Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.49 : ‘’ Tour [ENG/THA/2017.05.21]

What a sight. It’s so pretty. (Nature Lover Tour) This is the best. (Heaven, cool breeze) It’s so pretty here. It’s so fascinating. (Which team will win?) (Numerous great tips on trips) (Ha Jaesuk, Han Chaea) (Roy Kim, Eddy Kim, Parc Jaejung) (Special host, Sejeong) (Lee Hwijae, Kim Sook) Travel is war. Battle Trip! We’re continuing with the long holiday special. Our trip planners have found hidden destinations. Nature Lover Tour and Eroparc Tour. – Eroparc. / – Eroparc. Sejeong, how was it being a host for a week? – First, I just feel like travelling. / – I know. I also want to try all the food I see. Sadly, food was featured only twice last week. I theorize that food attracts half the votes. – That’s right. / – But we’re about travelling… – Not food. / – Yes, but… – That’s what brings out the charm. / – Is that so? – Yes. / – But as I’ve watched Battle Trip… My cravings kept changing. On some days… – I feel like instant noodles. / – You’re right. Then when they eat crab, I want crab. What would you honestly like to eat now? I’ve always had a soft spot for crab. The crab with the black pepper on top made a strong impression. – Wasn’t that so good? / – I really wanted to try it. I know you want that now, but I’ll ask you again at the end. – Your cravings will change. / – That’s right. – You’re very busy these days. / – That’s right. Where would you travel to if you could? – Me? / – Yes. To be honest, I really enjoy natural sights. I wanted more food on last week’s episode. Then where do you prefer? In terms of food, Japan is my destination of choice. – I see. Japan. / – There is a lot to eat. – At least it’s not Brunei. / – I know. – But honestly… / – It’s not Brunei. – We wanted Brunei. / – Last week… – To be honest. / – It was the same last week… – But travelling is all about who you go with. / – Right. What are you saying all of a sudden? Just trying to make up for what I said a little. – She’s adorable. / – Sejeong loves Japanese cuisine. She’s giving her preference for food. Depending on who you’re travelling with, the experience completely changes. We have conducted a survey on this. Travelling with family… Travelling with friends… Travelling alone… – The rankings are all different. / – They are. Families prefer destinations with the most beautiful scenery. In third place, is Thailand’s Phuket. In second place, is Vietnam’s Danyang. – It’s Danang. / – Yes, Danang. Danyang is in Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea. – I see. Danang. / – Hawaii ranked first. – How about with friends? / – With friends… People preferred places with easy transportations. – Singapore ranked third. / – Singapore is clean. Osaka ranked second. – There’s a lot to eat there. / – Hong Kong came in first. Hong Kong is the place to shop and eat. For the long holiday… A lot of preparation has been made. Many viewers asked for hidden destinations. That is why it’s important for you to focus on the Brunei trip. – You want to go? / – What? – We’re going to Brunei? / – Do you not want to go? Well, rather than that, it was so much fun last week. I think we can replay the episode. – But… / – Sorry. Only we know the results. Sure. It cannot not be replayed. Fine. Of course it can’t be aired again. We have other stuff to show. The most important thing is the tour names. – When you listen to the name… / – Right. You can get an idea of what kind of trip they went on. – It’s important. / – That’s right. – I asked them to come with me. / – Tour name. They’re boys that were called to Brunei. – What? / – Did you really? – Really? / – So what is your name? Our team name is… (Brunei) (Called to Brunei) – We are… / – We are… – E… / – Ro… Parc Tour. Eroparc. Eroparc. Nice. – What should we do? / – It sounds nice. Don’t be embarrassed. – The voting process has changed. / – That’s right. The trip itself will be split into two halves. The voting will take place at the end of each half. You can vote both times. And the voting results… Will be revealed at the end… – Decided. / – After seeing both trips. But the twist is that the hosts can preview the scores of the opposing team. – Hwijae? / – Okay. Please maintain a poker face. Don’t look at the score and make it obvious. It’s easy to tell by the expression. Once again, we have our fair 100 judges in the audience today. Welcome. (100 judges in the audience) Right now, we have received last week’s voting result. Only Sikyung and Sejeong know the exact figures. Is that why your expressions seemed so grim today? – Right. / – Since we received too many votes. As long as you two were happy, it’s fine. Yes, yes. I felt that the audience and I think the same. – How so? / – It’s the score I expected. – We got 90 points? / – Is that so? So they received the highest score? Sure, whatever you say. – It’s very abundant. / – Okay. – Alright. / – Well, let’s see it. Guys, I trust you. – He’s boasted too much. / – I’ve done my part. Please tell us about what makes your trip different. Yes… Brunei has nature and is a kingdom. We spent a day exploring the kingdom. We spent another day visiting the jungle. – A day in the kingdom, a day in the jungle? / – Both. Brunei is an Islamic state. I’ve heard that there are very important points to keep in mind. Of course. Otherwise, you’ll get in trouble. – In Islam… / – You can’t eat pork, right? – Right. Pork is not allowed. / – That’s right. – It’s very hard to find pork. / – You’ll be in trouble. – Alcohol and cigarettes… / – They’re not allowed. – Pork belly is not allowed? / – They’re prohibited. – It’s now allowed. / – Then alcohol… You cannot purchase beer or other alcoholic beverages there. But travellers may take their own. – You can? / – They’re allowed for carry-on. – You’re allowed up to 12 cans. / – How about soju? – Less than 12 cans? / – The number predetermined? You can take up to 2L of whiskey, wine and soju. 2L is allowed. If two people take up to 2L each, then no problem. 2L for 3 days and 2 nights is more than enough. 