Best Rescue, Recording or Interpretation of a Historic Place 2017

I’m Dan Snow, and I’m here to reveal
the shortlist for the Historic England Angel Awards. The Best Rescue, Recording or Interpretation of a Historic Place award recognises volunteers and professionals, individuals and groups who rescue, record or interpret any kind of historic place. Milestones are a simple, but powerful, link to generations long gone. Nigel Ford’s project to recover and restore hundreds of milestones across Norfolk is clear for everyone to see. For his team of volunteers (which includes many children) and for all visitors to the county, the project highlights an important part of Norfolk’s heritage. Wounded and sick service personnel and veterans are performing vital restoration work on some of England’s oldest canals. The Heritage Heroes project, run by Help for Heroes and Canal & River Trust is helping volunteers gain qualifications and readjust to civilian life. Adam Sutcliffe-Brown has designed the Relaxed at Newmans factory tour at Birmingham’s Coffin Works museum specifically for people on the autistic spectrum. Adam, who is on the spectrum, has introduced autism-friendly resources, pre-visit videos, and tour modifications.

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