Before You Go On A Cruise Ship Vacation The 7 Things You Must Know

hey everybody its Bruce here with
traveling with Bruce today’s video is called before you book your cruise seven
things you must know and do these are some of the most important tips you’re
gonna have to keep in mind here before you’re booking a cruise this is a big
decision takes a lot of knowledge you want to make sure you get it just right
because after all how many times a year can you go on a cruise especially if
it’s your first ever cruise you sure want to get it right the first time and
well with experience you get better at it
and here are seven tips to kind of help you through the process be able to go to
places like these here Venice or Dubrovnik and Europe or to even just
sail the Caribbean or Hawaii or Alaska it’s a number of things you have to know
and the number one thing you got to figure out is your passport
make sure your passport has at least six months time left on it before it expires
even at the very end of your holiday so if you’re going on a two or three-week
holiday count from the back to your holiday to make sure your passport is at
least good for six or more months certain countries will not let you in
number two you need travel insurance you’ve got to look into it look at an
annual policy with your insurance provider back home whoever you’re using
for your auto or your home or life anything like that check with them to
see if you get an annual travel insurance policy rider added to an
existing policy it is worth your while you end up in a room like this in
another country other than your own you could be looking at ten twenty thousand
dollars per day and expenses that you didn’t think you’d run into just
stubbing your toe or twisting your ankle you could be in for a world of hurt
the third thing before you book your cruise check airline schedules if you’re
thinking of taking a cruise during the busy time of year you might be in for a
shock you might have found a cruise deal but to get to the ship and back might be
blown out of the water because of the cost of an airfare try to avoid a lot of
connections to get to your ship port O’Call because it is inevitable there
will be backups and you’re in a world of hurt there too
number four yeah gotta get to the cruise port at least the day before your cruise
and after your cruise you want to stay a night if at all possible just to take
the heat off getting there and getting home from the port city book a hotel
check deals there and make sure you’ve got yourself covered you have to get to
the port city the night before and if you do you’ve got time to do some
last-minute shopping for a few provisions number five make sure you’re
on the right cruise don’t get caught with a super deal for a four-day cruise
and only to find out it’s a spring break booze cruise if you’ve got children or
the two of you want to get away for a nice quiet relaxing holiday this is not
what you had in mind you’ve really got to really be careful to make sure you
don’t get caught up in one of those cruises if nuts that’s not what you’re
looking for now when it comes to other items like drinking alcohol on board or
any other activities you’ve got to double-check your pricing you may find
that a drink package works for you you may find that a drink package will not
work for you you may want to buy your drinks Alucard other activities on board
the ship you might have an idea about going on a go-kart ride or doing other
activities a bunch of on Shawn short activities make sure they’re included in
your cruise or you can afford them to make sure you know the costing of this
before you get into it and number seven kids yes or no what kind of a cruise are
you looking for are you looking for a cruise for your family mom dad one child
to three kids more is it grandma grandpa going with mom and dad and three
children is that the deal there are cruises that are perfect for
children and there are perfect cruises that are not perfect for children and if
it’s just the two of you getting away for a relaxing week or so you may want
to consider an adult only Cruise and not have any children in the area whatsoever
it all depends but what it is you’re looking for from your holiday you have
to really analyze it don’t get swayed or go or get waylaid by
a promotional cruise price that in the end is completely wrong for what it is
you’re looking for if you’re actually looking for some stimulating
conversation with other people in your age group you may want to consider
cruise lines that are more appropriate for your tastes and desires if it’s a
children’s cruise I get it you grab a Disney cruise or you go on Royal
Caribbean or Norwegian with all of the toys that they have onboard and the kids
will have a great time but if it’s something mom and dad getting away to
place like this romantic couple want to get away for a little while
there are other cruise lines that’ll set the mood and will set the table for you
perfectly in some cases it’s all about the food and so you want to make sure
you’ve got the right cruise line for the right food options as well anyway there
you go seven things you must know and do before you go on a cruise and I hope
this has helped you to decide whether it cruising is for you now this year coming
up thirty million people will be taking a cruise two and a half million a month
it is an expanding business I hope you enjoyed this video today join me Monday
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