Can you travel Bali with $100? Keeping Paradise Affordable

(dramatic music) – What’s up guys? I don’t know if you’ve
ever seen these before, but this is a 100 dollar bill, and I don’t mean to flex on y’all, but this is a lot of money. Now what can you do with $100? Well, first of all, you could
go out for dinner and drinks with your significant other, you could buy like 17
orange mocha Frappuccinos, and you could buy 250 cents. – [50 Cent] Yeah. – And of course, you could also
learn all my tips and tricks and secrets to how I
edit, link down below. Anyways, now the real
purpose of today’s video is to actually show you how far you can stretch 100 US dollars while traveling to a
beautiful tropical paradise, such as Bali, Indonesia, so
to start off today’s video we’re gonna be starting
it off, where you will be, at the Denpasar Airport, so let’s go ahead and cut right to the video. (rhythmic music) I don’t know how many of
you guys are millionaires, I definitely am not, until I
came to Indonesia, where for about $70 US, you can
become a millionaire. So now we have exchanged our 100 US, we are now holding 1.41
million Indonesian rupiah. My goal is to make this
last three days, enjoyably. We’re not gonna starve ourselves. So this right here is stage one of taxis, and unless you’re spending the big money then you’re not gonna be coming here. Just as we exit the terminal,
this is like phase two of the taxi drivers, and this
is when they typically like to swarm, they can be quite
good salesmen, and sometimes I do take this method to
get home, because it’s quick and convenient, but the best
price I’ve ever got from here to Canggu is about
170,000 Indonesian rupiah or about like 14 US dollars. That’s quite expensive, so
I’m gonna show you a way you can do it for literally
one third of the price. Taxi, how much to Canggu? – It’s 500. – [Christian] 500? – Yes. – [Christian] What’s
your best price though? – That’s the normal price. – [Christian] That’s normal price? – Yeah, it’s around one hour from here. It’s high season in Bali this moment. – [Christian] High season right now. – Yeah.
– Can you do 150,000? – 150, that’s not possible. – [Christian] Not
possible, what about 170? – Sorry.
– No can do, alright thank you. – [Taxi Driver] Hey boss, hey. – [Christian] Yeah? – [Taxi Driver] Three. – [Christian] 300, can you do 170? – 170, impossible boss. – [Christian] Not possible, that’s okay. – Excuse me 250 okay, let’s go. – [Christian] 250, no
that’s still too much. – No too much, around $20, boss. – That’s a lot! I was driven for 170,000
just three days ago. – Yeah, I know, I know. – But you can’t do that? – Follow me. – I know you. – Do you? – Tom Cruise, do you remember? – [Christian] He’s my taxi
driver, it’s Tom Cruise. What’s up man? – Yes, welcome to Bali. – He actually drove me last
time and he has a subwoofer in the back of his car, I
would pay extra for him. But if you’re on a budget,
like we are in today’s video, you’re gonna wanna walk
straight outside of the airport, you’re basically not
gonna be able to miss it, right out here, you’re gonna
come outside the parking, you’re gonna get to the
end of this crosswalk and turn left. Hello. – [Women] Hello! – Can you do meter?
– Yeah. – You do meter?
– Yeah. – And literally already we
have found a Blue Bird Taxi that has offered us meter rates at the end of it turn right
to the final crosswalk just like this one here, walk down
this area, were almost there. This is the unregulated
area where GO-JEKs can come and basically GO-JEK is just like Uber, it’s a very affordable way to get around, you can spend even less money if you’re willing to
take a motor bike taxi, but you’ll need to have just like one bag like I’ve got right now. They’ll be wearing this beautiful, beautiful green jacket.
– My name is Anto. – Anto?
