Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.53 : New Laos Tour [ENG/THA/2017.06.16]

(Youthful trip, Myanmar) (Mind and body, security, serenity) Move to the front. (Move, move, depart now) (Passion of the oldies, healing) It’s great. (Which team will win?) (Numerous great tips on trips) (Yoon Dujun, Son Dongwun) (Park Hwisun, Kim Suyong) Travel is war! Battle Trip! This is our first shoot for our new time slot. We’re 1 hour and 25 minutes earlier than before. We’re with our trip designers from last week’s youthful theme. – Hello. / – Nice to meet you. We also have 100 judges in the audience with us who will be fair. – Thank you. / – Gosh. Last week, Hwisun and Suyong went to Myanmar. The votes weren’t revealed to us. – Well, just to us. / – That’s right. – But… / – I think we’ll be alright. It is actually better than expected. – I was shocked. / – Better than expected? – That’s good enough. / – How low did you expect? – How low was your expectation? / – This much. – But… / – It was only this high. Sure, it was more relaxing than exciting. But that kind of trip has its charms too. – That’s right. / – Finally, today… The members of Highlight, Dujun and Dongwun, are going to Laos. – Dujun is scary. / – And also… Dujun is already a Battle Trip’s hall-of-famer. You travelled with Seol Minseok, right? – That was fun. / – It was, right? Did you lead the trip, Dujun? Is that what happened? Was I the one leading? – We both had our assigned duties. / – That’s right. We kind of alternated between destinations. – You researched different regions? / – Yes. – Really? / – We visited three regions. – Yes. / – We plotted it out. – That’s good. / – We had a great trip. Since you’re close, I bet the chemistry was great. Is there a special concept behind the Laos trip? Since our older colleagues took the Slow Slow Quick Quick concept, we focused on really bringing a youthful vibe… By backpacking. We had a backpacking trip. – One backpack each? / – Yes. You didn’t go to hotels, right? It was necessary every now and then. – It became necessary. / – It’s necessary. Sometimes it’s all that’s available. – So you backpacked, right? / – That’s right. We tried to travel lightly. Sounds good. Didn’t you lack clothes? We actually obtained clothes there. That’s what youth is all about. Backpacking needs to be lacking of something… – For it to feel like travelling. / – But your team… They ate like royalty. Well, they lack the energy. We never changed our clothes for 3 days. We only wore the clothes we bought there… – The whole trip. / – Very youthful. – That’s very youthful. / – It sure is. But many people do that, don’t they? They go, wash the clothes and switch clothes. – But… / – Wait for the clothes to dry… – And wear swimwear. / – We never washed them. – You didn’t wash them? / – You didn’t? Is it necessary to be so unhygienic? I wanted to experience the fragrance of Laos. Was it a fragrance or an odor? – It’s rather aromatic. / – It was great. You can tell a person’s personality based on their luggage. In my case, I take underwear and toiletries. – That’s necessary. / – Yes, toiletries. How about you, Sook? I make sure to take a lock. – A lock? / – Yes. When you go backpacking, if you leave your backpack with the luggage, someone will take it. That can make the trip very difficult. If you put a lock on it, it’s secure. I’ve never lost my bag. It’s good to be cautious. – Anything can happen. / – It’s a useful tip. For me, it’s passport photos. – Photos? / – You can lose your passport. – That’s a good idea. / – Yes, photos. – And also… / – That’s very detailed. For people our age, it’s good to pack perilla leaves… – Pepper paste in a tube. / – Paste in a tube. It’s necessary. – Canned perilla leaves? / – Maybe braised beef? Canned perilla leaves and tubed sauteed paste. In a pack. – How about for younger women? / – I’m curious. For me, all trips begin with eating and end with eating. I take medication such as digestive aids, anti-diarrheal, calorie-cutters… – And hangover aids. / – They’re not for idols. – Hangover aids too? / – Even those? – Do you like to drink? / – They’re important. I love it. That’s unexpected. It doesn’t apply these days but long time ago, people took films. – Camera film? / – That’s right. – You need batteries too. / – That’s right. – It was required. / – Well… It took a while to develop a lot of photos after a trip. It was always exciting going to retrieve them. We’d get excited since we don’t get to see them till then. Developed by number of people. But these days, you can see on the spot. It’s better but those memories were nice too. Photos were developed based on the number of people in the photo. – That’s right. / – Right. I took a photo once with a bunch of natives. He developed 50 copies of the photo for the natives. I just needed one copy for myself. How would I even give them to the natives? What do you always buy whenever you travel? – Is there such a thing? / – I have one. I always pay a visit to that country’s supermarket. – That’s right. / – The market. – At the markets? / – I buy their instant noodles. – Instant noodles. / – Do you buy them? Domestic instant noodles that’s not in Korea. – Then, beer. / – Beer? – Do you buy them? / – That country’s beer. I buy those. For a while, I was into t-shirts with native language. I collected those. That’s a good idea. I also bring back newspapers. – That’s a good idea. / – I bring back domestic print. – Good idea. / – The date is always written. The date of my travel is always printed. – It’s a good memento. / – It’s cheap… – And you get good memories. / – It’s actually free. Usually, they’re just left out. You get them for free at the hotels. You can bring back multiple copies. You can actually wrap souvenir gifts in that paper. – That’s a great idea. / – It’s a good idea. – It’ll seem impressive. / – She’s so knowledgeable. – It’s a good idea. / – She knows so many tips. Today, we’ll be paying Laos a visit. Shall we take a look at the map? It’s close to Myanmar from last week, right? – Yes, it borders it. / – Right next to each other. – They actually share a border. / – That’s right. – You visited 3 places? / – Yes, 3 places. Are there direct flights to Vientiane? – Yes. / – There are direct flights. Afterwards, we travelled by car. – By car? / – But how long does it take? It’s a 5-hour bus trip from Vientiane to Luang Prabang. – 5 hours? / – That’s like Seoul to Busan. But the distance only measures about 180km. – But it’s very mountainous. / – It winds around. – I see. / – The flight is only 25 minutes. But now that I see it, the course seems very predictable. However… We’re shining a new light on Laos. Laos has been heavily featured on TV lately as a hot place. We made sure to focus on the aspects that haven’t been aired yet. – Let’s look forward to it. / – Can you beat us? We’re a tough team. Myanmar’s tough to beat. – Tough? / – Why is everyone laughing? – Pardon? Did you say tough? / – Well… – You know the score. / – That’s right. – They’re laughing very hard. / – Can you beat us? Everyone, they’ve really had a youthful trip. – Yeah. / – New Laos Tour. Let us now observe the first half of their journey. I actually don’t like moving around too much. – Let’s eat good food. / – You like to rest, right? – Aren’t you like me too? / – I prefer to be