Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.13: Busan Big Brother Tour VS Welcome to Gangwon-do [ENG/2016.08.21]

(Kim Sook, Sung Sikyung) (Lee Hwijae, Kim Jimin) Traveling is a war, Battle Trip! Today, we have a new face next to Hwijae. San E couldn’t join us today. She’s the latest in the list of beautiful comedians. She’s next after me. Kim Jimin comes after myself. She’s here with us today. – I asked her to come here. / – I see. Tell them. To tell the truth… People say I’m pretty for a female comedian but when I’m next to actresses… – You’re pretty. / – You don’t mean that. This is the kind of reaction that I wanted. Good job. I succeeded. Anyway, Jimin is here today to fill in for San E. Let’s meet the 2 teams who enjoyed a special trip. Please bring out today’s travel planners. (Korea’s top female comedians) (Legendary idol singers) (Nice to see you!) Please introduce yourselves. Hello. I’m Kim Jaeduck of Sechs Kies. I’m Tony An of H.O.T. (They continue to be received with applause) Wait, this isn’t fair. – If you begin with that… / – Gookju. Gookju, say hello. You’ll get the same response. – Really? / – To tell the truth… Add something. Before we arrived… Don’t give her old comedy tips. He’s making me do this. You want me to do that? Just do it. I’m Lee Gookju, the TV commercial queen. See? I was going to do this. Hello, slurp! I’m Lee Gookju! (Gookju’s just as popular as the former idols) Hello. I’m sexy queen, An Youngmi. (Goodness) Gosh. – Sorry. / – Stop touching your breasts. She began her career at KBS… But she totally doesn’t suit public TV. She’s dressed so conservatively. Youngmi. Dye your roots when you appear on TV. (She needs to dye her roots) Can we throw in the towel? We can’t do that? I think you’ve lost a lot of votes already. However, I’m sure that our judging panel will be fair in their judgment. 2,000 people requested to be our studio audience. So many people sent in requests. They made the cutline. – 100 fair judges. / – They will judge objectively. – Welcome to the show. / – Welcome. I’m sure many people know this. Jaeduck and Tony live together. In the past, you were rivals. Sechs Kies and H.O.T. are close and live together. Let’s see. Jaeduck… You feel like a married couple now. – They’re half married. / – Half married. I worry about this. They’re on the fine line between lovers and friends. You’ve heard rumors like that, right? Tony and I met in the army. I had never spoken to him before that. It’s because we were rivals. I felt like I was losing if I said hello. I tried to avoid him. Anyway, we met in the army. We live together now. It’d be weird if it was just us living together. There are 4 guys living at our house. It’s just that we receive the spotlight. It seems like it’s just the 2 of us. You’re standing here together. You’re holding this doll like a baby. It’s cute. What is it? What is it? It’s called Toduck. – Toduck? / – Tony and Jaeduck. Studio audience… Why are you so excited about Toduck? I heard that Toduck already created a huge issue on their SNS. I’m curious about Toduck’s role on their trip. What’s your relationship? I debuted at KBS in 2004. Gookju… I debuted at MBC in 2006. We met together on a cable TV program. We conducted a skit together. We depended a lot on each other. I was really shocked when I heard that they took a trip together. Their personalities are so different. I thought only one of them would return. Something must’ve happened. We’ve been on a trip before. We went really far. I drove all the way there. I only ate instant cup noodles there. She just slept. What is this? Listen to me. We ate boiled chicken. It hadn’t even been 2 hours. She wanted to have sashimi. Would you be able to eat that? – That’s tough. / – It’d be hard. You’re a team. We don’t get along! Don’t start like this. This time, we went to a great destination. You’ll agree when you see the video. You didn’t just take any trip. You formed a concept according to the request. You traveled with a fixed budget. Please focus on that as you watch this. We should meet the client. The trip’s planned according to the client’s request. Let’s meet the client on screen. Let’s view the video. Hello. I live in Paju. I’m 12-year-old Kim Aran. I’m 8-year-old Kim Jihu. The 4 of us are planning our summer vacation. 12 and 8 year old? We’re thinking of a 2-day domestic trip. Our budget is $150 each, a total of $600. Battle Trip, please plan our family’s summer vacation! (1. 2-day domestic trip) (2. Expense budget $150 each, total $600) In a survey conducted in 2015, office workers listed their favorite vacation destinations in Korea. Where do you think came 1st? Jeju-do. Jeju-do, Busan and Gangwon-do. That’s great. They’re great locations… Let me explain where we went. Where did you go? Our destination’s perfect for summer vacations. We went to Busan! Busan! Jaeduck and Tony went to Busan. Youngmi and Gookju, where did you go? We went to my hometown, Gangwon-do. Gangwon-do? I’m from Wonju, Gangwon-do. Jimin, aren’t you from Gangwon-do too? I’m from Donghae. I recently visited my hometown. It’s become a huge tourist destination. There were a lot of overseas tourists. We’ve already divided into teams. I’m from Busan. I went to Haeundae, Gwangalli when I was little. I lived there. (Busan Big Brother Tour, Welcome to Gangwon-do) ($600 each) Which team will win today? Let’s view their trips now. Which team should we begin with? Let’s visit Busan first. Let’s view the ocean. I wonder if you traveled all over Busan. If they went to places that we all know, it could be a little boring. I’m from Busan so I’ll be really objective about this. I lived in Busan too. I’ll be objective too. Let’s view the Big Brother Tour. (Big Brother Tour, let’s go) (Busan station) (Girls were in love with them) (The legendary big brothers are here) (Sechs Kies) (Star-eyed