Camping Kohoutek

All right, .. ..tomorrow we were together drinking the beer.. We met on the Main railway (railroad) station. In the great centre the Prague.. We were walking the route.. ..for the agricultures.. ..farming.. ..machines.. ..there was the enjoying funs… …. ….. This is.. This is.. .. our cottage. . Pioneeer John Zz.. We were going to sleep.. ..yesterday.. ..around.. ..two hours in the morning.. We spend with John Zz.. . pleasant. …with peasants.. ..night.. the dark.. ..danger forest.. With ending to.. the cool morning.. We enjoy.. good.. time.. in.. the mountains.. Brds.. We are.. going to.. ask.. the great.. warrior.. John.. John Zz about? What’s the most peak mountain in the Brds? peak mountain in the Brds? ..local inhabitants talking own private speeches.. Vážení a milý posluchači děkuji Vám za pozornost.. ÷You are so kind visiter.. ..our place dear watcher.., ..thank you for your attention÷ i’ll see you next time, RADIO Sanches, local guide till Prague,, author: Thumas R. Kohut author: Thumas R. Kohut

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