Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.41 : Ohsosung Tour [ENG/THA/2017.03.26]

I’m just a normal Korean office worker that’s tired of the repetitive corporate life. I always think about going off somewhere far without looking back when I get off work. Going abroad is a bit much. But I’d really like to go on a simple overnight trip in Korea. For this Battle Trip, please put together a trip for weary office workers to go on at night in Korea. – Naong… / – Sedong… Ongdong Tour! (Dongdaegu Station) This is fun. (Hahaha) This looks like fun! (Kim Kwangseok Street) It’s really nice here. I want to come here often. We forgot about being a girl group. This is nuts. (Ongdong Tour received 77 votes) (Which team will win?) (Numerous great tips on trips) (Oh Nami, Park Soyeong, Kim Daesung) (Nayoung, Sejeong of gugudan) Travelling is a war! Battle Trip! The Ongdong Tour got 77 votes last episode which was a bit of a shame. But still, I’m happy because it has two 7s in it. – Lucky seven. / – 77. – Lucky seven. / – So cheerful. Very positive. The scores got really high on this show… – From a certain point. / – Right. – 77 is a really high score. / – Right. – That’s 3 out of 4 people that would go. / – Right. Hwijae, you got a really low score before. 54 votes? Now, it’s time to talk about Yeosu. What’s the name of your team? – The team name is important. / – Right. Oh, our team name… We really thought over this. We have to get it right this time. – Ready? / – Okay. Here I go. 1, 2, 3, 4. Oh from Oh Nami! So from Park Soyeong! Sung of Kim Daesung! Come visit Yeosu! Ohsosung! – Come visit Yeosu. / – That was good. Ohsosung that sounds like come. They have good teamwork since they’re comedians. Right. It sounds polite too. And it makes sense. – Ohsosung. / – And it’s cute. – They have good teamwork? / – Yes. They seemed kind of like Power Rangers. What are you saying? Let’s see gugudan’s. We’ll show you. – Naong… / – Sedong… Ongdong Tour! – So cute! / – Agreed. So suddenly… – I have to admit that. / – Oh, come on. – They make you smile. / – They’re so cute. I love it. – Honestly. / – For real. I was shocked. I saw from the side… With the whites of my eyes and I still loved it. The whites… No, but we have much higher chance of winning. Congratulations. Congratulations. And… I bet they had a great trip in Yeosu. – Sure. / – ♪ The Yeosu night sea ♪ – ♪ Beneath these lights ♪ / – Excuse me… – ♪ There is… ♪ / – Excuse me. – Enough singing and let’s talk. / – Sing on key. Soprano, alto, and mezzo. Enough singing now. – Sorry. / – Yes. Let’s hear from them. The Ongdong Tour got 77 votes. – That’s a lot. / – We can still win. – Really? / – That’s how I feel. What can we expect from Yeosu? Yeosu has great food. Sure, you have to mention that. – Marinated crabs. / – Marinated crabs. – Rock crab. / – Marinated rock crabs. – It’s a wrap. / – There’s even a street. – Yes, one with marinated crabs. / – Right. We went there. Rock crabs are too weak. We already know about that. We also had cockle. Have you heard of cockle? There are a ton in Incheon. But these are different. They’re in season. They’re in season in Incheon too. And Yeosu is known for… – ♪ The Yeosu night sea ♪ / – Enough singing. We forgot. You keep singing that song but did you go to the beach at night? Sure. We left for the trip at night. We started by seeing the sunrise and kept eating, eating and eating! We ate for the entire trip. Yeosu has amazing food. – They’re the best. / – Right. Since the 3 of us left after work, we got excited from the way to take the bus. You guys may be colleagues but it could be a bit awkward with a guy there. Not at all. He’s like a woman. There was nothing awkward. He nags so much. He kept telling us what to prepare during the trip. I thought I was with my mom. Soyeong is known as a pretty comedian. She’s very pretty. – Right. / – I’m transforming into a pretty girl. – Right? / – Yes. What do you do for that? – She’s got a lot done. / – A lot of work. A lot of work? Only my eyes and nose! – That’s everything. / – No! – She even got braces. / – That’s a treatment! Let’s hurry! Let’s watch the Yeosu trip. Oh from Oh Nami! So from Park Soyeong! Sung of Kim Daesung! Come visit Yeosu! Ohsosung! (Going to Yeosu) Let’s go, let’s go. I brought it. This is one of the 10 things I want to eat in Yeosu. This is Museulmok. Look at the nightscape. Daesung must be good at this. (The oldest of the Ohsosung Tour) Munjae! What the… What’s going on? Why are we seeing the sun? What? It’s like the mountains of Alaska. Which place is like the mountains of Alaska? Stop that! I’m drunk now too. – I’m so drunk right now. / – You’re drunk? What is this? What is this? What is this? (Noisy) (A fun trip to Namdo by 3 comedians) Bike riding is so much fun! Today’s Battle Trip is about a trip you leave at night. A night trip. Have you ever left for a trip at night? – It was after work… / – Right after. We took the last plane and slept on the plane. This is great. It was tough for gugudan to prepare a trip, right? Yes. – For a female comedian too. / – It’s for office workers. Comedians are closer to office workers. Right. – You have meetings in the morning. / – Every day. – Come up with ideas… / – After work… We sleep on the way there and enjoy our trip the next morning. When you work with colleagues, they’re like family. Right. – For real. / – You 3 look like a family. We’ll have to cut down on sleep for this trip. So prepare yourselves. – He’s very hardcore. / – Hold on… Are you a drill sergeant today? – Is that your deal now? / – A hardcore trip. – Is this a trip or training? / – A hardcore trip. We need to relax. – We’ll relax and eat good food. / – Right. Travelling is all about food. We’ll eat… Hold on. Where should we go? Do a search. I’ll look it up. – Mokpo. / – Mokpo. – Mokpo sounds good. / – Yeosu. Yeosu. So beautiful at night I hear. – Really? / – Yeah. Look at this. It’s perfect for our topic. – Since it’s a night trip. / – Right. Gosh! What is this? Let me do a screen capture. – What is it? A guy? / – This looks delicious. – A photo of a guy? / – No, it’s food. It’s been recommended. Marinated crabs. Gosh, I’m drooling now. The marinated crabs are delicious. For real. You have to have marinated crabs in Yeosu. Have you been to Yeosu? No. – I want to eat this in Yeosu. / – Have you been? No. I want to go there because I haven’t been there. Let’s make a tight schedule so we can recommend it to people that haven’t been there. ♪ The Yeosu night sea ♪ ♪ Beneath these lights ♪ Busker Busker might sue for defamation. You sang it too many times. (Let’s go to Yeosu!) We’re on Battle Trip. Have you ever been to Yeosu? – Yeosu? / – Yes. – Oh, the night sea at Yeosu. / – Myeonghun. – We’re going to Yeosu. / – Oh, Yeosu. Yes. Have you seen Battle Trip? ♪ The night sea at Yeosu ♪ Everyone sings that song when you mention Yeosu. – We asked a lot. / – Off to a great start. Oh, this is nice. We have 40 hours. – A cable car? / – 40 hours? – We have to save those hours. / – Yes. – Office workers are so busy. / – So short on time. – They have tight schedules. / – Right. So we have to come up with a good plan for them. Right. A 4-hour bus ride. So we arrive and see the sunrise. The sunrise… They have a famous cart bar. A cart bar ran by young men. Enough about the cart