Booking International Flights : How to Book Travel on Air-India Express

Hi, everyone. I’m Russ Handler, a travel agent.
And did you know booking travel on Air-India Express in and around India is not a hard
thing to do at all. I do recommend the only way that you do this is through a qualified
travel agent or here, at their official website, Now, I find this site
to be very helpful. You’ll notice that you get to pick your itinerary, and then go on
and typically purchase your tickets as you generally do. But I want to bring you up to
speed on a few things that I’ve noticed about this site. They do depart from five Indian
cities. There are six international destinations, so you can go internationally. But be forewarned,
if you miss a connection on this airline, Air-India Express will not put you on another
flight nor will they refund your ticket. So basically, according to their official website,
they’re just not going to do anything for you. So while booking, make sure that if you
do have a connection, it’s going to give you a lot of time to make that connection because
if you miss it, you’re not going to be in good shape at all. I’m Russ Handler, and that’s
how you do it.

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