2L of soju is good enough for me. When he drinks soju… He has beer to wash it down. 2L is actually not enough. You need to pay $50 in tax for a carton of cigarettes. – Oh, gosh. / – Cigarettes requires a tax? – Even if it’s my own? / – Yes, to take it with you. That’s excellent for women who detest alcohol or cigarettes. – Of course. / – It’s better off for them. – It’s a very clean country. / – Also… People who wish to quit smoking and drinking… – Should go there. / – Head to Brunei. Fix your habits there. Those who wish to quit pork also must go to Brunei. Well, enough talking. Let’s see for ourselves. – That’d be best. / – Let’s see. I’m curious to see what their trip to Brunei is like. Let us depart. It’s national holiday season right now. Many people, especially from Korea, go travelling. We want to visit a place that’s relatively unknown. Yet, it has to be somewhere better than most well-known places. – When I travel, I usually… / – Eddy is an urban man. I check whether there’s a franchised coffee shop. I check first. If there’s a franchised coffee shop, then it’s developed enough. – That’s my standard. / – There are people like him. – I like places with good transportation. / – Yes. – But you like nature too. / – I do. Going to a place with lots of nature doesn’t seem bad. When I hear the word nature… – I feel like I have to make my own coffee. / – Yes. – You have to personally pick the cacao beans. / – Yeah. Aren’t cacao beans for chocolate? You have to pick something. – Your travel styles don’t match. / – I know. Our styles didn’t match. – He wanted the city and he wanted nature. / – Yeah. So it was hard to find a place with both. Roy knows what Eddy and I want even if we don’t say so. He will plot out a schedule based on both our preferences for us. – That’s what I’ll do, right? / – Yes. That must be done… Since I called them. Then we can’t… Decide right now so… Let’s do some research and meet again in few days. (A few days later) Didn’t you agree to research? Well, I came because you told me to. Well, Eddy requires a certain franchise cafe. In other words, a bit of urbanity. But I need a certain degree of nature. – Did Roy prepare alone? / – A good compromise… Is a place called Brunei. I’ve never heard of Brunei. There are direct flights. It’s only 5 hours away. – Actually, that’s great. / – It only takes 5 hours? Also, there’s even a 7-star hotel. A 7-star hotel? That would be important in Eddy’s case. That’s attractive. – This is the place? / – It’s incredible. We won. (Adorned with gold, spacious living room) You didn’t sleep in that room, did you? We thought we’d sleep there. How many 7-star hotels exist internationally? – There are two. / – Only two? There are two. Dubai has the other. – That place… / – You have been there? I didn’t get to stay there but… – I did enjoy myself at the resort grounds. / – Like me. – The one in your photo? / – I took photos on that beach. Then, let’s go. I’m content. There is an abundance of jungles. That’s great. Let’s visit the jungle in the daytime… – And return at night. / – Of course we’ll return. We’re not going to return? Are we going to sleep there? – That’s a temple. / – It’s so picturesque. It was an amazing place. It’s at the same latitude, right? It’s similar yet different. It’s a slide! What’s wrong with him? (Immature, Roy) Is he insane? I’m telling you to stop. This is bigger than my house. Just a little bit bigger. – The other way. / – Show off… He’s so cute. (Show off, Eddy) Oh, wow. This is incredible. How do you know so well? (He almost looks like a native) (Despite being the youngest, he isn’t very fit) It was so hard. So hard. This is so fun. (Youngest elder, Parc Jaejung) – There’s a lot. / – Already. If you don’t play, you lose. Rock, paper, scissors. Rock, paper, scissors. That’s a joy you can only experience with friends. (Gosh, we are going on a trip!) This is pretty good. It’s good. You get to try new food on international airlines. That’s right. (From Korea, they travel to Brunei, Asia’s Amazon) – We’re here. / – Brunei! Brunei! Brunei! First, I need to get a SIM card. It’s right in front of us. – They sell them here. / – I need a SIM card. Just one. Just one is fine. The rest of you don’t need a SIM card? – We already applied for roaming. / – We did. Okay. – How much is it? / – It’s about 10 Singapore dollars. That amounts to about $8. Does that mean it’s only $8 for 4 days? That’s only about $2 a day. Why did we apply for roaming? It’s $10 per day. This one’s for 4 days? – Valid for 1 week. / – 1 week? – Yes. / – 1 week? That’s good. Okay. – Thank you so much. Thank you. / – Thank you. There was no point in applying for roaming. What the? How can it be $8 for a week? – Gosh. That’s a must. / – You need a SIM card. In Korea, it’s $10 per day for roaming. – That’s right. / – $10 a day. – But it’s pretty much $5 for a whole week. / – Yeah. – Then… / – The data works well? – That’s a good tip. / – Yeah. How do we get to the hotel? There’s a hotel shuttle that comes to the airport. It’s probably that white vehicle over there. – That one? / – It’s written there. – Let’s get in. / – It feels like an icebox inside. – An icebox? / – Yes, it’s an icebox. – It’s so cool. / – So cool. – Sorry. / – Fuel is cheap here… We have finally arrived. I’ve never been to a 7-star hotel. Well, they should have at least 4 beds, right? – And around 4 bathrooms. / – They seem excited. If they really sleep at this 7-star hotel, it would be the best accommodation on the show so far. That’s right. – Gosh. / – This is amazing. It’s about the size of Eddy’s house. – It was incredible. / – It’s a little bigger than my house. Those are all gold trimmings. – That’s all gold? / – That’s amazing. We have to live in a place like this later. But how is this place $280 a night? Does it make sense? Did we come to the wrong place? For the 3 of us, it was $280 a night. I’m full of expectation. They don’t have a retina scanner? – Gosh. It’s so cold. / – Gosh. – You really slept there? / – Retina scanner? The hotel has so many rooms. It’s not that room, right? Right? – We imagined this would be it. / – Imagine it. (An incredible room that suits a 7-star status) (But they’re actually sleeping in the twin room) The overall design… This is excessive for Battle Trip. It’s really excessive. We’ve never even slept at a 7-star hotel. There must be a separate room. – There must be something more. / – Here is a door. It’s right here. I’ll hit the sack first. – Jaejung. / – You punk. There is an extra bed here in the middle. – Jaejung took the proper bed. / – Jaejung, over here. But really, I’m not lying. My legs stick out. (This is the sad truth of having long legs) I didn’t do much today. I don’t deserve this kind of bed. (♪ We were called to Brunei ♪) (♪ We were all called to Brunei ♪) – We just sang it. / – That’s so funny. It’s already so fun. (2-day schedule in Brunei) Hey, Eddy. Hey, Eddy. (What?) I got up first. Roy, your body is very… (Oh, no) (Oh, my God) This isn’t right. Sejeong, close your eyes. (They run to the pool as soon as they wake up) The hotel is so nice. Wow… (They escape the heat by diving into the pool) Look so fun. That looks so much fun. (He doesn’t know how to swim) How embarrassing. (Gosh, it’s deep) – So embarrassing. / – Who’s that? This is heaven. (Roy and Jaejung are excited like elementary kids) (Eddy is keeping his distance) (Why isn’t he having fun?) – But why is it so empty? / – There were no people. Really? – It was just us. / – We were the only ones there. – It was just you in that wide place? / – Amazing. I dropped the camera. (Save me) You look cool. (He doesn’t have a care in the world) (They head out to have a city tour) Gosh. It’s so nice. It’s here. – It’s here. / – Is this the car? – It’s here! / – Is this the car? It’s so small and cute. – It’s affordable. / – There aren’t that many taxis. It’d be best if you rent a car. There are only 42 taxis in Brunei. That’s a very small number. This feels so strange. Can you play a song that suits this drive? I know this song. How much is the fuel? – The fuel… / – It said 50 cents. – 50 cents for petrol. / – 50 cents. 