bar! Enough! Daesung really prepared a lot. They’re famous for pike eel. Pike eel. Yeosu pike eel is famous. Pike eel. Sounds so good. You can only get this in Yeosu and I hear it’s delicious. We have to eat this. But they’re in season during summer and it’s winter now… They won’t be as plump. You have to go to Gwangyang if you go to Yeosu. – It’s not that far away. / – The food experts. You guys got a lot of expert help. They have freshwater clam soup. That looks amazing. I’m drooling… Marinated crabs… Look at that raw fish salad. I got really hungry just now. – A bit different from the food in Daegu. / – So good. It’s different. (11 p.m. after finishing the “Gag Concert” shoot) I haven’t taken a bus in forever. – A bus? / – Yeah. This is where you get on the Honam Line. ♪ The rainy Honam Line ♪ ♪ The last train ♪ This is our song. – We’re taking the last train. / – Right. We have to get bus tickets. I’ve never taken the bus late at night. Late at night? – Only during the day. / – Walk and talk. – Let’s keep moving. / – Where? Why are you in such a rush? – Slow down. / – This way. – We should relax. / – The Express Bus Terminal… – Used to be really run-down. / – Right. – Now it’s all shiny and new. / – So nice now. Like a department store. Hello, what time do you have a bus to Yeosu? – At 12. / – 12? – Daesung, there’s one at 12. / – The 12 o’clock. – 12. / – 12, midnight. – Is it first class? / – 12 midnight. We left right after our shoot. That’s great. I like the time you’re leaving. So we’ll arrive at around 4. – So it’s 4 hours. / – Yeah. Since it’s the late night bus, you guys can’t talk. What if we talk to everyone there? You’re making him mad. – All of… / – Daesung got really angry then. – I’ll explain it. / – Why are your ears red? Soyeong, don’t do that. Can you ask me first? – Alright. / – Okay. Mandarins! Too expensive. These are big. Really big. We wanted to buy a lot to eat then but Daesung said we had to conserve money. He wouldn’t let us. It’s good to have someone like that. – Right. / – Yes. – They prepare everything. / – Manage everything. Here it is. We go this way. Let’s go. The bus to Yeosu is this way. The bus to Yeosu. Yeosu. – You guys are wearing matching clothes? / – Yes. – Matching jackets. / – At the end. Let’s go so we can introduce a lot of nice places in Yeosu to people. So let’s not joke around too much and be a bit serious. So Daesung doesn’t get angry too often. – Come visit Yeosu! / – The first class bus is nice. – Yes, it is. / – Very spacious. – You all have your feet up. / – Right. Yes. (Very excited before the trip) It’s nice to leave at night… – And take a bus. / – How nice. – For how many hours? / – Yeah. 4 hours. (The lights of Yeosu glow in the distance) (After 4 hours, they arrive at their lodging in Yeosu) (Time of sunrise, 7 a.m.) – Such pretty clouds. / – So pretty. Look. So pretty. Museulmok Beach. The sun isn’t up yet. What time is it there? – It was around 6. / – Past 6. Did you sleep? I had my eyes closed but my soul was awake. I get it. – You do? / – Know what I dreamed about? What? That Daesung was bullying me. – Really? / – What are you saying? – You slept really well then. / – Yeah. That’s a lucky dream then. I had a lucky dream. This Battle Trip shoot will be a total hit and we’re going to win. Wow, this is awesome! Hold on, that light… So pretty. – For real. / – The national anthem should play. So pretty. – Beautiful. / – The sun isn’t up yet? Why are we here to see it if it isn’t up yet? We’re here to see the sun and it hasn’t risen. We should come after it rises. If we wanted to just see the sun, we should’ve came at 2 p.m. We’re here to see the sunrise. In Yeosu, there’s Hyangiram, Yongwolsa, and Museulmok. Those are the 3 great places. – This is Museulmok. / – This is Museulmok? This place is Museulmok. This is one of the 3 great places? – This is Museulmok? / – This is Museulmok! So cute that you’re wearing matching jackets. What does Museulmok mean? Museulmok? “Mu” for nothingness and “seul” for knees. The water only goes up to your knees. – Oh, here? / – Yeah. Rock, paper, scissors. Loser goes in the water. It would be too cold. Right? I give up. The viewers aren’t going to want that. Will it come up from over there? – I think it’ll come up from here. / – Here? Hold on. I think I know. It’s radiant over there. Red is coming up. The sun will rise in around 10 minutes. It looks like it’s about to now. See the glow? It’s yellow. The sun is coming up. I think it would look cool to get a back shot. Isn’t this great? – So quiet. / – Why isn’t there a single person? A lot of people usually come to take photos here. – Really? / – Yeah. Hold on… Maybe because it’s cold. Nobody is here. A lot of office workers will come in March. – It’ll be warmer then. / – Yeah, it will be. This would be a great place for couples too. On a day without anyone like this. A couple could come… – If you went as a couple… / – Sit right here… It would be so nice. – Like this. / – Looking at the sky. – Take the bus at night. / – Honey. The sun should come up soon. – This is so nice. / – What’re you doing? Gosh! You followed us here! Ma’am. We don’t want to stay at your inn. Hey, you brat! I’m your mom! – So that’s how comedians joke around. / – Ridiculous. That’s what we do. – But it’s so funny. / – We can do that for days. – Doing little skits. / – Right, right. Who should we ask? Look, there are so many clouds. It isn’t easy to go see the sunrise. But… It’s pretty to see it from here but you can’t see it if there are more clouds. (They stack stones as they await the sunrise) (Rise, sun) It’s rising. Look. It’s rising now. It’s rising. I can see the head. The sun’s head. The sun’s head… Here it comes! – It’s coming up. / – Daesung. – For real. / – It’s coming up. It’s coming up! Wow! I want to shoot a video clip. Isn’t this so cool? – This is so touching to see. / – Yeah. Here it comes, here it comes. – It’s here, it’s here. / – Here it comes… (The sunrise after a long wait) This is the first time we’ve been this serious on our trip. I should take a photo and keep it on my phone for a year. So what did you wish for? I wished for health for my friends and family… Me too! And for things to go well for them and that I can… It makes you make a wish. – It’s so pretty, isn’t it? / – This is really… You couldn’t pay to see this. Look at the clouds behind. Wow, so pretty. The sun surrounded in clouds. The clouds next to the sun covers their face to make the sun look better. We get to see the sun all the time but waiting to see it from up close… – Makes it look so pretty. / – Yes. I’m sorry, girls. I see you all the time but forgot how precious you are. – Gosh! / – What the… So touching. I almost started crying. – Is this for real? / – Geez! Hear that? Daesung usually isn’t that sweet. Quiet. He suddenly got all sweet. Think of seeing that as a couple. – What a beautiful sight. / – So pretty. Makes you feel nice. I want to take the bus at night to go see. Right? Holding hands with your loved one. (30 hours left in Yeosu and Gwangyang) Let’s go. – Right away! / – Marinated crabs. It’s nice that you can eat breakfast right away. Yes. Ever had marinated crabs for breakfast? No. Never for breakfast, right? They eat marinated crabs in the morning in Yeosu. – For breakfast? / – Right. – A marinated crab meal. / – How much… – For one person? / – $8 here. – That’s $8? / – That was $8. – That was? / – For real. This place is $8? That’s like the cost of a bowl of blood sausage soup. Yeah. I’d like to make an order. 