Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.44 : Full Full Tour 2 [ENG/THA/2017.04.16]

(Numerous great tips on trips) (Lee Hwijae, San E) (Kim Sook, Sung Sikyung) Travel is war. Battle Trip! We’ve been running our North America special… – For the past two weeks. / – That’s right. Las Vegas vs. Canada. It’s not over yet. With this episode… – The winner will be decided. / – That’s right. This week continues with the bucket list theme. It was recommended by the BBC in England, right? They said it’s a must-go location before dying. The 7th highest number of tourists that visit Las Vegas is Korea. – Really? / – Is that true? There’s that many? – That’s incredible. / – Coincidentally, Las Vegas… Placed 7th on BBC’s bucket list locations. – It’s ranked 7th? / – 7th. And 77. – What’s 77? / – It received 77 votes here. – Yes, you’re right. / – What’s going on? Is this fate at work? How about the Rocky Mountains? The Rocky Mountains is listed among the world’s top 10 most magnificent travel destinations. As we’ve seen last week, it seems impossible… – Not to be allured. / – Every scene was a portrait. Just like looking through a calendar. The Rocky Mountains and the Alps… – Are must-travel destinations. / – You’re right. Both places are indeed first class travel destinations. The trip isn’t over until we’re done travelling. Please welcome back our trip planners. Come on in. – Please come in. / – Welcome. (Soyou, Dasom of SISTAR) (Lee Yikyung, Lee Kiwoo) So far, Soyou and Dasom’s Las Vegas trip and Lee Yikyung and Lee Kiwoo’s Canada trip have scored 77 and 78 votes respectively. Last week, you showed us so much of what Las Vegas has to offer. Can there possibly be anything left… – To see and do? / – They’ve already done so much. It seems like there won’t be much left to do. – We visited the welcome sign. / – You took photos. We watched the fountain show and the volcano show. – They’re all free. / – We also ate at a buffet. – Yes, the buffet. / – There were that rides. Right, the rides. We drove a supercar, ate hamburgers and took a limousine to a club. – We’ve done a lot. / – That’s almost everything. – But there is more. / – You’ve got more? The other team has skied, observed nature… – And observed nature. / – Viewed nature. And more nature… – They ate venison. / – Ate more venison. – And observed nature. / – They ate venison again. It’s like the national geographic version of Battle Trip. They are gradually becoming more like deer. They are becoming nicer so do not worry. We have some brief comments. We began at the Rocky Mountains and… – Ended at the Rocky Mountains. / – You’re right. Naturally slumbering around the Rocky Mountains… Slumbering around? Wait. What? – You mean naturally sourced? / – Naturally sourced? – That’s what he means. / – You got it wrong. Anyway, we indulged in naturally sourced… – Venison and wild boar meat. / – That’s right. We also skied and snowboarded. We were immersed in nature’s grandeur. Watching them ski through the trees was impressive. – It was like a movie. / – Lee Kiwoo is very talented. I thought that only happened in video games. Do you have some scenic natural sights this time? We visited a place that equals the Rocky Mountains… – In natural beauty. / – The Grand Canyon? It’s one of the most well-known place in the U.S. To be honest, I personally… – Shed tears of inspiration there. / – You cried? Was that your first time? Yes. It was actually a real entry in my bucket list. It is probably a bucket list entry for many other people internationally. I really want to see it too. We did get to observe Las Vegas’ entertainment and nightlife. This time, we’re also heading to the city… – To eat, play… / – Do you play this time? – And drink… / – Nightlife this time? – Of course. / – That’s more like it. We explored Canada’s urban entertainment options. To add, I have also fulfilled something on my bucket list. It was a small wish that I’ve kept since childhood. – I seized the chance. / – It was a small wish? – I’m so curious. / – Really? He fulfilled a wish. In terms of a movie, they’re very different genres. – Right? / – Yes. Wasn’t there only a single point difference between the two teams? – It was 77 to 78. / – This is Battle Trip’s… First time selecting a winner after a four-part series. Your role is very important. We introduce the 100 fair judges in the audience. Welcome! – Let’s first head to Las Vegas. / – Shall we? We will head to Las Vegas today. – Please show us the map. / – Map please. Las Vegas takes an 11-hour flight from Korea. How about today’s destination? Grand Canyon is right next door. It’s right next to Las Vegas. – It’s worth four-part series. / – The Grand Canyon… Is huge, right? – It’s huge. / – It isn’t called Small Canyon. It’s so big that it’s separated into South, West, North, and East Rims. There are unique tours available to each section. – You can choose your course. / – It’s that big? – Where did you go? / – We went to West Rim. West Rim is not part of Grand Canyon National Park. – It is a Native American reserve. / – Really? Yes. From Canyon Village towards Hermit’s Rest down south, the canyon stretches for 13km. There are a total of nine viewpoints. The West Rim is known for having the best sunset in Grand Canyon. People flock to the West Rim to see the sunset. Is it a total of 7 attractions again this time? You had 7 last time. 7 again this time? Of course. We prepared them expecting good luck. Got it. With 7 attractions before and 7 attractions today, they’ve prepared a total of 14. 