Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.46 : MC Tour [ENG/THA/2017.04.30]

(Starting from April 16th, 2016) (We’re bringing you numerous great tips on trips) (Battle Trip) (Korea, Prague, London, Canada, Las Vegas) (Singapore, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand) (China, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines) (92 trip planners, 15 countries, 40 cities) (Starting with must-go locations) (Including hidden gems) – When are you going to tell me? / – It’s a secret. (Travelling and food go hand in hand) (Battle Trip is responsible for fueling a travel craze) (A special one year anniversary episode is prepared) (To the most inquired local destination) (Ulleungdo 3rd place, Gangwon-do 2nd place) (And the 1st place is) (Jeju-do with 15% of the votes) (Numerous great tips on trips) (San E, Lee Hwijae) (Sung Sikyung, Kim Sook) (Recording with a portable camera) It’s nice to meet you. We’re excited that you’re here. (A symbol of Battle Trip, a portable camera) Travel is war. Battle Trip! Welcome. It has been exactly a year since we’ve been travelling around with this portable camera. – Already 1 year. / – It’s been a year. That’s why we made sure to dress for the occasion. But doesn’t she look beautiful today? Thank you very much. The year went on by very fast. I’m so thankful for our program. I think I’ve said this many times… But more travel shows appeared after we started. – You’re right. / – It makes me feel good. – We’re the original. / – The producers worked so hard. And I think this was all made possible thanks to the many celebrities who designed our trips. Please continue your generous support. There are still land masses that we haven’t explored. Please continue to enjoy our program. Thank you. (Dear viewers, thank you for supporting Battle Trip) Truthfully, I love travelling. I long to travel. I’ve been able to enjoy vacations vicariously through Battle Trip. Is that you, Hyunmi? Battle Trip is truly… ♪ The night fog fills the air ♪ – She’s the funniest. / – Please stand with us. Support us not only for a year, but for a decade longer. Thank you so much. In celebration, we have prepared many things to thank the viewers. To give you the anniversary special that you want to see, we conducted a thorough survey on travelling. We conducted an online and audience survey from February 1st to March 11th. A total of 2,119 people have responded. We would like to thank you for your efforts. Thank you so much. The research concluded with Jeju-do taking 15%… Of preferences for domestic travel. – Jeju-do. / – That’s great. The air is nice and the wind is refreshing. There are a lot to eat. Therefore today, the theme is… – My Solo Travel. / – That’s right. Each of us went on a trip of our own style. We travelled alone. But we didn’t just embark. After we conducted the survey, the average adult budget for a one-day trip is reported to be around $100 by 39.6% of viewers. Therefore, the total allotted budget is $100. Anything beyond was considered to be personal expenses. Shall we talk about each of our concepts? – Yes. / – Shall I go first? I represent the more youthful viewers of Battle Trip. That’s true. The other three are quite old. Hey, the difference isn’t that big. What are you talking about? – You’re ageing with us. / – What are you talking about? Hey, aren’t you halfway to 70? What are you talking about? My trip has more youthful feel to it with swag. – But… / – Does the hairtail in Jeju-do do this? Maybe he made a necklace out of rock statues there. – You mean with dol hareubang? / – Yes. – Like this? / – Yeah. – Is that what happened? / – And also… You know about VR, right? The goggles that you look around with? I discovered a virtual reality attraction in Jeju-do. It’s a worthy attraction to those who love technology. – There’s a place like that? / – Of course. Do you just gaze around at the dol hareubang? I’m picking on him because it’s a competition today. I just did what I normally do well. It’s what I do best. – Drinking? / – It’s what I want to do most. – Day drinking? / – I can’t day drink on the broadcast. I just discovered classical Jeju-do cuisine. – Have you? / – Yes, I ate. That’s right. There are a lot of good restaurants there. But haven’t a lot of them already been featured? I visited a place that hasn’t ever been on air. Really? The place rejected all previous offers. – Why? / – But after repeated requests… – The owner said yes… / – Is the owner Zhuge Liang? Because her daughter is a fan of mine. So they conceded? The daughter said, “Mom, just allow him to broadcast.” “He eats well.” – So it’s never been broadcasted? / – That’s right. That’s tough to beat. You must go pay a visit. It’s very good. So you just visited a single place in Jeju-do? It wasn’t just a single place. My trip has a concept. I borrowed it from someone who I personally respect. – I think I know who it might be. / – Therefore… – Oh, that person. / – I tried to copy as best as I could. – Get ready to laugh. / – So you went for the classic? – We shall see. / – Yes, properly classic. If he went for originality, I visited the hot and trendy places of now. – Trendy. / – Jeju-do changes quickly. The older places are great. But you have to try the things that are good now. And eating isn’t enough these days. You need to take pictures. – Only pictures remain. / – They’re important. But they can’t be the same as everyone else’s. Places where you can take the photo of your life. I fought my way through each location for that. You’ll be shocked with the places I went to. You shot guns, right? Did you ride horses? Did you shoot while riding a horse? – No. / – He talked about guns a lot. He’s been talking about shooting for a while. I said I’m okay with coming last. I just needed to go my own route. They just agreed and sighed. I believe others like me exist. – Sure, of course. / – I believe it. There are others like me. So did you go shooting or not? I did! – Alright, let’s see how many people…/ – We’ll see. Among the audience wants to go shooting. We’ll be able to confirm it