Beautiful Araku valley – 2 Days Weekend Trip From Vizag | Day 2 in Tamil

First place we’ve come to Araku today is Tribal museum. I like to visit museum because It helps to learn about their culture to some extent and some interesting facts maybe. Hope museum amuse me 40 Rs for entrance ticket. Come let’s go We’re now seeing liquor extraction model Toddy (Kallu) They showing the process It’s mostly the same everywhere He’s drinking milk by the way (Sarcasm) It looks more like a Bigg Boss house with so many CCTVs We’re not supposed to take video inside. It looks beautiful inside, the tribal people’s art Culture, pottery and even tools they used for hunting etc. I’m not sure whey they prohibit taking videos inside. Maybe because they think people won’t visit here if they already see it in youtube Even we faced the same situation in Andaman as well. Everyone’s house has a calendar with a Balaji(God) pic in it But that isn’t restricting people to go and visit Tirupati People would still want to visit in real even if they see it in photos. If you’re coming here for the first time and if you need something more bigger than Google maps then they have something for you here. They’ve created a miniature model for Anandhagiri zone, Araku zone etc Here’s Borra caves Try to take train from Vizag to here because it might be thrilling and beautiful. We’re at Borra Guhaalu Borra means Hole in Odia language Guhalu means Cave It is located at 100 kms from Vishakapatnam. There’s a railway station at Borra caves so you can travel via train from Vizag directly. Already we’ve come here few years back so So now i’m not interested to go again inside. It’s similar to many caves we explored in our previous videos like Belum caves, Limestone caves etc. I’ll add a picture of it which we took during our previous trip This miniature is of Araku zone, you can see the Chaparai water stream it is shaped naturally like a slide game we were playing in it last time when there was less stream flowing. Next we’re going there. Other than that there are few more waterfalls here Since this is Monsoon I guess water flow will be good, we’ll cover them if we have enough time. This is Bongulo(Bamboo) Chicken. It tastes similar to me as other chicken recipe because I’m not that foodie I don’t feel much difference in taste. It is available only in Araku and surrounding areas nearby. Not even available in Vizag or Hyderabad. It’s available in Chennai. There was some startup on this Bongulo chicken. They’ve even featured in news, not sure maybe it is a paid promotion..! So if you come here try it, the taste is good. Half KG costs 250 Rs. It has less bones and more flesh portions. Enroute towards Lambasingi There’s a falls which we heard is Big and beautiful. and it looks very beautiful really. It’s called Kothapalli Falls. Even though it is Holiday today There’s not much crowd here. So there won’t be much crowd during weekdays indeed. But they’re not permitting to take shower under the falls. Because of the Water flow. Maybe you can shower during Summer months, but Water flow will be less. So next we’re going to Lambasingi (or) Lammasingi Let’s see what’s special over there. We’ve reached Lambasingi. There’s nothing much to see They said it snows here during Nov – Dec. (it snowed only once here as of i knew) There are few small camp sites available here. Other than that it’s not some big tourist place. You can contact the tourism center for further information. But the route was excellent. Kind of Off-beat road, Lush greenary sprinkled all over the mountains. This Araku Vlog ends here, even the moon is about to rise. Bye.


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