5 days is long enough for an introduction. It’s quite short. More than a week is required for U.S. – Has long flight time. / – You need at least 10 days… For North America. – Go ahead with the team chant. / – Sure. – Let’s all… / – Head to Las Vegas! Full, full! Let’s go. (Las Vegas is the place to be for a night life) We have arrived at Las Vegas. It is the city that never sleeps. That was great. That was great. X-Scream. I don’t think I can ever ride that. I looked. Oh, I looked. (However, she transforms in the presence of food) On trips, you must eat. It’s all about eating, eating, and eating again. And one, one, one, one, one. (Part 2 of the Full Full Tour in Las Vegas) We’ll first go to the Grand Canyon, then eat crabs, then head to Fremont Street. That’s a packed schedule again. Las Vegas isn’t all about sparkling glamour. Do you know how it came to be called Las Vegas? In Spanish, it means the meadows. – I see. / – There’s one thing I’m dying to do. – What? / – Grand Canyon. Pretty please. First place? BBC put the list together. The West Rim helicopter tour isn’t limited to the flight. They pick you up at the hotel. You first tour the West Rim and have a picnic with sandwiches. This is all included. Planning vacations are the best. Soyou, we’re finally going to fulfill an item in my bucket list. It’s a place you must go before you die. – Grand Canyon. / – That’s right. This was on my bucket list for a very long time. Has it? I tried to go when I came to Las Vegas last year. But the weather was too foggy, so I couldn’t. I resolved to come back and take the tour. – The weather has to agree. / – I’m going with you. I’m so happy and exciting to see such an amazing place with you. – Let’s hurry. / – Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s get on. Full Full Tour, heading to the Grand Canyon… – Let’s go! / – Let’s go. I’m anticipating the helicopter ride the most. – That’s amazing. / – The helicopters look cool. Exciting. I can’t believe I’m here. – We’re riding a helicopter. / – It must be dream-like. – It’s my first helicopter ride. / – Me too. Truthfully, even though I really wanted to visit before, the reason I didn’t… – Because of the helicopter? / – I’m scared of it. You’re okay with a helicopter tour, right? – That’s the thing. / – It’s like riding a plane. No, it’s different. It’s like this. – Maybe I’ll enjoy it. / – That’s true. I just never tried. But I have an uncontrollable fear of heights. I can’t even go on amusement park rides. I can certainly… I’m not sure actually. – I might enjoy it. / – Or you might not. I can’t say because I’ve never been on one before. I’m shaking with excitement. What good fortune. I never imagined that I’d get to do this. (I’m actually depressed) (Excited) The helicopters look great. – Whenever Dasom sees dangerous things… / – Excited. – She can’t help it. / – She loves it. It was on my bucket list. – That’s true. / – I really wanted to go. I seriously wanted to go so bad. (Grand Canyon helicopter tour) (Pickup, lunch, snacks, Canyon tour, gold mine tour) (And other activities are all included in the package) ($500 per person) (Twirling) – Do you want a picture? / – Sure. (Helicopter tour, I’m off to the Grand Canyon today) You go first. (It is Soyou and Dasom’s first helicopter ride) (Heart thumping) I’m so scared. (Tensed) (Relaxed) (She takes a selfie to celebrate the moment) (She may be scared, but she’s always prepared) (Looks like a pilot) (They get ready for departure) I’m so curious to know how it feels. – It’s pretty scary. / – It seems that way. (It’s scary) (The ride is quite shaky) (Surprised) (Soyou holds Dasom’s hand tightly) (Joy, sorrow) (Cringing) (They head to the Grand Canyon in joy and fear) – I can almost feel the excitement. / – Look at Soyou. Soyou’s looking stranger and stranger. (She couldn’t be happier) There are two main courses on the South and West Rims. She doesn’t care about how scared Soyou is. Look at them. (Glancing) – Look at them. / – That’s so funny. She’s so scared but Dasom is explaining. – She can’t even look around. / – That’s real fear. There are two courses, the South and West Rims. The South Rim is known for its sheer scale and magnificence. But it’s a bit difficult to explore in one day. – West Rim is better for day trips. / – It’s like a movie. It’s closer to Las Vegas for a helicopter tour. I thought the Grand Canyon was a single place. – It’s huge. / – I had no idea… There were South Rims and West Rims. (They travel 40 minutes in a helicopter) (This is a view that is exclusive to a helicopter tour) (No way) That was in the “Transformers” movie. It’s recognizable. (Megatron was asleep here) – I remember this scene. / – It’s big. Was this near Las Vegas? We only saw that place in movies, but you actually saw it in person. It’s great. (They pass a variety of different scenery) (The helicopter lands inside the gorge) – Is this okay? / – Yes. This is quite scary. I think I can live now. I like the ground. You just land in the middle? – Now, it’s time for… / – Yes? The picnic. (Meal of dreams) (It was a harrowing journey) (She takes her first step with her heart pounding) This is amazing. – Isn’t it incredible here? / – It’s amazing. We’re at the Grand Canyon. (Thousands of years have chiseled these rocks) – Look at the gorge. / – What a trip. It’s almost a pilgrimage site for travellers. – Don’t all the photos look great? / – Yes. – I took the picture of my life. / – You did? (A magical place carved by the Colorado River) (Wow) It’s so amazing here. (This place is like paradise) – It’s so grand. / – It really is. Oh, I’m dizzy. I’m at the Grand Canyon. Pictures are all that remain. I’m want to take a video too. Mom, I’m at the Grand Canyon. I wanted to send my mom a video. Can you please take a picture for me? – I think it’s necessary here. / – Of course. (Feeling happy) How cute. She like a baby. We were at the center of the Grand Canyon. – It’s a must-see place. / – Check out the sky. I’m at the Grand Canyon. How inspiring. I’m tearing up. What kind of feeling is it to cry in the middle of photos? – While you were posing… / – No, it’s just… – Were you just so happy? / – Yes. There’s one thing I really wanted to do. – What? / – Grand Canyon. It’s on my bucket list. I’ve always seen this place in movies, photos and pictures… It feels so good. That must be nice. It’s easy to cry when the happiness is overwhelming. I’m so glad… That I get to fulfill a bucket list item together with you. I’m so happy. I’m at an emotional loss for words. There… It’d be great seeing your girlfriend cry tears of joy. (He has forgotten what romance is) It’s truly an impressive place. It’s an incredible view. How would it feel to see that before