3 marinated crab meals. Please give us a lot. 3 portion the size of 1. – Oops… / – 3 portion the size of 1? – I said not to worry. / – Why? You can get refills. – Here? / – You can get refills? – You can. / – You can get refills here? Yes. All the restaurants in this alley. – Awesome. / – For marinated crabs? Yeah. Thank you. Miss, if we order both soy marinated crabs and spicy marinated crabs, it’s all you can eat? It’s not all you can eat. You can get 3 refills since there are 3 of you. 3 times? – That’s fine, that’s fine. / – That’s still a lot. No need to be too greedy. 3 times is all we can eat. Since there are 3 people… – That’s 3 refills. / – Yes, 3 refills. – Is that braised hairtail? / – Blue crabs. Smells like crab stew. Stop staring at their food. I was so hungry then. We really were hungry. Look at all the side dishes… Gosh! – I bet it’ll be good. / – I’m so hungry? Starving, right? Look at them. They’re all photographing the food. For real. (Looks good…) Stop looking at other people’s food! (They know they shouldn’t) (But they can’t help looking) They have spicy marinated crabs too? – They do. / – They have both. And soy marinated crabs. – I really… / – Should I get marinated crabs today? I want to go to Yeosu just to eat that. (Their marinated crabs finally arrive) This is it. Spicy chilies. That looks amazing. – They give you a lot too. / – They do. – I want to go again. / – Amazing. That looks so good! And those aren’t big crabs. Rock crabs are good too. – They are. / – They taste different. Sejeong, you should wipe off your drool. You’re staring. What’s this? – Wow, that stuff is great. / – Look at the rice. – That’s for free. / – For free. – Really? / – Bean paste stew with 2 crabs in it. Soy marinated shrimp. Look at the marinated crabs. Let’s try some now. Gosh, they’re plump with eggs! – Wow, this is amazing. / – For real. I’m at a loss for words. – This is too much. / – Look at that meat. How does it taste? He has bad teeth and look at him eat. It’s really soft. – Really? / – The meat is… Softer than the marinated crabs we’re used to. Nice and chewy too. Try it. Gosh, look at that! How can there be this much meat? – How did you squeeze it? / – The meat was so soft. It’s sweeter than blue crab. – The rock crab. / – Looks so good. (Yum) This is delicious. What’s going on? I’m so happy. It’s spicy and refreshing. It refreshes you for the morning. That looks so good. It tastes better with rice. Look at the meat. What’s better? The spicy or soy marinated crabs? – I say… / – The spicy. The soy. – I say spicy too. / – So they’re both good. (Any will do) Try some of the broth when it’s a bit spicy. It only has bean paste and crab in there. Bean paste stew with crab in it… – You can see the eggs too. / – For real. It’s so good. The crab bean paste stew. – With some mustard leaf kimchi… / – Mustard leaf! That stuff was the icing on the cake. Can we start the voting right after this part? I think this is the best part. The crowd is loving it. – Mustard leaf kimchi. / – How is that $8? You’ve never tried mustard leaf kimchi? It’s my first time. The saltiness is a bit different from normal kimchi. It has a unique scent. – A bit bitter? / – A bit. Slightly bitter. First-timers could hate that scent. – No, it’s delicious. / – That’s the way, Nami. (Screams) Is this how you eat it? Right, right. You shouldn’t add too much rice. (Mmm) Good? Is this the sea? Go out for a swim then. – We’ll be eating. / – I should. The winter sea… – So pretty. / – Look at this. At this rate, they might get more votes than my Jeonju trip. Yeosu has delicious laver too. Yes. Let me wrap it in laver. Wrap it up… (Crunchy) Give me some marinated crabs. You have to wrap it in the laver. – 2 pieces of chili. / – Let me try this too. Let me try. I won’t take the pincers. (Mmm) (Eye opening taste) (Eye opening taste) You take all the meat out of the crabs… – Right. / – Then mix it in the rice. Then you wrap that in laver. This is also really good with laver. – Right? Told you. / – Yeah. They give you this in Jeju-do when you order… – A pot of seafood soup. / – Right. I peeled this. It’s so pretty. Add some soy sauce. – Now that’s how you eat it. / – For real… – That’s the way. Right. / – It’s so good. This is really good. Really? I’ll peel it for you. – It’s tough to peel. / – It’s not fishy at all. It’s nice and chewy. – Good, right? / – What is this? It melts in your mouth. It’s so good. Put a piece on like sushi. Listen to me. Make it like sushi. It’s kind of like shrimp… – Looks so good. / – And lobster, right? But a bit chewier. (Isn’t that delicious?) (Her eyes roll back every time it’s delicious) Why didn’t you add one? – I didn’t know. / – You didn’t add shrimp. Why isn’t it in my mouth? It went down. Down your throat. It’s gone. – I look so ugly! / – It was so good. It was funny! – No, you look pretty. / – No? How can this be? Have you ever seen me eat this much rice? I already finished mine. What is this dish also called? What’s the nickname? Rice thief. Exactly. This one… – Rice thief. / – Needs to be put in cuffs. I arrest you for grand larceny. It really is a rice thief. It’ll be imprisoned for life in my stomach. It looks really spicy. It is spicy. – Let’s add one more. / – A bit spicy. – But it’s sweet and spicy. / – A bit. How are you so good at squeezing the meat out? Stop showing us this. – Yeah! / – This is torture for me. We squeezed the meat out of 30 crabs. (Mixing) Can you smell that? Smell that? – I want to go to Yeosu now! / – I want to go again. It was so good. Marinated crab bibimbap costs $20 in Seoul. – Right. / – Yeah. It costs around $20. Look at her face. The look of pure satisfaction. She really likes the food. This is so good. It’s the real deal. Yeah. – How is it? / – Super good, right? Really good, right? Let’s make another one, Daesung. (For the hungry sisters) – You don’t need more crab? / – He’s like a mother. – For real. / – A mom. We got more rice to mix in more crab. – That looks so good. / – Keep wrapping it in laver. Are you going to eat crab for the entire first half? – Come on… / – It was so good. It’s all crab the first half. Sir. Can we get a refill please? Right, you need a refill. Don’t you think we’re better at this than Yoo Minsang and Kim Minkyoung? Anyone can just eat a lot like them. They just eat a lot. – They just eat a lot. / – Yeah. – They just eat a lot. / – Since we’re here… We should have some fun in Yeosu. And after we digest, we’ll eat a huge lunch too. It’s not just this place, the places around it give you all this too, right? – Yes, the same. / – Right. – Yeah. / – So filling. – The street. / – Probably different side dishes. Right. How would you rate this place? We’re Ohsosung or 5 stars. 4 stars, 3 stars… Let’s all say it at once on 3. 