Jaeduck) (H.O.T.) (Foreign languages fairy, Tony) I remember that. – Bro! / – Jaeduck! We’ve arrived in Busan. (The only girl around) (Time is so cruel) (Goodness) How does it feel to be back here? Busan is my hometown. (The reason they came to Busan) $600 for an overnight trip. (Lost) Let’s begin making recommendations. This is the only place I can see. Busan! Just look here. We can go to other cities next time. – Busan’s the best. / – Their budget… You can go to Chinatown, eat wheat noodles. I think you would’ve spent a lot in Busan. You can end up spending a lot in Busan. Just don’t go out at night. People won’t know this place before I introduce it. – What is it? / – Clams. Wheat noodles. (A hot place known only to Busan locals) (Hidden destinations in west Busan) Our team name? Big brother, where are you going? Get lost, girl. That’s not cursing. It’s an affectionate way of speaking. The Big Brother Tour! To the hidden destinations in west Busan. Let’s go! Tony, Jaeduck, cross! Who’s that? Who is it? – Big brother. / – What’s your name? Let’s take our names. Toduck. I like it. (Car rental $98, gas $30, remaining total $472) Our first destination is a wheat noodles place. A wheat noodles place. I want to eat it right now. Toduck, do you like wheat noodles? – Here it is. / – There it is. It’s one of the top 4 wheat noodles places in Busan. Is this one of top 4 wheat noodle restaurants in Busan? That’s right. They don’t open in winter. Kim Junhyun eats 4 bowls here. It looks so cool. This is it. Wheat noodles! It looks like regular cold noodles. You have to drink the soup first. I feel so nervous. It’s amazing. The soup is so good. It’s a bit spicy for children to eat. I didn’t like wheat noodles when I was little. That’s a good attack. The soup’s amazing. (Attack of the taste buds) (Better than expected) Gookju, you ate before we came. I like to cut my noodles. Don’t cut it. – Mix the sauce. / – Don’t cut it. (Celebration) (Pleased) The noodles are really soft, right? I’ve never tasted anything like this. I thought the noodles would be tough. It’s smoother than cold noodles. It’s different to thin noodles. It’s chewy yet smooth. It’s delicious. I’d forgotten the taste of wheat noodles. How do we express this taste? So this is why people love wheat noodles. You can’t taste this in Seoul. It’s like a mix of the best cold and spicy noodles. It’s like us. H.O.T. and Sechs Kies. Tony An and Kim Jaeduck. This taste is like us becoming one. Tony, Jaeduck, cross! That’s what the taste is like. Recommend wheat noodles to the client. – Thumbs up or thumbs down. / – Okay. 1, 2, 3. Thumbs up! Make sure you eat this. You won’t regret it. I really enjoyed that. What do we do next? I’ll lead you to a great place. Where? We’re in Busan. We have to eat sashimi. I’ll take you to a place with a great view. They’re going to Amnam Park. (They drive up a cliff, pass green forests) Is there a place like that? Is it Dalmaji Park? It’s Amnam Park. It’s beautiful. It looks like an island. The view’s wonderful here. The trail here’s made of red clay. That’s what forms these cliffs. They made a trail on top. The ocean’s wonderful. Can you see this, everyone? Isn’t it amazing? – This reminds me of a song. / – Which song? ♪ Lie on that ocean ♪ Your pronunciation’s a little funny. – ♪ Lie on that ocean ♪ / – Right. ♪ Should I become a lonely water bird ♪ I think the children will enjoy crossing this bridge. This site has a lot of fun things to do. This is the sashimi place I spoke about. There’s a line of shops here. You look excited. Just my body… It really is them. Hello. You’re cute. You’re handsome. I’m 39 and they said I’m cute. There are a lot of sashimi places in Haeundae and Gwangalli but the sashimi places here… Is that where I think it is? There are so many shops inside. I didn’t know it was like this from the outside. Inside… It’s all fresh. Look at it move. Did female divers dig for those? Let’s pick what we want to eat. – I can’t make fun of this. / – Wow. There’s a lot. Is it okay to serve this much? – It’s so abundant. / – It’s great. Mussel soup? Really? Can you eat that without drinking alcohol? That was really hard. That’s like bathing with your clothes on. Who says you can’t drink on a family trip? It’s right in front of the ocean. The ocean is right in front of you. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten seafood… – This close to the ocean. / – I know. Try it. I want to try the soup first. Go ahead and try the soup. I love soup. Mussel and clam soup. Taste it, old man Tony. The mussel soup was free, right? Mussel soup’s free in Busan. I was shocked that people paid for it in Seoul. It doesn’t taste fishy at all. It doesn’t taste fishy. It’s refreshing. I’m going to try the sea squirt first. I love sea squirt. – Jaeduck… / – I love red pepper paste with vinegar. Is the sea quirt good? It’s so fresh. Dip it in the sesame oil. They gave you a huge serving. It must taste really good eating it in front of the ocean. It’s really chewy. I eat a lot of seafood in Seoul. That huge dish… The price per dish… – It’s a total of $40, right? / – Is that all? How should we communicate this taste? The scent of the ocean is alive. I didn’t like sashimi when I was little. I hated it when my parents took me to eat seafood. Here’s a tip. When parents go to places like that, they should take fried chicken with them. So the kids can eat. – I’m curious about something. / – What is it? When Busan people eat something delicious… – What do they say? / – It’s to die for! – I see. / – It’s to die for! It’s totally delicious! – You seem like you’re acting. / – No, no. It’s natural. I see. Why didn’t you say that then? A great ocean, mountain and walking trail… Fresh, delicious food. Will you recommend this to the client or not? Let’s vote in Busan style then. It’s to die for or not to die for. How about it? To