– Anto. – Once you leave the airport
terminal, you no longer have that free WiFi access, and so
unless you bought a SIM card in the airport, you’re
without any internet here, which by the way, the
SIM cards in the airport are extremely overpriced,
do not buy it there. My number one recommendation
is just go chat with those GO-JEK drivers, the guys
wearing the green jackets, the taxi drivers, and
negotiate your own price. (upbeat music) (cash register dinging) Alright guys, so I’ve just arrived here at the front of the
hostel, and I booked it on Hostelworld, not sponsored,
but they’re one of the ways that you can find hostels
all over the world. So, I found one that had the lowest price, but yet still offered higher
ratings, I think this place had like a 9.2, great
staff, great cleanliness. It came in at 120,000 Indonesian rupiah, which is like which is
like nine US dollars. Let’s go check it out. Hello, how’s it going? Okay, so I’ve just checked into the room. If you need me you can
knock on bunk number three. Climb all the way to the top with me. It’s an ACed room, so I’m happy. This is my living quarters. That right there is one of my lock boxes, so I can put any valuables in there. And something that I used to do a lot because I traveled with my
film equipment and it was like my most valuable asset, was
I slept basically next to it. I like cradled it in my sleep. Hostels are so safe, but
it can happen anywhere, so I like to keep my most
precious possessions close to me. Already I’ve met three
people and we’re probably leaving here to go the
beach in about 10 minutes. This is what the bathroom looks like. Got a couple of hammocks
here for reclining, and we’re now heading down to Echo Beach. The reason I choose
this hostel was actually because of the high rating, but also because it’s probably no more than a five minute walk
away from the beach. So, this is probably one
the best budget restaurants that you’ll find, like the
best value in all of Bali. So, 60,000, I got a chicken
breast, a corn on the cob for an extra 20,000, a beer
I got myself the Bintang. And by the way, this
is the must-have drink when you first arrive here in Bali. You can help yourself to the
potatoes, the corn, the salad. It’s such good value, probably one of the best in all of Bali. So, just before I checked into my hostel, I actually was stopped
on the side of the road by these guys right here
from the Netherlands, – Hey what’s up, man.
– Ativa, and Isla. (upbeat music) – Cheers. – Nice meeting you.
– Alright, man. – We just finished an hour long dinner, probably even a bit longer, just chatting, because we had so much in common. Honestly, that’s the crazy
thing when you travel, you quickly meet people that just have the same passions, same ideas. My friend, you have Bintang! – Yeah you know. – [Christian] This guy’s
the man for Bintang. How much for the big one? – 35. – [Christian] 35, that’s a deal. – Thank you. – [Christian] Thank
you very much for that. Oh you wanna take, okay here we go, there we go, okay, three, two, one cheese! Oh it’s beautiful, and how
do I find you on Instagram? – What do you of this? – [Christian] Do you have Instagram? – Oh no no. – [Christian] Oh man, you’re missing out. – Instagram, I have Instagram. – [Christian] Oh you have? – Yeah I have, Instagram? – [Christian] Yeah. – Yeah I have.
– What is it? – Rezaafzaikan. – Just got back to the
room, and by the looks of it I’m the only one here, so no complaints, I’ll be the first one to go to sleep. And then from there, I’ll
probably be woken up, one, two, three, four, five times before I finally get to bed. To bed number three I go,
and I’ll see you tomorrow. So, I’ve just arrived here at a restaurant that I wanna show you guys
because it consistently serves really affordable food, and it’s good. These are a couple friends of mine from the hostel, morning guys! – What’s up? – [Christian] How was
your night at the hostel? – Hostel life, yeah! – [Christian] Good morning! – Morning!
