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best travel agent schools what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
and I’m back once again and in today’s video I want to share with you a
presentation that I put together they’re best travel agent schools gonna show you a little bit more about
the best travel agent schools and what to expect by joining this host agency so
if you’re new to the travel agent business and you’re serious about
starting your own travel agency from home listen up watch this video that I’m
about to share with you it’s gonna show you some of the best type of training
that you can get by joining our host agency now this is not necessarily a
physical school you can go to but if you’re serious about becoming a travel
agent today you have you can have immediate access
to start booking travel okay and earning travel commish’s right away as soon as
you get started so I just want to show you our back officer in a couple of
minutes that’ll show you a little bit more off what type of training to expect
and how step-by-step and easy to follow the training process is so seriously my
become a travel agent get started today so here’s that video what’s up everybody
Larry Porter here and I’m back once again and today we’re gonna talk about
the best travel agent certification and how you can get certified and become a
certified travel agent and I want to put you guys on a company car and tella
travel reason being is best travel agent schools that’s the quickest way that you can get
certified by joining a hosts travel agency once you get started with Intelli
travel you immediately have access to travel for your friends and family so
you immediately become certified however there are ongoing training that you can
take to further your certification so I’m going to show you guys the back of
us have been telling travelers so why I consider it to be the best guys on the
log in alright guys so this is the back office of Intel the travel so once you
get started with Intel a try but like I said you immediately have access to and
sale of travel so you don’t have to wait for certain things of that nature
you automatically have your own website and have everything you need your
fingertips to look up before your clients now far as the certification
goes like I said you immediately become certified so you can roll because you
look under a host agency okay even though you got your own travel agency
you bum the host agency which will give you a media access so they have pretty
much already done the legwork for you now let’s talk about education so even
though you new to the travel industry you still have to go through education
so right here we got to in detail travel University they have tons of Education
deccan further your travel agency certification they have a lot of things
you can’t in got webinars we have my online Academy that you can take to
educate you more on the travel agency travel agency industry as well as how to
get your clear car okay this is your crew
certification that you can get through joining until I travel so they show you
is everything you need to know step by step on how to get the best travel agent
experience so far as getting started they have tons of training videos okay
in the back office they can teach you step by step how to quick start your
business how to operate your website how to use certain bits and materials how to
deal with all the major suppliers to make sure your clients have the best
travel experience at the best travel rates marketing plan I’ll show you how
to brand yourself how to follow up with your clients quizzes you can take to
make sure that you you know know what you’re doing okay so guys you’re not in
this business by yourself you have a ton of support and training that can help
you step-by-step okay so it has a lot of step-by-step videos if you click certain
one of these videos another video will pop up and they show you how to do
cruises how to book hotel reservations everything you need to know about the
traffic industry so guys even though you’ve become certified million you
still need to do your own going training so you can get further education so this
is one of the best ways to get certified quickly by joining a host agency such as
intelligible and tell the travel is one of the best ones for my experience
everything it’s easy easy to follow step by step and very very time efficient so
guys if you serious about joining the travel business and tell each other have
your cover they also have enter to a library where
you can learn by different vendors you can learn about how to do family travel
hotel resorts ski vacations here is all the supplies that you have access to and
make sure you got training on each one of them you have a ribbon you got
carnival cruises you got Celebrity Cruises you have cocielo cruises Disney
goggle vacations inside vacation no Reagan cruise its plunge at Southwest
vacations other tribal insured Club Med have tons of suppliers they show you and
a host of others so guy if you they have tons of training on each supplier
step-by-step video so if you interested in doing Disney Disney vacations and
Disney cruises step-by-step video to show you how to have the best Disney
travel experience for your clients okay guys so everything is here in the back
office at your fingertips they have educational each supplier as
well they got special interest courses you can take affiliate organization
supplier courses so if you interested in getting your certification at the
Marriott they have a source of course you can take to get
to Marriott discounts for your clients Crystal Cruises Academy they have a
college they sneak knowledge tons of training and courses you can take to
make sure you have the best travel experience now you don’t need all of
this to get started right away for however ongoing do you have assets
to everything you need so guys picture a one-stop shop for travel and tell each
other has you covered so I just want to give you guys a brief
overview of and tell the travel back office so if you’re looking for the best
travel agency certification and you really want to get started quick and
teletovic but anyway if you want to learn more about ill trouble that’s a
presentation I would love for you to watch you can watch their presentation
by clicking the link below this video and I will see you guys on the other
side if you have any questions please comment reach out to us men you’re
making would gladly and proud to help you okay guys so remember to pick that
link below watch that free presentation to learn more about the best travel
agent certification through and teletraffic alright guys I will see you
guys on the next video see you another side be blessed bye bye best travel agent schools

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