active. When we went to Hawaii… – I just stayed at the hotel. / – With music on… – I just stayed in bed. / – Lying down. – We’re different. / – It was great. – When they went skydiving. / – We went skydiving. I couldn’t go because I was afraid. – The scene already seems bright. / – I know. It’s very bright. – It’s nice not seeing dark circles. / – I agree. All we saw last week were dark circles. – It’s HD. / – That’s right. As you know, I’m still in my 20s. Shouldn’t we go backpacking before it’s over? – I do want to try. / – We should do it. – Shall we go without the carriers? / – Full minimalist. – Should we not take luggage? / – I can really do that. – No luggage. / – They’re backpacking. I like that idea. It really sounds good to me. It’ll be fun. I’m all for it but… We have to kind of abandon the fact that we’re celebrities. You speak as if I’ve ever felt celebrity entitlement. – When have I ever been like that? / – Okay. – We’re not like that anymore. / – Yes. We were like that maybe around 2012. Then let’s really… – Treat this… / – We’ll travel very lightly. Like a trip between friends in their 20s. – Then let’s… / – Let’s go on a strict budget. – Since this is a backpacking trip… / – Yes? You’ll be limited to taking 5 items per person. – Supplies? / – That’s a severe limit. – 5? / – What should we take? – 5 items… / – How about clothing? Toner and lotion, are these one thing each? – We’ll take one of those. / – The all-in-one types. – That’s a bit excessive. / – We’ll make do. If we take our chargers, that’s already 2 out of 10. – Does phones count too? / – Of course. What if something happens to us and we need to contact the production crew? – That’ll be a bad situation. / – That’s right. Please make an exception for our cell phones. So 5 items… Are you part of the production crew? It saves money. – Let’s take what we can. / – How about medication? Or how about supplements? It’d be tough without. – Let’s just not get sick. / – Is that better? Supplements? Why? Just eat a lot of vegetables. We might struggle with eating local cuisine. No. We must enjoy it no matter what. Alright. Let’s just say we’ll enjoy it. Including food is a waste of space. We can just ask them to leave out the coriander. – True. / – Without “gosu.” – Without. / – Without “gosu.” Sure they’ll understand if you say it like that? I’m sure it’s similar. G.O.S.U. – That’ll work. / – Gosu? You’re funny. – Cologne. / – Cologne? We might not be able to wash. If we have cologne, we can spray it around. Cologne? – Okay. Forget it. / – It’s a waste of space. Let’s just leave out the underwear too. We can’t do that. We need at least one each. Then, should we just go buy some at the market? – That sounds good. / – That might be better. Local clothing might be more comfortable. The weather will be incredibly hot. Let’s buy all the necessities there. Then we’ll just take the chargers for our phones? Without a carrier… – Is that your house, Dujun? / – Yes. It is a bit… Intimidating and scary. But we’ll resolve to travelling lightly. There are only pajamas in here. Underwear too. It’s a multi-purpose charger. – That’s good. / – That’s necessary. – It’s needed. / – This is only a single charger. Camera lens. A wallet is necessary. And this is a backup battery. With only these 5 items, we’ll be travelling light but enthusiastically. We’ll be sure to make a lot of great memories. They’re basically taking nothing. So you bought clothing locally and didn’t change after that? That’s correct. – That’s impressive. / – That’s amazing. – This is a true youth trip. / – It’s the real deal. That’s how travelling should be. The flight takes about 5 hours. – To Laos? / – I like the 220 volts. They have the same electric voltage. – So you don’t need an adapter. / – Vientiane. The breeze seems cool. That’s Patuxai. There are traces of French culture hidden around. Certain aspects of French culture can be found throughout Laos. – Doesn’t it look very luxurious? / – Isn’t that France? – That seems luxurious. / – Vang Vieng. That place has the most activities in Laos. Off-roading has to be done. It’s so beautiful. I can’t do this! They just jump right in. They jump so far. – They jump so far. / – You did that too? – That looks so fun. / – You’ll see it soon. – They had so much fun. / – Luang Prabang is… Included among UNESCO’s world heritage sites. Laos is a Buddhist state. People are very pious. – Oh, dear. / – Should we cast the votes now? (All three charming points are revealed) The capital of Laos and a place for backpackers. – It symbolizes victory. / – It’s the Arch of Triumph. Isn’t this The Arch of Triumph? It is. It says they copied it. You’re right. It makes sense because it was once a French colony. It might be fun to find traces of French culture. Since we’re in Laos, where should we go? – We should visit the Patuxai. / – We should. – There’s the Patuxai. / – It’s an arch of triumph. Patuxai… The “patu” part means “gate.” “Xai” means “victory.” – Arch of triumph. / – Gate of victory. How did you know that? That’s just common knowledge. We have to make sure to “patu” on Battle Trip. – We need to “xai.” / – Oh, right. – We want victory not a gate. / – I meant xai. That must be it. – Right? / – Taxis must not be expensive. When you come out of the airport, there’s a taxi desk. You pay upfront and receive a receipt. Once you hand that to the taxi driver, you can head to wherever you like. It’s very big. It’s enormous. From far away, it didn’t look that big. Gosh. It’s very high. From close-up, it’s very big. I’ve heard that there are about four floors. – We should go up. / – Let’s walk up. There aren’t too many buildings that are that high. – It’s pretty. / – It’s different… – From the Arch of Triumph. / – How so? Look. This section incorporates a lot of Laotian architecture. – You’re right about the interior. / – Impressive. – It’s very exquisite. / – It’s very traditional. From a distance, they do seem a bit similar. – But up front… / – It’s completely different. – Arch of Triumph? / – It does seem similar though. Well, that was the source of inspiration. – Well, it is quite steep. / – You’re right. What is that? What is that? (The floor opens up to a random gift shop) It’s a gift shop. There’s no escalator. At night… – Night market. / – We’ll head to the market. Let’s pass on the gift shop for now. Pass. – They have coin souvenirs. / – They do. I see something now. I see something now. (A view that unfolds before their eyes) (A second gift shop) It’s another gift shop? They occupy most of the upper levels. Gosh, it’s steep. It’s a little tiring. We’re still jet-legged too. There’s actually a viewing platform up here. (In awe) Now this is Laos. – Oh, you can view all of below. / – It’s a panorama. – The weather is great. / – It’s higher than expected. It’s pretty high. It’s about 7 stories. We were actually at the center of Vientiane. People gauge the distance using this landmark. Everything is measured with Patuxai as the center. – It’s at the very center. / – That’s right. (The youthful trip begins with a cool breeze) The breeze must feel refreshing. This is amazing. The view must really greet the eyes. Yes. You can gaze out in all four directions. We begin here at this significant landmark. – That’s right. / – I actually… Said this earlier. There are hidden traces