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Bhutan is a peaceful land… where even the roaring engines fuming on diesel and petrol don’t sound good…. Yes… you heard it right… I, being a motorcycle enthusiast and traveler myself speak these words…
Television or Internet wasn’t allowed here until the early 20’s…
Its been more than a decade since then and today with the advent of modern society Bhutanese have built up a fine mocktail of silence and environmental preservation, yet allowed modern craves to catch up. Riding has been fun. The well built roads, the traffic decorum and silence are praiseworthy.
As you cross the Indian border from a honking and noisy Jaigaon towards a silent and decorated Phuentsholing, you start feeling the silence, its beauty. No horns, no overtaking, everyone following the rules, yet on their daily chores. Indians are lucky. They don’t need a passport to this beautiful country with the Highest Global Happiness Index.
As we moved from the border towards, Thimphu, the capital, it was foggy and cold but the roads were butter smooth. I cannot complain about the roads in Bhutan after having ridden across my own country.
(Bhutanese Roads are built by India) As the traffic of Thimphu turned us into polite civilians, we carried on to Punakha… dived into the Biggest Buddhist Temple of Bhutan… or Dzong, as they say it…. a marvelous ancient architecture… preserving nature alongside.
The Longest walking bridge of Bhutan left us spellbound.
Short of time, as we always were, we rolled across Buddha Dorderma, a symphony with the skies at night and headed towards Paro, the Quaint city… and the expectations rise high here. Be it an awesome ride across the Highest Motor able road of Bhutan, Chele La… or The Scenic Haa valley, The Tiger’s Nest still left scores to earn. It was a tedious trek but a view and beauty THAT YOU EARN. Short and Simple… that’s all about the small country with Happy Citizens. Watch Detailed Vlogs as they get posted on this channel…. Bhailog…. Chalo Bhutan jao….
Binaa passport ki desh ghum aao…
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