Best Holiday Gift Guide for Travel 2018

Happy holidays everybody. It’s that time of year again, and we know that it is difficult enough to buy a gift for anybody, but if your friend or loved one is a traveler, finding a gift that’s carry-on friendly even harder. Damn near impossible. But it’s okay. We have you covered. We’re the Vagabrothers, your go- to channel for travel tips, vlogs, and inspiration here on YouTube. And in this video we’re going to be listing all of the best travel gifts for 2018. We’ve made it simple. We’re going from lowest price to highest. These are gifts that are good for guys and girls of all ages. So whether this is a gift for your brother, your girlfriend, mom and dad, or just something that you want to put on your own wish list. We got you covered. It’s ok. Sometimes you have to buy gifts for yourself. Oh, yeah, don’t worry. There’re links to all the products featured down in the description box. Without further adieu, you’re watching Vagabrothers, and these are the best travel gifts for 2018. We all know that buying gifts can add up really quickly, so we’re starting off with the best value gifts under 25 bucks. Let’s go. For an inexpensive practical gift, check out the body wash by Juniper Ridge, a California-based company that does wildcrafting. They’re essentially taking the smells and the essence of different destinations around the American West and bottling them for you so you don’t smell like a stinky traveler. You smell like a pine tree. The body wash only costs five dollars and comes in travel friendly 2 ounce containers. It has a bunch of different essences or smells, including desert sage, cascade forest, and coastal pine. These days we all know that there is nothing sexier than sustainability, and so we are recommending these beautiful reusable bamboo utensils by To Go Where. I also bought a reusable metal straw for $2, which fits perfectly in here, and that’s just great but in researching this video, I found another solution. This one’s 11 bucks, but there’s another kit that has everything in here including the straw in a pipe cleaner so you can get all the gunk out of there, and that’s only like a dollar more. So there’s plenty of options out there. They all cost between 10 to 15 bucks for a set No matter which kit you go for there’s tons of options out there, and they’re all doing the same thing, which is reducing our dependency on single-use plastics. They are one of the biggest contributors to pollution on earth, and you all know about the giant Pacific Garbage Patch. It’s incredibly destructive and this is a way for all of us do our own part. It’s a gift that keeps on givin to Mother Earth. We can all agree that travel is great for broadening your horizons, and we can also agree that travel is quite expensive, especially if you’re a student and you don’t quite have the money to make a trip right now. So if that’s your case, this is the perfect gift because It’s called the experience Passport 45 Ways to Broaden Your Horizons. And all the ideas in this book focus on things you can do here at home that give you the same benefits of travel without all the costs. So there’s 45 tasks here. Each one’s designed to be done in about a week. Have a conversation with two people from at least four decades apart about their childhoods. Read or watch the same story as covered by three different news sources on the same subject or Find someone who has very different cultural tastes than your own, and asks about their favorite song, movie, etc And at the end of it, it has you write down how your perception of their culture shifted. So these are a lot of the same benefits that you have from travel, but this is only 11 bucks. Great deal. Another wonderful and inexpensive gift is hematite This is a stone. You can buy this for as little as 10 bucks, and it’s a very, very heavy. It doesn’t look that heavy but it feels like an asteroid or something from outer space. But this is great for travel because it’s something that can fit in your pocket, but it really makes you feel grounded. Whenever I’m going here and there and there and moving really fast, I keep this with me. And then if I feel kind of out of it, I pick it up, put it in my hand, and It really brings me right back to the present moment in the present place. In a similar vein is this travel candle. It’s a very simple small gift, but it can help bring a sense of home to your loved one, no matter where they are in the world. The best ones are scented like this one tobacco and red currant. They also have a twist top. So the wax is not going to spill out or melt in your bag when you’re traveling or in transit. And prices range from fifteen to thirty dollars. A few months back, I went on a vacation with Carrie. We went to Kauai. We found very cheap airfare from LA to Kauai, and it was a spur-of-the-moment trip. But I spent $20 on a packable hammock, and it was such a game changer. I can’t even begin to describe to you the feeling of freedom that we had with this double person hammock. being able to set up a portable chill spot anywhere that two trees were close enough to link the hammock. We spent so many afternoons posted up in new locations perched with crazy views Just reading, chilling. It was the best $20 that I have spent in a very fair long time. This is not officially in our list. But if you know who Randall Pearson is, then you should get this shirt. I’ll link it in there, too. Vote for Randall. One of my favorite travel hacks is drinking mushroom tea. And no not that kind, this kind. Four Sigmatic. It’s basically these really medicinal mushrooms that are sold in these individual packages. There’s reishi, lion’s mane, chaga and cordyceps. For traveling, I bring Reishi. This is a mushroom that really helps you unwind and feel grounded, and Cordyceps, which boosts your energy. These are great techniques for getting around jetlag. You can buy a pack of 20 of these. I think they’re about 27 bucks. So they’re not super cheap. But if your friend or loved ones going on a trip, it’s an excellent stocking stuffer. It’ll help them feel great, wherever they go. Now, this is pretty basic, but I’m not going to lie. I never leave home without it. It’s a power bank. This one’s made by anchor. We’ve used it for a while. They’ve released a couple of new newer versions that have a higher charge