Hey guys, how’s it going welcome back to baldi’s basics in education and learning? But today we’re playing the new field trip demo. So let me just read this it explains everything better than I was warning This is still a horror game. There are jumps and Louds and stuffs now with that out of the way This is the baldi’s basics in education and learning camping field trip demo The way field trips will work will be like this demo and demonstrate in certain levels You’ll be able to go outside and hop onto the bus once your field trip begins You must survive whilst also trying to score as high as possible The better you score the better your rewards the higher scores will even get you permanent buffs that lasts for the rest of your game So this is basically a mini game There’s gonna be part of the baldi’s basics full game Which is going to come out soon if it’s kick-started link in the description But controls left-click to pick up wood or fuel the fire arts drop firewood shift to run and space to look back So without further ado, press any button to starts. Oh This isn’t where I expected I would be to be honest demo ends here so let’s go oh No, no, I don’t want to ah looks like we might have to do though Your freaky incredibly freaky so this used to be Joe’s bus It is now bolds bus not even Baldy balls and I see you covered up your balls With a new camping house beautiful. Just look at this thing. It’s it’s obviously extremely safe. No worries here Do we have to like touch you? Alright. Oh I’ll go sit up air tracks I want you to keep the fire go go out into the woods Select fire one then bring us back to reap a fire The bigger the fire is the more points you learn All right, go for it He sent up bad traps What What is what is out here in this wood I’m scared I’m scared and alone. I’ve got 2,300 points though. That sounds pretty good Sounds pretty high I’m not sure what I’m looking for. Is he gonna be here? does the amount of sticks matter and guessing it does and The further you go into the woods the more weird stuff can appear It’s a skipping-rope girl here is playtime here because I don’t want anything to do with that. Not at nighttime. No Not in the dark. Wow. I love his voice body’s amazing. What’s that? There’s something in the distance. It might be the moon. Yeah, I think it’s the moon so I can run Wait, wait, those are the bear traps They’re right there. I can’t look down as normal. I want to follow these bear traps because that’s where Baldy is gonna be Can you hear the locust things the crickets? They’re making weird noises. I don’t think I should be out here. Is that supposed to be a cloud? What is that I want to get back I want to get back I’m just gonna run. I’ve got a little stamina bar as No, no. No, the fire went out no body. No. Leave me alone What is over day Let’s go camping. You are not funny and I don’t enjoy your field trips Ok, Luke and shut up be quiet. I don’t want to talk to you anymore. So bear tracks I might you know what cuz we’re at the start. I’m gonna stand on a bad rap and see what happens. I Just I just get stuck. I’m steyr. I’m pressing the buttons and you get stuck for like two seconds Okay, so is it a question of not letting the fire burn out? It seems to be when Bodie got real aggressive and smacked his ruler over and over again There was no glow from the fire. So I’m guessing That’s what’s going down here, but I can’t tell whether the further you get away The locusts noise goes down and the grasshopper noise goes down or whether that’s to do With something else. I think I’ve made a mistake here. The fire might go out No, no, no. No, no don’t go out. Don’t let it go out a lot of stamina. It’s so close to going out Talk about please please go for sticks Hey, I didn’t actually look at how much score I got last time the fire graphics though are phenomenal. I can grab this this We grabbed this We grabbed this as well and probably getting a little bit out of myself But I think I’m gonna be fine. I feel like slender mixed with Baldy. That’s the kind of vibes. I’m getting right now Easy see fodeez camping trip is easy. We’re up to 60 at 17,000 points what kind of secret there must be secrets in this surely this can’t be the only Thing that happens here. I mean it could be But it seems a little bit empty I know it’s just a minigame don’t worry It’s just a minigame part of the main game and you should get buffs when you go back into the main game and all different About 20,000 points right now. It’s insane. I like this though. I like the concept of a bigger Bondy’s game. People went crazy Over the original one, but now that we’ve got the potential for like a full Game with minigames new characters potentially it did mention something