50 cents per liter. Diesel was 30 cents. – Brunei is a very compact place. / – It is. Please focus on the road. We’ll sing the song, so you drive. (♪ I’ll shake it off with a drink from the tumbler ♪) (♪ I’m going to love myself more ♪) Where are you headed? – We went to eat ambuyat. / – It’s traditional food. We were on our way to try traditional food. The food was to my liking. – I looked some up, too. / – I looked everything up. I went for local foods, completely organic. – So what are we eating? / – Organic. – Organic. / – It called ambuyat, a traditional food. – Ambuyat? / – It’s a bit like flour. – What’s that? / – It’s interesting, right? – Is it like rice cake? / – What is that? You dip it in sauce… How good would it be? Brunei locals really enjoy ambuyat. – It’s very traditional. / – It kind of looks like… – The glue used for wallpaper. / – I know. – It’s like glue. / – You’re right. During the World War… – It was eaten by Brunei fighters. / – It’s fascinating. That’s very fascinating. – It was meant to be filling. / – I’ve never seen it before. They ate to fill their stomachs during war time. (It is my turn to shine as a translator) (He travelled a rugged road to become a master) (Malay, simple greeting) I see Jaejung has a talent for language. He was in charge of language. A native. What is he saying? He’s amazing. Why are you so good? (Terima Kasih means thank you) So, why are you putting your hand up? It says that you shouldn’t put out your left hand. You can’t use your left hand? You can’t point at things with your left hand… – You can’t point. / – You can’t touch things either. You shouldn’t use your left hand at all. Really? So, that’s what ambuyat looks like. It’s fascinating. – That’s how it’s eaten. / – Everyone is right-handed. It’s wrapped up pretty thick. Is that mackerel? – Oh, yes. / – Corvina, corvina, corvina. – What could it be? / – Yes. I was really hungry. That looks good. – It’s here. / – It’s ambuyat. – Thank you. / – Thank you. – Thank you. / – That’s the ambuyat meal. – It’s made of starch? / – Yes, it is. – Is that it? / – It’s really unique. Yes, it’s very unique. – It really is special. / – I’m most curious about this. Shall we give it a try? Try it. – You’re good. / – You do it like this. Just watch. You pull it like this from below… – It’s pretty difficult. / – Watch. It keeps falling right back down. – It’s very hard. / – It’s really hard. – It keeps disappearing. / – It stretches. – How long will you keep this up? / – How is it done? They’re watching. This is hard. – Okay. / – You did it. You guys try, then. Even this is hard. – Watch and learn. / – Yeah. (It all seems similar when the chopsticks go in) It’s not working. (Focusing) – Hold on. / – I don’t get it. – Even if you keep trying. / – What if we can’t taste it? – There we go. / – What is that? – I did it. / – No way. – I beat you. / – I’m curious about the taste. – I’m very curious. / – I’m so curious. – And since it’s very hot… / – It looks fun. Wait a minute. Wow, this guy… He’s such a failure. (Failing miserably) (How does ambuyat, Brunei’s traditional food, taste?) The starch itself is tasteless. – There’s no taste. / – In my opinion… – It’s like gelatin. / – That’s right. – What does the sauce taste like? / – It’s pretty good. The sauce is made with mango and durian. – Mango? / – So it’s sweet? It kind of has the taste of pickled Korean fish. – Is it the durian? / – Yes. – This is hard. / – Don’t you dip it in this? They ate this in wartime to get full. During wartime. That’s how it became a traditional dish. In our lifetime, eating something that looks like this and has this taste… – You can’t anywhere else. / – If it’s not ambuyat… You’d never taste it. It looks good. I’ve tried this. It’s like a side dish. It’s kind of like shepherd’s purse bean paste stew. – Shepherd’s purse? / – It’s good to dip in that. – I see. / – Shepherd’s purse bean paste stew? – It tastes like that. / – It does. That’s good. – It’s like bean paste stew. / – Yeah. – It’s like bean paste stew? / – Bean paste stew… These are chives, right? Huh? No, they’re not chives. – They’re dried radish greens. / – Dried radish greens. That looks good, too. It can’t be pork though. – It’s like stir-fried pork. / – It was like intestines… – That was good. / – It had that texture. That looks like duck. (Chomp) It’s not bad. It kind of tastes like pork bone soup. You can’t exchange Brunei currency. I’m curious to see how much it all cost. Singapore dollars. I’ve never seen such a bill. All these bills portray the monarch. – I see. / – The sultan’s face… It’s very hard to acquire Brunei currency. – You can’t exchange it from Korean won. / – Yeah. You have to exchange it for Singapore dollars first. Then only when you get your change… You can see this. Go, go, go. Go, go, go, go! – Islam. / – We’re heading to a mosque. (Wow) – That’s amazing. / – That’s an Islamic mosque? Every king owns a different mosque. I don’t think you can enter with shorts on. This was built to pay tribute to Brunei’s 28th sultan. – It’s a mosque. / – That’s gold. They used 28 tons of gold. – Of gold? / – Yes, gold only. Look at the sky. The clouds are unbelievable. – Look at the clouds. / – That’s all gold, right? That’s 28 tons of gold. You have to wear that first? – Yes, no shorts… / – In bare feet? – Yes, bare feet. / – With shorts… – We can’t go in? / – We can’t. That really suits you . You should just live here. It really suits Jaejung. – We can’t enter right away, right? / – You have to… Wash your feet. But because we enter after washing our feet… It feels cleaner. – What’s this? / – Oh, that’s hot! It was really hot. (What