of French culture everywhere. So the first meal in Laos… Will be a French course meal. – French cuisine? / – Yes, French cuisine. Will you be eating snails and stuff. We’ll be eating French cuisine. Then, we’ll be heading out to buy clothes and souvenirs. I want to go there. – It’s so much fun. / – It’s a night market. – It’s really cheap. / – Night market. – Let’s go eat. / – Sure. – Nice to meet you. / – Nice to meet you. Drone. – Very energetic. / – Yes. Drone. How do you feel? I feel great. This is a temple. There are lots of temples. There seems to be a temple on every block. – Laos is a Buddhist state. / – That’s right. You can see monk attire drying out in the open. – I see. / – The restaurant is inside the hotel. Turn right. Okay, right turn. This is our… – Destination. / – It looks very luxurious. Actually, even the restaurant’s vicinity… – Was very French-like. / – It’s so French. It’s $28 per person. You’ll be shocked by the quality of the food. This is such a strong start. So that’s a whole course, right? Right, it’s a course meal. We feel very cautious. It feels like we should be well mannered. (The backpack has been discarded on the floor) Citrus shrimp cocktail. – Is that like shrimp cocktail? / – Yes. – Duck… / – Tenderloin… Tenderloin with fried morels and potatoes. What are morels? (Let’s see here, what could it mean?) Potatoes. (Chuckling) Salmon fillet and scallops on a bed of… – Risotto. / – That sounds like Russian. There are two courses. – One each? / – Yes, let’s get a variety. We have to show our viewers the whole course. – You chose already? / – Yes. – For you? / – We… Two… Two people. (I trust you, Dongwun) (Just leave it to me, Dujun) One, one, one, one. – One, one, one, one. / – We had to choose. One, one, one, one. He’s asking for one each. – One, one. / – He understood everything. – He really knows his English. / – Of course. I can speak simple English. (The first dish of the anticipated French meal is?) It’s a cocktail. What is this? It’s French cheese toast. – Thank you. / – Thank you. This smells great. (French cheese toast topped with smoked duck) (Mandarin orange-based citrus shrimp cocktail) That’s so luxurious. What is that? We use the outer utensils first, right? Aren’t these first? – What’s with them? / – There’s a procedure? There is. You use them in order. – Aren’t I right? / – Who are you speaking to? – Me? / – Yes. I’m communicating with our viewers. We’re not alone here. We have our viewers with us. Right? But French cuisine seems to be mandatory in Laos. – It looks so good. / – It’s so cheap too. – It’s only $28. / – That’s a real gain. That looks good. I suddenly feel like being quiet. He must’ve been hungry. French cuisines are all very delicious. – Can’t taste bad. / – How is it? He eats well too since he’s on food shows. Like honey. – It was seriously good. / – Great expression. – Is it sweet? Why honey? / – The cheese is sweet. But also savory. This is good. (How is Dongwun’s shrimp cocktail?) – I think so. / – Like this? (How will Dujun rate the dish?) – This is very good. / – I know. – I’ve never seen that before. / – You’re supposed… To eat it with the bread. Me too. It’s kind of like that. What was it called again? That dish with toppings? – Crepes? / – That’s enough. – That’s way too little. / – Shrimp. Well, have a bite first. I’ll finish this in one bite. – I’ll have to eat that in Laos. / – I can hear the crunch. (King of gluttony) I should mix everything at the bottom too. What’s on the bottom? – What is that? / – Is it avocado? It’s avocado, right? (Dujun, aren’t you going to speak?) Huh? Come on. You need to explain a bit. I was too busy eating. Explain it to the viewers. (The plump shrimp accompanies a refreshing taste) The presentation is so pretty. But usually, when you backpack… – It should be on a budget. / – That’s right. That’s usually the concept. But at least one meal should be… – The next dish is out. / – Enjoyed properly. Is that the risotto? – This is the main? / – It’s the main course. – Is it duck? / – It’s duck tenderloin. This is considered a luxury in Laos, right? – That’s right. / – It’s a great luxury. – It’s only $30 per person. / – Yes, per person. – Let’s eat. / – Very main course like. There’s a bit of weight to it. What is that? A dollop? It’s scallop. Did he say dollop? (A scallop is provided to stir the appetite) The scallop is good. The scallop is good. (It’s time to try the salmon fillet) It’s what I imagined. This salmon fillet has been grilled. (Lost for words) That’s a scant description. Then you speak. You’re quiet too. It’s been perfectly cooked. It’s juicy… It doesn’t require explanation. That bisque on top has been made with various shellfish. It tasted very unique. It’s a bit… Medium well done, right? The duck… Is tasty. That’s all I can think of. The sauce taste like a steak sauce. – It’s chewy. / – The aroma of the sauce… Comes from the morels. It was a new aroma. The aroma negates the gaminess of the duck. It’s very good. It seems very well-prepared. What do you think you’ll choose? If I really had to choose, yours. – Really? / – The duck… – Is usually roasted duck but… / – Smoked. But this is smoked. How do I put it? – It’s like steak. / – It’s tender. It’s not gamey at all. I’d choose yours. How come? I’m a huge fan of risotto. It’s our personal preferences. Even though we’re backpacking, we can enjoy a good course meal. I think it’s one of the merits of Laos. Now we must be off. We have clothes to buy. – Let’s shop. / – Right. (Night market) The night market is extremely fun there. I was so excited that I ended up buying a blanket. – A blanket? / – It was so affordable. – Really? / – I brought a blanket back home. That was delicious. – Wasn’t that amazing? / – Yes. The sun has already set. – I can already feel the atmosphere. / – That’s right. This is awesome. This Vientiane night market is quite new. For that, it was very… It was relatively unknown. Isn’t that amazing? – It’s very big. / – That’s amazing. What is that? – The size is pretty big. / – It’s big. That’s not a night market. That looks like a festival. It’s usually really cheap. – You can haggle. / – It’s fun to haggle. – You can make a deal. / – Yes. We weren’t able to bring a lot of our stuff. We must buy things we need here. I’m going to buy all my clothes to wear here. At the night market. – You must wear it until the end. / – That’s right. We need to keep something straight in mind first. – The exchange rate? / – That’s right. We had to figure out the exact exchange rate. – For kip? / – Yes, kip. – I found a way to calculate it. / – How? – For example, if it’s 10,000 kip… / – Yes. For 10,000 kip, remove one zero. – That’s 1,000. / – Yes, that’s 1,000. Remember that 1,000. Remove another zero from 1,000. – Then you get 100, right? / – 100. – Multiply the 100 by 3. / – 300. – 300, right? / – 1,300? – Then add the 1,000 to the 300. / – So complicated. So you get 1,300. What? What is that? – That’s too difficult. / – It’s difficult. What about 25,000 kip? For 25,000… (Flustered) – He’s flustered. / – Take a zero from the end. You have 2,500 then. Then 250 times 3 is 750. So you get 3,250. That’s quite good. – It’s not exactly 1,300 won, right? / – Right. Just divide it by 7. You just have to divide by 7. – Is it that simple? / – Just divide it by 7. Right, 10,000 kip divide by 7 is about 1,300. – 10,000 divided by 7. / – Yes. – 1,500. / – You guys aren’t close, are you? That’s a 200 difference. – I think this is more difficult. / – How is it? Just divide by 7. – Let’s just go. / – Let’s go. – Divide it by 7. / – This is simpler. (They begin exploring Vientiane night market) It’s here. Cooling pants. – They are cooling pants. / – Cooling pants? – They are called cooling pants. / – Cooling pants. They’re cool to wear. Called cooling pants. – You call those cooling pants? / – Yes. – Cooling pants. / – Same, same… Patterns. Same patterns. Patterns. – I love this. / – It looks so comfortable. – This black one. / – Wait a minute. Black is cooler in summer. This is good. – How much? / – How much is this? – 35,000 kip. / – 35,000 kip. – 35,000 Kip. / – For 35,000… (Calculating) – 7 times 5. It’s $5. / – Wait a minute. You leave 3,500 and add it to… 350 times 3 is… That’s… Around $5, right? – Yes, $5. / – Isn’t my way much easier? – It’s easier that way. / – 70,000 kip. – Two. / – But… We… Two. 60,000 for you. 7 times 8 is 56. 