soon. Most importantly, a big prize has been prepared for winner. – Really? / – Is that so? That looks great whatever it is. – This is… / – What is that? They’re badges to all the destinations we’ve been so far. – They’re collected badges. / – I want it. They’re pretty fancy. – You’re right. / – It’s very artistic. – Everyone, there’s more. / – There’s more? We will select one person who watched this on TV and will give out a big prize, so please stay with us. – There’s something important. / – What’s important… We won’t reveal the scores until the end. Once we tally the votes, they will be revealed all at once at the end. – Why? That’s so nerve wrecking. / – That way… – We’ll all die of anticipation. / – It’ll kill us. – It’s like this. / – I’m so nervous. It’s like this. Let’s say San E doesn’t know the score. Whoever goes after him, will be able to see his. Only one person will know? – Only the next person? / – Let’s say we watched yours. – Okay. / – They voted. – But I don’t know it. / – I could say you’re ruined. – It’s going to be fun. / – Today, we have… 100 people in the audience who will judge us fairly. – Nice to meet you. / – Welcome! All of you are pretty and attractive today. I won’t suck up like that. – Who should we start with? / – I’m nervous. I’ve put together a nice calm trip like a certain old program from KBS. – It’s a long-running program. / – But first… Can’t you gift us with a song? I’m helping him out. – Then say, “Let’s go together.” / – But the thing is… This shouldn’t affect your votes at all. How can it not factor in? It will matter. They’re not like that. ♪ Let’s leave, just the two of us… ♪ They’ll have to vote. ♪ Make sure you press that button ♪ – Let us depart. / – Sure. (For the one year anniversary special) (Only seen on Battle Trip) (Jeju-do travel courses) People have to like it. – Right? / – This is too hard. I was really excited but now… Most famous restaurants have already been covered. Should we divide the regions? Don’t overlap. Less than $100. (The hosts have been granted 12 hours) (A total budget of $100) (They travel with their battle cars) (One year anniversary special, trip to Jeju-do with $100) (A harsh wind blows across Jeju-do) (Battle Trip host special) Gosh, it’s cold. The car is… It’s perfect for my size. (It has stunning perspective) (At shoulder height) – It was very windy. / – It was cold. I have prepared something perfect for this weather. It’s necessary for the weather. Will you give me the money now? We all had the same amount, $100. I’ve starved since yesterday night. Let’s go. (He’s hungry enough to eat a plate) If you go the Jeju-do during seasonal sales, you can rent that car for $10 to $12 a day. Sometimes it’s only $9.90. I couldn’t sleep because I was so worried. I want to do a good job of introducing the place and win as well. One thing for certain is… I want to capture the essence of Jeju-do. I want to introduce you to the food that represents this island. At first, I was planning to go to Hallasan. The crew told me to not waste my time and just eat. What is the whole point of travelling anyway? Isn’t it food? – That’s right. / – So today… – I like how Sikyung travels. / – This place has never… Been shown on TV. I’ve found such a place. This concept I’m going for is a beloved TV program that Shin Dongyeob and I love. What is it? Hasn’t everything been decided? – Yes, I’ve decided. / – What is it? I’m just going to eat. I’m going to stuff myself up to my cheekbones. For me, it’s going to be surfing and shooting. I just want something like pizza or rice rolls. There’s a famous rice rolls place. – I… / – You have to rent a car. I’m going for a “Korean Cuisine and Dining” feel. (“Korean Cuisine and Dining?”) That’s so good. His hair style is perfect. – But… / – I love it. You have to look like that too. Do you think you can create the same vibe, Sikyung? – Of course not. / – It’s hard to imitate. I have to carry a planner with me. And dye my hair with bits of grey. Wear a wig or something then. The camera angle has to be right, too. I just kind of stoop down like this. – I have to be quiet with my reactions, too. / – Funny. I’ll just taste something like him. That’s what I’ll be doing. Sung Bulam. Sung Bulam? (This is not a hermitage) That looks fun. – Great concept. / – I’m embarrassed. – How embarrassing. / – Sung Sikyung… I love this concept. That’s a very good concept. I have to give him props. The sea is… How did he manage to get that concept? (Sikyung Cuisine and Dining with Sung Bulam) – He even prepared a planner. / – The sea is nice. There are female divers over there as well. – I tried to impersonate him a bit. / – It’s off. It took an hour and a half to fly to Jeju-do. (This is exactly Bulam’s style) (From flaring hair, bag, to the planner) It’s actually pretty similar. Still it’s… The weather… Is very cold. A long time ago, the island was a place of exile for influential people. It’s far from land. It’s surrounded by the sea. (A tourist suddenly appears) – Hello. / – Hi there. – It’s Sung Sikyung. / – Yes, yes. Hello. – Goodness, hello. / – My goodness. Goodness! What was I saying? Yes, it’s far from land. Because the waters are dangerous, many people perished… On the way to exile. – That wasn’t planned. / – As long as it has been… Separated from the main land, there are many unique cuisines in Jeju-do. The fresh seafood found here is of prime quality. Let us explore. Let’s go get a taste. This is a bit… He really worked hard for this. – The concept is just perfect. / – You’re right. He prepared a lot. – It’s because I love that show. / – Travel is war. Battle Trip! Gosh. It’s cold. I kept ending up walking like that. That’s seriously game over. – What is that? / – That looks good. – Is that fish? / – That is amazing. – Isn’t that mackerel? / – You’ll see. You went to an alcohol museum. Alright, we have arrived. The octopus is hidden there. It’s a rock octopus. I ran into Yoon Jinseo during another broadcast. – She lives in Jeju-do. / – I see. – She recommended this place to me. / – Did she? Yes. – It’s good, right? / – It’s