was the point of washing your feet?) Should we go inside? I feel like I’ve become a nicer person. I wish for my parents’ health and ours. – I wish Battle Trip good fortune. / – Look at that gold. – It’s so pretty. / – I’ve never seen such a sight. – You can’t film indoors? / – No. It’s considered sacred, so filming is not allowed. – This place… / – It’s so cool. We washed our feet, burnt our feet… We didn’t have to go through that. – We could’ve come directly here. / – Yeah. – We didn’t have to… / – I thought so… – You’re saying that’s all gold, right? / – Yes. Whenever I travel, I make sure to visit the night market. Because night markets, reveal that country’s culture. – For sure. / – Night markets are so fun. – Yeah. / – They’re fun. – There’s a night market. / – They have one? There’s the Gadong Night Market. But considering that it’s a night market… – The aroma is amazing. / – It’s very immaculate. – The night market I imagined… / – It’s neat. I thought… – So clean. / – It’d be on the streets… There is a separate area reserved for the night market. What I love about the place is that it’s so clean. – I like this place. / – This is great. That looks good. – It’s great. / – Everything is $1 or $2. – But it’s a shame that there’s no beer. / – Yeah. – You’re right. / – You can’t drink there. (They are already in line) This can’t taste bad. How is the lamb skewer? – It was really delicious. / – Was it really good? – It’s good. / – They all raise sheep there. (He seems to be enjoying it) – Oh? / – It’s good, it’s good. It’s very delicious. – It’s like bulgogi. / – I want one more. It’s like what our mothers made back in… – Elementary school sports meet. / – I’m hungry. They sell them for like 50 cents. It’s so good. It’s great that it’s so cheap. You can eat whatever you want and it’s only $1 or $2. It’s only 80 cents. Hello. They put eggs on top of a baguette. – What is this? / – Fruit. – They said it was fruit. / – That’s fruit? – What is that? / – Steamed fruit. Steamed fruit. Are they like chestnuts? – It’s really sweet. / – What is it? I’m not kidding. (Jaejung tries it since it’s sweet) – Why? What’s wrong? / – Maybe it’s too sweet. (Creeping away) (Is this supposed to be sweet?) You didn’t like the taste? – This is hard. / – Is it herbal medicine? Is it herbal medicine? Herbal medicine? What is this? – There’s one thing that’s certain. / – It’s hard. It’s good for you. They look like undercooked chestnuts. But it’s like almonds… Try it. Because… (Roy tastes it again) Let’s put these away. – It was too bitter. / – It really looks good though. – Too bitter. / – It kind of tasted like crayon. – Crayon? / – Did it taste like crayon? The texture was a bit… – What is that? Fish? / – This was really good. This is no joke. – Can we have one? / – We should pack this… What is this? It must be an egg burger. They’re like egg sandwiches. But they look different. We should eat something for dessert. This is a traditional pancake. – This looks good. / – That was good. That can’t taste bad. That looks so good. (They splurge) It’s so much cleaner than I thought. – You’re right. / – This was a hot place. Let’s sit down and eat. – They have seats provided too. / – Yes. – That looks good. / – The sandwich was really good. – I think this will be really good. / – Right. – Is that mie goreng? / – Mie goreng! – Mie goreng. You’re right. / – Mie goreng! That looks so good. – Nasi goreng? / – Yes. It’s like yaki soba. A stir-fried dish made with soy sauce. This is delicious. I’m really curious of this baguette. There are eggs and some unknown ingredients inside. As long it has mayonnaise, it tastes good for me. – That’s… / – I’ll try it first. There are eggs inside and… And thinly sliced beef. – It must taste delicious. / – It’s just delicious. You end up eating it. Very thinly on the bread, you have eggs… – Mayonnaise… / – That looks delicious. And minced meat… You can’t go wrong with this. This is 100% tasty for sure. This looks really good. (Yum) How is it? It’s like stuffed pancakes. But the outside is made of pancake dough. It tastes like peanut butter and grape jam on toasted bread. – It must be really good. / – It tastes like that. Let’s pick 1 food that people should eat when they’re in Brunei after watching Battle Trip. – Let’s rank them. / – I choose nasi goreng. – I think Koreans will like it. / – You’re right. This one can’t fail. The skewers we had as soon as we got here. – The lamb skewers. / – That was really good. – They were good. / – I choose the lamb skewers. I choose the bread. It was the best. The bread with eggs and other stuff. – This really helps other people. / – That’s right. It shows you what to eat. – This weather is perfect for beer. / – To be honest… I’d love to have some draft beer right now. I want to, but it’s not allowed in public. – That’s a pity. / – That’s right. Let’s go. Should we clean up? Let’s clean up. If you don’t play, you lose. Rock, paper, scissors. They’re so fast. If you don’t play, you lose. Rock, paper, scissors. (The youngest elder leaves) Quietly… – See you later. / – Yeah. – We need to make a bet. / – That’s so pretty. The venue was so… – We went to a bowling parlor. / – You went bowling. It takes about 13 minutes to walk back to our hotel. – The loser has to… / – Walk? Run. – Running sounds good. / – We’ll take a buggy car. Oops, it already feels like it’s been decided. – Let’s give him a handicap. / – We will. Last time, he bowled 30 something and lost. – He needs a handicap. / – We’ll give you 20 points. 20 points sounds good, right? Last time we bowled, he bowled a 33. – 33? / – I can’t bowl at all. – 33 is even worse than me. / – Seriously. (Roy has 3 years of experience and bowls a 100) He’s bowled for 3 years. – Oh, no. / – Goodness. (Jaejung has 10 months experience and bowls a 30) That means Eddy is the best bowler, right? Yes, with Eddy… He’s even had training. He has his own ball. We’re just starting. He knocked down a lot of pins. Good job. 7 pins are a good start. Eddy’s really good. All he does is bowling. (Bowls with style) He adds spin. He looks cool. What the? At least he looks cool. – He did look cool. / – He’s all show. – The result is the same. / – All show. You try it once and determine… You get what I mean, right? Don’t worry. I won’t lose. I’ll show you. (Meanwhile, Eddy aims for a spare) You just have to go straight and place it there. – They’re the same. / – Even so… (It’s finally my turn) – Let’s see Jaejung. / – It feels like it’s decided already. He bowled 30 something last time. I need a handicap. We’ll give you 20 points. (I’ll show you my skill) – What