Become A Cruise Agent – Training To Become A Cruise Travel Agent

Become A Cruise Agent what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
and I’m back once again and today I want to talk to you about becoming a cruise
agent and how you can get started alright so listen up alright I got
involved with a company called Planet marketing and I want to share this
company with you all because if you serious about becoming the cruise agent
I’m pretty sure you may be feeling the overwhelm or don’t know how to get
started or where to go to find the resources to become a crusader but
listen up planet marketing is a company there will
provide you with resources tools and everything you need to become a
certified travel age okay Become A Cruise Agent not only you we also will be able to be
a cruise line agent where you can do travel for its land travel air flights
all type of vacation packages anything you can think of you can put together
your own packages you’d be a certified travel agent so if cruising can send me
one of your big thing that you want to be known for in the marketplace
guess what planet marketing is for you and they’re going to show you exactly
how to get started as they cruise aged okay they gonna show you how to get full
of being with the right vendors as far as like carnival carnival Norway ghen
Royal Caribbean all the major cruise lines they will show you how to get
access to these vendors okay and get discounts okay so honestly becoming the
cruise agents where the bulk of the money is that because we booked group
cruises that’s a lot of money that’s huge commissions and guess what eat if
you’d eat your own cruise plan that marketing will provide you with the
ability to make commission off your own cruise so imagine booking on a cruise
for your family for seven for example a family reunion cruise guess how much
commission you will get off there that’s a big big group crew so you get a huge
Commission so so if you serious about becoming a cruise agent I want you to
watch this presentation it’s gonna show you exactly what you need to know
to get started as a cruise agent or should I say travel agent and you can
just do all of it okay so that’s a presentation I want you to watch so
don’t worry about what you don’t know guess what training is for you they have
a wonderful back office that we train you how to become the best cruise agent
ever how to get the best deals the best rates things that you can offer your
clients how to get top top cruise packages for dirt cheap all this good
stuff okay so guys you want to know more about planet marketing and that’s also
partner with Intel travel click the link below this video or within this video to
learn more about planet marketing so you can become a cruise agent today
keyword today after you watch this watch this presentation go ahead and get
started and all the training and all the Become A Cruise Agent tools and resources are available at
your disposal ok so guys this Larry Porter signing off if you have any
questions feel free to reach out alright click that link watch the
presentation and I will see you on the inside alright let’s become a proves
agent to day alright Become A Cruise Agent

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