Barbie – Camping with the Girl Scouts | Ep.230

Barbie – Camping with the Girl Scouts Are you serious? Yes, we’re going camping Yes! Yes! Yes! Now we need… We going camping We going camping We… You finished girls? Sorry, we just very excited I can see How long we go for? A week, or two weeks…? Or a whole month? Just one night One night?! This is our first camping trip So let’s see how we go for one night And then next time we go longer? Yes If everything goes really well we could stay for three days or even a week It going to be perfect! Now I need to assign some tasks to each of you Pots to cook our food over the campfire? Oooh! Me! No, me! Mia, you can do that Ohhh… Water? Me! Me! Ahhh… Jacklyn! Ohhh… Plates, spoons, forks and cups? Miss! Miss! Pick me! Ruby! Why don’t you take care of that? Ok, Miss Hannah Not again… What’s left… Food and tent… Maybe I should do that No! We do it! Yeah, please Miss Hannah? Owww… Alright… Yes! Food and the tent are probably
the two most important tasks so make sure you’re organised We will! Hi girls! Hi Mummy! I just thinking The family going to miss us when we go camping You right They going to be sad Let’s not tell Mummy just yet Good idea Come on, in the car So how was girl scouts? Really good Yeah, and we got some exciting news… Isabelle! Ooops! Really? What? That… We not have to sell any cookies this week Good! Phew! I don’t want to see cookies for the rest of the year A family meeting? Yes It very important A meeting for what? You see… Just be patient Ok, well Skipper should be here any minute now Alright, well we think it best if you all sit down for this This sounds serious Here Mummy, you might need this Ok… One for you Auntie Skipper Thanks Isabelle… Now you might be wondering why we call this meeting I am! And could you hurry up! I got a Minecraft game going on Well… Ohhh… This so much harder than I thought Dear family… This news might be hard for you to hear but… we going to camping with the Girl Scouts for one night so… …so we know you all going to miss us… We so, so sorry… Yes! I won’t have to read a book! I’ve got the TV all to myself Ken, we can go out for dinner Mummy, I sleep in the twins bed? Oh… Ummm… Yes we’re going to miss you two So, so much It’ll be hard, but we should be ok Ok! That better We going to go pack Poor things I think they really upset we going Whoo hoo! Why can’t they go for a few nights? This is great! Yippee! It’s going to be so peaceful in the house! They not sound too upset to me… Well I think we all packed A change of clothes? Check! Another pair of shoes? Check! Toothbrush? Check! And check! And I got the tent I can’t forget that! Alright, well hop into bed You’ve got a big day tomorrow! I happy I not going camping? Why not? It be fun! Daddy say there sometimes bears in the woods Bears?! Tommy… Well he say sometimes, so maybe you be lucky Goodnight! Maybe camping not such a good idea You’ll be fine There’s no bears where you’re going camping You sure? I’m sure (Click!) Goodnight Goodnight… Quick! Quick! Come on! We coming We’re running late! I’ll be waiting in the car This going to be so fun Watch out for the bears girls! Tommy! You get the food, Isabelle? Oh no! I forget! Food? Check! Let’s go Lucky! Miss Hannah not be happy with you if you forget the food… Bye girls! Have fun camping We will! See you tomorrow, Mummy! Everyone ready to go? Yes, Miss Hannah! Annabelle, you have the tent? I sure do! And Isabelle… I got the food, Miss Hannah Well, you two are organised! What food you get? Well I get M&Ms! What! Give me some! No way! They for me! Isabelle! You have to share! I share them when we get to camping I want some now! Girls! Quick! The bus is here Coming! Everyone got everything? Yes Miss Hannah Yes Miss Hannah Yes Miss Hannah Girls? Yes Miss Hannah Come on Just give me one Ok, fine! Just one You can have more when we get to camping Thanks Sis! Yes! We here! Come on everyone Grab your bags and follow me Just one more M&M, Isabelle? Annabelle… Are we there yet? Actually, I think we are! This looks perfect! Good! I’m exhausted! Let’s go canoeing! Or what about we hunt for caterpillars? It’s starting to get dark girls so let’s put the tent up first Where is it, Annabelle? Coming right up! Oh! Ummm… Annabelle? Ahhh… I think I left it behind, Miss Hannah On the bus? Annabelle! Now I’ll have to walk back to get it No, at the preschool What?! Oh no… I so sorry How could you, Annabelle! I’m sorry girls, but this is going to be a short camping trip Let’s eat and then we’re going to have to go back home Oh… Isabelle? The food? Oh, yes I got it right… here… Don’t tell me you forgot the food?! Well? You say not to tell you Oh no… Good one, Isabelle! I got some M&Ms… I really sorry… I sorry too… So, you see any bears? No Tommy! How could you… Don’t ask… I don’t think they let me and Isabelle go camping for a long time I’m sure they’ll want you to go You sure you not see any bears No Tommy! Owww….


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