die for or not to die for? 1, 2, 3. It’s to die for! I think that’s a great spot. – Eating fresh seafood watching the ocean. / – Right. You can take a walk around Amnam Park, walk down and eat. – Eat when you feel hungry. / – It’s a date course. – It’s amazing. / – The view is wonderful. It’s amazing. I’m going that way right now. We’re going to Dadaepo Beach. In the past, locals used to prefer Dadaepo over Haeundae or Gwangalli. Dadaepo was more famous, right? If you don’t enjoy watersports in Busan, people will make fun of you. – It must be expensive. / – It’s not expensive. Around $10 each. Really? (2. $10 watersports that even children can enjoy) (What will the beach look like?) This isn’t a beach. What is this? You call this a beach? You want to swim in this water? Dadaepo Beach wasn’t like this in the past. That’s Dadaepo? – It’s Dadaepo. / – Wait a minute. – There’s a park. / – It’s a beach? Let’s just cross over that hill. Wait a minute. No way. Wow. (The beach is unveiled behind the park) That’s what it’s like. Isn’t it amazing? Has it changed like that? Can you see that in the air? – Are you shocked? / – That’s a kite board. – Is this Thailand? / – Is it a different country? That’s called a paddle board. You stand up and row. Children can ride that too. It doesn’t require special skills. I’ve never seen a paddle board before. Let’s try the paddle board. Hello. Look at the age column. 10, 13 years… It’s great for children too. You can ride it for 2 hours. It costs $10. $10? Why is it so cheap? (Isn’t west Busan wonderful?) Let’s get changed. Tony and Jaeduck, finish! This is so old style. Safe and fun. Let’s go! This is called a leash. It connects your body and the board. It’s very important. Put it around your ankle. Place your solar plexus here. Hold the paddle. Forward, forward. Get up. Amazing! Young children can enjoy this too. I saw Tablo’s SNS. Haru likes this. It’s really easy. It’s so heavy. It’s so cold! Wait. I think I’m going to have a heart attack. The water was cold. No! My heart! (The instructor rows ahead alone) (Why can’t we do it?) I think someone hit me! (Success?) Do I stand up like this? It was really windy. The waves were strong. – We’ve lost. / – We’ve won! (Ugly_old_men.avi) That’s not it. (Flying_old_man.avi) (Bruce Lee?) (Slapstick comedy) It wasn’t slapstick comedy. Even comedians can’t do that. We should be doing that. (Hooray) Who said this was easy? Who created this thing? The water’s salty. Balance! (He balances himself) (He’s going to fly) – That’s good. / – I’ve never seen you this funny. (Pitiful former idols) (Struggles) I’d rather not ride it. Did I stand like him? He looks so pitiful. It’s because you talked to me! Can you just add me in CG? The waves have gone down… The waves are hitting… I’ve never seen Tony like that. I’m sacrificing myself for the show. Want me to do it for real? Let’s do it for real. – We just wanted to make it fun. / – You got it, right? You got footage of us falling over. They have enough footage. Let’s go. Stand up and go. Jaeduck, we did it! (We got enough footage) 1, 2, 3. It’s neither like nor dislike. – It’s ambiguous. / – Ambiguous. Because of the wind and poor weather, we couldn’t experience it so it’s ambiguous. I feel a little bad so I did thumbs down. It’s because of the weather. If the weather’s nice, I think you will be able to enjoy this. You look really old all of a sudden. (Tired eyes, open mouth) – Tony’s not as fit as he used to be. / – Today… It’s been a long day. I feel so tired. That’s why I prepared our accommodation. I prepared everything. (Hopeful) There are a lot of guesthouses in Busan now. I lived with Jaejin in an area called Gamcheon. Have you heard of Gamcheon Cultural Village? You’re really detailed. I would’ve got lost without Jaeduck. (A maze of alleys) (Together with beautiful works of art) (Known as Korea’s Santorini) I’ve been there too. It takes you back into your childhood. – Right. / – It takes you back. It’s so pretty here. (Gamcheon Cultural Village is like a maze) (There are some great hidden photo spots) You have to wear sneakers when you visit here. The alleys contain a lot of stairs. You can see a lot of pretty alleys here. This suits you. Okay, okay. Let’s turn Toduck into an angel. Amazing. The murals are really pretty here. That looks great. Isn’t that for couples? It’s like walking on the stars. Wow! The Little Prince! He’s come down from the stars to sit here. The Little Prince is in Korea. Welcome to Korea. (Hello, Little Prince) Find your accommodation. Where is it? There it is. Where? On the left. – Should we go there now? / – Let’s go. (One at a time) (The lights turn on) The night view’s really pretty here. It’s so pretty at night. It’s beautiful. The hill’s so steep. Where are we going? We’re almost there. This is the guesthouse that I reserved. Let’s go. The stairs! You’ll be so surprised. The view’s amazing. What is this place? This is like Portugal. (The lights come together to create this) (A humble yet beautiful night view in Gamcheon) It’s pretty. If you go up high, you can see the ocean in the distance. (End of the first day of the Big Brother Tour) (It’s morning!) (I’m hungry, let’s eat!) (Sunray surf clam and pork belly barbeque) These clams are found in Nakdonggang. They’re called sunray surf clams. What are they? I have no idea what they are. (Clams from the mouth of Nakdonggang) (Its shape resembles a seagull’s beak) A lot of Busan locals don’t know what it is. It’s eaten with pork belly. With clams? Pork belly tastes good on its own. Listen to that sound. Have you ever had pork belly with clams? I just got goosebumps. I got goosebumps. (They head to eat pork belly and clams) We’re here. Take a look at the menu. What should we eat? A small serving of pork belly with sunray surf clams. How about boiled sunray surf clams too? Sook, you haven’t