about new levels as well that I’m excited about I Won Yes, I didn’t realize there were 24,000 score and it said this is where you would get buffs for the game. Not bad So like boldi right now Right, I’m going back in let’s go Let’s go friends. I don’t want to talk to you right while he’s talking let’s see what happens if we go all the way to the edge of the world and see we can collect as Many sticks as possible. I just didn’t notice there was time on the top, right? So we’ve already won the game. So I’m sure he’ll make it a little bit different when the pool thing comes Do we get o? We get slower than more sticks that we carry as well. I didn’t realize that we get much slower and We’re right near the edge Oh No You can probably tell how much the fire is going to oh Wait, where’s the fire? Where’s The where’s the fire? Oh There it is. Okay. I was like, please don’t get me now I want to see what kind of bonus seven sticks gets, you know, oh There is there is there is he’s coming for me I’ve seven states for you know That noise really hurts me is and what is wrong with your hands? Look how much he has slapped his ruler onto their hand He’s had these flats like fully flat Go camping I’m trying to do here is Gather loads of sticks at the same time accent he dropped one But it’s fine. I think I’m good please think about Please don’t go out. No, I’m really slow. I’m really slow. I’m really slow. I’m so close don’t Go out I see you that I see you that come on. No. Oh I was so close to getting in that time right five sticks. I probably could have gathered another one. But here we go He was impressed very impressed by my firewood gathering skills Just as impressed as he was when I escaped his nasty looking school can’t go in for six The fire should be fine by the time we get back I wonder it it would have been good if there were other nasties here like other things roaming around Do you have to kind of shy away from that would have been quite good? But I guess it’s still a demo that could still happen 120 thousand school already, we’ve got a hundred seconds left. We definitely be in our previous score so a big amounts of sticks equals big points But I don’t know how many more sticks I’m gonna find because I keep on using them all this loads over there Did you see that? I’m gonna grab these And then I’m gonna go this way. There’s so many that way right Hop those down Run this way. This is where there are a lot of sticks. I’ve already been in 24 thousands. Oh wait, it was this way No, no How many are there 1 2 3 4 5 it should be fine 1? 2 3 4 5 you get so slow when you’re holding sticks. How heavy are these sticks ha? Oh Man, even though I know he doesn’t come unless the fire is empty. I know it’s scary. Here we go How many points we gave this bad? Oh, that’s what I’m talking about 31,000 Let’s do this. We wouldn’t work 20 seconds. Where are the where are the other sticks? This fire should be fine for now Jeanette There’s no way that’s going out More on a lot more points. I want more points ten seconds. Let’s get another stick Just one one measly little stick to add to the fire every step counts. Okay, maybe not that one We did it this way you get some freighter was 33,100. I like this. It’s short it’s sweet, but imagine it Encapsulated in a bigger game. Let me let me go to the Kickstarter quick I want to make bodies basics in education and learning into a pool game There’ll be tons of new features like randomly generated levels new characters field trips and more while maintaining and improving Upon the original themes visual style and mechanics. That sounds awesome. So the minigames one of which we’ve just played those are gonna be Slotted in in between the randomly generated levels, which sounds awesome. So new features randomly generated levels We’ll just talk about new characters new items advanced level design as well and new special structures Like a library where no sound could be made or heard That sounds cool random events, unpredictable situations the field trips as well Which we’ve just talked about and he’s gonna improve everything from scratch that Is awesome. He’s actually made a lot of the goal already. There’s still 28 days to go I’m definitely gonna back this I love ponies basics being able to make videos on it as well. And the teaser for the new minigames is awesome So guys if you enjoyed this, please leave a like that we greatly appreciate it subscribe If you are brand new to the channel as well If you enjoyed this video and would like to see me play whatever comes out in baldies world next Thank you guys so much watching kickstart will be in description below and I’ll see you next time me (Music)


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