7 times 5 is 35. It’s about $7.5. – $7.5. / – Leave 6,000 aside… $7.80. – Isn’t that right? / – Yes. – Thank you. / – Thank you. – Thank you. / – Have a nice day. – We bought our pants. / – I really like these pants. – Don’t try too hard to bargain. / – Of course. – Please think of the vendors. / – Of course. – I really like this place. / – Let’s look around slowly. – It’s something like “I love Laos.” / – Like this? – How about this? / – I prefer shirts though. Shirts? – Look at that. / – Wait, that’s amazing. – What about this? / – This. – It was awesome. / – We can wear this in Korea. This is nice. Let’s wear it to the dry rehearsal of “Music Bank.” How about that? Okay, I’m sorry. This one… – How much is it? / – That looks expensive. That was more expensive. 90,000 kip. – It’s expensive. / – 90,000 kip? 90,000 kip. – It’s because of the material. / – It’s expensive. It’s expensive. (We were good and we were happy) – That looks nice. / – Yes. $10 isn’t that much but 90,000 kip seems expensive. – 90,000 kips. / – It’s psychological pressure. It’s because of the material… It’s expensive. – Laos has good fabric. / – Discount, please. The cotton is really good. 150? 50? – 150. / – You’re doing a good job. – 150? / – 160. – 60? 50. / – 60? 50, 50. (He folds a finger) – Why? / – He folded her finger. – To make it cheaper. / – He’s asking for a discount. She just carried on. – They bought it for $10. / – Yes. – They bought it for $10. / – We’ll go change. – Ta-da. / – Ta-da. (Ta-da) We matched our shirts on purpose. That looks nice. – Are the pants really cool? / – They’re really cool. (He’s cute and pretentious) (Why am I embarrassed for him?) (The sexy boys of Laos) Those pants are enough to get by summer. That’s right. – Thank you. / – Thank you. – You need to drink that there. / – You do. You can choose whatever fruit you want and they mix it for you. – 20,000 kip. / – How much is 20,000 kip? We spent 30,000 kip earlier. We bought one for 30,000 kip? – They were cheaper? / – Yes, they were cheaper. We recommend you to look around and compare prices before shopping. It’s fun to look around so take your time. Buy something you really like… – At the cheapest price. / – At the cheapest price. We hope you find the cheapest. Let’s go. There is no such thing as sleep for us. – Let’s go to Vang Vieng. / – That’s right. You sleep in the car on the way. – Yes. / – We’re sleeping on the way. We spent about $7 to travel to Vang Vieng. – It’s about 50,000 kip. / – That’s really cheap. – About 3 to 4 hours. / – What about accommodation? We have arrived here in Vang Vieng. Today was a really long day. Backpacking isn’t easy. Our room was for 2 people, $70 for a day. – $70. / – That’s quite cheap. – We had a mission. / – We did. We were only allowed to bring 5 items. First, I brought this. I brought a camera lens to capture Vang Vieng’s beautiful scenery. This charger has 5 ports. – That’s nice. / – We need a charger. – I have an extra battery pack. / – That’s essential. Is that your third object? This is it for my luggage. – Soccer pants. / – Soccer pants. – Soccer pants. / – Why did you take those? I can use those as pajamas or a swim suit. I don’t have much. – Pajamas. / – Pajamas. Then, I have skin care products. I have my razor… And hair oil. Did you bring hair oil? – My hair is damaged. / – Isn’t that a luxury? I also brought my makeup tools. – This is makeup cushion. / – To cover your face. I also brought powder to stop the greasiness. You brought a lot of makeup. You’re very detailed. Is this “Get It Beauty” or what? (Battle Trip combined with “Get It Beauty?”) I brought underwear in various colors. I also brought my phone and charger. I connected it before bringing it. Since it’s connected, I brought 5 things in total. I was thinking about it on the way. I don’t think there’s a lot needed while backpacking. – That’s enough. / – Really? – For 5 days… / – Not really. – What are you doing? / – I’m taking my shirt off… – When I sleep. / – Really? Vang Vieng is also the most active place in Laos. – He doesn’t like activities. / – I don’t like to be active. Really? Don’t you like soccer? I like things like soccer. Buggy car. – You wanted to try that. / – Buggy cars. He’s really enjoying it. – That looks fun. / – It’s really fun. That looks fun. Oh, my God. It’s the weekend… – It’s not really known. / – And there’s no one. It’s relatively unknown so there’s not many people. However, the scenery is still beautiful. – The highly anticipated… / – Highly anticipated? – Motor paragliding. / – Really? Do we really have to try that out? You won’t force me to? – I won’t force you. / – I really want to try it. But since we’re here… (That’s amazing) (The 2nd day of the trip, morning at Vang Vieng) – Many backpackers. / – There are heaps of them. They’re mostly from Europe. There are heaps of backpackers. It must be a famous place to travel. It’s trending and accommodation is cheap. – This is the place to travel. / – That’s right. Look at that. There’s lots of Korean written here on the signs. – It’s very energetic even though it’s morning. / – Yes. – I prepared this for breakfast. / – What ? – Let’s eat Laos noodles. / – Laos noodles? – Yes. / – Noodles? (Laos rice noodles are thick) That looks good already. What meat is that? Pork? – Is that chicken? / – I think it’s chicken. – Is it chicken? / – It’s chicken. It was the best food I had in Laos. – Really? / – I still think of it. It’s coming. It is here? The aroma… – Smells delicious. / – It smells like chicken soup. – That’s true. / – Really? – Yes, slightly. / – That’s it. It’s like chicken and ginseng broth. (How does the khao piak taste?) (Wow) – It’s like knife-cut noodles. / – Wow. You can choose thicker noodles like we did. – To fit your taste? / – Or thinner noodles too. (Transmission complete) It’s good, right? Hello? Hello? – Is it good? / – The noodles are fresh. – It looks delicious. / – It’s really good. (Slurping) – They’re chewy. / – Right. It’s different from rice noodles in Korea. – Hyelin, you can’t lose it. / – Right. – I’m dying. / – I’m hungry. – It was really delicious. / – Don’t lose it. It’s so good. It really is. I love the noodles. – There’s also chicken in it. / – Chicken meat. They add toasted garlic. The broth is made from pork bones. – The chicken is tender. / – The noodles are chewy. The broth is made from pork bones? Bugs scare me. But he doesn’t put his chopsticks down. What are you doing? – It’s a camera. / – A camera keeps going by. It’s a state-of-the-art fly camera. – Helicopter cameras are expensive. / – Right. So we have fly camera instead. Please come and eat this. I could eat three bowls. Yes, three bowls. It’s 15,000 kip for a bowl. 1,500 and 450 so it’s 1,950. 