Baelin’s Route Kickstarter Launch

Mornin Nice day for fishin aint it? It sure is! Have a great day! Huah hah! I wonder where he goes… I bet it would make a great story… Hey guys we are so excited to announce our first official Kickstarter campaign for Baelin’s Route It’s a 20-minute short-film set in the world of Epic NPC Man Yeh yeh yeh yeh The important thing is that it stars ME as Baelin the Fisherman Mornin! Nice day for fishin ain’t it? Huah hah! Nice Are you going to give them any more information? I think thats all the information they need to know Okay yeah thanks guys head over to our kickstarter Well the story is about Baelin and his scripted path around the world of Azerim However! On this particular day he bumps into a mean Adventurer played by Ben Thats me! And Ben is about to slay a helpless NPC girl named Willow But Baelin intervenes and saves her And then has to return her home to her family So this is the first step in us expanding the world of Epic NPC Man We’ve always wanted to bring you bigger and better stories from within this expansive world and Baelin’s Route genuinely feels like the first step in making that happen Now over the course of this Kickstarter we’re going to be doing a couple of livestreams The first one is going to be a livestream of every single Epic NPC Man episode that we’ve ever made We’ve made a lot So long I don’t know how long thats going to be… And we’re going to do commentary on it as well And the other livestream is going to be like a big 12 hour of us playing games They’re both going to be fundraising livestreams So stay tuned for dates I guess And it wouldn’t be a kickstarter without some rewards right? Do you want to know the rewards? I want to know!
– Yes please You can get an early screening of Baelin’s Route You can get Baelin’s Route merch You can name the characters above our heads Or you could become an Executive Producer of the film Wow! If you want to see what other rewards there are they’re in the kickstarter link below Guys we are so excited to bring you this short-film We really hope it happens! If you want to see the world of Epic NPC Man expand as much as we do please do consider heading over to our Kickstarter and checking it out


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