fantastic. It’s fantastic. The first fantastic meal I enjoyed in Jeju-do is the duck and octopus soup. A rock octopus that represents Jeju-do, caught by the female diver. – And local duck. / – Those are such grand ingredients. Octopus and duck go really well together. They even include abalone. It’s plentiful and enticing. This is the small size? That dish is good enough… To provide Hwijae with stamina to have more kids after Seoeon and Seojun. How did you decide to put duck and octopus together? A person I know asked me to try it. After tasting it, it seemed to represent Jeju-do locals well. The octopus is so big. But isn’t this particular octopus tough to chew on? Yes, the suction cups are a bit hard. If you store it in the fridge, it gets a bit tender. It seems tender enough. It’s easy to cut. (Gulp) Enjoy. Gosh. This is great. I’m going to try the broth first. Will you impersonate him now? (Slurping) This is amazing. I wasn’t impersonating, it was that good. (A deep reaction that requires no words) When it’s really good, there’s no talking. Yeah, you start to frown like that. Right? Yeah, you get that wrinkle right there. That’s the expression when something is really good. It’s a taste I’ve never had before. Do duck and octopus really go well together? I kind of regret not having drunk more yesterday. This is the perfect accompaniment to soju. Eating this without soju is like walking into the bath with clothes on. With all your clothes on. It felt kind of strange and awkward eating that without alcohol. Earlier, as you saw, they were alive. You know what this is. I’ll pretend this is soju. Here’s a shot for myself. Let’s work hard this year as well. (There is no better soju pairing than abalone) The abalone disappeared. I’m not imitating Kim Junhyeon here. It’s really so tender. It was alive. It just melts. The specialty of this restaurant is that you eat with this. Like I’ve said, get the duck, some chives… And the octopus. It’s a bit sweet and sour. The dish can be quite rich but with that, you can eat on and on. Did you go to eat as soon as you arrived? As soon as I arrived. He didn’t have dinner the night before. The duck meat and the pickled leaves go really well together. It helps you handle the greasiness. The octopus is also very tender. Have you ever had duck stew at Gwangju? It has a lot of perilla seeds. It’s a bit lighter than that but heavier than seafood stew. But it packs a lot of flavor. It’s sweet because there’s a lot of cabbage in there. It’s amazing. It’s very tasty. It’s health food. You don’t use just water for the broth do you? – We just use water. / – Really? – I see. / – As I explained briefly earlier… All the ingredients just permeates flavor into the broth. – You seem like a great liar. / – I’m not lying. Adding some red pepper seasoning makes it better. I cook too, right? They definitely used a flavored broth. (That is not when he first started to doubt) I’m a regular at a restaurant in Seoul. My father used to eat there. The bean paste stew is always amazing. But it seemed like they used seafood stock, whether it be anchovy broth or herring broth. So I asked the owner since I’m close to her. I asked, “How do you make the broth?” She said, “Of course we just use water.” But there was a huge pile of herring near the entrance. – I saw the pile there. / – It was a meat place. I suddenly felt betrayed. Oh, that owner… – He refused to say, right? / – Yeah. – It’s a secret. / – Can I have a bowl of rice? This won’t do. – For broth like this… / – You have to mix some rice in. There you go. Just like that. – It’s very flavorful. / – But you spent $36… Already at that restaurant? But as you can see, it’s large enough to feed three people. (This is the best) You have to mix in the rice. (Now that the broth has united with rice, it’s inspiring) – It can feed about 3 people? / – Maybe even 4. If you think of it as alcohol accompaniment… It’s a perfect combination. It’ll be perfect for about two and a half bottles of soju. Two bottles and a half. (Sikyung’s alcohol) That was a great first dish. It’s time to go. We’ll be off now. We’re in Jeju-do. What song should I play? Good music for driving. When I think of Jeju-do… I think of “The Blue Night of Jeju Island.” I think I sang it in the year 2000-something. I think it’s already been more than a decade. It was a remake then. “The Blue Night of Jeju Island,” originally by Choi Seongwon. This is Gil Eungyeong’s “Beautiful Days.” Please enjoy the next song. (Smirk) (“Beautiful Days” by Gil Eungyeong) I turned on some music acting like a radio DJ. That’s nice. An old popular DJ. It was fun picking songs when I was a DJ. (DJ Sikyung concludes his first destination) (Duck and octopus soup) (What is his second destination?) We’ve arrived at the liquor museum. I didn’t know there was a place like that. I’m so full. So let me tell you where I am. You dressed like that on purpose, right? – Yes. / – I see. It’s like coming to my own habitat. It’s like a playground to me. Jeju-do has an international liquor museum. – Liquor from around the world? / – What? You will be shocked. There was a place like this? It seems new. (It’s a place Sikyung wanted to visit) (International Liquor Museum) I can purchase the ticket like this, right? How much is it? – It’s $5. / – $7. If you use an app, it’s $5.20. – $5.20. / – First off. You get a gift. – What is this? / – It’s a mini soju bottle. Is it real? It’s from Gyeongsangbuk-do. This must be the sentiments of the locals here. It feels great from the start. The liquor is categorized by region. What’s more surprising than the variety, is that all these bottles are unopened. Cognac is expensive. Louis XIII Cognac? – That’s expensive. / – A World Cup commemorative. But I think the slightly elderly crowd will appreciate this. They have all the old famous liquors. – Even the ones that changed their names? / – Yes. It’s fantastic. – Vodka and tequila. / – They’re all unopened. – Non drunken? / – That’s right. – What an amazing person. / – What’s more amazing is… – He doesn’t drink. / – If you don’t drink… It’s