Behind The Scenes Kitchen Studio And Film Equipment Tour 2019 || Glen & Friends Cooking

welcome friends a lot of people have
been asking for a studio tour so let’s do a studio tour it’s right here behind
me you can just see the open doors let’s go out and take a look so this is it
this is the studio so back up a little bit you can see it’s in a shed in my
backyard nothing too crazy nothing too large and inside is the kitchen
look at that so as we come in you’re gonna see the a camera that is a red
dragon and I’ve got that on top of LA’s Mandy ported jib this is a tool that is
absolutely amazing for doing food in a studio and then over
here is camera number two also a red dragon and a selection of lenses now
this camera this is a DJI Osmo pocket and I haven’t used it on the show yet
that you’ve seen started taking this on travel gigs where I’m elsewhere shooting
for my day job and we took it to Mexico City and we shot a bunch of street food
stuff with this camera so I’m interested to find out how it turns out after the
Edit is done and you’ll see the Mexico City Street food stuff coming up
probably it towards the end of September and into October now this is the full
studio setup you can see pretty much everything from this angle and the first
question that I want to answer because I know that everybody’s going to ask this
question is does you two pay enough that you can have two red cameras and you
know probably a hundred and twenty thousand dollars worth of cinema lenses
and the answer is no not at all not even close the money that I make from YouTube
doesn’t cover my food costs all of this equipment this studio everything that
you’re going to see is for my first job most of my life I have worked in film I
have worked on the advertising side of TV commercials the production
side of TV commercials so we would get the we would get the board’s and then I
would produce it or go out and shoot it for clients for TV I’ve moved on from
that probably about 2008 shortly after I started this channel I started doing
stuff just for the web with my own production company and so brands come to
me we come up with recipes and then we shoot the recipes and then we give the
final videos and the photography that the client can then use in print and
online either YouTube on their own YouTube channel on their own Facebook
page Instagram and so that’s the bulk of my business and so everything you see is
for that part of my business the Glenn friends YouTube channel is just me
having fun it’s me trying out recipes where I don’t have to be perfect where I
can fail where I can experiment and I can just interact with people one on one
because I got to tell you sometimes advertising and working for clients can
be a little bit soul sucking don’t tell them that I told you that though so here
we go the great thing about this jib arm is that I can move it around the studio and keep everything nice smooth movement
so pretty much this is the view that you always see of the studio but I want to
show you a little bit more so the set up is lit with these Kino Flo lights and
the Kino Flo lights are a fluorescent light that is specific for filmmaking it
doesn’t flicker at most frame rates and it has a really good color rendition
much better than a regular fluorescent light and I’ve got them hanging from the
ceiling on this grid pipe so I’ve got a grid criss-crossing ceiling so that I
can hang anything from above that I want to I can hang lights I can hide
microphones I can hang cameras if I want to do a straight down camera but most of
the time the camera is on that portage if that I showed you earlier or the
camera that I’m now pointing at off to the side there’s a safe and in this safe
I keep my lenses lenses are worth a lot of money and you
know I just want to keep them safe I’ve also got a lot of gels here and use gels
for light manipulation so anytime I want to sort of funky light something I’ll
use these gels in conjunction with one of these larger lights so this is a big
LED light I use it quite a bit for top-down so what I’m doing client work
most of it the camera is mounted up here and you’re shooting straight down and
there’s just hands and there’s music videos that everybody finds really
annoying at this point I think although they get millions of views so clients
keep asking for them I’m gonna keep doing them you don’t see them on my
channel anymore I did it for a little while to try it out but I don’t do it
much anymore and then of course back here are all the cupboards and the
cupboards are filled with things so you’ve got bins all through this one
that have all of the kitchen utensils that I use all of the spoons and whisks
and ladles and cutters and serving and brushes all of that sort of thing above
the stove or the oven stuff that I use for cocktails and we used to do a
cocktail series and I think we’re gonna go back to that sort of the end of
September beginning of October running through the holiday season I’m gonna do