1, 2, 3. – 5 stars. / – 4 stars. Why? 5 stars… Sir, he says this place gets 4 stars. – We said 5… / – No… – And he said 4. / – No, it’s not like that. It’s a bit spicy for the morning. A bit spicy. – The red one is a bit spicy. / – Right. What I loved was that I felt a bit stuffy inside in the morning but this made me feel refreshed. This savory soup made me so refreshed. That stuff was so good. The bean paste stew looks so good. But… What a great price. Sejeong is already on our side. She is. – No. / – Get it together. The mustard leaf kimchi. I’m so full now. I could drink 5 bottles of soju with that. – You’ll really down it fast. / – The broth… No more crabs so don’t worry. Now there’s not much left. – We do. / – It starts now. – It starts. / – Stuff to see. It’s warm, right? Yes. Isn’t this great? This is nuts. There were a lot of young people too. – And families. / – The sea smells so nice. Can you see in it front of you? (Yi Sunsin Square) I guess this place is really crowded since it’s the town square. – Yeah. / – They’re jumping rope. This is pretty nice. Look at that. See what’s in front of us. So majestic. – This is the turtle ship. / – The turtle ship. Right. So cool. There are a lot of things related to General Yi Sunsin here. General Yi Sunsin started his new post here before the Japanese Invasion. Right. As the Commander of the Left Jeolla. For the first time… What was it? The turtle ship! Right. Yeosu was where the turtle ship was first built! Right. You guys really needed Daesung there. Right, he prepared so much. He was the best guide. This is where it was first built. Really? That’s why there are many historic sites related to him here. There’s the turtle ship here and a video clip of the general… A video clip of the general… – A video clip? / – What do you mean? – The general… / – A video clip… A statue of the general there. It is a video clip too. We’re shooting one of him now. – Like this. / – Yeah. – I just shot a clip. / – We’re shooting one now. General. We’re taking one. Wow, I want to ride bikes by the sea. Sounds great. So romantic. There’s a place where you can rent bikes too. The sea looks beautiful. – Here it is. / – So pretty. Once… One day ticket… Hold on. – There’s a one day ticket. / – This one, right? There’s a place to rent bikes. – For how much? / – Just a $1? – $1. / – Yes. For 2 hours. It worked! Press it once hard. You’ll ride this one. – Push the bike forward to release. / – Move, move. Let’s go. Let’s go ride. Let’s go. Soyeong, you look pretty from the back. – Really? / – Yeah. Watch out. Beep, beep. I haven’t been bike riding in ages. – You barely spent money. / – This is so much fun! – I love biking. / – $1 for 2 hours. – That’s so cheap. / – For just their meal and biking… – They still haven’t broke $10 a person. / – Right. Still haven’t spent as much as you did on snacks. $25 in snacks. We used too much. – Soyeong is good at biking. / – Yeah. I thought she wouldn’t be. Let’s wave hello. Hi! Oops… I’m scared. I let go for nothing. Wow! Cable cars! Cable cars. Aren’t we going to ride that? Let’s go. I hear it’s really pretty to ride at night. – And see the nightscape. / – Yeah. You can park wherever you arrive at. – Anywhere. / – You just park it. – That’s so convenient. / – Aren’t you hungry? I love this place, Daesung. – It’s so nice. / – Gosh, how did you find this place? He’s a romantic guy. This place… – Is so good. / – Even mustard leaf kimchi and rice. Why do you love mustard leaf kimchi so much? It’s so delicious. She’s a mustard leaf kimchi-holic. An addict. She’s a total fan now. But we’re going to eat something else even tastier than mustard leaf kimchi. Cockle hotpot. I know cockle but I wonder about cockle hotpot. This is one of the 10 best things you can eat in Yeosu. This is one of the 10 best things? They’re in season from January to March. Since our client will come around March… That’s perfect. They gave us so much too. Oh, my God! That looks so good. Gosh… If you use cockles for hotpot, that broth will end up so good. It really was the best. And if you add noodles, it’s a wrap. Take a look. – Nami first. / – I’ll try one first. That’s Jeolla-do style. – Wrapped in spinach. / – You wrap it in spinach? The spinach was delicious. The tanginess of the vinegar chili paste, with the sweetness of the spinach and the chewiness of the cockle. But the cockle isn’t too chewy. It’s really good wrapped in spinach. Can you have this any time you go? – No. / – There’s a time period? Yes, only from January to March. – You can have it only then. / – I have to go now then. What should I put in? I want this. – Cockle. / – This is good. Now I know why middle-aged guys like my dad make that sound. Soyeong is like… That’s so good. The cockles are so plump, big and tasty since they’re in season. That was my first time having cockle. – Sweet, right? / – Yes. Gosh, I’m drooling again. There’s spinach too. It’s really good wrapped in spinach. Yeah, the spinach is like the cherry on top. It’s so sweet. The spinach is sweet. – From January to early March? / – Yes. You guys are missing one thing. We’re getting mostly shots of eating but behind them is all sea. Right? – Right. / – Such a nice view. It’s really good wrapped in spinach. Yeah, the spinach is like the cherry on top. There are places in Seoul that have cockle. But the price… – Really expensive. / – Imagine it’s a commercial. You got a commercial deal for cockle. Move! Why are you doing this? – Honey, do something about him. / – Gosh… He keeps wanting to go in my mouth. I said no! Oh, whatever. Why is my mouth so big? She nearly spat it out at us. It was so funny then. You just lost us 3 votes! – Comedians can have fun all week… / – Drooling… Doing little skits like that. – Why is my mouth so big? / – It’s almost gone now. It’s unbelievable. Honestly, I thought they gave us a ton of cockles but they’re almost gone already. Yeah. This last one… – The cockle. / – This cockle. There’s just one left. I’m going to enjoy it differently this time. – How? / – I’m going to… I’ll eat it with mustard leaf kimchi. That looks so good. Just these two without sauce. Just like this. Without any sauce. – Try it. / – Daesung, it’s a commercial. How is it? We need another plate. This one is on me. We’d like another plate. Since Daesung is paying for this… Put one more in. SanE, are you going next week? I want to go so badly. (Nami’s last cockle) I don’t want to put it in my mouth. There it is. This is so freaking good. Right? So good. – Good, right? / – Yeah. It’s not just the main menu here… That’s it! – Now that is the real deal. / – Instant noodles? With that broth… – Instant noodles. / – You added instant noodles? Just adding instant noodles in that broth… – It’s so good. / – It’s so good without any seasoning. We ate the entire thing. I would’ve been so sad if I didn’t have this. This is so good. Daesung. How many stars out of 5 does this place get? It’s so good. Honestly… 5 stars. – Really? / – For real. My personal preference. Daesung finally gave out 5 stars. Yes, this place was so good. – Just my style. / – Wow… Everything is so good. I want all my friends to taste this. I keep thinking that I want everyone to try this. The broth, right? We ate all this soup too. Yeah, we ate it all. Let’s finish up eating and go see the nightscape. – The night sea of Yeosu. / – The night sea. – The night sea of Yeosu. / – So pretty. (22 hours left in Yeosu and Gwangyang) Do we get to see the nightscape now? (A cable car where you can see all of Yeosu) Isn’t the wind there sweet too? – That’s what I remember. / – It is. The south sea is a bit different from other places… Oh, where you ride cable cars. So