your very eyes? I think I’d cry too. There are no real words to describe it. It feels great to be here. (It’s a happier moment because it’s shared) – Should we drink champagne? / – Sure! You drank champagne there? Yes, it’s all part of the course. – I see. Like that? / – Yes. – Gosh. That’s a must. / – That’s amazing. You’re popping champagne at the Grand Canyon? (Lunch makes this moment even more special) We get to enjoy a picnic here. This is amazing. This really is amazing. (Sharing the incredible view over a nice meal) – Champagne? / – Please. The pilot personally pours you a glass of champagne. – Goodness. / – Just like that. Thanks to him, I feel like I succeeded. But this is really… The fact that I’m eating here is unbelievable. Even if it’s a bit expensive, it’s something to be experienced. – It’s a moment of a lifetime. / – It’s very special. Eating there is unbelievable. The champagne is delicious. Let’s finish the whole bottle. This looks good. Bread! Cheers. – I’m not doing this with a girl. / – Me neither. Now that you mention it, I don’t want to. Let’s do it. At that moment, it didn’t feel like a waste however much it cost. The food is just mediocre, but it seems tastier here. Truthfully, that sandwich isn’t all that good. It’s a kind of bland. But the fact that we were eating there was amazing. Lover? But it’s not the best for friends of the same gender. I’m actually very happy to have come with you though. Sure. I’m content too. But, Soyou… In my 25 years of life, I thought I had visited some very impressive places. I’ve travelled a lot. But this place is phenomenal. It may be because it’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit. – It’s exceeded expectations. / – What’s that? That’s what Dasom does when she’s real happy. It was worth the trouble of getting on that helicopter. Pikachu? – I don’t know why I did that. / – I realize why… People say you must visit here before you die. My heart feels renewed. It’s art. I have to ride the helicopter again. (This blasted phobia) – To Eldorado! / – Eldorado? The tour isn’t over. I think that is excellent. Having a brief break in the middle… Having a meal, then heading off again. – That’s so good. / – Where else would you do that? Exactly. (West Rim to Eldorado Canyon) (Soyou is finally smiling) I’m going to try that when I visit the U.S. Make sure to try. (They head to the wilderness past the canyon) Eldorado. Welcome. – Thank you. / – Thank you. We’re at Eldorado. We’re at Eldorado. Thank you. – Oh, my. / – You’re welcome. What is this? – Desert tour? / – It was famous for its gold mine. They drop you off at some other village. There is a very fun activity waiting there. – ATV. / – I know. It’s a vehicle that bumps along off-road. We can do that. They say that’s the fastest. – That’s also included in the package? / – Yes. It’s part of the package. That’s not bad. – So this is all included? / – Yes, yes. For a one-time payment, you get a full day’s itinerary. – I should save up and go. / – The helicopter tour… – We get to ride ATV too. / – And eat. You get food too. – That’s a full day. / – It’s what the course aims for. You ride that. I’ll take this. This one? The buggy uses pedals… – And the other uses a crank, right? / – Yes. Dasom is excited again. I was happy with this activity too. Dasom has an open-car this time. Is it open? – She’s the only one. / – That’s right. Let’s go. (Soyou also departs behind her) Off we go. – I’m good at this. / – It’s slow. I like this. Dasom is behind you? Yes, Dasom’s on the bike. You need to drive around a place like this. – But personally… / – There’s no end to the expanse. It was a bit scary. There was no other protection. And the road is very rough. You can’t go too fast there. Rather, for me… – Mine was good for speeding. / – Really? (Why is the speed gradually decreasing?) (The high speed has worn her out) (Dasom, remember the other day?) It’s really fast, right? I’m a speed maniac. I’m a speed maniac. (She musters up some energy to speed ahead again) Goodness, so fast. She’s fast. She’s rocketing ahead again. That does look fast. (Speeding into the vast unpopulated wilderness) I want to try driving endlessly like that. It’s very stress-relieving. After driving around like that. I want to try that again. I love it. It’s so much fun but a little tiring. – It seemed tiring. / – Yeah. Yours looked very safe. The handling is quite fun. The bumpiness was entertaining. And you get to enjoy the scenery as you drive. It’s a very different feeling. This doesn’t feel safe. But it’s more adrenaline inducing than the supercar, it’s much more thrilling. Next time I go to Las Vegas, I’m going to stop by again. (Full Full Tour’s next destination) – Wasn’t that fun? / – It was, but I’m tired. Do you know where we are? It’s a ghost town. – A haunted house? / – It’s uninhabited? (The atmosphere is desolate) It reminds me of “The Walking Dead.” – It’s a haunted house? / – It’s a gold mining town… From the American Old West. The gold miners’ houses were preserved. – Really? / – That’s the ghost town. – It’s deserted. / – This is Techatticup Mine. – It’s a tourist attraction? / – “Techatticup” means hungry. The miners were mining for gold. They were killed by Native Americans. Since the dead are buried here, it’s known as a ghost town. That’s Techatticup Mine, which means hungry. (Ghost town) (Not an actual village, but a cemetery…) (Which has been turned like a theme park) When I first saw it, it had a Wild West feel to it. – It turned out to be a ghost town. / – It’s a ghost town. (What will occur at the ghost town?) Cafe, ice cream. – What is it? / – What happened? You scared me. What is it? – I was so absorbed. / – What’s going on? Why? Why? (Soyou suddenly starts to cry) (What happened to her?) There are photos of the Indians. – What is it? / – Why? (Soyou was wandering around by herself) (Something suspicious catches her eye) We have ice cream in the top, popsicles. And soda down here if you guys want to check it out. – Over there? / – Yes, right up here. (Soyou approaches the refrigerator) (He can’t laugh) What is it? – Why did you