Camping with PIGS? 🐷 YES! Brooklyn and Allie did, and…

(water spraying) (laughing) – [Kamri] Look at my shoes. – [Mindy] Oh, they’re so cute! (upbeat music)
(fireworks popping) – We made it! Yes! Woo! – I don’t know if you
guys know this about Kamri but Kamri has been wanting to do some kind of dog training for the last year and a half. She’s been bugging me
to either let her train a dog for the visually impaired or dog that’s a therapy dog for kids that have autism or something like that, but every time we check into it, the process is really lengthy,
it’s kind of complicated. You have to keep the dogs for a long term, like for a year, and train them, and I just didn’t know
if I could commit to that with two other dogs in the house already. But I didn’t want to squash her dreams because I think it’s super amazing that she wants to be involved
in a program like that, and do something that’s awesome
and good for the community and really be involved. So we found a local rescue
here called Doodle Rock Rescue and they specialize in rescuing dogs from high filled shelters and
replacing them with homes, but in the process they have
kind of these interim periods where they need foster families to just take care of the
dogs and get to know the dogs before they place them with
their adoptive families. So, we finally got connected to them, and tonight we are going to pick up Kamri’s first little foster dog. Turns out that they ended up getting, we thought we were getting Dandoodles and apparently they have
already been fostered. So we are ending up with either, Sheep-doodle or Labradoodle. We initially thought we
wanted to do the Labradoodle but then we started looking
at Sheep-doodle pictures and, oh my gosh, they are so cute too. So then we couldn’t decide. She was like, well, could you do two? Which initially wasn’t my ideal, but I think we may end up doing two. – Right now we’re going
to pick up the dogs. They just texted us and said that we need to come up with names for the dogs and we believe we are
getting one girl and one boy. So, we are trying to come up
with names and Rylan likes, what do you like? – [Rylan] I like Mazie and Milo. – Mazie and Milo. – [Rylan] Which I think is cute. – I think it’s cute, I
think it goes together. We don’t know how old they are
but they keep saying puppies so, I guess, I don’t really
know what a puppy is, technically, age wise, so, we’ll see how big they are, but, yeah, we’re getting
the house prepped, picking up a little dog
gate and all this stuff, so, we’ll see. – You guys, we got stocked up
with the goods for the dogs. Turns out, they’re four and
half months, not puppies. – So older than we thought. – I mean puppies still,
but not baby puppies. – They’re big.
– So they should sort of, we hope, kind of be potty
trained, but we’re waiting in the store, so we can
get them in our hands and then bathe them. – Yeah, ’cause they’re dirty.
‘Cause we’ve been told they come in dirty, a lot of the times, so we’re gonna bathe
them here in the store, and then take them home. (water spraying) (laughing) – We just put them
together, and they are like, totally snuggled right next to each other. – [Rylan] This is Milo, and this is Mazie. – They obviously feel way
more safe when they’re around each other, so we’re gonna try to keep them together now
until they’re comfortable, but even just like in the past hour, Milo’s warmed up to us so much. – Yeah. And now, we are teaching
Mazie what a toy is. – [Kamri] That was Braidy, clearly. – [Rylan] I know, we’re
trying to show her by example. Milo’s so in love with
wearing shoes, but– (upbeat music) – [Kamri] He does? – [Rylan] He doesn’t look like
he really knows how to walk. – To update you guys,
we got the dogs washed and taken care of, and they were very,
very nervous, very shy. They definitely have not had
a ton of exposure to people, or have been out of kennels
much for that matter, their crates, so we took
’em outside, introduced them to our dogs, introduced them to the yard. They did their business, and now we’re just letting them relax. We’ve got them some food and water. Rylan’s over here with Milo, connecting with him, loving on him, and Mazie’s definitely
warming up to Kamri, so I think that it’s gonna be good. – We were lifting up their
bed, and we found, what, 50 fleas all over the floor, and so we decided to inspect them. They have fleas literally all over them. It’s literally so sad, we’re– – Rookie mistake. Next time we will learn. Take flea shampoo to the thing with us, and just bathe them
with flea shampoo there. – [Kamri] And then bring them home. – [Mindy] Like that, right there. What grosses me out is
you can feel them popping under your nails! – [Kamri] Mom, shh,
I’m trying to show her. – [Mindy] Ugh! Ugh!