like buying a designer bag and not taking it out. Or did you buy spares after drinking one? I just don’t drink. You don’t drink? He needs to be on “Hello Counselor.” – For me… / – That alcohol… And the same goes for Shin Dongyeob… We can’t collect alcohol. We just drink right away. And just… It’s gone not long after. – But if you have this much… / – He doesn’t drink… – At home… / – How did he collect so much? – That’s how he collected them. / – He’s a collector. – Just to collect? / – That’s how he collected it. People who like to drink can’t collect. That’s right. They can’t help but drink it. But he collected all 8,000 bottles alone? So this is balloon flower whiskey. – What is this? / – The old one? It’s even mentioned in Choi Baekho’s music. – It does? / – It mentions balloon whiskey. It used to be Korea’s finest. It was probably one of the first. That’s not really whiskey. I think I’m seeing that for the first time. (♪ Sipping on balloon flower whiskey ♪) That’s right. So this is the famous balloon flower whiskey. This is actually fake. I heard from my father. This isn’t really whiskey. As you can see… It doesn’t even contain a single drop of whiskey. Fake… – It’s bad for you. / – It was before dad went to college. He said he drank two bottles on an empty stomach. He said he still can’t forget the suffering from that. My father is really… Rather than the young people, people who remember these drinks need to come here. They’d say, “I busted my head drinking that once.” “You wouldn’t touch that in this day and age.” They’d say that and have fun. I actually wondered what balloon flower whiskey was in that song. But now I know. Korea has quite a bit of variety, too. Don’t you want to try? It was so difficult to just look at all these bottles. It was very torturous. If you keep drooling like this, something’s wrong with me. Right? I think I need to go drink right away. Jang Mihui. Remember the old liquor advertisement calendars? At the time, only the top celebrities… – Advertised alcohol. / – He collected these, too? Kim Youngran. (Kim Boyeon) (Jung Aeri) (Lee Kyungjin) (Lee Hyochun) Does anyone know her name? – Who is it? / – Who is it? We’ll put her picture up. The director of the museum is very curious. He doesn’t know who she is. If you know her name, please give us a call and inform us for a prize. – The first person to call… / – She’s really pretty. – The director will award you. / – She’s so pretty. We’re looking for this actress’ name. The problem is, there’s another one here. If you know this actress’ name… – I’m not sure. / – Isn’t it Im Hyejin? No… We will make sure that you receive a prize. Finally… There’s a free sample corner. – Oh, there is. / – What can I drink? There are different varieties of rice wine and soju. There’s wine and liqueur as well. Should I try the rice wine first? It contains dekopon extract, so it tastes a bit like a juice. (This hits the spot) What a clean taste. (He’s craving drinks) All of this is included in the discounted admission fee. My stomach is really getting warm. (A special event for our viewers) (One year anniversary special in Jeju-do) In commemoration of Battle Trip’s one year anniversary special, please take Sung Sikyung’s good luck wine. Whoever finds this and uploads a photo on our Facebook page… You’ll get a bottle of wine with my photo on it. What is that? – Sung Sikyung wine. / – They do this with your photo… If you buy it, but it will be hard to find. Let’s do juice and maybe omaegi rice cake… (Mumbling) Yeah, that was the trend. I went to Guam… It was 40%. It was 30-something… This is the place. This is it. I’ll go here. I’m going there. – They do anchovy fries… / – Okay. That’s not fair. When you eat it hot it’s really… That’s how you pronounce anchovy in Jeju-do. Those are anchovies. This is like mackerel soup. That looks delicious. – What’s that? / – It’s fish. – It looks like squid. / – It’s a saurel. Are you only going there to eat? I’m doing “Korean Cuisine and Dining.” Sung Bulam. I need to go here. This place will be good no matter what. I’m on the search for the last meal, which is a gift of nature. The narration is so funny. How will the unfamiliar saurel soup make me feel? Is this the place that gave you a hard time to film? Yes. – That’s never been on TV? / – That’s right. (Turning into Sung Bulam again) Where is the entrance? – Hello. / – Hello! – You’re really tall. / – Hello. I’d like some anchovy fries and a saurel soup. Can I have some of that Hallasan water? Some cool Hallasan water… – You’re starting properly. / – Actually, not a cold one. Jeju-do people say that they drink this soju at room temperature. It tastes better and gets you drunk faster. I really don’t want to drink but… – I have to for the show. / – Not cold? Since it goes well with the food. (He comes up with so many excuses) Isn’t it really strong? Goodness. (His eyes get big) Wow, this is… Is this really only $20? – Did she give you more? / – That’s really for $20. It’s for two and a half people. The anchovies are huge. This is Jeju-do’s version of anchovies. They fry the silver anchovies with a thin layer mixture. It tastes good without doing much since the ingredients are so fresh. Can I have some salt? You need to dip it in soy sauce. – Just a little? / – Don’t eat it if you don’t want to. He’s so cool. He’s playing mind games. He gave me some later. (He dips it in soy sauce as told) (Crunch) They’re really big. Look at that steam. It’s about 20,000 times better than your ordinary fried chicken. (I’m going to eat you all up) Check the steam from my mouth. It’s really good. It’s that big. I chose well because… You can only eat this here in Jeju-do. This is my first time eating this. It doesn’t smell and it’s really fresh. It’s really soft. The taste makes you feel good. I think they fried it using good quality oil. There’s no smell of oil. I need to go there and try it out. You need to eat all of them while they’re hot. That’s a tip. You need to eat it while it’s hot. It starts to smell when it goes cold. This is a type of saurel soup. You can smell the