the cable car goes over the sea? I can see everything from here. You can really see everything. We need to get on now. Right when the sun’s about to set. – Before sunset? / – Right. Let’s get on before that happens. Where’s the sunset? It’ll start once we start going up. – Look. You can see it. / – Oh, not now. Let’s get on now. – I have a fear of heights. / – Let’s go. So I was really worried. Let’s go. – You’re taking the cable car. / – Yes. Finally, the night sea of Yeosu. – Can we see it this time? / – Sure. Thank you. We got the crystal one. You know it’s different, right? The bottom is see-through. The bottom is see-through? – There’s a hole. / – Sure. A real hole? – There’s a hole on the bottom? / – Yes. – You can see through. / – The bottom. It’s not a hole. – You can see. / – It’s made with glass. You’d fall through otherwise. – You can see through the bottom! / – Wow. You can see through the bottom! This is scary. You can see through! Let’s all sit. Look at the bottom. You can see all of Yeosu from there. I want to ride that! Look down, look down. Wow, this is nuts. – You can see right through. / – Gosh. – Right? / – It’s scary. – Wow, look here. / – It’s so pretty. We’re going over the sea. Gosh! There’s no evening glow. It’s 80m above the sea of Yeosu. That’s so scary. That’s the evening glow. – It’s yellow. / – Where? It’s only black. Be quiet. – They’ll add it with CG. / – Alright. The evening glow! Daesung, the evening glow is really red. It’s yellow. – Oh, right. / – It’s the evening glow. It’s so pretty. It’s about to get prettier. We’ll see the evening glow on the way there and on the way back, we’ll see the nightscape. Right. What a great tip. I bet that bridge lights up too. We’re seeing what we saw in the photo for real now? Right. I’ve never ridden one that goes over the sea. It’s the first one in Korea. – It is? / – Sure. – So that’s why it’s more famous. / – Right. Crossing the sea from island to island. Gosh… This is like a scene from TV or a movie. How can it look so pretty? – It’s the evening glow! / – Where? – Look towards the mountains. / – Here it is. It looks so amazing. So pretty. The viewpoints all change depending on when you get on the cable car. We can see everything. It’s so pretty. This is so nice. This is why people need to travel. – I’m playing guitar. / – Soyeong. Can you play? I’m tuning it now. I’ll sing something. – Many people are watching. / – Have a seat. Everyone, Park Soyeong is going to play “Yeosu Night Sea.” Aren’t you excited? A lot of people gathered. I practiced for around 3 weeks. I hope you do a good job. ♪ The Yeosu night sea ♪ Sorry about that. Sorry. Is that it? – Yes, it’s over. / – Sorry. We’re sorry. Pardon our rudeness. (Into it) Daesung, Nami. Come here. This is embarrassing by myself. Show us, Daesung. (That sounded pretty good!) Daesung must know how to play. 1, 2, 3, go. (Slap) Is it a temple block? Is it a temple block? It kind of sounds Buddhist. You’re better than I am. So pretty. When you travel and see the nightscape, they’re moving around busily. But you feel like you’re enjoying yourself. – And it makes you so happy. / – Right. – So this is the night sea of Yeosu. / – Right. It’s so pretty! This really is a hot place. Ta-da. Why only two? – Pick the color you like. / – I want red. – I’ll take purple. / – You can have pink. Gosh, pink! So pretty. Orange Caramel. – You sang the song, Daesung. / – Back in the day. ♪ I’m a small dancing Catallena ♪ We’re sparkling. – We’re on! / – So pretty! We took a lot of photos. Yes, we really did. I was blocking the light, Daesung. Look at the nightscape. It’s not time for photos. Daesung, I feel like I’m abroad. For real. You know that song? (She went a bit far with New York…) Let’s find a song that suits this place. (Automatic) It would be great to come with a loved one. For real. – With a loved one… / – Or with your family. I should come with the one I love. This place is amazing. Let’s all be quiet to see how it feels. I got all excited! What the… When you’re alone with a guy… (So shy) – I fell asleep. / – Geez… It would be nice to come as a couple or with family. Now I know why people sing about the night sea of Yeosu. Such a great place for couples. It’s so pretty. – The night sea of Yeosu is so pretty. / – Right? I want to take a bus there now. Since I’m on the older side, I prefer Korean food. How did you like that breakfast? – The marinated crabs… / – For only $8. I’d have to drink 2.5 bottles of soju with that. Sounds delicious. I remember when I was in Yeosu, you don’t feel like doing anything if you’re by the sea in the afternoon. You feel at peace. Whether you go get raw fish or take a walk… – Just being there… / – Right. – It makes you so happy. / – So relaxing. And peaceful. How was the night sea? Explain it to us. The night sea… Now I know why Busker Busker made that song. If I was able to write songs, I would’ve too. – It’s like that? / – Yes, it was so nice. Soyeong, your guitar skills were disappointing… I practiced for around 3 weeks. I guess I didn’t learn properly. You should’ve brought a temple block. – It’d been lighter. / – And funnier. The pavilion up there was filled with women in their 50s. They played “Yeosu Night Sea” and they enjoyed the night lights. – This is so nice. / – Such a surprise. So thoughtful. Let’s hear a different version of “Yeosu Night Sea.” – Let’s hear from gugudan. / – They can sing it? I want to hear. ♪ The Yeosu night sea ♪ ♪ Beneath these lights ♪ ♪ There is a beautiful story ♪ ♪ I wanted to tell it to you ♪ (Their beautiful voices make you think of Yeosu) ♪ I’m now at the Yeosu night sea ♪ ♪ Yeosu night sea ♪ It’s so sad because we’re at a set in Yeongdeungpo. Right. Anyway, that was a good first half. Can we look forward to the second half? – Sure. / – Yes. For the second half… Cockles… – Again? / – Something better than that. The triple combo. Battle Trip really makes you crave food at night. It’s dangerous. – I’m hungry. / – Ohsosung. The Yeosu and Gwangyang trip… Let’s continue watching. – You went to Gwangyang too? / – Yes. It’s right next to Yeosu. – Let’s go see. / – You have to go. Let’s take a look! Gwangyang has… Gwangyang is all about bulgogi. – Hello! / – We’re here to see the night sea. It really is the night sea. The night sea of Yeosu. – The night sea of Yeosu. / – The famous song… – It’s so nice to walk there. / – A busy trip. (The nightscape reflected on the sea like a rainbow) You just end up singing it. I wish you’d stop singing it. Soyeong, you wanted to come here so badly. – The romantic cart bar! / – The romantic cart bar. Heard of Yeosu’s romantic cart bar? I hear it’s really nice. So many handsome employees. The cart bar there is run by young men. The cart bar street. – Cart bar. / – 3 hot male owners! This is what I’ve been waiting for. Do you know where it is? – Why are there so many? / – I think that’s the one. Where? There are so many people. Too many. (Romantic cart bar) – This is it? / – Yes, the romantic cart bar. All of them… – There are 17 cart bars. / – Oh, like that… (All sorts of seafood dishes) – It’s so fresh. / – This is making me salivate. (Makes him want to drink) This place is in Yeosu old Port Marine Park. What is that? – A lot of young people. / – “Love in the Moonlight.” To make a wish. Grilled mustard leaf kimchi and