heard of this before, right? – I’ve never heard about this. / – It’s brand new. It looks so appetizing. – It looks really unique. / – Boiled sunray surf clams. When I think of clams… They’re usually round. What’s this? Clam flesh. This is the flesh? It looks really chewy. (The clam looks like a seagull’s beak) Why is it so big? It looks like a seagull. It really does look like a seagull. Go ahead and taste it. (Dip the clam in red pepper paste with vinegar) It tastes like regular clams but the part that resembles a seagull’s beak is chewy. Its texture is similar to meat or scallops. It’s really chewy. It’s like eating scallops. I think this is really different. There’s crab meat, eggs… I think we’re supposed to wrap the clam with this. – Like a platter of 9 delicacies? / – It’s like that. That’s great. It tastes really fresh together, right? – This is it! / – I told you. When you eat this, it’s like clam or scallops. There’s a mustard sauce. When you eat that… You can taste 7 different flavors. The flavors of the rainbow. (Sunray surf clams with mustard sauce) You know Chinese seafood with mustard sauce? The sauce is similar. It’s easy to eat. It looks delicious. It even sounds delicious. Listen to it sizzle. (The pork belly cooks) (Together with sunray surf clams, bean sprouts) (A standing ovation for the pork belly) You can’t beat pork belly at this hour of the day. Grilled pork belly… (Grilled pork belly with sunray surf clams) The clams are cooked in the pork belly fat. What’s that on top? Listen to that sound. It’s sedum. I think we can eat it now. I’m going to wrap it with a perilla leaf. Pork belly. Sunray surf clam and bean sprouts. It looks really delicious. That’s a good wrap. I’m going to add some onion. This onion could totally change the taste. (Chew) The perilla leaf… (It’s so good) When I put it in my mouth… I could taste the crispy bean sprouts. Next comes the taste of pork belly. Right after that… The seafood taste of sunray surf clams. Mountains, ocean and the land… That’s a great combination. In Seoul, we eat pork belly with small octopus or pork belly with squid. – Clams are more expensive. / – Surf clams. I’m curious about the taste. The clams aren’t small. They’re quite big. You’re going to make fried rice? Of course. Land, sea and air all in one. We’ve won. I feel so hungry. One spoonful… It has bean sprouts, kimchi, clams and pork belly. It’s too early. Wait for Gangwon-do. Don’t feel full yet. Gangwon-do’s about good health. You can taste seafood in this fried rice. It has clams in it. The taste is really unique. Place a piece of young radish kimchi on top. You won’t gain weight if you enjoy your food. (They continue eating) You ate it all? Fried rice is always good at the end. Grilled pork belly with sunray surf clams. It’s unique to Busan. To die for or not to die for. 1, 2, 3. To die for! It’s the best ever! It’s to die for! Jaeduck, where are we going now? We’re going to Eulsukdo. When you get married and have a baby, you should go there. It has a wonderful ecosystem. (Sounds good) (Eulsukdo lies where Nakdonggang meets the sea) (Once Asia’s largest sanctuary for migratory birds) This is Eulsukdo. You can hire bicycles for free. – Really? / – Have you ever hired a bike for free? Hurry up! Go! (He learnt a new Busan expression) In Gangwon-do, it’s hurry run. (The weather’s cool) (Great weather for a bike ride) (I haven’t done this for a while) What are you doing? (Peek-a-boo) He’s so detailed. I’m ready. Let’s go. Start! (Perfect teamwork) (Step on the pedal) The weather’s great. It’s cool. This is great. The breeze is cool. We can see the river. (Eulsukdo bicycle hire, free for 2 hours) This is a great cycling course. I felt a little tired earlier. I feel refreshed now. The river reminds me of this song. – Why’d you sing that? / – When did I do that? Sorry. There’s a bridge. The cool breeze feels nice. (A cool breeze, the fresh scent of grass) When I was little, they held drawing contests here. The scenery’s nice. It’s a great spot to paint watercolors. Yes. I came here to do that. (The entire family can enjoy nature at Eulsukdo) I think west Busan is a wonderful place to visit with the family. I feel really happy. I’m proud of Busan. I think our clients will really enjoy their trip. West Busan is to die for! Come to Busan! (Make sure you come) That was great. We’re used to seeing Gwangandaegyo, Haeundae, Jagalchi Markets, Seomyeon. Everything was new. I really want to try those clams. – Sunray surf clams. / – Sunray surf clams. – Grilled with pork belly. / – Sunray surf clams. Sunray surf clams are thick and chewy. It has a nice texture, doesn’t taste fishy at all. The pork belly was cooked near the rim. The fat collected in the center. The clams were then fried in that fat. Then seasoned bean sprouts were place on top. – Wrap a clam… / – Excuse me. How did the fried rice taste? There’s no need for words? Why bother asking? Tony used to be a picky eater. You seemed to eat well. It was really delicious. This is what I found difficult. All the foods that we ate in Busan made me want to drink. We felt like drinking just watching you eat. Jaeduck, you know him best. – Tony gets drunk in 3 levels. / – 3 levels? Level 1… He chews his cheek. – Like this. / – He doesn’t eat food? Is that why you don’t eat when you drink? He just chews his cheek. When he gets a little more drunk, he chews his cheek and massages his hand. – To digest. / – To aid digestion. In case he can’t digest his cheek? He applies pressure. Level 3. He begins using his hands. He eats everything with his hands. I’ve seen people like that. Alcoholic snacks taste good eaten with your hands. Pickled radish tastes better with your hands. It tastes really good if you eat it like this. Jang Doyeon seemed really drunk. I asked if she was drunk. She said she was fine. She suddenly ate cold