fishiness by just thinking of it. What is this? It tastes really sweet, but there’s no sugar added. – It’s because of the cabbage. / – Yes. – Will it smell fishy? / – Right. (I will try this out) This isn’t stock, they probably used only water. They really only used water. Is this really only made with water, fish and cabbage? Yes. Does it taste strange? Yes, it tastes strange. What? It tastes strange? (The first time on Battle Trip, food is refused?) I’m so happy to be here. I’m really satisfied. That’s not fair. This tastes like… Have you ever had blowfish soup? Blowfish soup hardly smells at all. It tastes exactly like that but with a hint of fishiness. However, blowfish soup isn’t sweet. This is sweet from the cabbage and at the same time has a clean tasting fish broth. You can add garlic and pepper… – To spice it up. / – Look at that clear broth. You get shocked when you have hairtail soup in Jeju-do for the first time. This looks clear compared to that. I cooked hairtail soup in Seoul because it was so good. However, I failed. This place is so good, everyone. This is great. I’ll put some rice in the soup. It’s really unfamiliar putting saurel in soup. This makes me drool. I’m eating too much today. What should I do? (Shall I eat or not?) (The soup looks so appetizing) (Be true to your instincts) People who like alcohol… Sikyung doesn’t talk when he eats really good food. (The forehead wrinkle) (He’s eating the food so fast) The fascinating thing is… Did you really empty it? I didn’t wipe it out, I really ate it all up. I hope you try this in Jeju-do. Choi Bulam, you should try this out too. I’m really satisfied. I feel bad for Hwijae for only eating ramen. This place is really… The last part was the best. There are horses. Ouch. Aren’t they cute? Is that Seongsan Ilchungbong behind? – Yes. / – There’s an old saying. Send the horses to Jeju-do and humans to Seoul. However, I think that should be changed. There’s so much good food in Jeju-do. It’s a waste for only horses to be in Jeju-do. Alright. I recommend that you come and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of Jeju-do and have a great meal here. Thank you. Good boy. That’s so funny. (Sikyung’s Cuisine and Dining, the end) (Sikyung’s costs, $73.20) (1 year worth of know-how from Battle Trip) Acknowledged. When I heard you’d do “Korean Cuisine and Dining” in a eating show concept… I thought you’d show obvious food like sea urchin seaweed soup or meat noodles… Things that are common. – But saurel soup… / – Saurel soup. – And anchovy fries. / – I’ve never heard of them. My goal was to go to that place and clear the entire bowl and put it on my head. – The saurel? / – That’s why I went there. The important point is that I tried this at home in Seoul, but it smelled fishy. You can’t compare it with fresh fish from Jeju-do. In terms of freshness. The owner doesn’t do it if the quality’s bad. They only buy enough saurel they intend to use. I’m glad that we get to know this place thanks to Sikyung. – It keeps making me drool. / – The locals… They’d be upset. – It’s good news for us though. / – That’s right. If you’d like to go by Sikyung’s itinerary , vote for him. Vote, if you would go according to my itinerary to Jeju-do. Will you go or not? Please vote. (He planned a solo trip to Jeju-do) (What will the judges choose?) Is it done? Only I can see Sikyung’s result. I’ll see now. I’ll take a look. Give us a hint with your facial expression. – Facial expressions? / – Yes. Okay. (He is nervous) (Surprised) He’s surprised. What’s the score? Tell us. The score is very accurate. The score’s very simple and clear. It’s what I predicted. I think it’s about 90 votes. It isn’t 90 votes. Everybody… You’re suspicious. You shouldn’t tell us that. You don’t have to go like I did. Go on your own trip to Jeju-do. – You can get some tips from us. / – Sure. So you may vote for us if you like the items of Jeju-do we offered. Now, you’re going to see my trip and it is totally different. Mine will show you totally different scenes. – It’ll be so dynamic. / – But it’s the same Jeju-do. No, it’s not the same Jeju-do. It’ll be different because mine has food and yours doesn’t. There is food on my trip too. I’ll present you excellent food. But I don’t think you know this cuisine because you can’t find it in other areas like Seoul. – Revealing it for the first time? / – I am. Who do you think would like your trip? Maybe tough guys. – Would Sikyung like it? / – No, he wouldn’t. – Would San E like it? / – No. – You won’t get votes. / – Are you saying we’re not men? No. I mean… – You wouldn’t like it. / – I’m hot. Why do you think we’re not tough men? – What’s with your gesture? / – I want to fix your hair. – Why would you? / – These days… Even grade schoolers don’t play like this. – You are childish. / – You are. Since he said I’m not a tough guy. Which camera should I look? This one? – Thank you. / – You look nervous. Lee Hwijae’s wild Jeju-do! Let’s watch. He shot a rifle. Travel is war. Battle Trip! (Hwijae’s wild Jeju-do) (Meet the nature of Jeju-do) It’s a trip to Jeju-do for enthusiasts. (Here goes Hwijae) (It will be full of thrills) – He shot a rifle. / – Why does that make me laugh? (Taking on challenges at the age of 46) – Goodness. / – He’s so athletic. (It’s something you’ve never seen in Jeju-do before) – I must be crazy. / – I was crazy. He seems to be enjoying freedom in a long time. He looks so happy. Ramen. It’s no ordinary ramen. It is really windy on Jeju-do. The purpose of my trip is clear. What will you do in Jeju-do? Will you eat raw fish again? It’s not special at all. But my trip is different. I’m going to… – $100 per person. / – I need a lot of money for my trip. Let’s go on a trip for enthusiasts. I’m sure there are people… – Who would like such a trip. / – He goes down. Some say too many foods are introduced on our show. And I’m sure there are people like me who want to do some activities and eat only one dish that is very delicious at the end. This is a trip for those people. There must be people who have waited so long for this