15,000 divided by 7. – That’s around 2,000… / – 1,950. – $2. / – Around $2. – That was delicious. / – We finished in 10 minutes. 10 minutes. – Seriously. / – Let’s ride buggies. – Let’s do it. / – Let’s go. Let’s go. Doesn’t that make you think like this? I feel like I can eat those noodles if I go outside right now. – You can’t. / – They were really delicious. (Wow!) – It’s a dune buggy. / – Finally. We’re going to ride. – It’s a dune buggy. / – This is well-known. – But I really wanted to ride it. / – Right. You changed because your clothes will become a mess. We have to go into the water afterwards. – Swimming? / – You go into the water? – Yes. / – Yes. To the lagoon… Let’s go. Let’s get it on! (Wow!) (Laughing) (Wow!) This is great. So rough. Let’s go! – You can go wherever you want? / – That’s right. – We can borrow it. / – Did you ride it… – All the way to the Secret Lagoon? / – Yes. This is amazing. (Padang Mountain is Vang Vieng’s masterpiece) (It looks like artwork on a folding screen) – It’s a cow herd. / – What? – It’s a cow herd. / – That looks fun. – Goodness. / – There are cows. – That’s right. / – There are pigs too. Hey, cows! (Cows are commonly seen in Laos) There are pigs too. Hi, pig! (Pigs are also commonly seen in Laos) – It’s a piglet. / – How cute. It’s so cute. Look. – It’s a piglet. / – Hi, piggy! – It’s so cute. / – Piggy! Pigs are so cute. (Although the animals are cute) It took 20 minutes on paved roads and 20 minutes on unpaved roads. You need to wear glasses. – You need goggles. / – Right. – Right. / – You’ll get dirt in your eyes. Dirt… – This is great. / – It’s awesome. They’re getting started. (It’s refreshing) Speed on! This is great. (After speeding along) (They reach a fork in the road) If you go right, you’ll reach the famous Blue Lagoon that appears on TV. – It’s the famous Blue Lagoon. / – That’s right. I’ve been there. It’s packed with people. – That’s right. / – The water color is amazing. You have to stand in line to jump into the lagoon. (Oh, really?) – Where are we going? / – That’s the Blue Lagoon. – If you go down this road… / – It’s a different place? Yes. (Buggy course to the Secret Lagoon) It’s the Secret Lagoon. It must be really hidden. – There are no people or cars. / – I know. (They’re driving on a dirt road) We’re going off-roading! (This is off-roading) (Let’s have some fun) (Hahaha) (Their voices go up 7 octaves again) – They must really be having fun. / – I know. – They’re having fun. / – It was awesome. They’re so youthful. They couldn’t help but make that sound. – The buggy is getting waterlogged. / – It got so wet. (Even his socks are drenched) What a modest pose. This is so much fun! Off-roading is the best. (Is it that much fun?) – They’re so excited. / – It was really fun. (This is the best) – You have to ride this. / – It’s really fun. It’s fun. But the natural scenery is also incredible. – It’s twice as fun. / – That’s true. (Communication over) But you can’t… Follow the car in front too closely. – That’s true. You’ll get splashed. / – Right. – Dongwun, you drive now. / – Alright. I’ll drive. You took turns driving. It was pretty far away. (It’s fun sitting in the passenger seat too) Is it really that fun? (The laughter didn’t stop) We’re here. I can see it. – Secret Lagoon? / – This is the Secret Lagoon. This must be it. What is this? What’s going on? – That was the first half? / – That’s it? The Secret Lagoon will appear. Time flew by. – Really? / – Yes. Can’t you take me when you next go to Laos? Like we saw in Vietnam, during the French colonization, many beautiful things were brought in. – Laos is the same way. / – Right. It’s not just a French influence. Laos is the only landlocked country in Southeast Asia. It’s surrounded by five other countries. They were influenced by the cultures of those five nations. – For example, rice noodles. / – I see. Actually, I went cart racing… – In Tokyo. / – That was so much fun. – You saw the Tokyo Tower. / – Yes. Although it was different. The buggy riding looked so exciting. – Right. / – It might be tiring though. – But they’re young. / – Right. Didn’t your backs hurt? – It’s off-roading. / – It’s physically tiring. – Right? / – It’s more tiring driving off-road. It was fine driving on the paved roads. But it’s a 30-minute off-road drive to the Secret Lagoon. You have to be ready for it. That’s a given to see such beautiful nature. Suyong, do you have a bad back? No, but I don’t think I’d last more than 5 minutes. You can take a minivan too. – It’s more affordable. / – I’m curious. What if you don’t know how to drive? – Can you drive without a license? / – Yes. – I’m sure they have drivers. / – Drivers? – Are you okay? / – He’s fine. He’s wearing… The jade bracelet he got in Myanmar. – Is that it? / – Yes. He only has blood circulation in his right arm. I only have blood circulation on this side. – Only there? / – It doesn’t reach my heart. It’s only in this area. – Let’s vote. / – Let’s hold the first half vote. – Would you… / – I’m nervous. Go on the New Laos Tour? Yes or no? Please vote! (New Laos Tour) (What will the judges decide?) – The results are in. / – Some people are… Breaking in a cold sweat. – They hate rice noodles so much. / – Right. Sikyung is so adorable. (How many votes…) (Did the first half of the Laos trip receive?) It’s a big number. It’s a big number. It has to be high. They didn’t get as many votes as I expected. Can we see? – We’d better try harder. / – Our team… I’ll reveal the score. – 2, 3. / – I’ll show you. 2, 3. Can they see it. Is it so high that you are covering your mouth? They look pretty calm. It must be very low. In fact, this isn’t that bad. But this is not the final score. You will watch the latter half and cast a vote again. – That’s the final score. / – So please vote for them. Okay then. – Please. / – How many votes do you expect? I’m curious. I think we will get at least 10 more votes than this score. – It’s over. / – Yes. – 10 votes? / – We’re over. – Okay. / – 10 votes. Let’s watch the second half together. Shall we say it together? Start. New Laos Tour! (Secret Lagoon) Secret Lagoon? – Wow. / – We’re almost there. I can see it. I guess we’re almost there. Amazing. It says Blue Lagoon 3. The Secret Lagoon you know is the first one. – Is it the first one? / – There are many things. It was called Secret Lagoon before. Now that Blue Lagoon became famous, they’ve changed the name to Blue Lagoon 3. – Is there Blue Lagoon 2? / – There is. – But it’s quite small. / – It’s like a pool. The color of the water is so amazing. How is it so blue? (This is the Secret Lagoon) Let’s jump in! Let’s get into the water. It looks like as if someone dissolved… blue-green dye in the water. – She’s right. / – The water looks just like that. (Dujun) (Dujun and Dongwun enjoy the water to the fullest) This is the Secret