capacity, but this little guy is essential.. Whenever we travel having the ability to recharge your phone or a camera when you’re on the road and you don’t have access to power is extremely handy. This one only costs 25 bucks. It’s good for up to three recharges of your phone. Priceless Only 25 bucks and definitely worth it. Let’s be honest. One of the biggest challenges when you’re traveling is just finding out what power outlet and what voltage the country and destination that you’re going to uses. That is solved with this little Ventev Multi Port adapter. This is one of the best ones I’ve seen on the market. It comes with USB plugs, as well. This is really nice though because you have all of the different major power outlets in one. We highly this little Ventev. Get it for your friends, get it for your family, get it for yourself. Next up: boom the passion planner. Do not be fooled by the size or weight of this object. It will help you travel. And I mean that because this is basically a weekly planner, but it combines long-term goal settings. For example, if you know that you want to take a three month backpacking trip sometime within the next two years, This is a great object because in the beginning of the year it will help you break down that goal into its component parts, The steps that you need to take to make that happen, and then it shows you how to put those steps throughout the year and break them down so you can actually make that happen. The passion planner is only thirty bucks, we’re actually giving you guys a discount code. if you put in cash fam you get 10% off. I would highly recommend buying this. Use it at the top of your year, plan out your adventures, and don’t just make them be distant dreams in the horizon. Make them happen in 2019. As you all know, we are big fans of reusable water bottles. It’s one of the easiest ways to reduce your impact while traveling and at home. So to the rescue …metallic reusable water bottles. This one is mine. It’s 32 ounces. It’s made by Hydroflask. It’s insulated. So it can keep your water cold during a hot day or it can keep your coffee hot during a cold morning. Marko is rocking the Yeti. This is an 18 ounce version. One of the benefits is the cylindrical tube is a little bit thinner, which means it actually fits in a cup holder. One little tip to make this much easier to bring with you is to just buy a carabiner. Doesn’t need to be a heavy-duty like climbing carabiner But you just clip that on there and when you are for example on an airplane, you can clip this to the seat back in front of you, and then you don’t have this giant thing wedged in between you and a stranger. There’s nothing worse than begging for water on long international flights. You’re like, oh please help me. Now you’ll be fully hydrated. You’ll be looking at all those other people who are just begging for that glass of water every three hours. As we all know travel can be extremely hard on your body. Changing time zones messes with your sleep. Being crammed in middle seats on long flights will definitely mess with your posture and your back, and not to mention lugging heavy bags all across the world will just generally tire out your muscles. So one of the best ways we’ve found to deal with that is to practice yoga and stretching on the road. Enter the Manduca Eko Travel Yoga Mat This is one of the best investments we’ve made to maintain health while traveling. I like to just roll into my hotel room, throw it on the ground, get a good stretch and maybe do a little bit of yoga. But it’s also super helpful for keeping yourself fit while on the road. I like to do a lot of bodyweight workout when I’m traveling, and it’s kind of gross to just do that on the carpet of a random hotel. So just having that extra little layer really encourages me to get down on the ground. It’s a super great investment. it’s going to keep you feeling limber and energized to go out and explore as much as you can to really make the most of that trip. Another great product is the Nomadix Travel Towel. We all know micro fiber towels are crucial If you’re backpacking around the world. You need to have a clean towel that dries quickly. Nomadix are great because they have amazing designs. They’re very unique. They dry very quickly. They’re sturdy. They’re also great because they double as a yoga mat. So if you don’t feel like buying a separate travel yoga mat, this will work. And if you do hot yoga like I do back home, this kind of helps stop your feet from slipping if you’re doing hot yoga because there’s a lot of sweat involved. These are 40 bucks. There’re tons of different styles. Link below in the info box. Next up, we have the Cabo or cabeaux Oh Cabeaux. It’s the Cabeau Evolution Pillow. I have been kind of anti-traveling with pillows just because you see those prople in the airport and this one my friend Carlos recommended. He was like you are a fool if you pass on this it’s made out of memory foam it’s coated in a very soft comfortable fabric, and it it does scratch down to a pretty decent size. I’m not going to say that this is the most minimal travel pillow that you can buy, but I will say that it has turned long economy middle seat flights into very comfortable nights of sleeping. There’s a little side pocket where you can stuff your ear.. your ear plugs, your eye patch in there and then just kind of keep it together as a unit. It’s definitely a great investment and it’s made my long flights way more comfortable. I highly recommend you check it out. Okay, our coffee table book recommendation of the year goes to… boom The Grand Hostels Luxury Hostels of the world an excellent collaboration between our friend Cash aka Budget Traveler and the legendary Berlin publishing company, Gestaltin This book is great. The outside is beautiful. It’s like a kind of a Wes Anderson vibe, and it’s kind of played off of the Grand Tour of Europe. and then the inside has the beautiful layouts that Gestaltin is so famous for. They have great aesthetics, beautiful photos, illustrations, and tons of really practical information about luxury hostels, which is one, at least to me, one of the most interesting segments of the travel industry. Not only do you get the quality of a design hotel, but you have the affordability and communal aspect of a hostel There’s plenty of them here that we’ve been to