Bozeman unveils map to track historic places

all right the city of Bozeman recentlyreleased a map on itswebsite thatlistsall of the different historic homesMTN’s Medeiros map shows us how thoseresidencescan find out exactlywhentheir home was builtwhen there’s noother neighborhood thatcan dowhat thisneighborhooddoesit’sone-of-a-kindJohn Gerstner has owned the lerkindmansionfor over 20 yearshe says it wasbuilt in 1987it wasa house but now isabed-and-breakfast do people do seek usout becausethey like the historyshe’s a beautifulold Queen AnneVictorianso there areelementsof thatthat really appealed to history buffsBozeman History Museum’sRachaelPhillips says a lot ofcitizens come tothem tofindout about their house theyseem towant a connection to their theirhome or theirbuildingspast the cityhas created a map onits website justfor this reason the map showstendifferent historic districtsand overtwo thousand buildingswithin the citycitizenscan click on differenthousesto see when they were built and if they are considered historic this building behind mewhich was built in 1904 is notonlyrecognized as astate historicalbuilding but nationally as well historic preservation specialist PhilGonzalezsays the tool will become more advancedas timegoes on that information willremain there even as structures kind ofcome andgoand really kind of createsomehistory of the historicbuildenvironment withinthe city when wecrawl into the minds of the past throughthe structures thatthey lived in thenit helps ground us it givesus a senseof notonly place but a sense of who weareaspeoplecursor says it is important that theBozeman community bands together toappreciate and preserve the past to makea brighter future in Bozeman MedeirosBabb MTN newsand if you’re interestedyou can find that map at boazlin dotnetunder the government tabalright sounds

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