California Road Trip TRAVEL GUIDE | BIG SUR

this is the iconic California Highway
one cutting through one of the most stunning at meetings of land and sea
here at Big Sur my name is Eric Conover and this is what to do when traveling to
California part two I’m here in the beautiful state of
California in partnership with visit California on a two-week long road trip
with my good friend Mike shepherd my mission in this three-part video series
is simple show you the top destinations to experience on the ultimate road trip
through the state of California starting here in Big Sur Big Sur has been called the longest and
most scenic stretch of undeveloped coastline in the United States the drive
along Highway 1 is in a class all to its own
characterized by raw beauty and an intense maritime energy Big Sur is the
perfect destination if you’re looking to just simply unplug and reflect on life
no joke when you drive this 70 or so mile stretch of highway you are gonna
want to pull over every 10 minutes and stop at the Vista points it’s another
beautiful day in California what do you say Mike Shepherd I love it here one of
the nicest drives I’ve ever been on in my life it’s also interesting none of
these Vista points really have names they’re just pastures on the side here
there’s our SUV pulled over but they’re all up and down the road I’m talking 1 2
3 4 Vista points within a quarter of a mile you have these massive waves
crashing below me on a beautiful white sand beach every mile you want to stop
on the side of the road like we are right here and just admire the beauty
one of the highlights when driving through Big Sur is Julia Pfeiffer Burns
State Park the park is known for the iconic 80-foot high Mick wave Falls
which flows year-round over granite cliff and free Falls directly into the
sea when we are scouting this trip and I first saw photos of Mick wave Falls on
the internet it didn’t look real it looked photoshopped and I have to say it
looks in real life how it looks in those photos right behind me a beautiful
sunset but I think the best way to truly see this place is to come for yourself
shut off your phone find a nice quiet spot which is easier said than done with
over 4 to 5 million tourists visiting Big Sur per years certain beauty points
they can get pretty crowded but there are plenty of spots right off the side
of the road to get those iconic views of that California sunset over Big Sur the
Big Sur Drive is longer after a quick overnight stay a Big Sur River Inn we
hit the road again in the next so we’re driving down the one and we’re
taking a little detour now and we’re heading to a Hearst Castle the next stop
on my road trip Travel Guide Hearst Castle is flat-out jaw-dropping perched
high up on a hilltop is the castle of former newspaper magnate William
Randolph Hearst the castle has 165 rooms over 123 acres of gardens terraces pools
and walkways all built to Hurst’s exact specifications at showcasing his
legendary art collection I am currently in mr. Hearst study basically Hearst
Castle is like real-life Great Gatsby the castle was a massive part of the
film culture in the early 30s and 40s as a hot spot for Hollywood celebs back in
the day such as Charlie Chaplin and Jimmy Stewart after his death the castle
became a California State Park in 1958 so the world could enjoy all mr. Hearst
love for art continuing to drive south I recommend stopping at Pismo Beach for
a quick sunset surf you know just to break up the long drive finally making
our way down to the sprawling Southern California city of Los Angeles hands
down my favorite and one of the more interesting parts of LA is Venice Beach
in Venice I stayed at one of the most unique hotels I’ve ever seen so I wasn’t
kidding when I said this was one of the most unique hotels I’ve ever stayed at I
mean look at the bedroom behind me you have that poster of Elvis with the two
guns turn into flowers you have a comic-book dresser you have one of those
old cool dialogue bones with the actual dial to someone up this place just has
character you think the bedroom is cool check this
out let’s go outside outdoors the hotel comes complete with a cool mural of an
Asian man jumping into the pool hammocks and ping pong tables if you are in
Venice I highly recommend staying at the kinney venice is known for its bohemian
free spirit head down to the world-famous boardwalk pick up an
electric scooter and just go for a cruise just really
they take it in and stop and do some people watching of course you can’t miss
out on the Venice Beach skate park that’s always a cool place to hang out
sunset but my favorite thing to do in Venice wake up at sunrise when the only
other people up are the surfers heading out for early-morning paddle and get in
a good solid body weight workout at the world-famous Muscle Beach it’s a little
different from New York here you have palm trees in the background
blue skies Sun you can’t really be working on the sand after Muscle Beach I
like to head to the Venice canals they were built by developer Abbot Kinney in
1905 as a way to recreate the appearance and feel of Venice Italy in socal
nowadays the canals are more of a Matthew McConaughey early two-thousands
rom-com sort of vibe than Venice Italy but still look how picturesque this
water is it’s flat it’s early morning no one’s really up yet the city is still
sleeping you come back here you do a nice peaceful jog this is one of my
favorite things to do when I come to Venice from the beach we headed up into
Hollywood and traded in the SUV for something a bit more fitting for a
California roadtrip for the next half of this California roadtrip this beast
behind us this is our home for the next week in Hollywood I recommend staying at
the Hollywood RV park tell the owner Steve that Eric sent you from Hollywood
we continued south and park the RV right on the beach in Surf City USA first
night in the RV I actually slept like a baby
oh it’s a party mr. Jeff Mars if you don’t know this is a legend of Southern
California mr. Jeff Larson woody you boys want to do you want to go surf surf
culture is deeply rooted in the SoCal lifestyle Jeff and his twin brother
Derek surf almost every single morning at dawn even on days like today when the
waves are anything special we got the SoCal x4 here with the surf
report what’s it looking like Jeff ways to chest high it’s gonna be fun
I actually met Jeff on a surf trip in the Maldives about two years ago cut to
the footage so that you can see this guy’s a total stud out there on the
water we’re gonna suit up and go send out some beautiful Cala friend Reimers
yeah starting the day running into the cool SoCal waterborne in hand it’s a
surefire way to wake you up and and just be stoked on life
this morning surf session with Derrick Mike and Jeff is hands-down that thus
far the highlights of the road trip the positivity that these guys bring it’s
unreal and it’s infectious and this is something that I haven’t really touched
on yet in this road trip travel series it’s cliché for a reason but it’s not
the places that make travel memorable it’s the people you choose to surround
yourself with on the journey what does California mean to you what it
means to me it means freedom this short date trip in Huntington Beach
was a breath of fresh air from the fast pace of the trip so far surfing all day
until the Sun sank low over the Pacific and painted the sky so that is the end
of part 2 of the California roadtrip series make sure to subscribe to see the
final episode from Joshua Tree I’ll see you in the next video you


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