noodles with her hands. It’s okay eating cold food with your hands. He eats meat with his hands. He begins using his hands. I think we’ve talked enough about alcohol. Gamcheon Cultural Village is my favorite spot. You went there. That’s where I first met Jaejin. Jaejin from Sechs Kies. After I met Jaejin, I became lost in the world of dance. Do you know Yuk Jungwan from Rose Motel? He actually… He’s from Gamcheon too? We went to school together. He’s the same age? – He’s my friend. / – Your friend? We went to middle school together. – Yuk Jungwan? / – Yes, Yuk Jungwan. Who doesn’t look their age? I think life was really harsh on Jungwan. He had an eventful life. Yuk Jungwan? Anyway, Gamcheon is an amazing village. How many singers originated from there? It’s time to vote. Please take your cell phones out. The Big Brother Tour. Go or not go? Please vote! (Big Brother Tour discovered new sites in Busan) How many votes will Big Brother Tour gain? I’m looking forward to this. They discovered new sites in Busan. How many members of the judging panel packed their bags for Busan? You’d better not score 0. – What a relief. / – 5. (The result?) – 90? / – How unfortunate. 85. (Big Brother Tour gained 85 votes) – Isn’t that the top score? / – It’s the top score. Really? The highest score was 83. Nice. But! Life is full of surprises. – Wait for Gangwon-do. / – To tell the truth… We wanted to relax. Our aim was a 2-day trip. Most importantly, over those 2 days… How many memories could we create? Ladies. What do we do most when we travel? We take photos. I’m going to tell you my know-how in taking photos. I think Gookju could eat as much as Tony and Jaeduck put together. I’m sure of it. Let’s go and view their tour. Let’s view Welcome to Gangwon-do. (A place like this exists in Korea?) We have to go there! (Enthusiastic) (A place like this exists in Korea?) (Yangyang, a surfers’ paradise) This looks like a different country. It’s a family trip. Mothers deserve to treat their eyes too. I don’t want to be won over. (Welcome to Gangwon-do) This isn’t a different country. It’s Yangyang. Have you ever been traveling together? Yes, once. I think we went to Gangwon-do. – Right. / – Really? – Our patterns are really different. / – Right. We don’t like the same foods. – We like to listen to songs. / – We like music. We shouldn’t get out of the car. Let me look at my SNS. He’s the expert. What? – Hello. / – Hello? Is this Gookju? Yes, that’s right. I meant to call you. The director of “2 Days and 1 Night.” There was something between you, right? I’m with An Youngmi. We have to take a trip to Gangwon-do. Follow the beach road. If the village seems nice, stop and look around. The sun will blind you. The sun rises in the east. The ocean color isn’t pretty in the morning. If you go after 2 p.m., the water’s pretty wherever you go. He’s so detailed. How can you not love that guy? I’m going to search SNS. (Gookju searches for restaurants) Knife chopped noodle soup. Yangyang’s the place. Yangyang. Are you going to go surfing? We’re here together. Don’t pretend to be happy. You’re going to run out of energy. The sand’s really soft and pretty. – The water’s really clean. / – Stop running! I haven’t been to the beach for a long time. Out of all the beaches that I’ve seen… The northernmost of Yangyang is the cleanest. There’s someone there. A family was already playing there. I heard we could find them at Yangyang. – I heard that too. / – Where are you? Wait a minute. Look at that black thing. It’s not a seal. What did you find? – We’ve found them. / – Are you sure? It’s them. Why are they lying down? – That… / – They’re not lifeguards. (Meet the people who enjoy the beach) It’s supposed to be a family trip. (Surfers in the Yangyang ocean) (Goodness) That’s it. A lot of women love it. Shiho Yano enjoys surfing. (Many stars enjoy surfing as a hobby) (Korea’s hot people) (Head to Yangyang) It really feels like a different country. The water’s really lovely. (Yangyang’s new culture, surfing) (Will they do a good job?) We need to fill our stomachs first. No, we have to do this first. – You always say no. / – Yes! This is it. Nice to meet you. (That’s the spot) Nice to meet you. (She acts polite to handsome surfers) This is Yangyang? Oh, my goodness. We can’t go into the water immediately, right? The water’s still cold. You need to wear a suit to keep yourself warm. I’ve never done anything like this. Is this the biggest size? (Struggles before she even meets the waves) Wrap your leg in this first. (A plastic bag as an emergency procedure) (Will she be able to succeed?) Youngmi, does your suit fit? Create your own avatar. What? Create your own avatar. Where are you? She’s stuck. Teacher, can I just dress comfortably when you teach us? I don’t think I’ll be able to move in this. I’ll just wear my own clothes. The wetsuit didn’t fit so I wore my own clothes. She’s dancing. He’s so handsome. (It looks fun) This isn’t a family trip! – It’s a dangerous trip. / – Yes, it’s dangerous. (They warm up before the lesson) Why are you so happy? I feel like we’re in Australia. (She feels like a surfer in Sydney) You can learn in just 30 minutes. – Really? / – Yes, 30 minutes. Bring your right foot to your knee. Now, let go of your hand. Stand up. You can do this in the water? When the waves come… (Chaos) Can people do this in one attempt? – Yes. / – Really? – I gave up trying to stand up. / – When you paddle… Push, push. Straighten your arms. (It’s a fitness test for her) Then… Move forward. (Monkey Magic on the clouds?) (Shake) (She manages to get up) It takes me 10 minutes to get up on the ground. In the water… (They get ready to ride the waves) But Youngmi… She learns in 30 minutes. Watch. (Surprise) (She bites hard) Okay. (Will they succeed in the water?) (Throw my body to the blue ocean) Look how clear the water is. It’s so