Barcelona, Spain-Tapas Tour (Travel Vlog)

Hello from Barcelona, Spain! I’m about to go on a tapas tour which we are going to try the traditional Spanish & appetizers and snacks. And this is a tour that I did a couple years ago when I went to Barcelona, so I’m really excited to do it again. And we’ll see how it goes! So it’s a very natural kind of cider, and then you probably saw the guy at the bar pouring it in a special way which we call “escanciar.” That’s the word that we use to say this specific way of pouring it. And we pour it this way because we need to create some gas. It doesn’t have gas, it doesn’t have sugar, additives, so we need to oxygenate it a bit to drink it. We are stepping in this area right here, which is Barceloneta. We’re about to head to the second tapas place. Any thoughts? Ah I’m so excited. That’s my thought. Nom nom nom. Salud! We’re going to the final tapas place. You guys ready? Hoping for some more fun. This is a, it’s called a porron. It’s a Spanish pitcher. You’re supposed to drink straight from it. It was invented in the 15th Century because people were looking for a way to drink wine without touching the container, because of fear of contagiousness. As simple as that, okay? And after the tour, We went to a nearby bar, and caught some of the soccer game. Thanks so much for watching! Please subscribe for more travel videos! And I’ll see you guys soon!


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