Boarding The LARGEST CRUISE SHIP IN THE WORLD! – Symphony of the Seas Inaugural Cruise

Good morning, adventurers! Good morning! and welcome to day one of our cruise on the symphony of the Seas the largest cruise ship in the world Woah! Don’t get hit by a bus! We are boarding our cruise We’re getting in line right now to I guess get all checked in ‘cuz we didn’t check in online, oopsie daisy! But we are so excited. First, we got to get through security. It’s massive. It’s a freakin’ city! Yeah, it’s a floating skyscraper, really. My God. This is banana town Spain. Banana town on the high seas. On the high seas. We made it!! And it’s really windy Well, let’s get inside. Thank you! And we’re home. We have cards y’all. Alright, let’s see Mr. Bieller. It works! Wow!! Oh my goodness. Look at this. This is very cool. This will do. This’ll do, this’ll do. Oh my gosh, I wanna see the view. Guys, we have a balcony. We have a whole freaking balcony! Oh, that’s so cool. See what this view is all about. Not too bad at all. Oh, yeah. Who there? Who there? (Oh Hi!) My goodness. (Hi, Endless Adventure.) Are you guys really our neighbors? We’re actually your neighbors. That’s amazing! So you guys can get your creep on real, real good. Hola, neighbor. You’re naked all later Alright, note to self. This is what we got goin’. This is what we’re gonna wake up to. Guys, are you up yet? Guys, lets go to breakfast! Hey wake up! So, let’s give you guys a quick peek around the room. We have our bedroom area with a large illustrious bed Nice king size bed. And then over here we have this little sitting area with a desk I’m gonna be working right to. Oh my gosh, and I’ll be lounging on there working. Go see what this bathroom’s about. Woah oh Woah Wow this is pretty cool There’s actually like room in here Well next time you guys see this view, that is going to be pure ocean out there. There’s some ocean out there right now, but mostly it’s just kind of pavement. But for now we’re gonna go get our drink on! Let’s do it. Yes, activate drink package now! Thank you. Cheers. For those of you watching both our vlogs, this is my second one. Alright, we have officially found the coolest feature of this ship. They have freakin’ robot bartenders. Oh wow! They’re crazy. They freakin’ like shake Yeah the drinks and everything and they only make minimal spills so its pretty good yeah So the way it works is they have little iPad set up on the tables, You put in your order, And then you just sit and watch and work their magic. And they do whatever the heck thay’re doin’ right now. Oh yeah It’s going all out. We’ve split up with Josh and Ashley, for now, we’re just exploring the ship a bit on our own We came up to the top deck just to scope out the views of Barcelona. It’s a little bit windy, a little bit cold. A little bit cold and windy but not too fearful But we’re just now going to head to our muster stations you have to do like a Meeting at your muster station, which is like a safety drill It’s where you meet in the case of emergency So we’re gonna go do that and then we’re gonna be chilled for the rest of the day I don’t know exactly where we suppose to go and it seems like there’s nobody else around so… I’m scared if we’re a little late, I don’t know So let’s go figure it out. We’re back from the safety drill. We’ve been mustered. We’ve just been exploring the ship a bit. We decided to grab some much-needed pop of fuel. Finally open and it’s so delicious. Also really cool thing you guys they try to do like low or zero waste So these straws are all like paper straws yeah, something like that Pretty cool Very cool. It’s the little things that add up So we are about to head to dinner, but before we do that We figured we’d get you guys a little bit more acquainted with the ship since we’re gonna be on it for seven days So this is the symphony of the Seas’s largest cruise ship ever built. The ship is divided into seven neighborhoods, and it even has its own central park It’s twice as high as the Washington Monument and was constructed out of five hundred thousand individual pieces It’s about 362 meters long and has 24 separate pools and water slides. In other words It’s a really big ship We made it to our table, and they gave us this private intimate little table Look at us with our velvet chairs, oh my goodness that are literally too high – I can’t move this thing We got some bread. We got some bread. What is this, a wine list? So what we’re doing right now is the dinner that comes included in your Your package, your like ticket But there are like specialty dining restaurants on the boat that have different types of cuisine, different options So you can do this every night or you can do – you can make reservations and do those so we’re gonna be showing you guys some of those later on in the week So make sure you stay tuned for that, but these meals are always pretty good They’re great. So we got actually starters, we did salads It was a little boring But you can do all sorts of stuff and we have dessert coming and they give you bread It’s pretty amazing for your like included meal every day. You get three courses, or I guess maybe this bread counts as four? I don’t know how courses work. Yeah, four courses So we grabbed a little nightcap Came back to our stateroom, gonna watch a couple Watch a little Netflix, I think. Yeah, they uh – I don’t know today has been an amazing first day here We need a little wind-down time because it’s been like too much excitement, I think. Yeah, we’ve just been super excited. I don’t know this ship is Crazy. Yeah, we haven’t even seen the whole thing We’ve seen maybe a quarter of it But we’ll give you guys a proper look at all this stuff throughout the week so make sure you tune in for the next vlogs that we’re gonna be making we’re gonna show showing you guys all kinds of things we’re doing in the port cities that we’re heading to. We’re going to Majorca tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow is our first port city Yeah We’re still trying to finalize exactly what we’re gonna do but make sure you watch the video to scope it out cuz it’s gonna be cool Whatever it is it’s gonna be cool. It’s gonna be very cool We have all sorts of fun things planned for this week – we cannot wait And a ton of shots of The Symphony of the Seas, of course Oh my gosh, beautiful. But I think we’re gonna leave you guys here We’re gonna wind down a little bit, and then we’re going to hit the hay in this amazing Stateroom beta bar. We cannot wait, and the sun is gonna come through there. Hopefully, the sun will actually be out tomorrow. Yeah, hopefully. It’s gonna be glorious Alright, I guess that’s it for today. Hope you guys enjoyed coming along with us on our boarding day If you enjoyed this video make sure you hit the like button if this is your first time to our channel make sure you hit That subscribe button so you can see more videos like this and of course the upcoming cruise videos that we’re gonna be making Mm-hmm, alright, goodnight adventurers. We’ll see you on the road.

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