just happened? / – Wait. What is this? – Is there such a thing? / – What is this? – You can’t gutter the ball. / – They’re coming up. (Bumpers come up) I’ve never seen this. Bowling is about placing the ball down. One size down. I want to have a guard. You know guard? – Gutter. / – On no. 3. Parc. – Did you do that? / – I love you. There is such a thing? What the? They come up. (He bowls with all his might) – He just has to throw it. / – There you go. – He’s using the cushion. / – It can still go out. – He’s using the cushion. / – Yeah. – He’s using the cushion! / – Cushion, cushion. He’s playing billiards. – He got it. / – That’s right. His ball touched the pins. He knocked down the most. That’s right. His ball touched the pins. It didn’t hit the guards. (He’s so annoying) – I’ve never seen this. / – The ball can’t stray this way. – When we bowl… / – It goes up and down. It’s a gutter ball. This isn’t easy. (My ball doesn’t go into the gutter) At this rate, Jaejung might win. – Time for a spare. / – What’s this? Is this a part of the system? – This is a bonus. / – Is this part of the system? – Is this a part of the system? / – It’s a bonus. He’s good. – Nice. / – Good, good. (Huh?) Spare. – Applause. / – They’re applauding him. – Nice, nice. / – Nice, nice. Nice, nice, nice. – There he goes. / – What is this? It’s over. – He only has to win Roy. / – Very good. – Yes, just Roy. / – That’s right. He’s good. Continues to use the cushion. We can’t do that. No, no. (7 more points) – He doubled his score today. / – What is that? – That’s right, but still. / – Is that a rollercoaster? Is that a water slide? – Jaejung… / – What is that? What is that? Must he go this far? (That’s fascinating) – What is this? / – I’m sorry. Oh, my. It’s going the other way. Did he get the score he needed? – I had no idea there was such a thing. / – Me neither. I’ve never seen this before. Is there such a thing? – The ball is slow but accurate. / – Wow. Jaejung and I only have a 4-point difference. I’m not here to entertain. I really want to see Roy run. I’m not here for fun. – We gave Eddy 20 points. / – He had a handicap. – Since I’m bad. / – He had an extra 20 points. – Let’s do this. / – That was a good bowl. – That was a good bowl. / – Let’s see one strike. (Strike) I wasn’t born to lose. I wasn’t born to lose. He bowls well. I did well at the end. So close. One… Will he get the spare? That was not bad. (Roy scored 111 points) (A 23-point difference between Roy and Jaejung) (I will definitely beat you) I hope Jaejung wins. (He must bowl a strike to win) – What is that? / – Wait. (He sits down after the bowl) – What is that? / – Wait. What is going on? (This is what you call entertainment) (He scores 10 points) – That was incredible. / – Yeah! (He throws another powerful bowl) – That was unbelievable. / – Is his arm okay? (It’s unbelievable but it’s a double) – Are you serious? / – Did that really happen? – Is he really going to win? / – This is awesome. – If he knocks down 4 pins… / – With an extra 20 points… Jaejung, if you knock down just 4 pins, you’ll win. – Are the gutter guards raised? / – Look at that. (The last dice is thrown) (Please let me knock down more than 3 pins) Unbelievable. You did it. You did it. (A true entertainer) (Is this for real?) That was incredible. He won. Roy. That makes no sense. He’s insane. – Then what’s the score? / – That was amazing. Why did it become 98? We gave him a handicap of 20 points at the start. So I placed last. We shouldn’t have given you the 20 points. I didn’t know you’d have so many items. I didn’t even imagine this. I thought we were playing a game. I thought you’d bring out a bazooka at the end. – Bowling is so fun. / – Roy, stretch your legs. That was the best bowling game I’ve ever seen. It was so hard. – Roy… / – He’s driving a little too fast. He had to clean up all by himself at the night market too. These three have so much fun. You’ll remember that moment forever. – I think I’ll watch the clip again. / – Right. At the very last moment… – It was a forced win. / – It was. – This was so funny. / – So funny. That was so funny. Good job. (♪ But I’ll leave it as it is ♪) – So tiring. / – Go away! – Look how sweaty he is. / – Look at the sweat. I’m sorry. I lost. What can I do. You can have so much fun at the hotel. I had so much fun. Today felt like 2 days for me. It was the longest day in my life. And I ate so much today. I ate so much today. (He ate so much for being on a trip) (So the crew prepared a gift for them) – What is this? / – What’s that? Hwijae had this before too. (After you eat greasy food…) (To take care of your health) – You’re good at taking pills. / – I am. ♪ Brunei ♪ – ♪ Called to Brunei ♪ / – This is funny. So cute. – That was fun. / – That was so fun. – Three guys have so much fun. / – So fun. The 3 of you have great chemistry. How was the 7-star hotel? We don’t have a 7-star hotel in Korea yet. I’m so happy to see a 7-star hotel on Battle Trip. Our room was $280 a night. That is so affordable. As far as I know, the king’s brother built the hotel, but it was not a hotel at first. It was a place to throw parties… – For the people he likes. / – That huge space? – It was changed to a hotel later. / – That’s amazing. So the parts where you can’t reach are made with gold. – Was it 700 ton of gold? / – Yes. – I think it was 700 tons. / – They used 700 tons of gold. – In that hotel? / – Yes. It’s so glamorous and fascinating. Once in your life, you can say you stayed at a 7-star hotel in Brunei. – Right. / – You have to go. – Thank you so much, Sook. / – You’re so helpful. (Wait a minute) Thank you. Is she on our side? I thought she was on our side. The mosque was not allowed to be filmed because it’s a sacred place. There were spacious rooms inside for you to pray and there were special rooms for the king too. – What’s interesting is… / – It amounts to 28 tons. There is an escalator inside. That is only for the king. That’s 28 tons of gold. – The ceiling? / – Yes. Time for the vote? Should we do the halfway vote? We’re the only ones who can see the vote, right? – Sure. / – That’s right. Would you go to Brunei according to Eroparc Tour’s itinerary? Please vote! (Eroparc Tour in Brunei) (What will the judges choose?) The result is here now. Please give it to us. Let’s make poker faces. It’s the result of the 1st half of trip to Brunei. 