abalone. Grilled mustard leaf kimchi and abalone. – The handsome owners. / – It’s different. That’s a different place? The mustard leaf kimchi is that famous? – Mustard leaf kimchi. / – Hello. The handsome owner. – This looks so good. / – Hello. The owner is so handsome! I want to go again. I hear there’s a dish with mustard leaf kimchi. The triple combo comes with mustard leaf kimchi. Then what’s the most popular dish besides that? Our okonomiyaki. It’s a Japanese pancake. They sell okonomiyaki everywhere. How is it different? We make it with mustard leaf kimchi. With mustard leaf kimchi? – I love mustard leaf kimchi. / – Great. It’s my favorite. Let’s get the okonomiyaki with mustard leaf kimchi. – And this one… / – Webfoot octopus triple combo. – We’ll take those two. / – Sure. This looks good. What’s really unique about this place is that you can buy stuff from other cart bars and eat it here. – Here? / – Yeah. You order something here and… – Bring something different from elsewhere. / – Right. So you could take a lap here, pick up 6 dishes and eat them in one place. You’ve been turned. – No! / – Don’t. How long is this place open? We open at 5 and we stay open until around 2 to 3 a.m. I already smell something good. That looks great. I’m salivating right now. I’m… Cabbage at the end. Udon noodles. Octopus, pork belly and mustard leaf kimchi make the triple combo. They sure give you a lot of seafood in Yeosu. That goes with soju. Thank you. (Gugudan is losing it from the spicy visuals) So there’s mustard leaf kimchi on top. – Wow. / – Hold on. Let me take a photo. This look so good. It’s like it’s alive. You take a photo of this since the chopsticks say Yeosu romantic cart bar. The night sea of Yeosu. It’s a trend to shoot the food with the chopstick wrapper showing. – For social media? / – Yeah. I want some so badly. Right? When can we eat this? Just one more shot, Daesung. Good, good. There we go. You done? Can we eat now? – I’m done. / – Done? Let’s eat. Let’s try some. I want to make a wrap. (Wrap the octopus in mustard leaf kimchi) That looks good. Even if it’s stir-fried, the seafood is fresh. Right. Not this? (Tries a big piece of pork!) Without the mustard leaf kimchi, it tastes like typical cart bar food. But with the mustard leaf kimchi, it really makes you feel like you’re in Yeosu. – The mustard leaf kimchi. / – Right. Is it like a mother? It covers all the other ingredients. – It’s nice and chewy. / – Good, right? Eating it with the kimchi. I love all that stuff. Mustard leaf kimchi is great. That looks so good. I’m going crazy here. I need… Do you have rice? I bet this would taste so good with rice. That sounds really good. (While they’re into the food) I just can’t anymore. Mister, one bottle of soju please. Yes. – You need to drink there. / – Sure. You have to drink with that. We need soju. (When you miss someone) Take a bite of this and then a look at the sea. – You can do both at once. / – Eating that without soju… Is like getting in the bath with clothes on. Right. For real. ♪ Please pour me some ♪ ♪ Take a shot ♪ Give and take. – Let me make a wrap. / – Let’s all make wraps. – Good. / – Come visit Yeosu… Ohsosung! Eat some food first… Then you take the shot. (They eat their prepared wraps) They had the wraps ready. I opened my mouth just now. That looks so good. This is so good! Hwijae has been defeated. You can’t take it anymore. The bitterness of soju changed to sweetness. This is good. Can we take the leftovers to go? Sure, we’ll wrap it up. Really? This would be so good mixed in rice at home. That sounds great. We were so busy eating that we didn’t notice him making our okonomiyaki. – Yeah. / – For real. He has fast hands. What’s that? – Gosh… / – That’s… What is this? This is mustard leaf kimchi okonomiyaki. There’s mustard leaf kimchi in there. Even bonito flakes… (Takes a big bite) How’s that? What’s going on? – What is it? / – Is it good? The outside is really crispy but the inside is so soft. I want to eat more. What? Honestly, I don’t really like okonomiyaki. – But it’s so soft, right? / – Really? I find it a bit heavy. But this one barely tastes heavy at all. It’s crispy and it’s so good when you bite into the mustard leaf kimchi. – It’s kind of like a kimchi pancake. / – Yeah. – Like a fusion kimchi pancake. / – Right, right. Eating this good stuff makes me think of our colleagues. Minkyoung gave us a lot of great tips. Yeah, Minkyoung wanted to come too. She was licking her lips a lot talking about Yeosu. Right. – Hope she picks up. / – Yeah. Minkyoung! Look at what we’re eating. Minkyoung. We’re on the phone with Kim Minkyoung. Have some of this, Minkyoung. That looks so good. What were you up to? I’ve had my fill to eat and I’m about to sleep. You had your fill to eat? She’s cute. How cute… Being full makes you sleep well. Have some mustard leaf kimchi to cut the oiliness. Yeosu is all about mustard leaf kimchi. – It’s so good. / – Minkyoung. It cut off like that. – It cut off like that. / – What the… It cut off. The video call cut off. It cut off with her face like that. She seems kind of sad. It would’ve been great if our colleagues came. Who else? – There’s Kim Minkyoung. / – And? Jung Taeho. Going to nice places makes you think of your friends. Right. It’s a good thing to love your colleagues. When I won the rookie award… Minkyoung got mad when you won. She didn’t! Nami went to receive an award so she was at KBS. Myself and the other female comedians ate instant noodles as we watched Nami win the rookie award. She said, “I want my colleagues to be successful.” And we were like… But all our colleagues are successful now. We’ve been colleagues for 10 years, right? – Yeah, around that long. / – Already 10 years? I was a rookie at 22 and I’m 31 now. Soyeong is 31… – I spent my 20s with you all. / – Me too. Being here brings up memories when we were young and naive. Yeah. We had idea meetings at Taeho’s house. That fried chicken place. We couldn’t talk about this at a trip overseas. That’s true. – There’s so much to do. / – Right. But being here is so relaxing. We can talk about this. I don’t drink but I think I’d take a few shots there. – For real. / – I’m drunk too. – I’m so drunk now. / – You’re drunk? – I’m drunk. / – Drink in moderation. – How many bottles is that? / – Don’t know. I’m going to drink. Drink some water. This place is so nice. Yes. I was drunk on the mood. A park right in front… – And then the sea. / – It’s so pretty. (The day passes while drunk on the beautiful scenery) I wasn’t tired the next day. You’ve been away from home for 24 hours now? Right. 