cry? / – A decapitated snake… Was frozen inside. The lady knew. – They’re real snakes. / – They’re real? – Real snakes? / – They’re real snakes. That really scared me. – You thought it’d be ice cream. / – Is this real? – They’re real. / – Really? Yes, they have no heads. They’re decapitated? – They’re rattlesnakes. / – This is real snake? They’re rattlesnakes. I don’t want to touch it. – Touch it. / – No. They don’t have heads. They’re real snakes. That’s incredible. (You took the bait) This is what eats our snakes at nighttime. – This is a ringtail cat. / – The snakes… She’s a real prankster. It scared me too. Look at her back there. You were really scared. Soyou and I are similar. – Soyou was far back. / – I’m going to cry again. It really scared me. – What a shock. / – You were so far back. Anything else? (Hahaha) She does that to all the visitors. You really won’t be able to enter a haunted house. – I hate them. / – It’s an event. There are things like this because it’s a ghost town. It’s a ghost town. (There’s another reason the ghost town is famous) (Every photo looks like it’s from a photo shoot) (It’s perfect for capturing the vintage Old West feel) – The pictures have a vintage look. / – Yes. Forget being scared. I’m so hungry. – Then… / – Don’t you have something in mind? Let’s hurry up and go. I can’t wait. Let’s go this way. (A diverse day of first experiences ends) – The day is over? / – Yes. (Their third evening in Las Vegas) Where is this? It’s the great restaurant only known by locals. The great restaurant? It’s tough to find good seafood in Las Vegas. I heard there’s a great crab restaurant. – But I never went. / – Really? We love crab. I love it. Then… Let’s eat crab. – Crab. / – Crab is the best. Only the locals know about this hidden gem. Hidden gem for locals? The locals highly recommend this restaurant. I can’t wait. – The servings over there are huge. / – I can’t wait. It’s really delicious. – It looks cool. / – Right. As you can see, it’s very unique. This is the U.S. It has a feel to it. I love places like this. It’s served in plastic. I love eating with my hands. – It’s seasoned inside the plastic? / – Yes. Stuffy restaurants don’t suit me. You should go to India for Battle Trip. India? The best part of trips is eating and eating more. – Eating and eating. / – Eating and eating. Eating again and again. Here it comes. – Hi. / – Hello. How’s it going, guys? – Welcome. / – Thank you I’ll be serving you today. Is it okay if I bib you guys? (Plastics appear at his waist) – He’s going to put it on us? / – Yes. How cute. Do they do that for everyone? Is he overdoing it? – No. / – He wouldn’t do that for us. – They wouldn’t put it on us. / – It’s for everyone. – Hi. / – How are you guys today? Great thanks. I have your order… If you order it really spicy, your mouth goes numb. But Dasom can’t eat spicy food. Awesome. How unique. It’s served in plastic. (Dungeness crab costs $39) I don’t recommend going there for dates. Since you get all messy? You get messy. (It smells good) Cheers. – Cheers. / – Cheers. (Having a drink before eating) (Her excitement grows when she sees good food) Ta-da. It’s big. Look at the steam. Dungeness crab is so delicious. Let’s eat it with a spoon. This, this… I want to dig in. Here, Dasom. (Chomp) (This is it) The spiciness isn’t what Koreans would expect. – It’s spicy. / – It’s fragrantly spicy. Even if the sauce here is famous, Koreans are all about the innards. The liquid inside is amazing. Scoop it up like this. You first. – Put crab meat on top. / – On top. How does it taste? It tastes less fishy than crab in Korea. It’s less fishy and very aromatic. – There’s a lot of meat. / – There’s a lot. – There’s a lot of meat. / – It’s plentiful. (They express themselves like old men) It was so aromatic. (The eating show gets boosted) (She crunches on the hard claw) (Soyou knows how to enjoy food) Was one crab enough for two? No, we ordered shrimp too. It had shrimp and corn… There are a lot of things included. It’s so savory. I hear the corn is delicious. I’m going to try it. There are many menu options you can add to the bag. We also ordered fried sweet potatoes. – Is it good? / – Yes. Isn’t it delicious? It tastes buttery. – It’s also spicy. / – It’s totally my style. Don’t just eat the corn. Roll it in the sauce. Drench it. – With plenty of seasoning. / – They shake. Then eat it. (Big mouthful) I really want to try it. That with beer… People who can’t eat spicy food… You know how it’s sweet after salty… This is spicy and sweet. Eat spicy, then sweet. Then spicy and sweet again. When you get tired of that, eat bland rice. We have to mix in the rice. – There’s rice? / – You can order rice. (Mix the rice in the crab shell) American people don’t know how to eat like this. You mixed it? I didn’t see anyone else doing that. I was the only one. Right, that’s not part of the culture. They mix it in the remaining seasoning. (A big bite) It’s just my style. (Anyone would love the taste) Like this. She’s enjoying it so much. I love crab. It was really delicious. You have to try it if you want spicy food in Las Vegas. (We live to eat) We’re full now. – We’ve only gone to the Main Strip. / – Right. (Main Strip) (Various casinos and hotels line this street) We’re going to visit downtown Las Vegas today. Before the Strip became famous, it used to be the main street in Las Vegas. – It’s called Fremont Street. / – The real downtown. It’s not the same as the Strip. It’s where the casinos used to be. – Right? / – Yes. There are many street shows. There are artists and musicians there. If you really want to deviate, you can go there. There are a lot of crazy people there. Fremont Street? I’ve seen that so many times in the past. (Fremont Street) (The old center of Las Vegas) (About 1km of hotels and casinos) (The street roof is covered in 2 million bulbs) (Explosion of excitement) I know this song. (She’s possessed by a DJ) It’s Michael Jackson. – It’s “Thriller.” / – Anybody know this song? – Me! / – Yes! Come on. Let’s dance tonight. Let’s dance tonight. Let’s dance like those people over there. (People are dancing