a lot of cocktails on the ceiling is foam soundproofing foam so that not to
stop sound from outside getting in or stopping sound from inside getting out
but just to deaden the sound a little bit so you don’t get sound bouncing
around in an echo sometimes studios can sound like an echo chamber and that’s
not good now my studio isn’t as put together and minimalistic as marques
Brownlee’s but on the other hand it’s not the complete chaos of Linus
somewhere in between and I’m not faulting either of those guys because
everybody’s got their own style and I’m sure they both know where everything is
well marques knows where everything is of course over here there’s even more
cupboards and these are filled with glasses and jugs and things that I use
this covered here mixing bowls plates some things that I use for that down
below here are cutting boards and over here you have
pots and pans and on the back counter stuff that I use on a regular basis so
I’ve got the food chopper I’ve got a mixer blender the knives that I use top
of the fridge people notice what’s going on on the top of the fridge sometimes
just at the edge of the video and I’m you know I’ve got another Blendtec and
some more knives just extra stuff that’s shoved up there and so just off to the
side of the fridge here that you can’t see from the front I keep a bin of
tasting spoons and tasting fourth things are just mismatched spoons and forks you
get them at a restaurant supply store restaurant supply stores or where I get
most of the stuff that you see in this kitchen they are so much better than a
mall kitchen store you go to a mall kitchen store and you often buy stuff
that doesn’t work properly it has a brand name on it and you’re paying extra
for the brand name or extra for the design and the design often doesn’t do
what you need it to do go to a restaurant supply store where
professional kitchens buy their stuff and it’s often so much cheaper and it
actually works it may not look beautiful but it’s going to do the job it’s going
to improve your cooking so these are spoons that I just buy in bulk because
you’re always losing them you use them once you taste throw it into the dish
bin I also keep back here a selection of vinegars thermometers salt and pepper
anything that I need to grab really quickly that I can just come back here
and grab that I don’t need sitting on the counter it’s a bit of a cheat but
it’s the way I need to do things this is a freezer that’s been modified to hold
two to three degrees centigrade at all time so just above freezing and inside
there I keep beer and soda water so often times you’ll see me grab off to
the side and grab something out and I have a video a separate video that is
all about how we carbonate water so maybe take a look for that if you’re
interested over here is all of our equipment and I shouldn’t say all of our
equipment but some of my filming equipment all of the filters and follow
focuses and dovetails and things for attaching the camera to tripods or
sticks or wherever I need to attach the camera I’ve also got audio
Geir and these are all cables and over there I’ve got microphones and action
cams and I’ve got some lenses for 35 millimeter and 16 millimeter film
cameras that I use every once in a while not much anymore because everything is
digital but I still have those cameras I still shoot a little bit of film here
and there light meters I’ve also got over here and then down below here are
more cables and lights now over the last couple years I’ve moved mostly to LED
lights but I still have a pile of incandescent lights I’ve got dado lights
I’ve got my czars I’ve got lights from the 50s and 60s that don’t see much use
anymore but they do have a quality of light that you cannot get today from an
LED or a fluorescent and where I want a really nice light I will grab one of
these lights from the 50s or 60s because they’re just fantastic over here in this
other corner over here I’ve got I’ve got C stands I’ve got lots of C stands I’ve
only got three sitting here right now but down in the basement I’ve probably
got 25 or 30 more C stands are great for putting up stuff if you want to modify
light or putting lights on or grid cloth or all of those sorts of things so when
I’m doing close up for food photography for clients there are days where you
cannot move in the studio because there are C stands everywhere and I’ve got
pinpoint lights where we may take hours to get a tiny little shot but most
people probably don’t notice that it took us that long to shoot it I’ve also
got a slider here so I can put the camera on and this gives nice even
sliding movement back and forth works really well when you’ve got a nice heavy
camera on it if you’ve got a light camera doesn’t work very well that’s on
really thick sturdy legs I’ve got extra lights I’ve got extra tripods I’ve got
extra light modifiers I’ve got egg crates so much stuff and this is just in