– But think about her. – Okay, hello, everybody. So, this weekend, Ali and
I, Ali’s behind the camera, decided to go on an adventure, because we were bored this
summer, and we thought an Airbnb teepee, it’s a
teepee, but it’s an Airbnb. But the thing is that they
emailed us afterwards and said, essentially, you have to bring everything, including toilet paper. I just want to make a real quick comment. I brought a backpack,
and a little bag of food. Alison brought my whole trunk! (Brooklyn laughs) We have, literally, we’re ready to live on the land for three months. All right, so, I don’t know if you can see all the way across, but this is a river. A literal river that we
are going to have to cross in my Jeep, and I have
never in my life off-roaded. This is what the Jeep is made for. We made it! Yay! Woo! We made it! We got to the teepee,
which is just a miracle. I don’t know if you can
see the little teepee in the woods right there. It’s super cute, so
I’ll show you everything in the morning when it’s bright, and we can actually see things. For now, we’re gonna try to unload. All right, good night, guys. I thought I’d show you
what it looks like up here. There’s like a little
swing, and a huge fire pit. A smoking grill, there’s the wood, and our trusty lantern here, and then, of course, the actual teepee. This is what it looks like on the inside. It’s got some dirt floors, this little holding area there, a chair, a bed with a bug net. Same with this one. We will just have the
one ’cause it’s huge. And then, actually, a creek. Back here, it goes all the
way down and all the way up. And look, a pig. It’s named Pig-Pig. Pig-Pig! It just roams the campground. Pig-Pig! Good-bye! All right, hold on, we’re gonna budge it. – Kamri’s been wanting to redo her room for the longest time, and we’re finally getting to it, and little things have been
showing up and appearing, and, of course, the night
before the Fourth of July party, which we always throw. Her bed and her book stands all showed up, so this is the current
state of her bedroom. Super awesome. And we had the ticks today on the dogs. So it’s been crazy. It’s always crazy around here. – Okay, everybody, it’s
the Fourth of July, and that’s like one of our
family’s favorite holidays, so I picked out everybody’s
outfits last night. Kamri, show us your outfit. Outfit number two. Outfit number three. – Kamri, don’t forget about the dog. – Oh, yeah, and the dog. Zach, stand up. Show me your outfit. This is Mom’s. – Technically, I picked out my own outfit. – And then Dad’s over here. Just a boring t-shirt. – You know, Mom changed
outfits because she said it would be too hot. – And then, show my outfit. Look at my shoes! – [Mindy] Oh, they’re so cute! – And that’s an update on Fourth of July! – We got dinner ready. Check it out, you guys. There’s the dessert table this year. And, thanks to Jenny, we have Costa Vida. So we’re eating tacos. We’re going non-barbecue this year, because I think I’m really
getting tired of barbecues, so we’re doing tacos. So we have rice, beans, all the fixings. Yum! Every year, we have a
secret spot in the median. We line all the cars up,
we line all the people up. – Mama! – And just the little things
to do in the cars, like this. Glow sticks. – Mom’s car is all the way over there. – [Mindy] Yep. Building balls and glasses and sunglasses. And then teenagers– – [Kamri] Fireworks! – [Mindy] do stuff like
this in between the Jeeps. – We’re ready to party, Mom. – [Shaun] You guys look
all snug over here. – We are. – [Shaun] Who’s taking a nap? – Not me! – [Shaun] You guys taking a nap? – Yes.
– Yes. (girl giggles) (“Surface of the Sun” by OTE) (fireworks popping) – I’ve got a lot of people
on Instagram asking me more about what’s going on with the dogs, so I’ll just explain really quickly. What happens is, typically, that these dogs are probably
bred on a puppy farm somewhere, and hoping that the
breeder will then sell them to a puppy store, where they will be sold, but for whatever reason,
Milo and Mazie weren’t sold to the puppy stores, and so unfortunately, the breeders still kept them
and just didn’t take care of them, as he tried to get rid of them, and eventually were
surrendered to the rescue, which is where we got ’em. But, basically, what we do
is bring the puppies in, treat anything that there
might be an issue, so like, our dogs came with
tapeworm, fleas, and ticks, which is not normal. A lot of the dogs come in in a lot better condition than that. We take them to the vet, we
get all of that dealt with. We give them all their vaccines. We give them their heartworm. Our family even just took
clippers to their fur, and kind of trimmed them up,
made ’em look a lot prettier, and more manageable, and
brushed them really well so that they look amazing,
’cause nobody wants to adopt an ugly, scruffy looking dog, and then our job is to just
start on leash training, crate training, socialization with people, socialization with other
animals, all that kind of stuff, so that they are a really family friendly, kid friendly dog when they’re ready to go and find their forever family. We’re working on it, but
Mazie is such a dreamboat. Milo is a clumsy little thing, ’cause he’s just learning
how to use his legs better, but he’s hilarious too. They’re both really
sweet dogs, and anyway, that’s what happens and
what we’ve been doing. Been out hanging by the
pool but I thought I’d jump in the house really quick to show you. If you follow our family
very often, you know that we have a room in the
house dedicated to filming, or at least we have in the past. So it just made it a little
easier with the lights and everything, but we’ve
decided that we’re not using that very often anymore, and
we’re actually filming more in kids’ bedrooms or the
twins are filming at school at their dorm room, and
now their new house, so we kind of decided
to dismantle the studio and transition it, so
we left up the CGH set, ’cause that’s one we still will use. But all of the rest of it’s
kind of been broken down to just a big empty room right now, and I’m gonna actually be
getting a workout room, so we’re gonna put mirrors on this wall, probably a treadmill and an
elliptical, some free weights, maybe a bench, just basic,
basic stuff to begin with, and then, over time,
continuing to add to it to make kind of like a home gym. And because we’re
filming more in bedrooms, Kamri’s bedroom hadn’t been
touched for like six years, so we decided to dismantle
her room and kind of refresh, and do some things with her
room, so I’m not gonna show you, ’cause that will be giving
stuff away, but suffice to say that we have totally
changed her room up, and it’s gonna look amazing. So we just picked up Milo
and Mazie from the vet, where they got spayed and neutered, and they are both kind of
loopy still from their meds. – His leg is twitching. – Hi, honey. I know I don’t think they
know what is going on yet from the medication, so a
little loopy, the goal is to keep them kind of calm and resting for the next couple days, so
this should be interesting. Milo especially is excessively
calm, so we’ll see. – [Kamri] Puppies are so tired. Look at them. Hi, my love. (laughs) Mazie keeps lifting her
head up and then putting it right back down, ’cause they’re just so drugged up right now. (laughs) (upbeat music)

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