along freely to the music) Is that a performance group? No, they’re just passers-by. They look like a wedding party. They look like friends of the married couple. (Energetic) Let’s go. (They continue down the hot street) – Can I take a picture with you? / – Okay, sure. – Really? / – Thank you. They were American fans. (While walking down Fremont Street…) (Another attraction can be seen) How are there LED lights on the ceiling? – It’s a light show. / – Great. At designated times, there’s a light show. (Fremont light show) (On every hour for around 10 minutes) (Light show that matches the music) (Made by a Korean company) That surprised me. (People are flying?) – What is that? / – What’s going on? – Who’s that? / – What? – Is it an activity? / – Yes. – I thought it was part of the show. / – No. But you can also go zip lining. You can see the entire street as you go. – We have to do that. It looks fun. / – Right. It’s an activity. (That looks scary) Let’s ride it. – Let’s ride it. / – We’re going on that. Let’s go! Let’s go! It’s really popular. It’s not scary. – No, no. / – It looks refreshing. It’s slightly scary. Heavier people travel faster. I went pretty fast. – You rode it? / – Yes, we did. If Soyou can ride it, so can I. This will be fun. (Soyou is scared again as they go up) It’ll be fine. Oh, my God. Is this it? (People are lying down) I was nervous at the time. There she goes again. There are two courses. You can ride seated or lying down like Superman. (Mental breakdown) Soyou’s expression differs a lot from this and when she’s eating. I looked! I’m afraid of heights and can’t ride roller coasters. Look at her eyes. But I felt confident about the zip line. It’s scary. I hope you overcome your fear of heights here. – Overcoming fear of heights? / – Yes. That’d be the best trip. – Here… / – My disorder will be cured. There can’t be a better trip than this. In order to overcome your fear of heights, go to Las Vegas. (Will Soyou overcome her fear of heights?) (Let’s watch for now) (Her lips grow dry just by watching) (Zoom) (Like the people growing further away) (Soyou starts to lose her mentality) What if it stops in the middle? (She’s worrying about everything) (Discouraged) (Fumbling) They’re like shackles. (She has lost it) (Side-by-side comparison) Have you ever done anything like this before? Do you think I have? – The seated course is shorter. / – It’s so fun. The Superman course feels longer… And more fun too. I’m excited. I’m scared now. I’m scared. It’s okay. It feels weird. It’s coming loose. (Hahaha) (She has finally lost it) That’s what happens. ♪ I’m okay, I’m okay ♪ (Soyou tries to get a grip) What about your shoes? You take them off and put them in a bag. I want to fly with my hands like this. Right? (The door starts to open) Oh, no! I’m scared! Oh, no! I’m scared! How long does it take? – Around 3 minutes. / – It’s faster than you’d expect. 3, 2, 1. Mom! Oh, no! (Complete opposites) Oh, no! Oh, no. – Soyou’s speed is great. / – She’s going fast. Why is she going so fast? – Why’s she faster? / – It’s because I’m heavy. It was scarier for me. I was expecting Dasom’s speed but I was too fast. Why am I so fast? (Open your eyes) Oh, no, oh, no. The point is to see the view. Why are your eyes closed, Soyou? It was much scarier than I thought. I think I could do better if I rode it again though. Goodness. (They surge past the crowd) (Excited) – That looks fun. / – It looks like so much fun. – I saw a little bit at that point. / – Hello. A little. – We’ll go faster because we’re men. / – She saw a little. (It’s the happiest moment for Dasom) – It must really feel like flying. / – Yes. – It feels great. / – Good job. (Soyou is a crybaby) – Goodness. / – You cried again? It stopped suddenly at the end. That really scared me. That was so fun. You cried. Wasn’t it fun? – I didn’t see much. / – Soyou. (Dasom is benefitting the most tonight) We did so many things today. I’m tired. I must be getting old. Good job, Soyou. Let’s have more fun tomorrow. Alright. Let’s go to bed. Las Vegas is fun! It’s so entertaining. We’ve got to mention the Grand Canyon. The view is the best. It’s incredible. You said you thought of your parents, right? As soon as we arrived, we kept talking about our parents. Our parents would’ve loved it. It’s not strenuous. Eldorado Canyon was unusual. How did you find out about it? Eldorado Canyon is great for a day trip. It’s an ideal place to experience nature and lovely weather. I definitely want to spend a day there. Just thinking about it is nice. How long does it take to Fremont Street. – It’s a 20-minute drive by car. / – 20 minutes? Soyou, you were able to ride it. – The zip line across the ceiling. / – The zip line. You should edit out the speed difference. It’s alright. I can’t help being heavier. I weigh more than Dasom. You were scared at first, but you seemed to enjoy it at the end. It was okay at first and scary later. I thought we’d ride together when we took off. But no one was next to me when I looked over. There was no one ahead of me either. – It’s scary being alone. / – So I closed my eyes. I cried at the end because no one came. When I looked back, she was far away. I wondered why I was going so fast. I thought something was wrong, but it was because I weigh more. The ride is one thing but, although I wasn’t able to see much, you’re able to see everything below you. It’s the final segment of the Las Vegas trip. Please enjoy it to the end. Vegas! (Final day in Las Vegas) I’m sad that it’s the last day. – We saw most of Las Vegas. / – We’re like locals. That’s right. This place has become popular just about two years ago. It is known only to some people… – Like Yeonnam in Seoul. / – Really? Las Vegas is full of fancy, huge and magnificent things. But this place is filled with cute things unlike Las Vegas. There is something I prepared for you here. – What is it? / – You’ll get to know soon. – The vibe is bright and different. / – Follow me. – Follow, follow, follow me. / – I follow you. – It’ll suit your sentiment. / – Really? If you go through that wall, it’ll open like in “Harry Potter.” If