BEST Pizzas in New York! New York Pizza Tour of Manhattan

Waitress at the big city Hey guys, it’s Mike Chen. Now, despite the many videos on this channel, and also despite the channel name I don’t just eat Asian food I like to think of myself as a pretty much equal opportunity food lover. Of course, Chinese food is my favorite because well That’s where I’m from, That’s what I grew up eating But I really do love foods from all around the world. Now, having lived in New York City for over a dozen years Pizza is of course something I absolutely adore. It’s hard to find it a really bad slice of pizza in New York City unless you’re gonna Little Caesars or something I don’t know if it’s the water or that pizza Sauce just courses through New Yorkers’ veins. Even dollar slices here are much better than most places You’ll find outside in New York. So in this video I’m gonna take you to some of my favorite pizza places in this city. This time, we’re only gonna cover Manhattan then we’re gonna move on to Brooklyn where many New Yorkers consider the real pizza heaven to be. All right guys. Let’s go on a pizza tour Location number one I can’t even talk right now. I am at Rubirosa this place in Lolita Is it’s not really known as a slice place. It’s more you sit down and get a whole pizza because, trust me, you don’t want just a slice here. My favorite pizza here You’re looking at it. You’re looking at it right now the vodka pizza if I come here for lunch for dinner or whatever I’m getting the whole pot first of all let me show you why it’s not as intimidating as you think it’s it’s large. Yes But look how thin it is this thing looks like it’s been on Weight Watchers It’s been Jenny Craiging itself. If you know anything about New York Pizza. It’s thin crust New Yorkers. We love thin crust pizza We just look how beautiful This is nice and crunchy and when it gets right to your table the sauce is nice and bubbly you know I’m gonna shut up And take a bite first the classic New York way fold it up take a bite You guys need to come here and eat this, you really do Look at how amazingly thin this is. I mean, this is like Eating a pizza cracker, and I mean that in the most delicious way possible Sauce is sweet and vodka-y, cheese is beautiful and light, I came here last week asked for this pizza took one bite You guys know those love at first bite moments. Yeah, that was definitely one of them What really sets this pizza apart from all the other pizzas I’ve had? It’s really the crust I can’t get over how amazingly thin this was. I mean, you’re eating a slice of this pizza. I mean, I’ll show you guys I I just finished a slice okay, that is definitely not enough, and I feel like of all the places. I’m going to today This is one of the top slices Even though it’s only been a week I don’t really miss you only bad thing is I mean it’s a good thing for this restaurant But only bad thing is there’s always a line at the door, but if you are in, New York And you want one of the best pizzas the city has to offer in my own personal opinion. This is it and again Don’t just get a slice, come on. Order a whole pizza eat one, freeze it, take it home You get that nice crunch of the dough in your mouth Just just fills with that delicious tangy, sweet sauce and then the melty cheese I would eat this in a dark alley next to a dumpster But that probably means like that Batman might come and steal my pizza I got to go for a slice of supreme because pepperoni. This is how you can tell this is a good slice I feel like the pepperoni has to be curved with that little… see that little puddle of oil inside That’s called a delicious pepperoni cup. Yeah, those things exist you got sausage pepperoni. Fresh garlic fresh garlic battles Just sliced up garlic in your face. Hello, beautiful Hmm nice crunch of the pizza Beautiful basil flavor and got that taste of garlic the sauce is a little more tangy than the vodka sauce This place they really got their dough right if you do a New York Pizza blind taste test You know which one Rubirosa is just from the dough. It’s just spectacular Rogers a beautiful shell I really don’t want to be eating a whole piece of before I head out to five more places But yeah, this is gonna be gone and although I’m gonna feel full It’s gonna be a great start to this pizza day. Yeah told you guys I was gonna finish this and lastly I just want to say this pizza is so simple yet, so refined which makes it absolutely delicious I’m gonna finish this up, and then we’re gonna go to the location numbered shoot Three slices square of pepperoni