Careers on Vacation Review: From Travel Agency Owner Alison

Hey everybody Cyndi Williams here from
Careers on Vacation. I have the amazing one and only, my good friend Alison Frey
Trasformativa Travel with us here this morning to talk about her experience
with Careers on Vacation. Alison, how are you today? Good Cyndi, how are you today? I’m so good I’m so good! I wanted to first of all, thanks for joining us I
know it’s been super busy with your business lately and you just got back
from vacation so appreciate you making time for us and by the way your video
was amazing! Oh thanks, thanks I feel a little bit more comfortable now and I’m getting ready to do a couple more once I get my hair done and but um
yes so I’m getting ready to do a do a few more next week I feel a little bit
more comfortable I’ve got my little tripod now so and I waited weather to
warm up because I want to do my videos out on the dock you know so it’s water
and it’s pretty. And you know that’s one of the things we really focus on in the program is video content and how to do it how to leverage it how to so that’s
good that’s why I would be standing by and watching that for sure. Well why don’t we start by telling tell if you would mind sharing with the community
tell us a little bit about where your business was before taking the Careers on
Vacation program and where you are now I’ve been in business for about 10 years
when I started I started with a host agency and then drop that had traveled
for a little while to do some other things but then when I came back I
joined a friends agency and it just wasn’t going the direction that I wanted
to. I wasn’t really selling a lot through her our visions were different our our
models were different so I decided to go out on my own
and develop the brand and that really truly is me and speaks of me every time
I travel somewhere it’s transformative for me and that’s what I make it for my
clients so that’s basically Trasformativa means transformative in
Italian and it just really speaks to to what my brand is so now that I’ve
changed my branding and I’ve taken your course I’m getting the higher level
clients that I want and and going in the direction that I truly wanted to take my
business. Yeah and some big nuggets there like you
were working for someone else and so kind of doing their vision living their
vision so you had that kind of like and you were already a successful business
when you started with Careers on Vacation you have the concept developed which is
great and I love that the through line of your company of when you travel it’s
transformative and that’s and I love that because I tell people all the time
what we do who don’t really sell vacations like we sell memories we sell
that time and you’ve taken it to another layer to say not only do we do that but
we sell you know something that can really transform a perspective transform
your life you know transforming while traveling because
when you get yourself in those new experiences and just building your
concept and your brand around that I think was just a great idea and we just
built on that so great that’s fantastic and getting the higher level clients
developing your marketing that’s going to bring the clients that have the money
to spend and so you know profit zone which is great. What would you say is your biggest win or celebration since taking the program? By charging the extra
fees I had never thought about doing that and I was a little nervous about
doing that that people could say oh no I don’t want to do that and when I every
time I’ve brought it up they’re like oh yeah that’s that make sense and and just
getting paid for my time I’m getting rid of the tire kickers and you know and
working with the people who are serious about traveling so yeah and in your case,
Alison, you are experienced established business so that was an you know we have
a whole section in the program about how do we monetize our business better and
so for you that was a super easy transition once you had the tools and
the talk tracks and you know kind of the way to introduce those it’s just it’s
the same work and more money exactly so that was an easy pickup for you which
was awesome so that’s great. So in the program we also do
a lot of mindset work, helping people you know get past their blocks
and understanding what they need to do to really be successful at a high level. How did the mindset work help you in the program? My thought has always been
that if you have a positive mindset it gets you positive results and that’s
always been my mantra but to start my day every day with with those there’s
positive thoughts and affirmations it really just sets the tone for your day
to work. Yeah and having those tools and resources and when you get into a funk
because we we operate in a lot of us operate in silos you know and having
whether your business is already doing a million a year or you haven’t started
yet or whatever the case is it’s like you don’t have someone you can lean to
that’s been you know turnover and there’s a desk right next to that
they’ve been doing it for 30 years so you can go oh what should I do about
this. So you know the resource of a mentor but also the mindset to go oh I
made a mistake Oh should I throw in the towel no of course not. But having the mindset to just say okay what did I learn let’s
move on what did I let’s move on. Through the whole program your mindset you just did a great job of kind of you know getting to that place every single time
right good good good So was when you found Careers on Vacation online you sort of following the page was it hard for you to jump in and begin and commit
to the program there any hurdles you had to overcome before you started? To convince my husband, as soon as I told him about the program and what it
was going to do and it was exactly what I was looking for, because, I was almost signed on with somebody else for coaching who’s a wonderful coach but because you
were so specific about travel it was a no-brainer and after and after talking
to you I was I was totally sold on it and now my husband is one of your
biggest fans, he followed your pages and I saw him comment on the page and thought it must be your husband then I saw your name in there. He follows you and he you
know he he loves you just like I do and you know he when we were driving we’re
driving somewhere and he said to me once I was done with Careers on Vacation he
goes so do you think it was worth it I’m like hell yeah it was worth it and I
just you saw that I actually tagged you and a post the other day from a
gentleman who’s in travel and was ready to throw in the towel because he just he
couldn’t get any business yeah so I referred him to you and
hopefully you know he’ll make the move but I mean I was sold from the day we