Lagoon, everyone. There are a lot of tourists in Laos. But look. None here. Only a few local kids. There are no tourists here. After this show, it will be… – No longer a secret. / – That’s too bad. It looks like a swimming pool. There are a lot of people in Blue Lagoon. But there are only few people here. – It feels so cool. / – That’s beautiful. So cool. It’s so cool. Now that we’re in the water… – Should we do that? / – Diving? (Secret Lagoon has two jumping points) – Is it 11m high? / – This is nice. Goodness. – It looks fun. / – What’s that? (Dujun and Dongwun give it a try) (Dujun tries the swing jump first) Then he falls. It looks so lame. You looked like a frog. (Dongwun, jump!) (Here I come!) Jump! Wow, that was good. – That’s nice. / – I love the color of the water. – How is it even possible? / – It’s so beautiful. It’s the color of that sports drink. Did I look cool? (While they talk about being cool) (Staring) (It’s the highest jump) (A real man must try this) (This is what’s cool) – Do you want to try that? / – Diving? (We can’t lose) (It’s nothing, we can do it) (We are Highlight) (What?) – What? / – What’s that? What’s wrong? – Where are they? / – Do you want to play with us? We were tired. What are you doing to the kids? – This is good. / – I like it. (Who are they?) (Flying) I can’t do that. – I just can’t. / – It’s too high. (They are in the kids’ pool) Hey, kids. (They are annoying) You just took the tube from the kid. He’s mean. – They should pay for that. / – Wait a minute. You’re wearing life jackets. (The tube owners) (I’ll give it a try, watch) Do a somersault. (He says he’ll spin twice) Spin twice? I just hope he does it right. I saw other men doing it… Gosh. – It’s really high. / – It must be scary. – You can’t jump off the board. / – Right. It’s too high. (The tube owners approach him again) (Arguing) What is he talking about? Really? Kids can jump, too? They are local children. Oh, my. – They time it perfectly. / – They’re so good. Gosh. – That’s how you do it. / – Right. – From the feet. / – They keep their body straight. He’s good. (Embarrassed) Dujun, you don’t like it, do you? I hate it. (Embarrassed) (There is no turning back) Let’s go! – He hasn’t jumped off yet? / – Come on! He’s been there for a long time. When is he jumping off? – He did it. / – He jumped off. Water must’ve gotten in his nose. – Right. / – Didn’t it? He fell forward. – It must’ve hurt. / – He’d hurt his face. It was cool though. Good job. (Dujun and Dongwun had a lot of fun in the water) Gosh. – He’s funny. / – They are being clumsy. (The swimming time is over) It must be so fun. The admission is $1.40. The life jacket rental is 70 cents. And a beer is $1.40. – Yes. / – Wow. Wow, what do you think? This is so cool. As you can see, Secret Lagoon is right behind us. – It’s a weekend. / – Right. It’s a weekend but… There are only a few people here. It’s a secret place. It’s Secret Lagoon. When you ride dune buggy, make sure to wear sunglasses. You have to wear sunglasses and a mask. (Otherwise, you’ll eat bugs) That’s a must. You’ll end up eating a few bugs in the car. You should be careful. The important thing is that they sell instant noodles. – They cook it for you there. / – Instant noodles. Laos instant noodles? Korean instant noodles. – Korean? / – They cook it for you. After playing in water… – We have to eat instant noodles. / – Right. – That’s amazing. / – It’s unbelievable. The water is coming from a limestone plateau so it doesn’t have any smell. It doesn’t have bad odor of fresh water. – Right. It feels smooth. / – Your skin feels good. That’s nice. We don’t have to take a shower. As it doesn’t have a shower stall here, some people would be worried… Gosh, it’s served in an earthen pot. – What? / – It’s an earthen pot. (Amazed) – Gosh. / – Really? – Gosh. / – It’s an earthen pot. How do they have Korean earthen pots there? They serve it in earthen pots. – It’s amazing. / – They have kimchi. – They have kimchi? / – Yes. – Kimchi is so good. / – That’s amazing. They know what Korean people like. – Are they skewers? / – Yes, they are amazing. – Instant noodle after swimming. / – It’s very Korean. What do you think? Can you describe how you feel in words? (He doesn’t know what to say) – After swimming… / – It’s rice. You’re supposed to eat it like this. The audience is having a totally different reaction. I need to cook some instant noodles. This won’t do. I’m so hungry. (Everyone knows how good this will taste) And the skewers. It has chicken and vegetables. (Crispy onion) – Try it. / – It has chicken, onion and… – Spring onion. / – It’s only 65 cents per skewer. Only 65 cents? It’s so good. – Everything is good. / – That’s perfect. They had beer, instant noodles, rice and skewers. – That didn’t even cost $10. / – Right. Wow. Wow. This is nice. I think Vang Vieng is very lively. – I think so. / – It’s exhilarating. This is so nice. It’s so good. Now I understand why people love Laos. A lot of people will move from Blue Lagoon… – To Secret Lagoon. / – Secret Lagoon has never… Been on TV before. And there’s something… I worked really hard for this. What’s that? It’s motor paragliding. Yes, yes, yes. Laos has been on other TV shows but… – There’s one thing that hasn’t been shown. / – What? It’s motor paragliding. – What is that? / – If you look here… If they take flight, they’ve won. – Watch… / – Water then sky, it’s game over. They had fun in the water and ran so it’s over once they fly. (Only activity you can see all of Vang Vieng.) I’m scared of swimming and flying… (So I don’t want to do it) It’s more fun if two people ride it together. Not recommended to those who are afraid of heights. You don’t like that stuff, Dujun. He can’t do things like that. Let’s just do it together. Together? Because this has never been aired… I want to introduce it on Battle Trip. There must be a reason why it hasn’t been aired. – No, there isn’t. / – No? It’s just not well known yet. – They ate everything. / – It can be… Like overcoming your trauma. You can impress the audience. – What if I get more traumatized? / – You won’t. Just try it first. We’ll be together on the runway… – So let’s go. / – Are you sure? (Heading off to motor gliding) (The next fun in Laos is motor paragliding) So we’re travelling through Laos right now… We’ll say good-bye here… And we’ll return to Korea. This has never been introduced on television. It’s the main activity. – Is that it? / – Yes. – It’s motor paragliding. / – Gosh. – You can see it from here. / – They look good. We looked more natural in those clothes. – What is that? / – It looks fun. – Is he filling in the fuel? / – Yes, he is. It looks sort of like a stroller. (This is a motor) It looks like a huge fan. In the back? (He grumbles) Let’s try it. Okay? Yes… I guess… The tight shot of your nervous look. (Messing around) The tight shot of your nervous look. – I’m okay. / – Are you? This too shall pass anyway. – He looks pale now. / – Right? Is it safe? – Does it shake a lot? / – No, it doesn’t. I heard that it’s quite a relaxing activity. – That’s right. / – Is it? Is there no problem in this weather? – It’s so windy. / – Today… For now… Let’s wait for a while. We should check the weather a little further. – The weather is not good, right? / – No. – The wind got stronger. / – Right. If you