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3. (I didn’t see anything) Such good acting. Good job. – Good work. / – Oh, no. – Good job. / – You did well. – Thank you. / – I think we’ll win. What’s going on? What do you mean by good job? – Let’s watch the 2nd half. / – Okay. – I want to watch it quick. / – The 2nd half… In the 1st half, we showed the hotel and the city… We showed you the kingdom side. – But we’re going to a jungle now. / – You are? Yes. We’re going to a jungle in the 2nd half. – Let’s check it out now. / – Let’s go. Eroparc Tour is full of confidence. Let’s check out the wild of Brunei. Let’s head to Temburong. (The 3rd day in Brunei) (It’s another fine day in Brunei) (What’s their schedule today?) Frankly, I’m tired. – Yesterday, the schedule was so… / – Too tight. To be honest… – Right? / – There was too much. What are we going to do today? Honestly, it will be more hectic today. We’ll go to a jungle together. We have a 7-star hotel. If you keep going… It’s a complete jungle. There are long-nosed monkeys. If we’re lucky, we can see crocodiles too. (Crocodiles?) (Welcome to the jungle) (It’s the first ever jungle on Battle Trip) (It’s a tough journey through the jungle) It’s a monkey! Over there! (It’s not an easy way through the jungle) – We were overwhelmed by nature. / – That was fun. – That is stunning. / – That’s amazing. – That looks so fun. / – That’s how it was. – Yeah, yeah. / – This is it, right? Let’s go, go. – Go. / – The price includes a meal? – Hello. / – Hello. We’re departing. (It takes about 40 minutes on a speed boat) I feel great. Look at the sky. This is refreshing. As far as I know, we should go for 40 minutes… – On this boat to go to the jungle. / – Really? We’ll cross the border of Malaysia… – And come back. / – Do you cross the border? You cross the border and you come back again. Then you can have a beer once you cross the border… – And come back. / – I actually thought that. – Right? / – That’s not bad. – Me too. / – Really? I go to the jungle sometimes when I play the game. – What? / – He’s talking about the game. – Let’s just play word chain game. / – Okay. – Jaejung, you go first. / – What? What? Word chain game. Lee Sora. Lee Sora. Raichu. Raichu. (He thought he’d say radio) Chupa Chups. Is it my turn? Smeagol. They’re the new generation. (The vocabulary of the youngest is unpredictable) – Gol is hard. / – Gollum. Lum? Wait. Lum? – Lum? / – Lum. Just give up. That wasn’t bad. We’re almost at the jungle. This is a real jungle. The color of the water shows that it’s a jungle. – Isn’t that like instant coffee? / – It’s like… The water is clean, right? It looks dirty but it’s clean if you scoop it up. It gets cleaner when you get to the jungle. (Amazed) What’s this? (The water rises up to the windows) (Smiling) – That was so… / – Wait a minute. Wait a minute. (Drifting in a boat) (Eroparc head to the jungle) I think we’re almost there. We’re here. (Where’s the jungle?) It’s a village. There was jungle on the way here. What’s that? – It doesn’t look like jungle… / – What is that? Because we still have a long way to go. That must be it. We just arrived at Temburong. We’re here. We arrived at the town… We need to take a bus then we have to take another boat… – To get to the resort. / – To enter the jungle. But we’ll get hungry on the way. There’s a market just here. – Are we buying some food? / – Let’s buy some seafood. I know something good. – Let’s go. / – What’s that? What should we eat? – Do you know what to eat there? / – Of course. Once you see it, you’ll want to eat it. You have to stop by at the market. – If you buy some food there… / – It’s amazing. If you buy fresh seafood there and leave it at the resort in the jungle… They prepare the food for you while you’re in the jungle. Is there a resort in the jungle? (What are they buying?) Look. This is great. What’s that? Broom-corn? This is shrimp. – It’s shrimp. / – So big. – They were so big. / – They’re this big. That’s shrimp? What’s this up here? They’re legs. How do shrimp legs look like that? – How does that work? / – They look like feelers. – They’re huge. / – Horn shrimp. What type of shrimp is this? What’s it called? We have to buy this first. Buy it first. What is it called? – It looks more like pollack. / – That’s shrimp? – Yes. / – It’s oriental river prawn. – It’s oriental river prawn. / – Oriental river prawn? (Hello!) (Oh, my goodness) It’s called lobster shrimp in Korea. – It has blue legs. / – They are blue. It has really long claws. Do they cook it in the resort? Yes, there’s a resort in jungle. We just buy the ingredients there. That’s amazing. Can you feast on $20 worth? – Yes. / – We are heading to the resort now. It’s bent already. – It looks fun. / – The boat doesn’t have a motor. – It has a motor. / – Does it? It has a small motor. It’s my first time on something like this. – It’s so fun. It was really fun. / – Wait… You need to keep your balance well. It’s moving. Let’s go! Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! What can you see in the jungle? – Crocodiles… / – There are long-nosed monkeys. There are crocodiles too. – You see lots of animals. / – Crocodiles too? (Wow) Look at the leaves. We are in the jungle now. I heard there are monkeys here. Long-nosed monkeys. Imitate monkey sounds. We need to call them. Okay, I’ll do it. (Answer me, monkeys) (How does Jaejung call the monkeys?) (By singing) (By singing) (You’re supposed to make monkey sounds) (Staring) (Take this) (You’ll chase away all the monkeys!) (So funny) I’m soaked. (Eddy seems to like it) What’s this? Hey! Hey… Seriously. He punched me for real. – I knew you’d get hit. / – They have so much fun. (Roy is being attacked by the camera) (Roy is being a conductor) (He’s soaked) He’s completely soaked. Hey! Hey! Long-nosed monkeys! – Where? / – Long-nosed monkeys! Monkeys! Monkeys! – Where? / – Over there, over there! – The white… / – Why can’t they find them? They’re moving in the trees. They’re really hard to find. They’re moving in the trees. Cute. – Not right now… / – Seriously. I seriously saw them. – They were there. / – He was the only one to see them. They were there for real. (It’s my fault for having good eyesight) It feels like I’m dreaming. – It’s amazing. / – It was so fascinating. We’re here. It looks beautiful. (They finally arrive at the jungle) The trekking course begins here. – I find that so amazing. / – 1,000 steps? We’ve arrived! You’ll see the 1,000 steps now. What is your resolve? I came to Brunei to represent Korea. – I will show you how good… / – Korean rep. The views in Brunei are. That’s all I want to show you. It looks like a real interview. – I’ll forget about my fatigue… / – Yes. And go up the 1,000 steps to show you beautiful scenery. Is it really 1,000 steps? What about you, Jaejung? Just for this day… I went to Bukhansan every