extra crispy this I Gladly wait in line for this check it out. Oh How beautiful that is I just had a whole pizza? I’m still salivating this is from our location number two Prince Street pizza Which makes the absolute best square pizzas in New York City? No one else can compare just look at it You guys see the little pool of sauce in here if you see how? Crispy this pepperoni is this is called a spicy spring covered in pepperoni Beautiful melty cheese and this thing it is Thick I feel like really the weight of this pizza is all coming from the pepperoni itself look look how much Pepperoni is on this slice I mean I wish it was this much on every slice and make sure when you go there ask for extra crispy This is where you’re gonna get how crisp this pizza is? Ah Ah, ah ah this is awesome. Spicy pepperoni, that’s like the best kind of pepperoni. Finally. Let’s take a bite The dough! The dough is a little char on the bottom so with a slight crisp in the chewy center It’s just a perfect balance of texture. And the flavor, guys Uh-huh This pizza has a smack-you-in-the-face kind of flavor It is not so this is not a shy, have a crush on you for a year, Then awkwardly ask you out for a cup of coffee kind of pizza This slice of pizza will see you walk down the street, walk right up to you, Tell you you’re beautiful, ask for your Facebook, Instagram, phone number, and email yeah, that’s how bold this pizza is. You guys don’t love crispy, slightly charred pepperoni sitting on fresh cheese and just the airiest of pizza dough So different than the Rubirosa pizza, which I feel like is really refined It’s kind of pretty. If that was a sports car, this would just be a monster truck so if you’re really into strong bold Spicy flavors and no messing around slice on pizza, Trent Street is where you go I’m gonna finish up then we’re gonna hit the location number three Location number three I am at Kestè. if you notice that this pizza isn’t really like the pizzas I’ve had today, and that’s because this is what is known as a Neapolitan pizza, and yes, there is a huge difference So you know, you don’t see a lot of stringy cheese, and that’s a characteristic about this pizza. It’s not supposed to have that much cheese You notice that middle is kind of almost what you might say soggy, and the dough is really soft Unlike the last couple places we went to but the taste It doesn’t get any fresher than that the sauce is light, it’s sweet It’s just a comfortable Sauce and this is a really nice break for me because this pizza is not oily. It’s mostly just about the natural ingredients The dough, mmm I love this dough the char part. It’s just slightly bitter Which works marvelously with the slightly sweet sauce and even the end of the dough, not crispy at all just soft and chewy This whole pizza was cooked in under two minutes. No joke a minute and 30 seconds to be exact It’s cooked in a wood fire oven made from parts imported from Italy built by Italian pizza oven maker and that thing can get up to a thousand degrees in there Oh another thing about that oven, the floor of the oven is made with volcanic stone, so yeah You’re basically eating pizza cooked on a volcano. It’s not just about the characteristics that make up a Neapolitan pizza It’s also about the rules. Here’s how you can qualify The pizza sauce has to be made from San Marzano tomatoes The olive oil used must be extra virgin, cheese has to be buffalo mozzarella All the ingredients have to be imported from Cicano, Italy, the size must be no more than 14 inches in diameter and the Pizza must cook under two minutes because they’re using just crushed tomatoes here If the pizza is cooked a little less the sauce is a bit more tangy and less sweet when it’s cooked more It’s a little more sweet in at a minute and 30 seconds That sauce is perfect with all these rules you get this: a charred chewy pizza fresh tomato sauce beautiful cheese like I said I love this pizza because of this pure Pure simplicity when you come to a place like this you want a Neapolitan pizza you gotta get a whole pizza They don’t sell this by slices. They just bring you the whole pizza and trust me Yes, you can finish a whole pizza, and I swear when I eat a slice this I feel like a tiny pizza at all It’s like a pizza Cancelizer. One more tip always eat pizza like this Inside the restaurant when you trap it in a cardboard box when you get home is this gonna be Soggy ear and in chewy year you don’t want that you know why all I love this place Hot olive oil dip that in there pizza and a hot oil can’t beat that