Camping Tips from Ontario Parks – Using a Coleman Stove

To get started you’re just going to flip the clasp and open it up. Inside you’ll find the two wind flaps that fold open, just like this. To get these, you just compress it and insert them in the side here. and than again here, insert it there. That’s just to prevent any wind from blowing your flame out. The next step is to pull out our propane connector. It’s inserted just in the middle, just looks like this. Before we go any further, we’re going to want to make sure the stove is turned completely off so the dials are turned all the way to the right. They are, we can start connecting the propane. To do that, you’re going to insert this into the hole on the side, right here. Insert it, push the clasp over, and twist it on. You just gotta make sure you get a nice tight twist in like that. You can feel that it’s nice and tight there. The next step is to connect the propane itself. So that’s just going to go on the dial here. Again just make sure you get a nice tight twist in there. These can be a little bit tricky, but with a little perseverance there you go it’s in. Now the next step is to light the stove. To do that, you’re gonna use just your little lighter like this, a barbecue lighter, and have it right beside the burner. Turn some gas on, the right nozzle will line up with the right burner. So turn it on just a little bit to give it a little bit of gas. You’ll hear the gas, and than there you go, your stove is lit. So do the other side, it’s the same thing, a little bit of gas, and your stove is lit. When you’re all done, just turn these back to the right, and your burners are off.

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