day for many years. And to tell you about Roy Kim… He watched nature documentaries every day. Just for today. Since we have a long way to climb, I’ll climb up 2 steps at a time. Okay. Let’s go. – Let’s go. / – Wait. – What’s your resolve? / – For me… Well… – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. (Let’s show people through our actions) The 1,000 steps start here. – Guys, I have good news. / – Yes? We have 995 steps left. It feels like 3 men should go to Brunei together. You’re right. It wouldn’t take long to walk up 1,000 steps. – Are these stairs? / – It’s not bad. – It isn’t bad. / – 1,000 steps like this is easy. I’d walk up 10,000 steps like this. You’re lying. You’re lying. It’s hot already. Since it’s continuously up hill… We have 990 steps left. We’re almost there. It’s almost over. Why are we going down? (A downhill course?) – We keep backtracking. / – Yeah. We’ll end up in the basement at this rate. (Something doesn’t feel right) (Welcome) – 1,000 steps won’t be easy. / – It wasn’t. (Gasping) They’re quiet now. You should never look up in that situation. – Just keep looking down. / – Yeah. But we’re the only people here. Is it the quiet season? I think it’s normal for no one to be here. It’s as if you three are the only people in Brunei. That’s why it’s perfect for the trip request. They’re trying to preserve the ecosystem… So you can’t just go there at any time. You need to make a reservation. – There are allotted times? / – Yes, there are. There’s someone coming. Let’s pretend we’re not tired. Okay. Let’s show them that this is easy stuff for Koreans. – Hello. / – Hello. There are 2 people… – 2 people, 3 people. / – 3 people. (Exhausted) Good morning. Morning. It’s so tiring now. It’s really tiring now. – They’re too unfit. / – Yeah. – It was really hard. / – They’ve made it. – Hang in there. / – Alright. (After climbing up and up) We went there for exercise too. – We’ve arrived at last. / – I think we’re almost there. – Really? / – Yeah. What is this now? What’s that? What is this? (It’s a steel tower) This is the reason why we had a hard time. What is that? – You need to climb more? / – Yes. That scary. That looks scary. – Without a harness? / – Right. That looks scary. That’s not for people. It’s when they repair stuff… As if we’re supposed to climb this? (It’s actually for you to climb) – But… / – That’d be scary. – The steel tower is very shaky. / – It’s shaky. Only up to 5 people can climb the stairs at a time. They built the steel towers to preserve nature. That’s why they don’t have elevators. – This is like a safari. / – Wow. Let’s go, boys. It’s dangerous. (Then they cross the steel bridge) – It looks fun. / – It does. – I think it’d be scary. / – It’s really high. – It does look fun. / – That was incredible. – It was really high. / – That place was amazing. It was amazing. I can’t believe they have such a thing. We have 3 levels left. (Wow…) Only one person can go up at a time? This is no joke. It’s dangerous. Wait. It’s insane. – You can go up there? / – Look across. It’s shaky. Go up slowly. Are those birds I hear? Yes, they’re actual bird sounds. (The entire rainforest can be seen) (They’re standing in the middle of it) – More than anything else… / – It’s really amazing. I’ll never forget that scene for as long as I live. Listen to the birds. (Listen to the sounds) It’s incredible. I never imagined I’d see anything like this. That is seriously awesome. Check out Jaejung. (Hey!) I’m Parc Jaejung! I am Parc Jaejung! The entire world will know your name. From our perspective… – We’d build an elevator. / – Right. Or we’d build a larger, more sturdy set of stairs. – These can’t hold many people. / – Right. But they don’t want to disturb nature. Is it better than standing on top of a mountain? It doesn’t feel the same. – For men… / – They’re above the trees. It’s like seeing the jungle from a helicopter. – Like a scene from a documentary. / – Thanks, Brunei. Bye! (After walking down halfway, they ride a tube) It’s so cold! – It’s cold. / – They’re rafting. You ride a tube down. You ride the tube on your way down. – It just goes down? / – Yes, it goes down. It’s really incredible. All your fatigue is washed away there. That sounds right. – That looks fun. / – It takes around 20 minutes. This must be it. – We have to go here? / – Yes. – We’re going to the doctor fish. / – Alright. The stream is further in the mountain. – Let’s go. / – Yes. This is amazing. What is this? – What is this? / – It’s so beautiful there. (Follow the road without a thought) There’s a waterfall in there. (Another secret place) Wow. It’s so great that there are no people. (It’s perfect for healing your soul) It’s so pretty. This was made by nature. No way. I guess there are doctor fish here. – No way. / – Amazing. It’s so good here. They even have Wi-Fi. (He’s going in the water by himself) (They follow one by one) Let’s take a picture. Take a picture. (They ask a staff member to take a picture of them) (Screaming) His nose is really big. – Why? Why? / – It went into my shoe! – It went in my shoe. / – I stepped on it. It went into my slipper. (They follow in turn) – I’m sure it feels really weird. / – I know. They’re big. They’re not the doctor fish we’re familiar with. – They don’t tickle. / – Right. – They must be really big. / – It feels weird. – Let’s do rock, paper, scissors. / – No. Let’s do rock, paper, scissors. Rock, paper, scissors… You have to stand in the water… – For 15 seconds. / – 15 seconds? You have to take your sandals off. That looks really fun. They bite from here too! They bite here. (Hurry up and come in) If you don’t play, you lose. Rock, paper, scissors. (Scissors, paper, scissors) – Oh, no. / – He lost again. (It was decided in one go) Poor Roy. I really hated this. – Roy… / – His eyes are out of focus. – His eyes are out of focus. / – That felt really weird. (We’ll treat you well) It’s only for 15 seconds. – I can’t do this! / – He’s splashing so they won’t come. It feels really weird. I’m going insane. I really hate this. You have to go in more. All the way to the middle. I hate this. Get away. Don’t come. Don’t come! Don’t come! Don’t come! Don’t come. Stay still or you have to start over. (Screaming) – How cute. / – It’s so funny. – They’re working so hard. / – I hate this. I really hate this! Hurry up and count! 