It’s like they took that thousand degree of his heat and They stuffed it into this hot oil. This is not ordinary spicy. This is really spicy. Hi guys I’m going to finish this up, and we’re on to location number four For me to do a video about the best New York City pizza, I gotta go to Joe’s It’s like it’s like paying a tribute to the Godfather a pizza This is a typical quintessential, New York slice, melty cheese on top, sweet sauce, crispy crust, yeah You gotta hold it like a baby. It’s what you got to do with it notice how thin this pizza Is it’s not gonna be as crispy as Rubirosa’s, the cheese is not gonna Be as refined as Kestès, but this is it. You want a New York Pizza, this is what you got. This place, They’re one of the places that does it the best Like I said crispy crust look at all the cheese a little bit hard as thin is unapologetically Loaded with flavor. This, this is in New York. For me, you got to make it rain chili Crispy sweet cheesy spicy bites, just like every New Yorker this pizzas got a lot of personality I don’t know about you guys, but when I eat pizza. I love some root beer Also when it comes to Joe’s, I feel like there is a difference in location today I went to two Joe’s locations: the original one on karma and this one on 14th Street my honest opinion I feel like this place is much better. Crust is crispy here, cheese is cheesier. Just overall better pizza Okay, my pizza day is almost done so after Joe’s, we’re going to go to one more place with this special pizza. Let’s go Final location of the day, let’s have some fun I’m a Patrizia’s on Second Avenue And they have a few Pizza creations that are not very typical first of all check this out This is a calzone Pizza calzone and a pizza. It’s a calza with … pizzone I think what I can do is separate the pizza and the calzone Pizzas nourish tangy sauce fresh mozzarella I’m really excited about this. I’m not even really sure how am I supposed to eat this? I’m just gonna take a bite first Bite then I have not penetrated the zone yeah, I’m gonna open this up and see what’s inside Wow oh? That is a lot of cheese This looks like mozzarella and ricotta cheese, and it’s becoming a little bit of a mess, so let me just try this Ricotta cheese mozzarella fresh basil tomato sauce definitely the freshest calzone I think I’ve ever had The dough is crispy and light the cheese is fresh the sauce is sweet Fun and delicious, this is also super cool. This is the pizza shaped like a star. It’s got prosciutto, It looks like arugula grape tomatoes some parmesan on top. I guess I’m gonna tear this apart a little bit It tears apart easily I love that about stars. Each piece is actually already cut up into these little nice slices with the mozzarella Tipped edge could I add a little more cheese Somebody needs to give this piece of star. Wait, it already is! Gonna dip it in this like olive oil here oh I hope they sell this! This is some fragrant, garlicky spicy olive oil. Last pizza: The one I feel the most excited about check this out. It’s a Nutella calzone pizza. Just like the other pizza you can separate it from the pizza side and the calzone side and the pizza side got Nutella the whipped cream is already melting a Little bit because I let us sit there if it’s also got marscapone cheese inside look at this the pizza is layered you see That it’s like a stuffed pizza Oh, that is so crusty Jam packed full of chocolate. This might be the most decadent pizza on this planet I’m dying to get into this calzone. The crust is really thin. Let me just pull this apart This is filled with of course Nutella and mascarpone cheese There is so much Nutella in there! Slightly crunchy chewy, they get to that deep chocolatey nutty Nutella in that sweet cheese I was almost drinking hot Nutella And if that sounds good to some of you trust me it is so this has been a super cheesy pizza day And if I had to pick my favorite I will say that Rubirosa number one with their vodka pizza prince street number two you know what I love them both you need time for two slices pizza Go to Ruby roses and get their vodka slice then walk down the block to Prince Street and get a square Pepperoni spicy spring extra crispy, and if you have more time come here get a Nutella pizza That’s really gonna make a pizza life complete now as always all the places I went to is listed in my description box below until we eat again. I’ll see you later You turned the camera off, right? Don’t film me eating this. ..??… How come the light’s still on?


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