you go through there, it’ll open as in “Harry Potter.” – Run into the door, Dasom. / – That’s Vegas? – What is that? / – There you go. – Where is the door? / – For real? (She has an innocent soul) Come here. It’s over here. – What? What is it? / – This is… What is it? It’s a cupcake ATM. A cupcake ATM? This is great. I love cupcakes. I know. I don’t like them. I prepared this for you. (Wow) I want to have a red velvet cake. There is a red velvet cake in the menu. – A red velvet cake. / – This one? Push… (Choose and pay with your credit card) It shows the process of making it. Is it how it’s made in there? That’s shown live? Yes, inside… – You can see the entire process. / – Amazing. That’ll be fun. – Was it good? / – It was good.. It was actually good. Take a picture of me, Soyou. This will be a pretty shot. (Soyou seems to be excited) No. Just eat it casually. I took many beautiful pictures of Dasom there. The pictures were great. – I like taking pictures. / – On a trip… It’s great to have a friend like her. All you’re left with is the photos at the end. There’s a limit to selfies. It is like shooting a music video or something. – I don’t like cupcakes. / – Was it really good? It was really delicious. I want to have some more. – It was delicious. / – It’s sweet. Goodness. So sweet. I need some coffee. – Coffee will be perfect with that. / – Right. That will be enough for a day. That will make us happy. You really seem to like it. – Pose like this, Dasom. / – I prefer dessert. Push it forward this way. It was perfect a moment ago. (May I just eat it?) Wait. Stand like this. (So eager to take pictures) (The model is so beautiful) It’s a cupcake ATM. – The pictures are good. / – They are pretty. Since we had a delicious cupcake… Let’s go to burn them. (It’s my style) Burn what? At first, you may wonder why we are doing this. Once Soyou touches the ground, she is very bright. – I was actually curious. / – She’s different. (Her eyes are shaking a lot) I’ve never ridden a Ferris wheel so far… Never in my life. – You’re going on it with me? / – Yes, with you. I’m scared, but I think I’ll be okay if you are with me. You may experience something you’ve never experienced before. – Really? / – Yes. It looks like London Eye. It’s bigger than London Eye. – Is that bigger? / – Can you see that? – It’s bigger. / – There is a Ferris wheel. That’s scary? We’ll take a ride on that. If you do yoga up there… – Can you do yoga up there? / – That’s what I heard. Really? – What? / – Is it different? I did think I want to try it but I’m a little scared. If you do yoga up there… You’re in the air, right? So they say it’s more effective. It’ll be a new experience. But I’m a little worried now. If it turns out to be not fun, I will be sorry. No, I think it’ll be fun. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. This is pretty. It is huge. Look. It’s so beautiful. – It is. / – Indeed. It’s the highest Ferris wheel in the world. It takes 30 minutes. Is it that spacious? Yes, it is. At night, you can drink cocktails there. There is a cocktail bar. We’ll do yoga in the sky. – Hi. / – Hi. – My teacher? / – Yes. – My name is Drake. What’s your name? / – Drake? – I’m Soyou. / – Soyou. – And what’s your name? / – Hi. I’m Dasom. Nice to meet you. Let me give you the headphones. – Is he the yoga instructor? / – Yes. I thought he was a rapper. Let’s go. (Soyou gets excited at the thought of yoga) We’ll do yoga in there. That reminds me of “The Matrix.” I couldn’t be bothered going around. (She is quite good) (She makes high-pitched sounds out of excitement) Can we drink over there? It takes 30 minutes for one lap. – It’s called… / – Can we drink too? It’s called happy half hour. There are cocktails here. They say many people visits for that. It’s more beautiful at night. And alcohol is better at night. (They exude cheerful energy) – I was so excited at that moment. / – Me too. – It’s so roomy. / – It is big. – There is a lot of space in there. / – Yes. It is big. It’s as big as a house. It can hold 40 people in one gondola. – It’s huge. / – It’s not an ordinary Ferris wheel. I feel strange. I’m scared. The weather is gorgeous. It’s a perfect weather for yoga. – It was awesome. / – Gosh. – Did you do yoga in the sky? / – Yes. You don’t have to stay dazed off. In fact… You don’t have anything to do after about two laps. How high do we go? I’m getting scared suddenly. – Are you ready? / – Yes. – Can we start? / – Headphones. This spot is… Wait. So are you supposed… – That’s funny. / – It is unique. If you wear the headphones, you can only hear the music and the instructor’s voice. So it helped me calm down. (Good student, Soyou follows him very well) (But Dasom needs to be corrected right away) You’re taking private lessons. (It’s a yoga class in the sky) Can you choose from several courses? – You choose one of them. / – She looks like sleeping. (Warming up is over, they’ll start real yoga) (This time, they try a high-level posture) Since I was scared, I focused on yoga a lot. Because we went up high in the air. He should help Dasom. This is great. I was not able to do that posture. Soyou is really good. I can’t do this. Wait, this… – Soyou is really good. / – Soyou’s posture is very nice. – How did you do that? / – I was… – Lift your leg. / – I can’t do it. It’s because you’re lifting your leg upright. Because your leg is placed in the back. – Look at Soyou. / – Balance your body. Thanks to the instructor, I get more focused. Actually, I’m a little scared because of the height. – But I feel great now. / – It’s wonderful. You feel weird when you’re sweating up there. Kick back, kick up. Look up Kick back, kick up. Breathe deep. This feels good. This feels good. 3, 2… Change. I think he was thinking I’m heavy. She is a student that needs help. That’ll feel good. (She screams) He lifted her. Why didn’t he lift Soyou? He did lift me too. Maybe he was not able to lift Soyou. – He should’ve lifted Soyou too. / – Because I’m heavy. That must be refreshing. When he massaged my back, it was really good. (The best student is taking an intensive course) Look at Soyou. – She