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– Today’s the day we show you
(cheerful instrumental muzak) where we’re staying in Bogota, Colombia, but first, we need haircuts, we’ve been kinda neglecting ourselves, I’ve been neglecting this poor guy, his beard’s getting way crazy.
(bell chimes) Which happens. So, what do you want to
do with your hair today? – Well, it’s getting a little long and fluffy around here. And around here. Whoa, beard trim. – So this guy needs a haircut, big time. What do you think we should do? Let us know in the comments, below. – (exclaims) Haircuts! – I think I did pretty good. – Awesome, thank you so much, I appreciate you, you know that? – He pays me in kisses. (chuckles) (exclaims) Okay, it’s my turn now. So, my big challenge now, is that I am going to cut my own hair, with clippers, because, you
can’t travel with scissors, in a carry-on bag. (gentle upbeat funky electronic music) So that is our Airbnb in Bogota, Colombia, we’ve really loved it here, haven’t we? – Oh yeah, this place is
really really awesome, with the panoramic windows that are wrapping the entire condo here on the fourteenth floor, I got the altimeter on the phone, and it actually says that it is at 8,700 feet above sea level, which is super high,
it’s more than a mile. – Yeah, like, when we
were doing our workouts, we’d both look at each
other and we’re like, “Is this extra hard for you today?” – We’ve been gettin’ smoked! – Yeah, it’s been like
that every single day, so, it should be pretty interesting, when we climb that mountain. – Yeah, absolutely, so, this is been a really cool spot, and if you’re wanting to check out this exact Airbnb, we’ll actually drop a link
down in the description, and if you’ve never used Airbnb before, hit the first link, which
is gonna give you a discount on your first stay. – Yeah, we totally love this place, the kitchen has been so awesome, there’s been a lot of
room for us to, like, dance around, and do our cookin’ thing, for most of our meals. – We’ve been cookin’ some
really good meals here, especially with the markets
that are around here, with so much organic and
fresh fruits and vegetables, it’s very delicious. – And one of my favorite parts, has been the gorgeous kitchen. We’ve been able to get back
into a really good habit, and really good routine of eating well, and working out in the morning, and, yeah, the kitchen has been prime for us both being able to
dance around this space, it has everything that we need,
which has been really cool. – One of my favorite parts here is, when we’re sitting
at the dining room table, looking over the Andes
Mountains to the south, it is absolutely picturesque, and it is so freaking cool to be just nestled here within the Andes, and just feeling the energy
from nature all around us, it’s been super, super cool. Yeah, we’ve totally loved it. There’s nothing nicer than when you know that you have to work, and you’ve gotta get stuff done, that you have an incredible view, and you that you are able to go out and explore during the days and come back to a beautiful space that just feels really good, that’s been this place, I
think we’re gonna miss it, aren’t we? We are, we are. And pretty soon, we’re gonna be heading to our next destination,
which is going to be…. – Medellin! – That is here in Colombia. – Yeah, so we’re super excited about that, so keep following the journey, if you haven’t yet, go
ahead, click Subscribe, and hit that bell, so you can be notified
(bell rings) every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, that we come out with
fresh content just for you. – Internet permitting, of course. – Of course. And, give us a thumbs up, or even Share this with a friend, if you think this could help them out. – And ’til next time friends. – Adventure on. – Adventure on. – Lots of love, bye.


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