a few of them already. Definitely want to put a few more on our list. And not only do they have hostel recommendations, but they also have city guides from most of the cities featured. It’s a great book. It costs 40 bucks, and this will make a great addition to your home. Go buy it. Good job Cash and Gestaltin great work. Really love the book. As you may or may not know, I am obsessed with headlamps. I think it’s one of the most underrated and most practical useful pieces of equipment you can bring with you on a trip. Every time I don’t bring a headlamp, I curse myself because there’s definitely a moment when you need it, especially at night. Especially when you’re trying to organize yourself or if you have to unpack and repack on the go. And I really like this one. It’s the Petzl Elite. It’s the smallest most packable headlamp that I’ve seen on the market. It doesn’t have the strongest beam. It has a 10-year guarantee. It weighs absolutely nothing. It’s waterproof up to a meter itself. It’s got red lights strobe lights and a whistle built into it. It’s not as bright as some of the other headlamps on the market, but what it lacks in power it just makes up in pure minimalism goals. If all this seems too much, you could just go for a gift card. If you’re going to do a gift card, you might as well do Airbnb credit. They start at 25 bucks, but we recommend at least 50 because we all know 25 bucks these days… It’s pretty much just the cleaning fee at your place. So this is a great way of either giving someone a start on a trip or if you have a boyfriend a girlfriend You can give them this gift and be like, hey, let’s go to this beautiful place in Paris. Here’s a photo This is our way of getting it started So great gift easy to redeem throw Airbnb if you followed this channel long enough You’ve probably learned by now that I like the outdoors. I like going outside. I like camping I like spending time in nature but packing for a camping trip can be really difficult You have your gear lists, you need to double check them to make sure you don’t miss anything if you forget something Important you could be in a pinch. That’s why the trip tarp really helps It’s essentially a tarp which can double as a tarp a rain fly, etc But on it it has your entire gear list Visually laid out and organized by section. So it’s essentially a packing guide It’s gonna help you pack for your outdoor trip and stay organized to make sure you don’t forget anything important But it also doubles as a rain fly it small I use so you can tie it down It’s durable and it’s super lightweight this is a great little gift for the Outdoorsy people in your life for the frequent traveler few things are as convenient as Global Entry Which is basically a fast-track application for getting through customs and security at the airports There are various forms of this in Europe and other countries And we recommend giving your loved one this as a gift the payment towards the application and the United States is a hundred bucks Not sure how much it cost me these other places of the world, but this is a really thoughtful gift Especially if this person travels a lot it will be very useful over the years Next up recommending the air pods from Apple and there’s a lot of you they’re gonna say hey Marco Why are you recommending this these are overpriced there are better products out there especially with the noise canceling capabilities that are so important for airplanes and you’re probably right there are But I think that these are some of the best products that Apple has ever made It is kind of difficult to hear on an airplane You have to have the volume cranked all the way up But the convenience of these in the way that they seamlessly integrate with. The iPhone is Unsurpassed so overall really love the air pods highly recommend them I love reading books, but I don’t like carrying books around especially when I’m traveling there’s nothing that takes up more space than a big old book so you can eliminate that problem by buying a Kindle the new Kindle is amazing. I bought one for Kerry for her birthday and she loves it. It has a built-in light It’s a touchscreen you can shop for books on Amazon directly through the Kindle and you can fit hundreds If not, potentially thousands of different books in one tiny lightweight device so if you have a loved one who loves to read then consider getting them a Kindle if you want to get a gift of Style, I would recommend Sabhas. These are slippers. They are made handmade in Turkey With from artisans, they’re based on a classic Turkish style, but slightly adapted for Western tastes They cost just under $200 so they are not cheap, but they’re very very well made And these are perfect for traveling because not only are they easy to slip on and off if you’re going through security But they pack down to nothing and they’re a great option for looking a bit more Smart if you want to dress up a little bit you put these on with a pair of slacks I’ve worn them with suit they work every single time and I think this is a great addition to your Travel wardrobe so that you don’t have to carry around heavy dress-up shoes if you have somewhere nice to go You’re probably wondering why we haven’t made any recommendations for cameras or for backpacks or luggage but that’s because we already have solid videos with our favourite products from all of those different realms So if you’re interested in a new camera, if you’re interested in a new backpack or a new roller bag Then check out those videos. We will link them down in the description as well as all of the products we’ve discussed today Ok, hopefully that video was useful We all know that flying. Hope you the family is stressful enough and is our Hope that this video made your life just a little bit easier if it did please give this video a thumbs up remember subscribe and turn on notifications if you have not already and Yeah, have a very happy holiday here at the end of 2018 We’ll see you guys soon got great content coming up new trips all that jazz So make sure you subscribe to value brothers as we always say around here. Stay curious keep exploring and we’ll see you on the road Model of the kingdom that use I vote in your novel laughter then like breathing Halloweekend and like I look just like my style

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