is amazing. / – Knees bent. Exhale. Back down. But it sounds funny to do sky yoga in Las Vegas. I think it’s cool. I would feel sad when it’s over. (They were able to relieve their fatigue) – Gosh. It’s over. / – I want to do more. – 200%. / – Thank you. Let’s go. – It was amazing. / – It was great. – It was awesome. / – It was the best. – It’s the best. / – I feel really great. (They are feeling the best) I was wondering what it would be like to do yoga in Las Vegas. – I like this the best. / – This is the best so far. – Weren’t you scared? / – Really? I feel refreshed and clean. It’s the best. The song that is being played now is fun. It’s a big world. There are so many things. Las Vegas is not only splendid and grand but also is charming and small. We can enjoy a trip around the world here too. – The Eiffel Tower, pyramid… / – Right. In Las Vegas, we can see the world. (A trip around the world) Can we enjoy all the places in Las Vegas? – Yes. / – The little versions of them. (What is the first country they went to?) – Are we in Paris right now? / – Yes. We are in Paris. (There are fake Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower) – We’re in Paris. / – Bon jour. Bon jour, madame. – Thank you very much. / – Champs-Elysees. It’s the Eiffel Tower. – It’s really tall. / – Yeah. (You can see the tower from anywhere in Las Vegas) (It’s Las Vegas’ landmark that shines brightly at night) People will think it’s real if you take a picture of it. – Let’s buy something to drink. / – Shall we? I’m thirsty. – Let’s pretend it’s Paris. / – Yes, let’s. Can we get one frozen pina colada? (Eiffel Tower Smoothie costs $20) It feels different. – What’s that? / – What is that? – Eiffel Tower smoothie. / – Can you take that home? – Yes. / – You don’t have to return them? Yes. Not bad. You get a drink and a souvenir. (Drinking) – Alright. / – Okay. I told you I wanted to use public transportation. If we go two stops from here by bus, we can do a trip around the world. – Really? / – Yes. Let’s get bus tickets. (They take a city bus to tour downtown) We need two tickets. I wanted to take public transportation. It was on my list. Using public transportation overseas. (Look how the ticket is used) Thank you. If you want to sit upstairs, you have to go early. Because there aren’t enough seats. – Upstairs gets full first, right? / – Yeah. (Using Deuce is more convenient due to the distance) The weather’s great. – We’re here! / – We’re in Italy. – Where? / – You went straight to Italy. Italy. – Where in Italy? / – Venice. It’s Venice. You can ride gondolas. It’s a small Venice. The weather was perfect right then. We’re in Venice, the city of water. We should ride a gondola. – Gondola. / – Gondola. I’m scared to ride it. I went on one when I was in Hong Kong. It tilts to one side when you get on it. But I can ride it. If your feet is off the ground… It’s so pretty. – Thank you. / – You’re welcome. It’s cool. It’s nice. That’s automatic. – What is? / – He doesn’t… Row the gondola. It’s automatic. – He’s not rowing. / – He isn’t lip syncing, is he? – No. / – He’s singing live. Las Vegas is so glamorous. It’s a sleepless city of lights, so I didn’t think I could have a quiet time like this. This is so great. It’d be nice to come here with a boyfriend and lean on him. – Like this? / – One thing to watch out for. You get really sleepy. – I want to take a nap here. / – Yes. Can we take a nap? (They enjoy the peace in Las Vegas) It’d be romantic to ride it with your lover. – What’s up, New York! / – It’s the highlight. New York! People only know that part. ♪ New York ♪ (It’s a small New York in Las Vegas) It looks very similar to the Brooklyn Bridge. – Dasom, you like New York. / – Yes. Didn’t you say something about the building? There’s the Statue of Liberty. There’s the Empire State Building you can see in Manhattan. There are a lot of structures you see in New York. There’s an interesting fact. The Twin Towers crashed because of 9/11 attacks. These structures were built before the attack happened. The architect left the Twin Towers out. – Really? / – That’s interesting. – Before the attacks? / – Yes. Before 9/11 attacks. – That’s interesting. / – Today… We had a trip within a trip. The last destination of this world tour is New York. – That’s pretty. / – I want that bottle. That’s nice. Today’s our last day here, so we can’t end our trip here. We need to show the glamorous side of Las Vegas. You went to a club. Is there something else? What will we do? – We’ll eat. / – We’ll eat. – And eat. / – And eat. – Let’s go to eat. / – Okay. We have to eat. You have to eat. You have to gain weight from a trip. Exactly. – She knows how to enjoy a trip. / – Don’t I? You can see a fountain show from the restaurant. We’ll eat while we enjoy the fountain show. (Their last night in Las Vegas) – Is this it? / – It’s a very special spot. We can see the fountain show we waited to see. Why didn’t you tell me sooner? We can see it from here. I didn’t know but… I thought there would only be like 2 or 3 fountain patterns. I saw it from different angles and it looks different all the time. We have to enjoy things to the max until the end. We play to the max. We eat to the max. We’ll have a grand finale here. – Nice. / – I want to start eating. Wow. (Here comes the food) – It was delicious. / – That one. – That was so… / – That’s scallop. – It looks so delicious. / – What should I eat first? – What’s this? / – Look at the fountain show. It was wonderful. I want to have that again. Anything would taste great there. It was really delicious. I’m so excited right now. Scallops. – That was really good. / – They used foam. (Shaking) This is so delicious. It’s so good. (Mmm) It was really delicious. I’ve never had a chewy scallop like this before. It’s so tasty. What kind of sauce is this? (Leave it up to me) (Slurping) – Why did you have to slurp? / – I had to taste it. I think it’s seafood broth. The sauce is mild. The sour taste of grapefruit isn’t strong. – It’s not too much. / – It’s like pudding. I can’t explain it well. It has a perfect balance of taste. – The balance… / – So