Booking International Flights : How to Book Travel on Air Asia

Hi, everyone. I’m Russ Handler, a travel agent.
And did you know, booking travel on is fun and very, very affordable. Let’s turn
now and show you their website. It’s pretty cool. It looks like they’ve got some great
deals. They all look pretty darn legitimate. Here’s a nice sale right here — Kuala Lumpur,
199 from Malaysia. That’s not bad at all. They got a easy-to-use travel search engine,
but they do ask that you log in so you will have to sign in…sign up, rather, before
you book your ticket. Now, you will be able to choose your language when you first go
to That’s a good thing. They service all of Southeast Asia, founded in
2002. They’re known as the no-frills airline out of Malaysia, keeping prices down and keeping
standards down as well, but it’s still a safe and affordable and reliable way to travel.
But keep in mind, they require 48 hours notice for any changes in your plans, otherwise you’re
going to pay a premium. And you cannot change your destination once you purchase a ticket
from, so keep that in mind. I’m Russ Handler, and that’s how you do it.


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