clear. (In one go) 10 out of 10! (Youngmi takes the challenge) I tried doing it. I’m afraid of water. It’s hard going out by yourself, right? I was scared but the teacher helped. I filmed this. (Successful on her first attempt?) (She didn’t get up on time) I can do this! (She rides the second wave) (This time?) Is she getting up? No way! (Youngmi stands up) (Successfully) You got off the board. – Despite being afraid of water. / – Good job. I did it! One more time. I stood up! An Youngmi stood up! (I’m a surfer too) (Young men congratulate her) (She’d been searching for hot surfers) They’re all running away. You rascals! Even the one with an injured leg is running. Youngmi! Even the guy with an injured leg… He got up and ran away. Everyone ran away from Youngmi. (Join me next time) That’s all mine. I brought a donut tube and watermelon tube. – They’re so cute. / – I took them with me. We couldn’t play with young children. (Save me) (Make the most of a short summer vacation) The children can ride on a tube next to the parents. (Begin a new challenge before it’s too late) There’s a reason why people are so crazy about surfing. It must be fun. Surfers feel excited just thinking about surfing. They go as soon as they hear waves are coming. I can still smell salt in my hair. Wash your hair then. (What is this strange looking building?) Welcome. (This catches their attention) (Strange taps) Gosh. They have everything. What’s this? – Oh, my goodness. / – What is it? What’s that? (15 flavors to choose from) (From ales to dark beer) – What? / – What is it? Yes! It’s all over. (The screen hasn’t been paused) Listen carefully. There are over 15 different beers here. – You can taste them all. / – Wow. You can taste them for free. We have a sampler. Let’s taste them, order the ones we like. We can pour straight into our mouths. Can we just go inside and drink? You can’t return to Seoul once you visit there. You want to stay longer. I love this kind of thing. It’s nice here. We need to take photos. – It’s so pretty. / – How cute! (Cute sampler beer glasses) Let’s play rock, paper, scissors and drink. Rock, paper, scissors? Rock, paper, scissors. I shouldn’t have asked to play. The person who asks to play usually loses. I want to try a dark beer but let’s begin with a weak beer. The end. Remove your lip and it’s over. It’s really fragrant. Leave the foam. Rock, paper, scissors. (Youngmi wins twice in a row) (A robust dark beer) – Is that an espresso? / – Dark beer. – It’s so intense. / – That’s amazing. Is it cool? (Youngmi wins 3 times in a row) It was so refreshing. – Look at that foam. / – Because… You have to drink a few glasses before eating. Beer’s so good after swimming. Sikyung, why aren’t you speaking? (I’m fighting the urge) You have to drink beer after swimming. (Gookju wins at last) (She sculls it down) Why does the glass look so small? I drank it at last. You have to drink beer with your throat. Good work, Gookju. Now that we’ve tasted them… I’ve forgotten. I need to taste again. This is what we should do. After you drink a cold beer, eat something high in calories. Order something that looks fattening. High-calorie food? Amazing! (High-calorie food after swimming) Kids won’t like this? It’s bad for your health. It’s fattening. (Chili fries with cheese) (A beer’s best friend) Let’s go, calories! Good job. This is worth it. – This is Yangyang? / – Yangyang. Wow. Playing in the water is tiring. We need to eat something like this. We have to put our hands together now. – Hurry up and hold it. / – I don’t want to. Put your hand next to mine. We’re here together. 1, 2, 3. (Hot place, craft beer) It’s really different to Busan. Busan is very crowded. This feels like a quiet, relaxing trip. – This is great. / – It’s delicious. I feel like we’re in a different country. (I want beer too) My family would go to valleys for vacation. We would inhale the smoke of cooked meat. It was all adult food. The children had nothing to eat. Nothing. – Strange steamed dishes. / – Spicy fish soup. – Stamina food. / – Kids don’t like fish soup. When we traveled as a family, kids couldn’t eat the foods adults liked. Times have changed now. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old. You have to eat that when you travel. Tony has been won over. (Tony presses his lips together) I like what we’ve seen so far. You went to Sokcho. The fish market? Sokcho tourist fish market! (They shop at the fish market) Natural razor clams. Can you give us $10 worth? Something cheap. Scallops. I’ll welcome that into my tummy. Thank you. We wanted to go camping. Families should go camping. Chuck tail flap is really oily. You have to eat Korean beef at Gangwon-do. It’s $70 for 600g. (It’s expensive…) (Chuck tail flap $70, remaining total $349) (Jumunjin, Gangneung) – Glamping? / – Glamping. It’s great for photos and creating memories. We’re done. All we have to do is eat. – Let’s eat. I’m hungry. / – I know you. You won’t do anything. This is our tent. The chairs are nice. Look at this. There’s a bed here. It’s lovely. There’s a tent. It’s a glamping park. It’s great. That’s not really a camping trip. It’s because of the kids. It takes too long to pitch a tent. Look at this. I don’t really enjoy eating vegetables but we need to add color. You’re doing this for the photos. I’m going to cook the beef now. (Today’s highlight) (Chuck tail flap) I think this is prettier than the rainbow. You’re the first person I’ve met who says beef looks really pretty. The grill’s full. (They pose for photos) (Let’s go, barbeque party) You need to take a photo like that. – Youngmi. / – Yes? The clams are opening their mouths. Let’s cook this here. (Scream of joy) She sounds like a dolphin. (This is great) Goodness. I feel so happy. Let me serve the beef. (Prime grade chuck tail flap) Just dip it lightly in salt. Don’t hit me. (This