2, 3, 4… – Seriously! / – 5, 6, 7, 8… It was strange. – They’re not that big. / – It doesn’t feel that way. But it doesn’t feel that way. It feels like they’re swallowing your toes. But were they so small? (The doctor fish swim away in surprise) (He gives up) (He’s about to cry) Do it over. What was that? The fish were starving. You starved them. The loser stands under the waterfall. Under the waterfall. – Just one round. / – Yeah, one round. If you don’t play, you lose. Rock, paper, scissors. – Will it be Roy again? / – No way. – Will he entertain us? / – It can’t be. It might happen. Rock, paper, scissors. (Roy, Jaejung and Eddy) (Roy is exempt!) (He wants to win) If you don’t play, you lose. Rock, paper, scissors. Roy is so funny. If you don’t play, you lose. Rock, paper, scissors. I did it. (The person who suggested the game is the loser) (Good work) – Hey, hey, hey. / – Under the fall. – It’s really deep! / – You have a vest. A little more. – A little more. / – 10, 9… – Go in further. / – 8, 7… – A little more. / – 10, 9… – Go in further. / – 8, 7… (Roy and Jaejung are mean) (Why, you little..) 4, 3… (Laughing) – What’s wrong? / – He slipped. – Oh, no. / – Poor Roy. Oh, no. Look at his nose. Why is his nose so big? There’s his nose again. Why is his nose so big? (This is poetic justice) (My nose hurts) Let’s go eat. – Let’s go eat. / – Hurry up. You bought that at the market earlier, right? (It’s the shrimp they bought before going to the jungle) (The river prawn transforms with sweet and spicy sauce) Wow. I want to eat it again. That’s so… – It wasn’t fishy at all. / – That looks really good. I’m hungry. That was exhausting. – Good work. / – I endured it because of this. – Seriously. / – I’m going to eat a lot. This is what we bought earlier. – It’s redder now. / – This? Did we buy this much shrimp? It’s river prawn. – It’s too bad you didn’t have beer. / – That’s right. That’s really unfortunate. I think in terms of visuals, it’s the top in Brunei. Wow… – I’m so curious. / – Has it hit you? It’s hit him. It’s got him. I’ll join you. – Here I go. / – Hurry up. It has to be good. – It has to be the best. / – Shrimp is always delicious. – It’s good, right? / – Look at that face. It tastes just as good as I expected but it’s still good. It’s so delicious that I don’t need to eat pork. Does it taste like lobster? It tastes similar to the chili dishes you’d find… – At Chinese restaurants. / – He licked his fingers. I guess all shrimp tastes similar. It tastes like a regular shrimp. But the size… – It’s the size of a lobster. / – Seriously… – This is the top of Brunei. / – That’d be too tasty. Right? (Whatever you say) Yes. Don’t talk to me. – I bet it’s delicious. / – Of course. – We ate 3 bowlfuls. / – Really? – Seriously. / – It looks really good. (He’s licking) (Each and every finger thoroughly) What? – That’s it. / – You seem like an Indian person. – You seem like it. / – Indian person. He has that look. – To end our trip… / – What are we doing? – The finale of our tour is… / – The finale. The finale of the Eroparc tour is the night view. The mosque we visited yesterday has a great view at night. Let’s look at the view tonight. – Let’s recap the trip. / – Okay. That’s so amazing. This is one of the must-see places in Brunei at night. – It’s quite a sight. / – It was so good. – Right? / – Regardless of being on TV… It didn’t even seem like I was shooting a show. I’ve never had a break from TV for 2 days. This trip was so meaningful. Because I had my friends… We saw everything with our 6 eyes. 1, 2… Eyeballs. – 6 eyeballs. / – Eyeballs… I needed a trip with friends. Yeah. It made me really happy. We did so much in such a short time. It was physically exhausting… But the emotions you feel after the pain… It was plenty worth the pain and hardship. The singing is nice. (An awesome holiday trip with friends) (How about spending time with family and friends?) – Great. / – The end! Seriously… I approve. People often describe things as exotic. It was great seeing such new sights we haven’t been to before. We have to find out how much the trip cost. Our team spent $656.40 on our trip per person. How much was the total cost? The cost of our 3-day trip to Brunei… The cost per person excluding airfare was… Per person. A total of $447. It’s the same. – It’s the same. / – Really? Will the judges agree? The final vote remains. Please say a few words to sway our judges. You can eat and enjoy many things at an affordable price. Moreover, it contains both the jungle and the kingdom. That was really charming about this country. I highly recommend visiting Brunei. Alright. Are you ready to vote? Would you go on a trip to Brunei according to Eroparc’s itinerary? Please vote! (Eroparc Tour’s trip to Brunei) (What will the judges choose?) This is Battle Trip’s long holiday special. Hidden destination battle. Will it be the actresses’ beautiful nature trip to Langkawi, Malaysia? Or will it be Brunei with both 7-star hotels and jungle exploration? What did the judges choose? – The end is not important. / – I’m nervous. – What is this? / – I’m nervous. – The ending isn’t important. / – It’s the moment. I’m nervous. – Let’s go. / – What will it be? We’ll win for sure. – Don’t be nervous. / – Let’s go. – It’ll be alright. / – The second digit first? Second digit. – Second digit. / – How does it work? – Second digit. / – How does it work? We won. – Eroparc is 5. / – As if. – Just a moment. / – No! – We know the halfway result. / – No! – We know the halfway result. / – No! – We know the halfway result. / – No! (Eroparc Tour wins with 85 votes) That’s too bad. What’s shocking is that… – We know the halfway score. / – It was higher? Their score went up even more. – How do you feel? / – How do you feel about winning? The 3 of us forgot that we were on a show. It was such a fun trip. Thank you so much. I hope we stay friends forever. A big thank you to our special host, Sejeong. – Good work. / – How was it? Thank you. The battle is over. Would you go to Langkawi or Brunei? – To be honest, / – Langkawi? I’d go to Langkawi. – However… / – What? While watching the Langkawi trip, I really wanted to go. I wanted to go in the water… That’s how it made me feel. It made me want to go someday. Thank you. – It’s another special next time. / – That’s right. It’s a special every week. Please look forward to it. We’ll see you next time. The world is a school. Life is a journey. Battle Trip! (Next time) This is totally unexpected. Oh, hello. Wow. Be provocative. This is my world. – Go to Taiwan! / – Don’t go to Taiwan! – If you’re going to regret it… / – Just go to Taiwan! (Cowards go to the Shifen Waterfall bridge) (Sky lanterns to celebrate eternal friendship) Bo and Jea’s Hong Kong trip. Wow, amazing. 1, 2, 3. (Full of unforgettable memories) (Battle Trip) (“Easy Love” by SF9)


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