For the first time, I drink alcohol with this airplane, Interesting and culture is different We are going to Barcelona right now, we tried to vote on the car, we hope we can get there right Well, ok here, okay, we wanted to get to the city in Barcelona somehow, but could not, here is a train close by, a ticket like this we thought it was just easy, really not, we took great risk and fortunately we are happy in this order. We’ll go by train Yes, I thought at the beginning of the car, the vote can be, actually did not get, we walked a little far, then finally we got Look, there are two doors, walk each one? Here in Barcelona, here is very beautiful, perfect Here’s the metro map, I thought it was very smaller but really very big, wow There is such a smaller gas station in the city, it’s like that I have one such interesting, what? Here comes Barcelona, Spain, many women were driving motorcycles here We walked, we enjoyed being here, but Alina showed me somewhere somewhere. I answered what? I saw and began to wonder that this apartment is a balcony on the flag This is your country or another country with a flag, I am interesting it’s very different in nature We walk, you know what the traffic lights are about you here. You can not walk right here, often walk right time to the right, then walk back to the left again, I want to walk straight away, but can not There are a lot of LMBO flags here, what’s means in it? There are so many gays here, people said yes, many gays here, we saw how emotion, this view was hard In this sense, we are like womens, here’s the lesbians, I would not see what is happening right now? There are sold alcohol and lots of flags there Here, the flags are also with Europe, I am very interesting that’s culture This place is in Barcelona, we walked and finally found such a friend, he’s a very good person He showed me somewhere different places, here’s the balcony on the roof right now here With a view to the far balcony, such here I’m currently watching and enjoying it very well, I look like a real city in barcelona, we arrived here, DONE My friend is there very tasty food We walked with friends to the restaurant normally, but fish for restaurants, because here is the beach nearby This kind of restaurant must to eat fish He taught me such a ringleader name, the toilet It’s very hard, I tried to catch people’s attention, I still did not understand what that means I’m going to explain to you what that means Russians always drink vodka, but here they are not drinking, but Spain people is drinking champagne, wines or beers I thought I was going to swim normally, but I was told that there was a lot of things stolen, there is dangerous, so I should be attention to the pans with my bags. I could not go swimming with bags, my friend traveled and showed somewhere, I did not know and saw such a beach, I wanted to come here really but finally I came here I thought there were a little people here, actually a lot of people I thought a few people, but over people But washing here is free So showed me in that direction, watched it there like Dubai, I’ve been here already and I do not have to go there to go to the country haha Very interesting here is the culture, dubai is different, here is a bit bigger than dubai I’m wondering what? There is a beach there, there are many discos here, many young people are walking, but one thing is interesting there is ice inside the house Ah, here is normal, that’s right here I knew that the cold house was only in the Netherlands, somehow here it is still in Spain, I thought there were not a lot of people on the beach, at 12, but really a lots of people On every days, it’s really good My friend stopped as a light fog red then stop, then the car should be closed as well, because do not waste a beney station, I watched that there were a lot of cars here too That’s why you do not have to waste, like save of your car” Barcelona city, here is Canvels. There is a lot of history here, 36 Italians fly bombs down here, but how can people hide from here? Here’s a safe place People did not want to die, they hid there and live further, really hard Here is a very beautiful view, I can not say anything to you There is a tivoli here on the hill, on the hill, unbelievable Here on the hill, as well as down Here is really the beautiful, she is lucky for hair than my hair right now.. Alina: Why? Your hair is hold I saw small lavatories there, I saw what that stuff, such things, not matter childen’s (girls or boys) Here is the famous place in the city of Barcelona, that’s where it is Here tasty is perfect super There’s always a hill right there, you have to walk right and left, it seems like the same from Italy Park Güell this means famous, if you want to come here, it costs € 8.50 if the deaf discount or something was not accepted, means the same price Park is the beautiful, you must come in! we walked, people want to come here free of charge, but unfortunately no, I have to pay all the videos I saw, this Such places what I was showing you Google isn’t look the real, better here is looking of visually.. Why are these colors? There are no fake colors, real colors. People do themselves there, very beautiful visually. It was done very hard hello, maybe you’re bothering me with my new hair, yes, last hour it was my hair I want to show you and here’s a swim, there’s like dubai there and I’ve already shown in the past, now I’ll show you again here must last time for swim I’m sorry that the movie went about because of the sea here I am swimming here now and feel the same feeling as washing here, very hot


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