9 hours left now. Where are we going today? We have to ask you a lot about where to eat. You have to go to Gwangyang if you go to Yeosu. It’s not that far away. – It doesn’t take long. / – Right. – Gwangyang bulgogi? / – I went there and ate… – What? / – Freshwater clam soup. – Right. Clam soup. / – It’s good. – The freshwater clam… / – It’s so good. She suggested clam soup. In the morning… “Buy some clam soup.” In the morning… (Gwangyang is along Seomjingang) (Freshwater clam soup) I know that stuff. It was so good. Gwangyang is just an hour away from Yeosu. What’s this? (Enjoy freshwater clam in many different ways) (A freshwater clam meal from Seomjingang) We need to eat freshwater clam in the morning. You eat clam in the morning? Yeah, you have to have the soup. The freshwater clam comes from Seomjingang which comes down from Jirisan. Look, that’s it. I think we passed that. You saw that, right? That’s Seomjingang. – Really? / – Yes. – Marinated crabs in Yeosu. / – Right. And at Gwangyang… – Right… / – Freshwater clam soup. Right. Freshwater clam soup. The breakfasts are so different. – Here it comes. / – I bet it’ll be so good. – Pumpkin porridge! / – I love pumpkin porridge! Pumpkin porridge. – That all comes with it. / – So generous. – The food keeps coming out. / – So much food. The basic side dishes. – Gosh. / – The table is full. That’s what’s great about Jeolla-do. – The freshwater clam meal. / – A meal. – Just like yesterday… / – $15 a person? – Yes, $15. / – For all that? These aren’t just side dishes. – These are like main dishes. / – Yeah. A Korean course meal in Seoul gives you this much. Right. – But it only costs so little. / – Right. – This is great. / – I love it. – It’s my first time trying clam soup. / – Try it. I thought the clams would be big but they’re small. Really small, right? The clams are really small. It’s your first time trying clam soup? – That was my first time. / – For real. I’ve tried that. Drinkers love it in the morning. The clams are so cute. These clams tastes like meat. They only use clam when making this soup and add chives at the end. I’ve never… No other seasoning? – None. / – Seen a soup with chives like this. They add chives because the clam lack vitamin A. Chives are rich in vitamin A. – So this even considers the vitamins. / – Sure. It’s the perfect combination. They really made it so refreshing with just clam. – It’s so good. / – It’s like… I’m drinking straight from Seomjingang. – Wouldn’t that taste bad? / – Yeah? I went a bit overboard there. Your description there… It was so clear I thought it was Seomjingang. I want to express how clear it is. – It’s like a taste of nature. / – Right. I feel like it’s healthy. What do we try next? – Should we try this? / – Yeah. – Mix it in rice. / – Wrap it in laver? – That was so good / – I want to have it again. – I want to try it again. / – Seasoned clam. – Sweet and tangy. / – Laver is so good in the south. – All these small things are clam. / – Yeah. This is really good. – It tastes like it’s not trying too hard. / – Yeah. It’s not too excessive to eat for breakfast. – That’s how I feel. / – This is so good. – They all give you so much. / – And it’s so cheap. Try some of this and when it gets spicy… You have some soup… (It cures a hangover even if you don’t have one!) I want to try the pancake. – So many clam dishes. / – Let’s try this. I want to try. The pancake looks so… – If you eat pancakes… / – I want pancakes. They’re either crispy or soft. But this is crispy yet soft. Yeah, it’s nicely grilled. And when you chew it… I thought the clam would be tough but they’re soft too. The clam is really soft. You’re like the clam spokes model. It’s really good. It’s good. – There’s so much in there. / – Seasoned clam… And the pancake are so good together. Mixed in the rice. That was the best part! How’s that? – This is good. / – Yeah? This would be good wrapped in laver. Oh! Yeah. Let’s try. This is kind of unique eating it like this. That’s the stuff. That’s what I’m talking about. I just ate 3 different things at once. Right. But it all goes together. – They go well together. / – Yeah. Everything here tastes good together. I want to go there tomorrow. I love Korean food too much. It’s so refreshing. – Right? / – Yeah. I thought that freshwater clams would taste like any normal clams. But they’re so small, so I thought it’d barely have texture. – But they’re so tender. / – Right. What should I buy at the convenience store on the way home? A can of whelk? I’m going to think of this in Seoul. – I want to take some home. / – For real. Want to start a gathering in Yeosu? We’ll come whenever the season changes. So make a group? – Yeah, let’s make one. / – Yeah. I’ll take care of business. Then.. What should I do? You’re in charge of… – I plan on getting new members. / – Fun. – Oh, not us? / – Not us? I’ll get new members. Yeah? You guys don’t stop eating. This is so good. – Their hands are so busy. / – Who should we get? For members… We need another guy. You girls recommend someone. One more guy. I want Minkyoung. That sounds good. Minkyoung really knows how to enjoy food. Right. I think Park Seongkwang would get upset if we left him out. He definitely should come. We should tell Seongkwang. No. Heo Gyeonghwan. I’d like that. Heo Gyeonghwan. Gyeonghwan should come too. We had mustard leaf kimchi at Yeosu but this is my favorite place. – This place gets 5 stars? / – 5 stars. – 5 stars? / – 5 stars for this place? Would you eat pizza your entire life of clam? I choose freshwater clam. You’d better never eat pizza. No, you can get sick of pizza if you keep eating it. But… (She must really like it) (Relaxes the stomach, very effective) That was like treatment. – It really is refreshing. / – Yes. So that’s how good it is. – You digest it right away. / – It’s so good. – You digested it that fast? / – Yeah, right away. You digest this right away. – For my top 3, this place is 1st. / – 1st. Anyone can tell. They’re both empty. Honestly, you could like this more since you ate this just now. – Right. / – No. – Right, right? / – Yeah. No. – You remember the last one. / – Right. No, for me… I can’t forget this clam soup. I’ll never forget it. Seeing her hold her chopsticks… – Means that she means it. / – For real. Freshwater clam. 2nd place is marinated crabs. 3rd is cockles. Oh, the cockles? For cockles… I don’t usually eat raw oysters and raw cucumber. It was tasty but I that oyster smell lingers. The smell of the sea? – Right. / – Right. I also say this is 1st. And 3rd is cockles. Cockles… Me? This is my style. I’ve had this since I was a kid. – Everyone voted clam as 1st. / – Clam was great. Cockles is 3rd? Daesung really loved the cockles. – Right. / – I really loved it. So that’s 2nd and 3rd is the marinated crabs. Because it’s a bit much to eat for breakfast. The fact that crabs lost… Crabs got 3rd? – Nami… / – Yeah? And Soyeong, this is unfortunate to say. Before we go to Seoul… Don’t say it! (That’s enough…) How many hours left? – No, don’t say it! / – 1 hour? – Don’t say it! / – 2 hours? Already? – Time just flew, huh? / – Yeah. Only 3 hours left. You’re not going to eat more food, are you? Gwangyang is right next to Yeosu. It was so good. The flowers are so pretty! Plum blossoms. – There’s plum blossom wine too. / – Right. – Already? / – Yes. – It’s spring now. / – Yes, it’s spring. Yeah, you should walk. You have to see the plum blossoms. Plum blossoms… – So pretty. / – Go to Maehwa Village. So how about we find a place where you can take a pretty photo? (Gwangyang Maehwa Village) Since it’s warm already? – So pretty! / – It’s so warm. – I love plums! / – There were blossom buds… When we went. – These are all plum trees. / – In March… – They’ll all bloom. / – Right. Not yet though. Plum blossom trees. There are around 100,000 trees here. 100,000? This is the mecca of plums. Gwangyang. Gosh, look at that bamboo. Wow… Wow, I’ve never seen so many bamboo trees. Coming with your family would be therapeutic. Yeah. Isn’t it nice here? It’s like someone made