is the taste) Mushrooms. It’s delicious. This is totally delicious. There are 2 women here. We’re eating beef. 2 women eating beef. We have so much left over. Shouldn’t we at least play some music? I’ll play it now. (She selects a song) (“Barefoot Youth” by BUCK) (Produced by Lee Gookju) (Entertainer, An Youngmi) (Get ready, here we go) ♪ It will open up soon ♪ ♪ Razor clams, open up ♪ ♪ We have a long way to go, open up ♪ Youngmi. I feel so happy. I think you need to take a doping test. This song’s for you. I knew it. ♪ I shouldn’t have loved ♪ (“Scarlet Letter” by Space A) ♪ I shouldn’t have met you ♪ ♪ Even if we want each other ♪ ♪ I know it can’t be ♪ – We played like that? / – We didn’t drink at all. ♪ You’re my love ♪ ♪ I can’t send you away ♪ Everyone, when the nation is in peril, we should laugh hard. Eat with us. Ladies first. The baby must be shocked. It might not be fully cooked. Taste it first. It’s okay. – We’re fans. / – Thank you. You stopped when you should. – It could’ve turned ugly. / – Right. It’d be great to go there as a family. It’d be great to create memories there. It would be nice taking photos there. When you go camping, dad should cook. – Right. / – Kids love that. – Dad can grill food. / – Mom can rest. (Rain falls on the second morning) Get up, Youngmi. (“A Bag of Laughs” by Lee Sunhee) Your alarm’s ringing. It’s raining. It’s great weather for a swim. If it rains too much, should we go to Seoul? The rain. Get up. You almost froze to death. Are you wearing a swimsuit? (Fully dressed) Gookju had already decided to go swimming… – Despite the rain. / – Let’s go to a waterpark. It’s fun swimming when it rains. They have indoor pools too. Let’s go. It’s not raining that hard. It’s okay. We’ve woken up now. This is a waterpark. On the first day, we played at the beach. It wouldn’t be fun to do that again. Let’s go. Where are you going? You should rest if it rains. No, we have to play. Children don’t tire. – It’s heaven for children. / – Right. (The ocean seems angry) (The rain falls mercilessly) (It was totally empty) It rained a lot. There’s a waterfall here. (A waterpark that looks out on to the beach) You can see the beach at this waterpark. It’s good for those who don’t want to swim at sea. You can see the beach. This is great. It would’ve been nice if it was sunny. This is really upsetting. We’re here so we should play. They have slides. You don’t need to sleep there, right? (Seaweed appears at the waterpark) – How scary. / – You look innocent. This is fun. Let’s go again. It’s good. (Youngmi enjoys herself too) We kept going on the slide. It’s nothing special but it’s fun. You’ll catch a cold. If you feel cold, enter the hot tub. (They enter a hot tub to warm their tired bodies) It’s lovely. The rain feels nice falling on my face. It’s so relaxing. (Their fatigue melts away) (The weather’s poor but they’re glad they came) How much are they going to eat after this? It’s a little cold. (As Sikyung predicted, they head out to eat) Today’s highlight. This is the highlight of our trip. Today’s highlight! (Freshly steamed) (Snow crab) Were you waiting for this to appear? (Famous eastern sea snow crabs) Wow. This is heaven. These? – Wow. / – It’s huge. Children may not like sashimi. – But they love crabs. / – But crabs… Children, adults all love it. How much does it weigh? – 1.2kg. / – They weigh it and tell you the price. It’s a little expensive, isn’t it? $110 for 4 people is a good price. It’s $110 for 4 people. Wow. This sashimi’s for free? This is free? – 4 people. / – That’s a bonus, everyone. This restaurant’s going to be packed. (Gookju’s busy taking photos) – Can you see? / – One of these photos will be okay. Wait. Come on, let’s just eat. Wait a minute! – I’m so sick of this. / – It won’t go stale. Wait. Geez. When can we begin eating this? Put your face in the photo. (She’s annoyed but does as she’s asked) Nice. (She tastes the sashimi at last) Kimchi… 2 slices of sashimi. Is it good? (Totally satisfied) (I feel like soju) It understood. I feel like a drink even now. (Today’s main dish arrives) The table is packed with food. They even cut it up so it’s pretty. They actually serve it like that. – It’s cut up like that. / – So it’s easy to eat. – It’s easy to eat. / – Can we just eat now? (Unreasonable Gookju) Wait. You said you’re full. Digest for a minute. (I’m so sick of this) I’ve taken enough photos to fill our on-air time. A montage… (Gookju’s special broadcast?) They’re all photos of your face. No one can tell where we went, what we did. Okay, you can eat now. (They waited a long time for the main dish) It looks good, right? There are 2 sauces. (Citron sauce, entrails sauce) It tastes great with the entrails sauce. – It’s so good. / – You know that, right? You don’t need any other condiments. (They exclaim over the taste) (Steamed snow crabs work up their appetite) (Happy) It’s great when someone takes the meat out for you. Everyone loves it when they can keep their hands clean. What is it? It looks delicious. – Inside… / – It’s just instant noodles. They didn’t use the seasoning powder. It doesn’t have the seasoning powder in it. Really? The audience is clapping. – With crab broth? / – Yes, just crab broth. – This is driving me nuts. / – I’m not sure who’ll win. An Seungho? How can we beat Gookju eating? It’s spicy and savory. It has Cheongyang peppers in it so it’s spicy. Be honest. You get to eat delicious food because you came traveling with me. You said you couldn’t eat sashimi because of me when we came to Gangwon-do. You told me that for over 2 years. That’s why I had an enema. To cater for your taste buds… You make a really odd but entertaining pair. (Thanks) (Even Youngmi loves the steamed snow crabs) (The sky is clear again) (The eastern sea rediscovers its blue colors) There it is. Do you know what it is? A lot of people ride