the studio I could probably take you down to the basement and show you the
rest of the cooking gear so this is an equipment room down in my basement and
I’ve got a table over here where I can spread
all of the ingredients get everything ready to go put together the trace so
that when I take them out to the studio everything is set up for that recipe
we’ve got a wine fridge we’ve got another fridge for holding ingredients
that I don’t want to hold out in the studio for whatever reason this mess
back in the corner is a completely different studio set for the studio out
there so out in the studio all the cabinets are this white but I also have
a full brown set that I can use as well and we can just take off the doors put
new doors on and it’ll look almost completely different what a pain in the
ass to do but we do it from time to time now all of these are filled with dishes
all kinds of dishes for presentation dishes for putting ingredients in
anything that I need to present to a client if they’ve going to have a steak
and they want have a steak on a blue plate I can show them dark blue plates
light blue plates square blue plates round blue plates blue plates with a
white ring around them all of these cupboards are filled with those and
there’s also some props in here as well so if someone wants cookie jars on the
back counter I can put cookie jars on the back counter I can put little pieces
of fancy glassware I’ve got props for Halloween and various things for
different different celebrations throughout the year so if a client comes
to me and wants those things I can put them in and I can make that studio look
completely different than it does today or the one that you see on Glenn and
Friends these cabinets along this wall and there’s there’s quite a few I’ll
show you the rest of them these are filled with kitchen appliances or
cookware so up here I have a whole bunch of different kinds of slow cookers BBQ
tools and roasting pans this one down below is filled with cast iron dutch
ovens cast-iron brassieres and a whole bunch of different kinds of ceramic ware
for baking either for cakes or casseroles and of course this room isn’t
lit because I don’t shoot in here at all so up here I have different surfaces for
putting a finished product on or raw ingredients I’ve got boxes for wine
and beer that we need to ship different places in this cupboard is just a mix of
different types of spices and things that we use at various places down below
here I have deep fryers I have charcoal grills I have coffee makers
I’m sure what’s in this one oh just various pots extra pots of pasta maker
extra blender walks things for making bread down below I have extra mixers
vacuum sealer extra walks co2 cartridges there’s even a pressure cooker back
there I don’t use the pressure cooker often I think I’ve used it in maybe two
videos and I didn’t really like it all that much so you don’t see it too often
this last one so I’ve got stuff up here for the the wine aerator and I have
overflow cake tins this last one is just filled with cake tins square cake tins
round cake tins springform pans all of that sort of thing and then this one
down here this last bottom one waffle makers three or four different waffle
makers countertop grills a couple of different kinds of ice cream maker I’ve
got pretty much everything it takes to make the foods that my clients want and
also to give me the freedom to play on Glen and Friends let’s go back up to the
studio because I know that there’s one more thing that you really want to see and so I’m gonna say the number one
question I get over and over and over again is what’s behind the counter so
here it is the big reveal what’s behind the counter the cooktop is right here
induction cooktop and underneath it it’s just a garbage bin so when I reach over
and I throw stuff into the garbage I’m literally throwing it into this
garbage bin there is always an Apple box back here Apple boxes are probably the
most underrated film tool there is it’s just a plywood box with holes in it that
you can stand in different directions and you can stand on it you can put the
camera you can sit stuff on it very important
in filmmaking and I always have one or two stacked behind here so that I can
access them easily on this side where I usually do the mixing and you see me
throw stuff under the counter it’s just a dish bin all the dirty
dishes go into this dish bin and then I can carry the dish bin inside to the
house to to the wash up so there’s nothing really intriguing back here just
a dish bin underneath here are other bins that have pot lids I also have a
bin right here that is filled with towels so that I can wipe off my hands
and the counter top so that’s it that’s it for my studio tour thanks for
stopping by I hope you enjoy all of the videos that
we make please leave down in the comments anything that you want to see
and I hope to see you again soon you


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