Behind The Scenes Tour Of Warner Bros. Studios (360° Video)

(dramatic music) – [Narrator] Welcome to Hennessey Street on the Warner Brother Studios back lot, originally built
in the 1930s, this is one of the back lot sets at WB,
where we do exterior filming. On your right, the light
brown brick building, played miss Hannigan’s orphanage in Annie in the early 1980s. Across the street from that you’ll see the Williamsburg Diner
from Two Broke Girls. Hennessey Street has
also played Gotham City more than any other street in the world. It was Gotham for Batman
Returns, Batman Forever, and Batman and Robin. Hennessey Street has also played New York for all ten seasons of Friends. The iconic show did not
film one scene in New York and anytime you saw the cast
walking around the streets of the Big Apple, it was
right here in Burbank. Even the iconic coffee shop, Central Perk was constructed inside stage 24 at WB. That espresso machine
behind the bar is real and a back ground actor got his big break by knowing how to use it. Gunther, wound up being a
regular for all 10 seasons. One of the most used
sets in all of Hollywood is Midwest Street. It’s played the town square
in close to 400 movies and television shows including,
Rosewood, Pennsylvania, for Pretty Little Liars,
Stars Hollow, Connecticut for Gilmore Girls, River
City, Iowa from The Music Man, Smallville, Kansas from Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman,
and Hazard County Georgia from the Dukes of Hazard. How do we get away with
using the same sets in so many productions? Keep changing out the set dressing. That’s everything from street lights, to newspaper stands, to
trash cans, even cars with license plates. Set dressers normally get 24
to 48 hours to dress up a set, that means you get one to two
days to create a brand new location and a brand new time period. Some of the most iconic homes
live on the Warner Brothers Midwest Street, for example, Rory and Lorelai Gilmore’s
house from Gilmore Girls. This is the rarest form of
back lot set, a practical set which means, there is
a large enough interior to film both inside and out of the home. This house was used as Miss
Kim’s Antique’s in Gilmore Girls and also Ross and Monica
Geller’s home in Friends where they shot the
very famous prom video. But as you can see it’s empty right now. We need some props. That’s when you’re gonna
go to the Warner Brother’s property department, this is
arguably the largest prop house in the world. Roughly 247,000 square feet of props. It essentially works like
a library, everything has a bar code on it, you scan
it, take it to your production and it’s yours, all
you need is a hold tag. Now that you’ve seen behind the curtain, keep your eyes peeled the
next time you watch a movie or television show to see if you can tell if it’s a real place or
one of these back lot sets. (upbeat music) (whooshes)


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