look at our pants flapping, you’ll notice how windy it was. – It’s dangerous if it’s windy. / – Yes. – It’s dangerous if it’s windy. / – Yes. (He can’t hide his smile) ♪ Wind, keep blowing, blow more ♪ Wind. Is this much wind dangerous? It’s okay now here. – But it’s different up there. / – Is it? – We found out it’s gusty up there. / – Really? Because it’s the rainy season there, the weather… We can’t even walk in this wind. It’s especially bad today. (Dongwun is disappointed) Then for now… I think we should wait and see for a while since they said so. – Let’s wait for a while. / – Okay. – Okay. Let’s. / – Alright. Please let us know when the weather gets better. You can do that only if the weather is good enough. The weather is not so good. – It’s so windy… / – There are dark clouds. – It’s so cloudy. / – Look at the dark clouds. The wind is so strong. Because it’s… I wish it was sunny and bright. – What do you think? / – What is he doing? – What are you doing? / – I’m checking the wind. The wind is too strong. (It’s like a hurricane) – It’s too strong. / – It really is. (While they were checking the wind) It’s too windy, right? – It is so windy. / – It is disappointing… – But you should give up. / – Not today? Not today? So we couldn’t ride it. – You couldn’t? / – No. We couldn’t because of the bad weather. ♪ Wind, keep blowing, keep blowing ♪ You look so happy. We should have ridden it. – I can see that it’s very windy. / – It is windy. (Dujun is so delighted) I’m so disappointed. It’s bad timing today. – Suddenly… / – I wanted to introduce… – You’re talking a lot. / – Motor paragliding. Such a shame… I think the person who requested this trip can come… – And try it himself later. / – Right. When it’s safe. That’s how you ride it. – So that’s how. / – I see. – That looks amazing. / – But that’s not us. I’m curious about how it lands. (You can look down at Vang Vieng) (You can see Padang Mountain under your feet) – It would have been so much fun. / – It must be. – I would have had my eyes closed. / – It’s nice. It’s not just paragliding, it’s motor paragliding. – Because you get the thrust. / – Yes. I think it’s a good idea to ride it in Vang Vieng. We left Vang Vieng for Luang Prabang. Wow… Now, we’re moving. It is only 180km to Luang Prabang. – We’re moving on the new road. / – Right. Though it’s a new road, the road condition is not so good so it’ll take about 5 hours. – In the past in Korea… / – Right. We had to pass Daegwallyeong to go to Gangneung or Sokcho. This reminds me of that road. It’s going down now. Wow… It would look great to motor paraglide over these mountains. That would be awesome. I wish I could. If it takes 2 hours via paragliding, would you do it? Wow… That would be great. I would ride it. I wouldn’t. I don’t usually like long car rides but this scenery… It’s stunning. If it’s like this, I’d be fine with 5 hours. It’s so amazing. Can we take photos? Yes, take some. The road is winding. I need to take some photos. There are incredible views here and there. That’s amazing. (Breathtaking scenery like the time has stopped) – It’s picturesque. / – The clouds look close. (Gift from Laos on the way to Luang Prabang) It’s like a beautiful watercolor painting. 1, 2, 3. (Thank you for the gift, Laos) It was a good decision to change into those clothes. – They look great in the nature. / – They do. – They’re comfortable. / – And you can stay cool. (Wait for us, Luang Prabang) (They arrive in Luang Prabang 5 hours later) (Dujun and Dongwun sleep in Luang Prabang) Laos is famous for the monks receiving alms. When the monks are all lined up in the morning, it looks wonderful. I watched it on TV. People give out a little bit of food to the monks. It’s such a wonderful culture. It is something very meaningful. – Yes. It is meaningful. / – Yes. You have to be diligent to see that because you have to get up at 5 a.m. (Luang Prabang) It is a World Heritage site. The whole city. – It is? / – Yes. It’s designated by UNESCO. It’s great. As you can see, giving alms is really famous. The monks gather from many temples and lineup. (Must not disturb the procession, make loud noises) (Point fingers or have camera flashes on) You must keep the rules. – Yes. That’s very important. / – No cameras. You must not point your finger at the monks. Since there are lots of tourists, you get lots of flashes from cameras. – But that’s not allowed. / – No flashes. – You can take photos? / – Yes. – But only from afar. / – From afar. (The dawn of Luang Prabang has come) – It starts really early. / – Yes. – It’s past 4 a.m. / – Yes. The course we are taking… There is a spot where there are many tourists but we’re going to a place where locals usually go. We’ll watch something exotic. – It’s a religious ceremony. / – You’re right. So we should be solemn and courteous. We should buy some food to give to the monks first. There are many vendors already. Yes, there are fruits too. The sellers were out from early morning. Is it okay to give them cookies too? I heard the cookies are for young monks. For boy monks. I feel solemn already. Don’t you? We’ll be sharing this. – This must be the place. / – This is the temple. Let’s sit here. I guess you have to wear this first. What is the sash you’re wearing? They lend you that sash along with a mat. – Right. / – It’s etiquette. (There are few people sitting) Is that the drum? When food is given, it’s not only the monks who eat it. The culture is to share it with those in need. Tourists purchase food. – But the locals make it at home. / – That’s right. There isn’t… Much of a line. It made me really nervous. You don’t know what to do at first. You have to try not to touch their hands. A bite-sized piece. – Just a bite-sized piece? / – Yes. It’s great experiencing a country’s culture. It is important to show them respect. (It’s a sufficient reason to visit Luang Prabang) I thought it was just a tourist attraction. But it’s a religious event. Right, food isn’t normally offered like this. – Sharing food. / – Right. People who come to watch… You should with a pious heart. – That would be nice. / – Right. Now then… – We should get going. / – Where are we going? – Let’s go eat sin dat. / – Sin dat? We’re going to try… – A food called sin dat. / – What’s that? (Sin dat is Laotian grilled pork) Check this out. Sin dat is meat grilled over charcoal. – What’s that? / – It’s kind of… – Like bulgogi. / – It looks like bulgogi. – It’s bulgogi? / – Is it shabu shabu? The meat is like pork belly. – It’s pork? / – Yes, it is. (Wow!) It’s like a paradise. This place and Luang Prabang are my style. – Really? / – I love it. Vang Vieng was dynamic. Right, with activities. Luang Prabang is good for recharging the energy we used in Vang Vieng. Your clothes are so clean. – You wore them for 3 days. / – Right. Wow… This food… It’s raw meat. It’s like shabu shabu. – Why is it so cheap? / – Look at this. – It’s similar to bulgogi. / – Right. – Here you go. / – There’s fat. – The sizzling sound is no joke. / – Right. Look at that oil. (This is how you eat sin dat) It’s coconut broth. – You can adjust the sauce. / – How does it taste? – The sauce looks delicious. / – It tastes similar to… – Bulgogi broth. / – It’s similar. It’s similar to earthen pot bulgogi. – Earthen pot bulgogi? / – There’s also shabu shabu. The meat is separate. – We love shabu shabu. / – We absolutely devour it. The shabu shabu restaurant owner in Japan got angry. – It was all-you-can-eat. / – She told us to stop eating. We eat a lot. – The meat looks done. / – Let’s try it. – Dip it in the sauce. / – In the sauce? (Let’s try the meat dipped in sauce first) It looks just like mixed pepper paste. It’s good. I like the sauce. It tastes a bit like… – Pickled garlic. / – Right. – It’s slightly sour. / – Yes. Vegetables, meat and rice noodles. Rice noodles. – Dip them lightly in the sauce. / – Right. 