good. Keeping balance is the most important thing. – That was really delicious. / – It was. I know about meat. – It was good. / – The steak was good. I’m hungry all of a sudden. It’s very thick. You two only concentrate on eating. You don’t even talk. – They’re into eating. / – They just dive in. This one’s crazier. They don’t use sophisticated language. But it’s easy to understand. To make it understandable. It has a smoky taste. It’s a delicious smoky taste. – I love medium rare. / – Medium rare. It’s cooked just right. It’s really tender. And it has the smoky flavor you get… – From charcoal. / – Right. I can tell it’s delicious just by looking at it. It has the best taste… – A meat could have. / – Look how thick the steak is. Everything is delicious. We can easily order these dishes in Korea. But the atmosphere… – Gosh. / – The fountain show. And the fact that we’re in Las Vegas. You’re right. The atmosphere is a big factor. If I were a man, I’d think you looked very lovely. It’d be nice. Why say things that make me feel lonely? – Say you’re okay. / – Okay. What you just said made my heart race. “If I were a man, you would look so lovely to me.” That’s romantic. Well, I’m just glad that I’m here with you. I did one thing that’s on my bucket list. What’s that? Coming to Las Vegas with a friend. (Me too) In order to come to Las Vegas again… You should get married. What did you say? I will come here again after getting married. Many people would go there for a honeymoon. – Right? / – It’s a good place to propose. Proposing in front of the fountain! (“You find happiness on your journey…”) (“Not in your destination” by Andrew Matthews) Las Vegas! How long does a yoga class usually take? About an hour? It takes about an hour. But it was only 30 minutes. You can also get a yoga class for one hour. – It’s up to you. / – I just thought it was very unique. I’ve never seen people do yoga in a Ferris wheel. Right. I sweated a lot doing yoga in there. – It’s hot yoga. / – Because you are up in the air… It makes you focus on your body. It must feel great… Doing yoga when the sun rises or sets. Soyou looked so happy when she went up high. I loved that. I was happy as I was high in the sky. It means you conquered your fear of heights. I wasn’t scared at that time. I want to do this. I want to book the Ferris wheel and have a birthday party. It can accommodates up to 40 people. Isn’t it too small to have a birthday party? You can have a short birthday party for just 30 minutes. You can have some champagne and cake up there. – Happy birthday. / – Thank you. Happy birthday. I will see you next year. Las Vegas has a lot of famous hotels. Hotels in Las Vegas are not that expensive. – It’s a bit expensive on weekends. / – Right. It’s not like $30 or $40? Per day? If you are lucky, you can get a room for $80. Really? That’s very cheap. You can make the best out of it. Speaking of Las Vegas, I’d like to tell you that it is perfect for a food trip. – A food trip? / – There are the best dishes… Of all the countries in Las Vegas. There must be the best Chinese restaurant in Vegas. I just want to say it is a good place… To taste good food. – Then… / – You didn’t watch any shows, right? There are a lot of shows you can enjoy in Las Vegas. I could have watched one, but I didn’t… Because I wanted to watch it the next time… I want to go back there with someone I love later. I still haven’t seen it yet. Let’s vote then. Do you have any last words about your trip? You can appreciate beautiful landscapes at the Grand Canyon and spectacular night views made by humans in Las Vegas. Aren’t you curious about it? You can appreciate the beautiful harmony of nature and human there. It is Las Vegas. Come and have fun in Las Vegas. I want to go there. – Welcome to Las Vegas. / – Vote fairly. If you want to go on a trip to Las Vegas after watching the video of Full Full Tour. Please vote! (It was a bucket list trip to Las Vegas) (What will the judges choose?) We are losing by one vote. How many votes did they get this time? Dasom, how many votes do you think you’ll get? I think we’d get more than 80 votes this time. I agree. 80 votes. – So how many votes exactly? / – I think… If we went below 82, we’d get disappointed. – 83 votes. / – What do you think, Kiwoo? To be honest, I think it was too artificial. – It was artificial? / – The trip was artificial? I mean they were a little passive in this trip. Passive? They had to do too many things during the trip. – He’s being competitive. / – If there were 2 camels… I see. – Alright. / – It’s our third week on this theme. It will show the cumulative score. The number of votes will be added to 77. We will see a three digit number for the first time. It will probably be a three digit number. – It’s more than 100 votes. / – That’s right. What would the final score of Full Full Tour be? It has splendor of Las Vegas and grandeur of the Grand Canyon. How many judges would pack their bags for the Full Full Tour. What did the judges choose? Show us the last digit first. Their current score is 77. – It’s 77 now. / – How many votes? – It’ll go up. / – I want it to be 147 votes. Show us the last digit first. – It’s spinning. / – This is so exciting. – It’s nine! / – That’s high. – Is it 69 or 79? / – The first digit must be 1. It is 159. – The first digit is 1. / – It’s 159. How many votes did they get in this round? They got 82 votes in this round. I got it right. – 82 votes. / – You did. You did it. Pop Pop Tour, will you be okay? 159? I understand why their trip to Las Vegas received 82 votes. It was a very relatable score. – However? / – However. Our trip will be more exciting. – You weren’t passive? / – No, we weren’t. We’ll see. You will feel healed watching us interact with nature. You’d better not force communication. (Next time) This is the real Rocky Mountains! (Wow) (They enjoy speed in a bobsleigh) (Carried away) It feels like I’m on a different planet. It’s delicious. – So exciting. / – This is no joke. I’m so happy right now. (Battle Trip) (“Plz Don’t Be Sad” by Highlight)


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