kind of a trip. Bang, bang. Today’s trips are nice. Even if you don’t sleep overnight, Jeju-do is great. Of course. I’ll take care of this area. – I’ll only use this area. / – There is Jungmun there. – There’s so much to do there. / – Take this much. No. There is a place I want to go. What is there? Where do you want to go that much? It’s a shooting range. Let’s let him shoot. There are so many things to see in Jungmun. I decided what to do. – Bang, bang, bang. / – No. I will definitely do the bang. I’ll get there early and do the bang. – Is the shooting range no good? / – No good. – Sikyung prepared a lot. / – Bang, bang, bang. I think there will be many people who would like it. There are only gun shooting ranges in Seoul. But finally in Jeju-do trip, we can experience rifle shooting. There is only one place like this in Korea. The recoil you can feel… On your shoulder and the smell of gunpowder… Stuff like that… Bang, bang. – Is that the only place in Korea? / – Yes, it is. You can’t shoot a rifle anywhere else. – I want to try shooting too. / – I’m finally here. I’m so excited that I keep laughing. Goodness me. (So frivolous) I’m going crazy. Let’s go. It’s near Jungmun. It’ll take only 15 to 20 minutes from there. Can you hear that? (A delighted smile) – He looks really excited. / – Clay or rifle. I’ll head to the rifles. Rifle. I’m so happy. He is so excited. – Listen to the music. / – Rifles are longer ones. – He’s excited for real. / – I see. I think I should show how good I am. – That is a rifle. / – Something that looks like that? – Hello. / – There is only one place for that. What should I choose? Which gives you more recoil? – Both of them does. / – They do? Then, I’ll choose Swiss rifle since I haven’t used it. Is it $35? (You need your ID to shoot a loaded rifle) ($35 for 12 bullets) – Please go over there. / – Okay. – Was it $35? / – Yes. – You spent too much on that. / – $35? – You must show your ID. / – 12 shots? I’m loading the rifle with bullets. (He is amazed just by watching it) I loaded 12 bullets. – It costs $3 per bullet? / – Right. – Are these left? / – No. They are for the next people. – Could you give me extra bullets? / – No extra bullets. There should be no bullets left nor should be short of it. – We need exact numbers./ – I see. You have to report that, hence we write down all the record. – Empty shells are important here. / – I’m sorry. You’ll fire at a target at the distance of 25m. (The target is ready) Put your neck in the right position. Put your cheek against the rifle as close as possible. – Your position is very good. / – Okay. My heart pounds. He wanted to shoot a rifle so bad. Okay. Then you can actually shoot now. – Alright. / – Put on the earplugs, please. Oh, dear. He’s so happy. – I’ll take off the safety now. / – Okay. – You’ll be able to really shoot. / – Alright. Now, you can really shoot. I love that exciting moment. You need to control your breath too. – Look how he recoils. / – It has an impact. (The audience gives him a round of applause) Gosh. Hwijae is good. (10 points) It’s 10 points again. I like the recoil and the smell of gunpowder. I’ve shot an M16 before but it was my first time shooting a Swiss rifle. (Battle Sports, 25m shooting) It’s 10 points again. – Why is he so good? / – He likes it. And he’s really good too. – I love shooting. / – I can see that. (The accumulated score of 70 points) (80 points) Is he shooting 10 points every time? Goodness. (He was not bluffing when he said he was good) (Click, click) – He’s upset. / – Did I shoot them all already? – It ended too quickly. / – Did you use all 12 bullets? Let me put this away. Is it over already? It’s over. (You can see all the bull’s-eyes) Good Job. You’re an excellent shooter. (A big smile) Can you see it well if I lift it like this? Why do you think I like this? This is so fun. Is it over? Then is your trip to Jeju-do over? Did you use all the money? Press the buttons, please. Please add up the scores. Are there many people who can shoot like me? It’s hard to find such people. You did a great job. (Did you hear him?) It’s 114 points. What’s the perfect score? – He could get discharged sooner. / – 120. – If only I studied this hard… / – 114 out of 120. I wish I studied this hard. – You should post it at home. / – I did. Right. You should take it home and post it. I wish I could stay here for about 6 hours. I’ll show this to my wife for sure. Travel is war. Battle Trip! This is a trip to Jeju-do for enthusiasts. You’ll be surprised. Even though I’m wearing a padded coat, I’ll surf. He looks so bright. – So bright after the shooting. / – I’m driving there. I heard it’s hard to get out of the attraction… – Of surfing once you taste it. / – Surfing. So I’ll take on the challenge to learn surfing in this cold weather. Surfing. Wait for me. – Did you know how to surf? / – That was my first time. There are lots of surfers despite the cold. Those that are addicted to surfing even go in December and January. The waves are not bad. There are different highlights to Jeju-do according to seasons. – But Jungmun is the best in winter. / – Jungmun… Don’t be afraid. (It’s a challenge to surf early in March) I’m not cold. I’m not cold. Hello. Do people surf in weather like this? You can enjoy surfing all year around. All year around? – These four women… / – Is this okay? They came from Daegu to learn surfing. You’ll be trained on the water for about 30 minutes. I see. How much does it cost? – It costs $60. / – Yes. $60? He spent all his money. When you ride a surf board, make sure to jump on it so your upper body touches it first. Oar your hands straight. You should do it hand over hand. It’s easy to lose your balance. It tightens your back, right? It is actually a total body workout. You’d get a cramp even in your toes. You should get up immediately. This is an easy part. Right. He should get up just like that. I learned how to surf, but it wasn’t easy. Good. – The ground training is over. / – So cold. It was so cold. I’m cold. It’d be less cold in the water. (He keeps running to maintain his body