusa Barbie Takes Us on a Tour of Her Barbie Dreamhouse – COLLECTION COMPLETE 3.3

My name is Azusa. I’ve been collecting
Barbie for 22 years. I was born and raised in Japan. At the store, like an import
store, Barbie stuff was kind of expensive, and I was only fourteen or fifteen so I really
couldn’t afford much. I only had one Barbie lunchbox. So I started using this
as a purse because at that time I was wearing like pop pink style. Yeah, it was
perfect. When I moved to the States seven years
ago it was pretty funny, ‘cuz I only had like eighty Barbie dolls, but I still have
so much stuff. So I was packing two huge suitcases and seven huge boxes, because when
I checked online and I noticed they charged $80 bucks for extra box for each. So I was like OK, maybe I can
pay like $500 for extra luggage. You know, that was my budget. And then
when I arrived to the airport, they charged me $200 for each box, so it came out to $1400!
And they told me like, “Oh, that’s the price when you are coming from the
US to Japan, but when you are flying from Japan to the US the price is
different. And I was almost crying because that morning I was literally packing everything till
like 5AM. I didn’t sleep. I don’t know! I didn’t want to pay $1400! So my mom, her idea was, “OK, how about leaving your Barbie dolls here, so
I can ship them like a little by little to you.” So we had to find all eighty Barbie dolls from all the different boxes. So we opened seven boxes in the airport lobby, and people were
like watching us like crazy! I was allowed to bring only three of my favorite ones. I
brought Movie Mixer Barbie, Happy Birthday Angel Barbie, and Legally Blonde Barbie. This is Movie Mixer Barbie. I just love her everything: her makeup,
her hairstyle, her outfit, her shoes, her everything. She’s not made of
plastic, she’s made of silk stone, so her skin looks more smooth and flawless, and
it’s just kind of heavier. I just love her so much. She looks so
sophisticated. Some countries, they don’t ship to the US. It’s so hard to
buy sometimes. So I even use transfer package
transfer systems, so I have like four mailbox addresses in four different
countries. I have an address in China, UK, Germany and Singapore. Seriously, when I find some Barbie stuff especially
my clothes, if I really wanted to get it, I would do anything! I really don’t know how many Barbie clothes I have. I really don’t know. But only for Barbie
t-shirts, I know I have over 150. I don’t mind wearing other colors as long as it has the Barbie logo. People sometimes misunderstand me. “Oh, do you only wear pink?” But pink is really not my theme. My theme is Barbie. So Jeremy Scott is one of my favorite fashion designers, and when they collaborated I was so thrilled! Look, it’s obviously like a Barbie purse, but for human size! For these Moschino Barbie dolls, they only sold 500 of each so
these are really rare Barbies. So now, they are already like over $1,500 on Ebay. Also I like Charlotte Olympia. They collaborated with Barbie and they made really cute Barbie shoes. Barbie Shoes on Barbies shoes! I love these. These are pretty expensive. I mean, like I
said, I don’t really care about how much they cost, but these are like $1,400
for each pair. I don’t by everything. I’m super particular about my style, because I feel like just to buy things and just to collect something, everyone
could do it, if you have enough money. But my place is nothing like that.
It’s not just about buying things but it’s a full my energy, my time, my idea, my
creativity, my passion, I mean everything. Even when Mattel sells things, if I didn’t love it, I don’t buy (it). Maybe now I’ve spent over $100,000 US dollars, maybe. I really don’t know. I really don’t know, because to make this
place, sometimes things which are not really Barbie are still like related to
my budget. Like it’s just like pink paint, or you know some ingredients for my
pink food cooking. So if I count those, I mean, I can never count. You know.


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