Camping in Florida State Parks

Wow, this spot is all us? Yup, my dad’s camping right over there and this spot
is all ours. Sweet. Hey, welcome to The Outsiders Club, I’m chase and that’s Brandon. Hey the Hair! Today we’re camping in Myakka River State Park, Chase and I will be giving you a few helpful camping tips and checking out this very cool state park. Florida State Parks have many ways for you to get outside and go camping. From primitive sites where it’s just you and your gear,
to sites that have water and power for RVs and don’t forget they also have
cabins – they were built back in the 1930s and are made out of native cabbage palm
trees, so yeah, they’re palm log cabins. These cabins have bathrooms, a small
kitchen and can sleep up to six. Oh! It is not set up right. You’re right, we’re
going to have to find you trees that are farther apart. Yeah. But first let’s go
over the three main areas of our campsite. Good idea we have our cooking
area, our sleeping area and our fire area, and you’re going to want to keep these
areas separated. First is our cooking area, down here is your cooler and up
here is where your food and cooking supplies is. Here’s a tip you’ll want to
make sure you have a light source high above your cooking areas you can see
when you cook at night, you want to make sure you have this set up before it gets
dark. Next is our fire area, to make a quick
and easy fire, we’ll use a starter log. Some may call this cheating, but hey, it works
and it’s super easy. A few things to keep in mind, you’ll want to purchase firewood
from the state park and only build fires in the fire rings in your campsite.
Lastly is our sleeping area, now usually we’d have a tent but instead we’re using
a hammock. This is more of a cocoon than a hammock… You want to keep your sleeping
area away from your fire area. A few other tips to keep in mind, you want to keep your food stored in a safe place. Most parks have animals that want your
food and we don’t want to feed the wildlife. And make sure you arrive here
early enough to set up your entire campsite before dark. Believe me, you do
not want to be reading tent instructions in the middle of the night. Well, we got our hammock situation figured out and our campsite is all dialed in. So now, it’s time to explore the rest of Myakka! Yeah, that’s the fun part of camping, you
get to explore all the park has to offer. Yeah, we’re going to go fishing and try
and catch a few fish. Well, be sure to check us out at
and remember, keep it outside!

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