it along the Hangang. Wow. Look at that. – Oh, this. / – I loved this. I’m really bad at sports. I’m uncoordinated but I could ride this. Can we ride the ones out front? Yes, you can hire them. Is that the most popular? We’ve got Avengers characters too. I like this. (Segway hire, $10 per hour including safety gear) Wow. I always wanted to ride this. This is Washington DC. (Easy to ride once you receive a short lesson) I’ve seen a lot of people ride this. People who are early adapters ride this. You’re good. This is fun. They teach you how to ride it. Then you can take it out and ride wherever you like. (They speed down the track) It’s quite speedy. You don’t need to be good at sports. People who don’t want to pedal can ride it. You’re blocking the air in front. (A small world on 2 wheels) This is really fun. It’d be fun to ride this on our next trip. I’ve found something else that I can do. It’s great trying new things. I was scared when we tried surfing. This is perfect. I didn’t mind surfing in shallow water. (A new self-discovery) (Gangwon-do has made it possible) Let’s head to the front. (The trip was more special as they were together) Beer, snow crabs and chuck tail flap. I took all these photos. – Really? / – You took a lot. – On your cell phone? / – Gookju took these. When else would I try these things unless I’m on a trip? I would never even attempt to do that. The only regret that I have is that our trip was short, just 2 days. Let’s go for around 4 days with Jeong Juri. With the baby too. – Okay. / – Don’t even think about it. It’s not an accident. (Head to Gangwon-do with your loved ones) Thank you. (A delightful trip for 2, Welcome to Gangwon-do) We had a great time. When the other team gained 85 votes, Jimin and I… We thought we’d lost. How could we beat Tony and Jaeduck? That’s how we felt. After watching this… I can vouch for this. – I think we can beat them. / – For sure. – Tony, do you admit it? / – Excuse me? – Do you admit it? / – My neck’s really sore. You took so many photos. I think she took 40,000 photos. You must love taking photos. Yes. If you take a trip for just 2 days, there’s not much that you can do. That’s why when you look back on your trip, all you have left are the photos. On the way home, I texted Gookju. – Send me the photos. / – Right. – Send me the photos. / – Exactly. They were all photos of her face. No one can tell where it is. Can we see those photos? – All her face. / – Where is this? Youngmi’s at the edge. – The position… / – What a great photo. It’s good taking photos using props. You can cover your chin line. It looks delicious. This was when we went camping. – They’re all photos of food. / – Don’t be won over. You sprinkled salt and pepper on the vegetables. – Crab noodles. / – It’s been edited. This make instant noodles look like a proper dish. You edited the foods you ate over 2 days. I ate a lot by myself while Youngmi was asleep. Those photos are on my phone. I find this really amazing. Busan, Ulsan, Pohang are all different. Sokcho, Yangyang, Donghae are all different. They’re all different. I’m from Gangwon-do. I imagined that it’d be a typical trip but there was a lot that I’d never seen. We have to discuss something really important. Welcome to Gangwon-do. Snow crabs are expensive. They spent a lot on food. – Did you have money left over? / – Yes, we did. How much? – No way. / – How much did you have left? Tony said they had $170 left over. The remaining total? $22. – We had money left! / – You didn’t spend it all. We had $22 left over? That’s unbelievable! I got goosebumps. $22 left over. – You can go to a hamburger place. / – Right. – You can pig out. / – Eat on the way to Seoul. Because… We weren’t asked to save money. The budget was $600, $150 per person. We didn’t go over the limit. We also ate a lot of delicious food. I’m amazed that we even had $22 left over. $22 is enough for one-way transportation. That’s great. Are you ready to vote? We’re not going to lose that badly. Please vote. (The beautiful oceans of Gangwon-do) (Can they beat Big Brother Tour’s 85 votes?) They discovered new hot places in Gangwon-do. How many of our judges will pack their bags for Gangwon-do? Who will the judges choose? Can they beat Big Brother Tour’s score of 85? – 9 in front. / – Big Brother Tour scored high. – 85 is the highest score ever. / – We have to win. It’s rotating. 6, 6, 6. Why’s it taking so long? (The result?) (The second digit is 6) (Welcome to Gangwon-do gained 76 votes) (Big Brother Tour wins with 85 votes) We should listen what the winners have to say. You were really happy, right? I hope they enjoy a wonderful family trip. This is how I felt watching the video. Busan’s great for a family trip. Gangwon-do would be great for close friends to visit together. I think I’d like to make time to go to Gangwon-do with Jaeduck. Anyway, Big Brother Tour team has won. We will deliver a small trip donation to the client. Battle Trip is receiving trip requests from our viewers. Worried about where to go? Worried about how to spend your budget? If you have any traveling concerns, write a request on our website or SNS. We’ll work hard to solve your concerns for you. That’s right. Today’s date is July 9th. The vacation season has now begun. Beaches have opened to the public from July 1st, 2nd. Sleep now and when you get up in the morning, take a short trip with your families. Useful travel tips for those who want to escape. Battle Trip, a show customized for travelers comes to you on Saturday nights. Stories learned through travels. The world is a school, life is a trip. Battle Trip! (Next time) (Summer vacation recommendation by Battle Trip) (Saipan vs. Tokyo) (Food is one of the best parts of a trip) (Active sports too) (Summer vacation Saipan vs. Tokyo) (“Color” by Melody Day)


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