1, 2. You have to eat it all on one. He’s really enjoying it. Hey… The rice noodles go well with it. Meat tastes good with rice. This could be Korean food. Everything, including the broth, tastes familiar. The broth must taste clean. – It’s very clean. / – Right? (He only puts one slice of meat on the grill) It’s really delicious. (He notices) How can you only put one slice of meat on the grill? – Isn’t it self-service? / – Is that right? – Dujun only cares about himself. / – 1, 2. I’m like that when it comes to food. Dujun, you’re really eating well. I could’ve mixed rice in the broth. We could eat 3 bowls of rice. We need beer. Want to drink some beer? – 1, 2. / – 1, 2. – That… / – How is the beer in Laos? It’s incredible. Our Laos vacation for Battle Trip is nearly over. – That’s too bad. / – It’s too bad. – Where are we going? / – Our last stop is a temple. What temple? The most beautiful temple in Luang Prabang. – What’s it called? / – Wat Xieng Thong. The temple is called Wat Xieng Thong. – Wat Xieng Thong? / – It’s the epitome… Of beauty. The name means “the most beautiful temple.” – Really? / – The temple was… – Built 500 years ago. / – That’s a long time. Despite frequent attacks during those 500 years, it’s been well-preserved and remains famous. The reason you have to visit this temple is because there’s a market on the way down, right? – That’s right. / – The roof is very unique. – There are three layers. / – Right. There’s a unique formation. – It’s their traditional style. / – The architectural style? It’s traditional Laotian architecture. – It must be because it’s a temple. / – Right. I feel very solemn. We’re solemn all day. – There’s a tourist attraction here. / – An attraction? There’s a tree of life. – Let’s look around. / – Tree of life? (There it is!) Is that it? – Wow, this is it? / – This is the tree of life? It’s not a real tree. Can we go up? I think we can go up. This is known as the tree of life. It’s not an actual tree. – It was created with mosaics. / – It’s so beautiful. It was fascinating seeing it in person. The tree of life brings good fortune. Really? Most tourists who visit here, pray for good fortune at the tree of life. – Should we make a wish too? / – Yes. Let’s make a wish. Please let Highlight do well. – Did you make a wish? / – Yes, I did. – I wished for our album’s success. / – Me too. Same here. Please let our wishes come true. Our concept was a backpacking trip. Although we haven’t gone on many trips… – We got to go backpacking. / – Right. This is how I feel. My heart was as heavy as a full suitcase. But this time, I left the suitcase at home and brought a backpack instead. My heart feels just as light. I was able to enjoy the trip with a light heart. I thought the backpacking trip was wonderful. I highly recommend it as well. Sometimes, I think it’s great to put everything down and take a minimalistic trip. (Perfect preparation doesn’t make a perfect trip) It’ll be my 2nd win this time, if we win. Will you get your 2nd win? Battle Trip allowed us to make precious memories. I hope we win so we can give a great gift to the client. – We’ll meet again in the studio. / – Right. Let’s go, New Laos Tour! (Dujun and Dongwun’s Laos backpacking trip is over) That was fantastic. The lagoon was great. – It was so nice. / – The lagoon isn’t… A hotel swimming pool. It’s nature’s swimming pool. The water was so clear. We’ve all heard about the Blue Lagoon. I’ve been there myself. The Secret Lagoon is… – Even better. / – There will be an uproar. There’s going to be an uproar. The Secret Lagoon is too expensive. The entrance fee is $1.40. A life jacket rental is 70 cents. That’s like telling us not to come. I can’t afford it. – A can of beer costs $1.40. / – $1.40. The most important thing is… We haven’t discussed the cost. 3 days and 2 nights. For 3 days and 2 nights, the Myanmar team spent… – $306.50. / – It didn’t cost much. The New Laos Tour. What is the final expense excluding air fare? – Our final expense is… / – The expense is… $321. The expenses are similar. It’s a $20 difference. You could have 10 more bowls of noodles. It’s more than 10 bowls. – A bowl of rice was 70 cents. / – You can eat a lot. 100 bowls of rice are $70. Kimchi was also too spicy. You guys have good team work. Please tell us your final thoughts. If you’re young, you should go to the best trip destination. Leave for Laos. New Laos Tour! If you want to go on a trip to Laos… The way Highlight planned New Laos Tour, please vote. (New Laos Tour planned a youthful trip to Laos) (What will the judges’ choose?) The results are in. (Nervous) (What’s the final result for Laos?) (Sighs) Do we have to prepare a speech for winning? – Get ready. / – Yes. – Get ready. / – I think you’ll have to be ready. – Be ready. / – What should we say? Don’t be too surprised. You don’t know what’s behind the judges’ smiles. Is the score higher or lower than the first half? It’s lower. Maybe the first half was too high. – Really? / – What should they do? – I’m going to announce the results. / – Okay. Let’s see what trip moved the judges’ hearts. What’s the judges’ choice? What is their choice? Let’s go. – Is it Slow Slow Quick Quick? / – Second digit first. Or New Laos Tour? – What will it be? / – We don’t know who will win. – This shouldn’t happen. / – The last digits are 2 and 4. – 2, 4. / – We’ve won for now. – By 2 votes? / – No, no, no. – 2 votes? / – No! No way. No! No! No! They won. We got a lot. 84 votes. Thank you. The Myanmar trip increased from 60 to 72 votes. – Really? / – For Laos… – What about the Laos trip? / – What about Laos? What about the lower votes for Laos? Laos dropped by 4 votes. It’s not 1 or 2 votes but a whopping 4 votes. They had originally 88 votes. They were being considerate. Okay. Anyway, we were so nervous. For this, Dujun takes his second win. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. It’s been 2 years since I won last time. Hyelin, how was it? Hosting for 2 weeks. I love Battle Trip so much so I was thankful to be a special host here. Next time, I’d like to be here as a guest and travel. – Yes, you should. / – Who do you want to go with? I’d like to go with Hani. Hani, since we have similar tastes in food. – You’d like to go with Hani. / – Yes. Okay, we’ll look forward to an eating show. We’ll come back next Saturday. We’ll be ready with cool summer vacation trips. Don’t forget the changed time slot. The world is a school. Life is a journey. Battle Trip! (Next time) (Bali, thrilling excitement) Phuket! (Phuket, a vacation site with a twist) (Hyun Woo, Tim vs. Hong Seokcheon, Yoon Bak) Nice. Good, good. It’s nice. (Learns how to cook) Genius. (Learns Muay Thai) (Battle Trip) (“Anck Su Namum” by Yezi)


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