Basic Supplies, Part 1 | Camping

I can rattle off a list of all the stuff that
I think is super-important to pack when you’re camping, other than the obvious like your
tent, and I will do that, but the thing I want to point out with your camping supply
list is two things. First, it will evolve. The more camping you do the better you will
get at knowing what you need to make your life better and make you happy out there in
the woods. The other thing I really want to stress is
you should type up a camping list and you should live by it religiously. You should keep adding to it every time you
go on a trip and you come back. You should add to it the stuff that you forgot
and wished you had. You should take the stuff off that you brought
and you never even touched. A camping list is something to really live
by and it’s something to get better at making and so you want to have it typed up somewhere
so you can always revisit it. So what’s on my camping list? Let’s see. Duct tape because things break and duct tape
is really easy to use. If you have a hole in your tarp you can use
duct tape. If you get a hole in your sneaker you can
use duct tape. Rope, you absolutely need some kind of rope
to hang food, to do lots of other stuff that you’ll be surprised about, to hang your tarp,
to set up a clothes line, dry your clothes. Toilet paper, paper towels, the things about
those is that you should take the cardboard out of the center, you can squish the toilet
paper or the paper towel and work the cardboard out. You can also bring the cardboard and use it
in your fire. Speaking of fire, you definitely need matches
and lighters and you need lots of both. And the thing I like to do is stash them all
over the place. So I’ve got a couple in the pockets of my
backpack, I’ve got a couple in my jacket. You always need them and you usually never
have enough. You’re going to need a tarp because you’re
going to want a place to be other than your tent in case it rains. And a tarp is just good to have. You could even use a tarp to put all your
food in, wrap it up on one side and hang it. You could even use a tarp to collect water
if you had to. A tarp is just a super-handy thing. You’re going to need something to cook with. You can always use the fire, but in case you’re
having really bad fire luck, which happens, or in case it’s raining, you should bring
a camping stove, some form of camping stove. I have a really cheap one. It’s just a burner that attaches to a butane
tank and it does the trick and it’s really light. You’re going to need pots and pans. I just really live with one pot and I use
that pot to boil water and to make soup, and then one fry pan and I use that for eggs and
most of my other meals. You’re going to need a knife, a really good
knife to chop up stuff for dinner. Also, you’re going to need a knife just to
cut the rope that you’re going to use, so a handy pocketknife is definitely good to
have. Some sort of hatchet or a camp saw is good
because although you shouldn’t be cutting branches off of trees, you may find a piece
of wood that’s really great for your fire, but it’s huge. So you can chop up firewood that way and make
it into more manageable pieces.


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