heat) (He looks sad though) It’s too cold. (He can’t stand the cold anymore) Is it warmer in the water? That’s funny. What do I do? It’s too cold. (It’s okay) Should I go? It’s so windy. – You should get into the water. / – Everyone. You’ll soon see something strange. (I can do this) (Hwijae is an all-round athlete) It feels cold then you get into the water. – It feels warmer later? / – After a few minutes… I can’t believe this. It’s so cold. This episode will be aired in April, but today is March 7th. Today is March 7th. You should reverse the board. – Reverse it? / – Yes. The head should face the land. Get on the surf board from the chest. Jump onto the board. Wait a while until the wave comes. He should wait until the wave comes. It’s coming. Get ready. – There comes a wave. / – It’s coming. – It’s coming. / – Let’s go. – Let’s go! / – It’s scary. – It’s coming. / – It’s coming. – Let’s go! / – It’s scary. He got up immediately? Take off. Get ready. Get up now. – Hwijae is very athletic. / – He looks cool. It’s very hard to get up. (He splashes into the water as soon as he stands up) I knew it. He managed to get up since he’s athletic. This isn’t easy. It’s really fast. (Heading out to the sea again) (He waits until a wave comes) It’s coming. Try it again this time. It’s strong. – Nice. / – Take off. He’s light and nimble. (Hwijae) (He keeps splashing into the water, but he can’t stop) A wave is coming. Get ready. (Stand up!) (He finally manages to take off) (Even though it was a short time) (He’s doing a good job) He’s having fun. It was really fun. Taking the board and going out to sea is fun. (Now, that he got a taste for waves, he can’t stop) People who like to surf watch waves the whole day. – Right. / – Even in Seoul. If the weather is good, they just leave. – There’s an app. / – It’s really hard. (Tries again) (This is his first day, but he has good posture) – Right now. / – It wasn’t easy though. It’s really hard. (The waves continue pounding the shores) – Are you cold now? / – No, I’m okay. I felt okay. (He forgot the cold) Hwijae is the only one who manages to stand up. He’s very athletic. This is the last time. (He tries it again for the last time) You look like you’ve aged. I am old. (Stable take-off) Nice. Nice! (He surfed for 3 seconds) (Hwijae is like a sportsman) The audience keeps clapping for Hwijae. (The second course, surfing is over) That was cool. You should learn to surf. I will. I see why people do this. I see why people like to surf. It’s so fun. (Staggering) A big two thumbs up for surfing. Can you have my face blurred? – My face was frozen. / – That’s so fun. After surfing, you should eat duck soup with octopus. It’s perfect. It’s an invigorating dish. I’ll go see dolphins living around Jeju-do. It’s not that they are in an aquarium or something. I’ll see dolphins in the sea. I heard it’s also good for the local fishermen. (Moseul Port in Seogwipo) I’ve never seen real dolphins… Swimming in the sea. Are there dolphins around Jeju-do? I saw dolphins while shooting “2 Days and 1 Night.” I tried hard to find them. – He’s right. / – There it is. I got the jacket from Jang Miran. – What? / – Is that a dolphin? No. That was in the KBS helicopter. – That’s amazing. / – Look at that. – They’re dolphins. / – They are dolphins. – Amazing. / – Sikyung, you saw that in the flesh? – Yes, I was in the helicopter. / – That’s unbelievable. Which boat? Is Hwijae going to see a pod of dolphins? Yes. We take this boat a lot to go see dolphins. – Is it $30? / – Yes. – How much was the surfing lesson? / – $60. – It was $60. / – The lesson fee was $60. – What about this? / – It’s $30. $30. – You have only $10 left. / – Yes. Can we watch dolphins closely? Even without calling them? – If you are lucky, you’ll see them. / – I see. We should keep a distance of 50m, but sometimes dolphins approach us. I see. (Heading out to the rough sea) (Excited) (He enjoys the thrill) (Screaming) Is it an ugly special today? I can see dolphins and get splashed with water at the same time. And it’s very windy. I can’t believe this. You’ll be so happy once you see the dolphins. You’re right. It’ll feel weird. This is no joke. It’s no joke. (I’m Jack Sparrow) I think it’s been 7 minutes. This is fun but… It’s too cold. – He looks like a different person. / – Who is that? So cold. (It looks like a documentary about nature) It’s the aged Lee Hwijae. I can’t see anything. The waves are strong today. So it’s not easy to see dolphins jumping up above the sea. The dolphins are not that big, right? They are about 1m to 2m long. The big ones are far out. We can only see baby and mother dolphins. I saw them this morning. Hwijae, don’t you get seasick? I don’t get seasick. (Looking around) I see seagulls. I’m afraid you won’t get many votes if you fail to see dolphins. (Why can’t I see them?) There are only seagulls. Get out of there. I’m here to see dolphins. (Is the dolphin exploration a failure?) I don’t see any dolphins today. What? I don’t see dolphins. We’re supposed to go over there. Unfortunately, we can’t today. – Can this happen? / – Of course. It’s hard to see the dolphins when the waves are so high. That’s up to the dolphins. Will I be refunded the $30? No, you won’t. But I didn’t see any dolphins. We used a lot of gas. (He’s so honest) I was just kidding. The dolphins must’ve fought with seagulls. Get your money’s worth watching the seagulls. He told me to get my money’s worth watching seagulls. You’re too mean. Get my money’s worth watching seagulls? You didn’t pay $30 to see seagulls, right? No, he paid to get hit by the waves. No, it was to lose my hat. How much was your hat? $30. We saw dolphins around 50 minutes prior, at 2:10pm. Dolphins were visible 50 minutes earlier. – Those are dolphins. / – They were there. – That’s the footage we shot. / – We shot it. Oh, my goodness. (Dolphins were captured while filming ocean footage) – They’re so clearly visible. / – How cute. The staff members got to see them while filming. Hwijae was the only one who didn’t. Poor Hwijae. – Bring the twins next time. / – I