British English Holidays – St. David’s Day

hi everyone and Jeana there we Sant as
it’s known in Welsh or Saint David it’s a patron saint of Wales and st. David’s
Day is celebrated by the Welsh on the 1st of March in this lesson you’re going
to learn about st. David’s Day why isn’t the Welsh flag represented on the flag
of the United Kingdom we’ll show you the answer at the end of this video st.
David was a Celtic monk and bishop that lived in the 6th century he helped to
spread the word of Christianity across Wales it is claimed that he lives for
over a century and the day of his death was the 1st of March
st. Davids most famous miracle is that while he was preaching to some followers
the ground was said to have risen up and formed a hill beneath him so that he
could be seen and heard better he also founded several monasteries in Wales
during his lifetime st. David’s Day is commemorated in Wales by wearing
daffodils and leeks these are both national emblems of Wales and are
closely associated with the country they are often worn attached to a coat or hat
some children wear the Welsh national dress of a tall black hat and long dress
in red and white Malik is national emblem because Saint
David was said to have advised the Welsh to wear a leak in their caps when they
battled the Saxons so that they could easily distinguish friend from foe in
battle and now I’ll give you the answer to the earlier quiz
why isn’t the Welsh flag represented on the flag of the United Kingdom this is
because Wales unlike England Scotland and Ireland was
never a kingdom when the UK was formed Wales was already part of England and
was a principality instead how has this lesson did you learn something
interesting what is your country’s national emblem
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and we’ll see you in the next lesson you

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