– Hello. I gave the cashier 100,000, she gave me back 31 so, this whole meal
here is around five US dollars. – Hey can I borrow 31K? – [Christian] No I’m trying to make a $100 last man, you can’t just. (giggling) I’ll be honest, it’s not like
the world’s best breakfast, but it’s a good one, and it’s cheap. (laughing) So I just organized with
one of the locals here to have a scooter dropped off. This here is my ride over
the next two more days. It’s gonna be costing me 60,000 a day. I know you can get them as low as 50,000. But in this case to have the convenience of it being dropped off,
if you want it for a week you can get it around 250,
for a full month you’re looking at roughly 700 to 750. Hello, good morning! – Bagus! – Bagus! Bagus, by the way you need
to know this if you’re coming to Bali, it’s like good vibes. If you just had the best
nasi goreng, and it only cost you a dollar, that’s bagus. If you’re surfing and you just hit the perfect wave, it’s bagus. When you rent a scooter, and
it comes with a bit of gas, an extra bar, that’s bagus. There’s a few things we
need for a great road trip, and the first thing is a scooter. The next thing, you’re
gonna need is some friends, And the most important thing,
we’re gonna need a Latina. (rhythmic music) So, we now have a one and
a half hour scooter ride to get us to the center of Bali. Were going to a place by
the name of Leke Leke. (motor bike revving) So a slight unforeseen,
expense for today’s travels, but this is what happens when
you travel, you can’t predict every cost, the scooter, well let me show you. (scooter revving) It doesn’t go anywhere anymore. Update, we have just called
GO-JEKs to take us all the way. – Two minutes away! – We got motor bike GO-JEK’s
coming, so they’re here to save the day, but the amazing
thing it the local people have been so helpful, especially this gentleman here, he
offered us his own bike. Literally like, just people offering a bike to strangers, it’s crazy. When they ask you what you wanna do in five years from now, this is it. This is my dream job,
just look at them all. There’s so many of them. See this is the treat that we wouldn’t have gotten if our scooter hadn’t broken down, so always take the positive. Thank you very much,
kindest people around. Oh my gosh he’s taken like
half an hour out of his day just to make sure we were all set up and our day trip continues. It’s now two p.m. so we gotta hurry up if we’re gonna see Leke
Leke, and then finish it off with the beautiful UNESCO
site known as Jatiluwih. My homie. We’re following GPS to get
here, and there’s like one path. This is the path. (upbeat music) Bye bye! (rain dripping) Here goes 20,000, thank you very much. – Thank you very much. (speaking foreign language) – It wouldn’t be a trip to the
north without a bit of rain. It’s a day of unexpected charges. Fried chicken and rice, 45,000. Fresh young coconut, 30,000. The view, priceless, just kidding it was 30,000 to get in here. But it was worth every
dollar in total like $10 to get all of this, this incredible
view that gives us access to the waterfall, and my
friends don’t wanna be near me. – You left us! – Okay guys, this is the
thing that we’ve traveled hours to come see, we’ve
risked out lives, our limbs, just to experience this
one moment, right here. Let’s do it. Pretty cool. (groaning) Oh my, oh my, Cathy go try it out. This thing is definitely falling apart. Follow me, it’s this way,
follow me, it’s this way. (leaves rustling) (upbeat music) I don’t know if were gonna
make it to Jatiluwih. We might have to find a replacement, but we’re running back to our bikes, our GO-JEK’s are hopefully
waiting up there. So tonight’s sunset was a fail,
it was a complete gray out, There was no color, not much to see, but we did get a couple
shots over the rice terraces. With that being said though,
like I’ve had so many incredible day trips in the
south of Bali, in the north, even some of the more hidden spots that one of my best friends, Pancha here in Bali has taken me to. If you guys wanna learn
about all those hidden gems and more, the best restaurants,
I have a full video guide to Bali, and there’s a free
video to it just linked down below to check it out and Pancha, the best tour guide in
Bali, I’ll also have him linked down below, like he’s
the best way to see Bali. Now, we’re gonna enjoy some
dinner, and tomorrow I’m excited because we’ll be showing
you the other side of Bali, we’ll be going down south. So we’re her at Savage
Kitchen, and I’m super excited because I love their chicken
burger, it’s so good, and tonight is buy one
cocktail, get one free. Cheers guys! – Cheers to an epic day! (cash register ringing) – It is day number three let’s go! (water swooshing) ♪ We’re not thinking ♪ ♪ About the way I use to ♪ Good morning my dudes. It is the start of a brand new day and another day to save some money. So, I wanna show you what
were starting out day with, because for a very, very modest 85,000, we have gotten ourselves,
eggs benedict, a cappuccino, at one of the restaurants
I give a big thumbs up to. I’ve eaten here a few
times, and I really like it. It’s called Coffee n Oven. I’m also joined by a
couple of locals here. What’s up fellow traveler friends? – Hi, that was super awkward. – Alright guys, this right here is a travel hack to eat for free. If you smell the fumes that are coming off these bags right here, that
is the smell of free food. Come on over. Where we going? – Uluwatu.