it. Wow, this is… Wow, they’re so big. Should I take a photo? Let’s get closer. Here I go. 1, 2, 3. I didn’t know! I just found out now. They just love joking around. There. – What did you take a photo of? / – What is it? It came out really well. He took a weird photo! – The director laughed. / – It came out well. – It looks good. / – You didn’t take one of us. No wonder he didn’t show us the photo. It came out great. Let’s go. – Gosh… / – It came out great. I’ll send it to you. I’ll send it. It looks good. – Right? / – Really? My face looks okay? Is it time for the plum blossoms to bloom? They’ll bloom. They’re blooming now and when our client comes around March they’ll be in full bloom. It’ll be so pretty. That sounds amazing! Isn’t this so pretty? Like a lead in a drama. If all of this blooms… Daesung, catch me if you can! (The two leave Nami and walk away) – Gosh, how sad. / – Hey! Are you two nuts? Hey! Nami has Gyeonghwan. Right. – Daesung, can you take a photo? / – Sure. (Flustered) Dad, I’ll call you back. We thought he was joking. He really called? He did. – I hear he’s abroad. / – Dad… Sir! Have a happy New Year! – It’s me, Soyeong. / – Your dad really called? – It’s really my dad. / – Sir! – Dad! / – I’ll call you back. Oh, you’re close with his family. Dad, we’re in the middle of a shoot. With his colleagues Oh Nami and Park Soyeong. Hello, sir. – I’m Oh Nami. / – Hello, I’m Soyeong. – Oh, Nami! / – Yes! Dad, who would you rather see as a daughter-in-law? Soyeong or Nami? Be honest and pick one of us. I like Nami. Bye, dad. Older people love me. – So his dad likes you. / – I love you, sir! Me too. Looks like he’s been drinking. Day drinking… Wow, what a great view. This is so nice. Look. It’s like the mountains of Alaska. Mountains of Alaska… Mountains of Alaska? Which place is like the mountains of Alaska? It’s all sloped. You’re so expressive. It must be a movie set. – Yeah, it is. / – Oh, here? Director Im Gwontaek’s “Beyond the Years.” That movie… Anyway, Director Im Gwontaek shot a movie here. – Really? / – Yeah. That’s why it’s so pretty. Perfect for a movie. Yeah. Look at that view. Look at the clouds floating. I feel like I’m in the countryside… At my grandma’s house. I want to stay here for a week. For real. It was so nice. It’s so pretty. – You can see two places at once here. / – Right. I’m a bit of a picky eater but everything here tasted amazing. – We had fun this trip too. / – Yeah. – Right? Wasn’t it great? / – Totally. ♪ The 3 of us went to great restaurants ♪ ♪ And saw great sights in Yeosu ♪ (Dancing) Saw… ♪ We saw camellias in Yeosu ♪ ♪ And plum blossoms in Gwangyang ♪ Nice. I learned traditional music. We recommend coming to Gwangyang and Yeosu! Ohsosung! Come visit Yeosu! (Leave now if you need a break from your life) I want to leave now, seriously. I’m ashamed of myself for doubting my team for a moment while watching gugudan’s clip. – We were wrong. / – I told you all. We should’ve trusted you guys. Plum blossoms are the messengers of spring. – They’re the first spring flowers to bloom. / – Right. They weren’t fully in bloom yet. Still a bit cold. When should people go to see them in full bloom? They fully bloom from early to mid-March. Gwangyang is one of the 5 most beautiful places in Korea with plum blossoms and it’s also the warmest place… – Making it the most beautiful. / – They bloom first. There were blossom buds when we were there. Right. I will admit, it did look pretty and I know all that food so I get it. I get it… Sejeong and Nayoung, which of these food do you want to try most? – That’s so hard! / – Just one thing? Look at them react. – Just one thing. / – Be honest. I can’t just pick one. I really can’t choose. – Because… / – It’s so… No, I shouldn’t say this. Like I said, I like to eat so I wanted all that stuff! “Wow, that looks tasty!” Then the next one is like… And the freshwater clam soup at the end… Clam soup… When I was a kid in Busan, old ladies would carry clam baskets… Right, right. – On their heads. / – Right. They’d shout, “Clam soup for sale!” If you’re there early in the morning, the soup is nice and hot. So mothers would bring pots and fill them with the soup they bought. Back then there were a lot of old ladies selling clam soup. But it’s become a bit of a rare food these days. – If you go to Yeosu… / – Then it’d get 100 votes. There’s a soup and rice place. To me, it’s the best soup and rice place on Earth. – On Earth? / – It’s that good? It’s ox head soup. It’s phenomenal. It’s so good that I talked about it on the radio. Then they suddenly got a bunch of customers. Really? The owner came to work and saw a line waiting. So he ran away. – He was scared? / – Yes. “Why is there a line in front of my restaurant?” – That happens often. / – He’s very successful now. It’s so good. Now this is really important. The cost of the trip… The Ongdong Tour used $264 over 3 days. They ate so many snacks. $25 in snacks. – The crane claw. / – Snacks and crane claw. We ate for cheap. The total amount our team used in 3 days at Yeosu and Gwangyang is… How much? $241.20 a person! – $241.20? / – Frugal. If it wasn’t for the snacks and crane claw… If only we didn’t do the crane claw… Not a big difference. They ate a lot. – Way too much. / – We really ate a lot. We really did. – Let’s go. / – Let’s do this. Daesung, go ahead. On travel sites, March is when people search Yeosu the most. – Right now. / – It’s March. It’s March right now, people! Enjoy huge spreads of delicious food in Yeosu and Gwangyang! The romantic night sea of Yeosu and the beautiful plum blossoms of Gwangyang! A night trip perfect for busy office workers! The itinerary by Ohsosung! Come to Yeosu! Ohsosung! Nice. Such energy. – So the Ongdong Tour got 77 votes. / – I’m nervous. Can they get more votes? – It was so nice. / – Ready? Would you go on a trip to Yeosu according to Ohsosung’s itinerary? Please vote! It was so nice. (A night trip to Yeosu and Gwangyang) (What will the judges choose?) Let’s see how many people will pack their bags to go on the Ohsosung Tour. – What did the judges choose? / – Please, please… I can’t look. I have a good feeling. – Gosh… / – Please, please… – The last digit is important. / – I want to see it. No, the last digit doesn’t matter. Will the first digit be 9 or 8? – 9, 9… / – 99? – Come on… / – 99 votes? – 89, 99… / – 79 votes… – 69. / – 89, 89. – 79. / – 7 would be good too. High number. 89. – I can’t look. / – Let’s get 79. 79! – Let’s get 79. / – 79! 7 is still good. – I can’t look. / – Let’s get 79. 79! Too bad! Gosh! – We won. / – This is great. Good enough. That was good. Good one, good one. Let’s hear a few words from Ohsosung. I’m so happy that I could take a trip with my colleagues and end up winning. Next time I go to Yeosu, I want to get Gwangyang bulgogi too. Prepare yourself for an amazing special next week. So look forward to that. The world is a school. Life is a journey. Battle Trip! (Next week) The city that never sleeps. This place is amazing. (Lee Kiwoo and Lee Yikyung, Soyou and Dasom) – It looks so nice. / – For real. It looks amazing! It’s on my bucket list. All that’d last are photos. It looks amazing! The real Rocky! My breath… It’s a lot more faster when sitting. (Battle Trip) (“Beautiful” by GB9, Ha Dongqn)

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