will. – We’ll come back. / – The tour will be on the house. – Really? / – I promise. – Promise. / – Promise. There are days like this. I saw $30 worth of seagulls. I was hit by $30 worth of waves. Here’s a tip. Though dolphin sightings are likely, it’s not guaranteed. It all comes down to luck. Let’s eat something now. I’m so hungry. – I’m hungry just watching. / – At long last… – I’ll eat. / – At this point… Even seawater will taste good due to hunger. (Putting aside his disappointment, he heads on) It’s the final stop. The color of the ocean is lovely. No one knows about this place yet. A friend from Jeju-do told me about it. I want to return because of this place. $60 for surfing, $30 for dolphins, and shooting was paid personally. – Isn’t it small? / – How pretty. – It’s humble. / – I love places like that. A close friend recommended it. I’m finally eating in Jeju-do. How can you eat ramen in a cafe? (Sea urchin ramen) (The sea urchin broth is full of the sea’s deep taste) It’s not typical ramen. It doesn’t look like a typical ramen place. I like quiet places like this. A place where you can talk about life all night. I’ve been doing shows for 27 years now. But this was amazing. (Jeju-do is great for relieving stress) – I love the smell of gunpowder. / – As for surfing… I’d still be doing it if you hadn’t stopped me. My testosterone is surging. (His vitality is recharged) Is it ready? Here you go. Can I ask you something? What’s this called? It’s sea urchin ramen. – It contains Jeju-do sea urchin. / – Looks delicious. – It’s $10? / – Yes, it is. – It looks good. / – It’s Japanese ramen. That isn’t ramen. It’s health food with clam. Clam broth sounds delicious. The sea urchin is so fresh. That’s why it’s a bit expensive. Sea urchin ramen is $10. It’s full of sea urchin, seafood and bean sprouts. It’s health food. Sikyung, don’t you like sea urchin? Sorry. Enjoy it, Hwijae. Don’t worry about me and eat up. (The long-awaited first meal) It must be delicious. He was in the water, so it must taste great. – Bean sprouts. / – I still remember it. Everyone… It’s not the ramen you know. It’s not the instant noodles with MSG. The broth… (He’s looking forward to the broth more than anything) It’s probably refreshing. Since it’s full of sea urchin, it has a 7-star seafood fragrance. I never expected to taste sea urchin in ramen. There’s so much sea urchin. Do you see the sea urchin? Sea urchin is added to ramen. (Ramen that make men cry) This is so my style. (I used to know how to eat like a man) It was really delicious. We have to make some instant noodles right now. – That’s the problem with our show. / – Right. You’re able to enjoy yourself because you’re travelling alone. Of course. I’m always running around after the kids. But… It’s wonderful travelling alone. While eating… I always have to take care of someone else. – That’s true. / – It’s been years. – Right. / – I love them. I love them, however… There are so many times like that. “Dad, what are you eating?” They keep asking. “Give me a bite.” It’s all over then. I’m enjoying a meal alone. Dads and moms need alone time. I’m going to crave this. I have to come back. (Sea urchin ramen is a reason to return) (His appetite explodes along with his regained vitality) This is the last mouthful. (He’s finished) I think you ate too much. That’s right. I’ve eaten a lot more than usual. There’s a lot. Great. (He’s taking it because it’s good for him) It happens naturally with age. I normally don’t eat greasy food. This is great. The day ended like that. I don’t know who’ll come after me. But I’ll be tough to beat. He aged so much in a day. In one day. You spent an even $100. – That was a jam-packed trip. / – Right. Did any of the men here know that we had rifles like that in Korea? No, right? I told you. – I’m curious. / – I don’t think they care. I’d like to try shooting. Can a beginner do it after the training? Actually, in order to shoot rifles… You just have to be 14 or older. You have to be over 17 for clay shooting due to the recoil. – Does it hurt your shoulders? / – No. – Doesn’t it? / – Your shoulders will be just fine. – Really? / – Absolutely. I’ve shot a gun before. – It’s pretty fun. / – That’s right. Women might be scared at first. But they often get hooked after trying it. Maybe it’s because he used to swim. But I hear it isn’t easy to stand on a surfboard. – Even his paddling was different. / – It’s difficult. If you like water and get into it, you can’t do anything else. I thought it was a summer sport but you can surf all year round in Jeju-do. There are different surfing spots. In winter, it’s Woljeong and Ihotaeu Beach. – In the north? / – That’s right. In summer, it’s Pyoseon and Jungmun Beach. – That’s more south. / – There are different points. You have to check the surfing conditions in advance. Or you might end up wasting a day after getting all geared up. On screen… I think my trip was worth more than $100. We’ll have to vote and see. The audience laughed. That’s strange. – Alright. / – Everyone… You will go on a trip according to my itinerary , right? I believe in you. Please vote! Bang, bang. (Would they go on the solo Jeju-do trip?) (What will the judges choose?) It’s already ready. Excuse me but… – I won’t look. / – Just feel it. – By feel? / – Yes. It’s single digit. Single digit? I’ll take a look. Look carefully at her expression. (She immediately bursts out laughing) Why are you laughing? Why are you laughing? Wow. I only needed a glance. Just a glance. Next week, The one year anniversary special in Jeju-do will continue with the solo travel. – See you next time. / – Hwijae, laugh while you can. (You’ll have good luck if you laugh!) I’m so curious to see the score. It’ll be revealed next week after we see Sook and San E’s Jeju-do trips. See you next week. The world is a school. Life is a journey. Battle Trip! (Next week) Walk on! (Hahaha) This is the place. This is the stuff! That looks really delicious. This is so delicious. (Battle Trip) (“Night Rather Than Day” by EXID)


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