– Alright. – Is that where we’re going?
– I don’t know. ♪ We’re not thinking ’bout ♪ ♪ The things I took from me ♪ ♪ I know that I am ♪ ♪ So much ♪ ♪ Better ♪ Alright guys we’ve made
it down to Uluwatu. Were right outside of a
place called Single Fins. Getting here, it was pretty much free, aside from a bit of gas. We probably spent at most 20,000 in gas. To get in here was 5,000. So as far as Bali’s
mainland, I have to say Uluwatu’s probably the most beautiful, because it has those
dramatic drop-off cliff side, onto incredible waves,
they have internationally renowned surf competitions
here all the time. Uluwatu, is a little bit expensive, especially in this area
here, it’s quite touristy. What we’ve done, is we’ve
come down some of the stairs, and we found ourselves a local warung. Three, two, one. – On Christian! – Let’s save money. 32,000 Indonesian rupiah, roughly two and a half dollars US. So, Cam’s a big surfer
and this is apparently one of the gnarliest
paddle outs you can do. Essentially, during high tide,
the water will be as high as like well above my head right now. So you have to start
surfing from there and wait for the lifeguard to give
you a whistle that you’re slightly safe to make your
way out, and you have to get through this cave while the
waves are crashing in here. Bagus. Show us your newest tattoo. (whistling) What did you pay for that? – 20 bucks, 25 bucks. (cheering) – [Christian] Yo what’s up dude? (monkey rustling) Okay, okay, okay, we found a local, hi. Picture! (chuckling) What’s his name? – Leo. – Leo!
– Leo. – Check this out, this is unbelievable. – And do you know how much
this cost us, it’s free. (inspirational music) So we have no idea what this
tower is, but it’s pretty cool and the best thing, it’s free! At least we got here before they charge for the haunted tower. King of the castle, up to the top we go. Oh my gosh, look how tight
it is to get through here. We made it! This is incredible. (upbeat music) About 15 minutes left of sunlight. It’s a beautiful sunset tonight. Now it’s not a complete
secret because there are a few people here, but this is one of the quieter spots in Bali. (rhythmic music) – [Woman] I’m not a part of the band! (audience cheering) – Fast forward a couple of
days, and welcome to Hong Kong. Now that’s a video for another day. I’ll be showing you guys
how to travel affordably so make sure to hit that subscribe button if that’s of interest to you. Let’s just give you a little preview, this is the room tour, and
the room tour is now finished. That is how you travel
Hong Kong affordably. Now back to this video. This is the status of my
wallet, absolutely empty. Nothing to it.
(alarm blaring) We went in the red, the
negative, and I would say that it’s mostly because of the
unexpected scooter incident, but I don’t even regret that happening. It’s honestly what made
that day more memorable. It was a fun challenge that we overcame. It pushed us a little bit over budget, but I honestly would not
have had it any other way. Now because I don’t have
a single Indonesian rupiah to my name after this video, it’s time for me to push my travel guide. Guys I wanna tell you about
my Bali video travel guide, because it literally shares with you everything I know and more. If you think there was a lot
of information in this video, you have no idea what’s in
store in the full video guide and I’ve even got a free
preview, it’s the five things that you need to know
before going to Bali. It’s completely free. Check the video out, down below. Sometimes, in life you
actually have to spend a little bit of money to save a lot, and that’s definitely
the case with this guide. It will give you so many cost saving tips. Ways to make your trip more
efficient, more enjoyable, and I give you a 100%
satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with the guide, I’ll refund you, your
money, no questions asked. I wanna thank you for watching the first video to Season
Two of Lost LeBlanc. Let me know your thoughts, because this isn’t the final form. I wanna work with you guys to figure out what you liked, what
you wanna see more of, what you wanna see less of. Did it have too much information, not enough cinematic, et cetera. Share with me your thoughts,
together let’s make the best content possible, and
you already know the schedule I will see you right
back here on Saturday, so guys hit that bell button,
hit the subscribe button, and let’s get lost again in the next one.


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