talked. You bring up such a great point like yes sometimes we have to convince
the husband’s if no worries there but why do you think it is that women just
don’t invest in themselves like this is like you’re you were already a
high-level agency operated at a high level and you knew you needed a mentor a
resource some extra tools to jump you to that next level so you were you know
actively seeking because you were already a smart savvy business owner why
do you think that you know especially as women we just don’t invest in ourselves Because we like to think we know everything and I think sometimes when
people ask for help they they feel like it’s a sign of weakness but I feel like
we’re oh we’re always learning we’re always growing and I mean I think other
people will always have some useful information you know to share with you
that you can use in life I mean there’s no way I mean especially in this
industry that you’re ever gonna know everything it’s impossible and I guess
what I tell people like if it’s travel I’m your girl you want to be a
veterinarian I’m not sure I don’t know everything but when it comes to travel I
got you. But that brings up a good point I love what you said we think
we know everything And and I want to be I don’t want to be a jack-of-all-trades I’ve you
know a master of none I want to you know know what I need to know you know and
and and do the best that I can at it. You know that’s gonna mean that I’m not
gonna know every brand that I’m not going to know every destination
you know and You’re outsourcing, you’re outsourcing that piece so you can I did there was a quote on the page last week that I put out I said smart savvy
entrepreneurs know they don’t know everything something like that they
outsource that crap exactly our job is an entrepreneur a big
business owner if you want to run a big business you know there are tools there
are mentors are things you have to invest in to get your business to the
next level yeah and kudos to you for a recognizing that and acting on it
because now you’re in that place of success which is awesome. Yeah, so good so
what would you tell others that are sitting on the fence about joining
Careers on Vacation if they want to take there no matter what level they’re at if
they’re just starting this thing that they want to start and travel or their
experience like I am if you if you wanted to take your business to the next
level because you do not know everything you know invest in yourself and and and
take this program because I mean it really hits all all the areas that you
need to hit you know some of it I did know and then then know that I didn’t
know and it’s great and it’s gonna help me now to bring other agents into my
agency and be able to train them whether they’re experienced or not. So yeah because you were operating at a higher level you knew, you knew the basics of of
course being a successful agent so we were really able to work with you on how
do you put your first recruiting plan together. How do I recruit how do I retain how do I train all of those pieces that are
next level when you start to grow your team and we got really upper level
marketing with you because basic marketing we were set on so we got to
talk about layering we got to talk about how we get creative with launching
groups you launched a couple groups so yeah so you’re in that next level
category we got to spend that extra time we can skip over the stuff you know and
focus on those other areas where you know we wanted to customize the program
for you which is why it’s so malleable and great and having that you know
one-on-one coaching relationship was really good. Yeah that that’s what I
really like that that you truly customized I got more than
than I ever thought I was gonna get you truly customized you know my program
like you said we skipped over the things that I already knew we were able to hit
on the things that I needed to know and that I wanted to know and truly made it
a customized product. Alison you did amazing in the program I’m so
excited about your progress. You were all in you were you know one of those
clients who was like I am taking my business to the next level come hell or
high water yeah day one you have that that ambition piece and you just and
some things you just needed like Oh instincts on this you just needed that
reassurance and then other pieces were big things we put in place to change the
landscape of your business and you have yourself to thank for you’ve made the
decision you did the work and here you are and I am going to just be cheering
on the sidelines for you because I’m so excited for you my friend this is so awesome Well again thank you for spending time with us today everyone I’m going to
link Alison’s business below Trasformativa Travel so you can check out her awesome pages for awesome website by the way. Great, exceptional job on your
website its one of my favorites as you know And follow Alison she is an
amazing resource and person to know in the industry in her own light so Alison
thank you again it’s been a pleasure to work with you and now you’re in our grad
group so you continue to get support through there because you know I don’t
just you know take the program and run I’m like you know you were doing videos
last week I’m like that was challenging you guys too you know in the grab do
some video because it, travels a long game and I’m you know, and I want all
there’s someone brought up the other day he said
just one last nugget they said oh I don’t want to share what I’m doing in my
company necessarily and I said look here’s the great news travel is a
billion-dollar industry there is room for all of us to be successful and there
is room for all of us to be supporting each other into abundance. Absolutely! So, you know we’re we’re the tribe where the group were the one with
kids right we’re the ones who are gonna band together and and support each other
in and everyone has different concepts to people who do adventure we have
people like you doing transformative experiences through
travel travel color not black and whites Alison’s tagline by the way which I love So, there’s a million different ways you can knit your business we’re not all
doing the same thing but we can all be successful and support each other. So if you are struggling with your travel business if you’re like Alison you’re already a
successful business and you want to supersize it play it big and take it to
the next level definitely a book a discovery call. If you’re brand brand new
same thing book a discovery call! Let’s get into this book all work in this
industry together everybody wants our life right, Alison?
Alison was in Jamaica last week. She said in her videos of her many tours I think people
don’t believe that you know yeah we live this life but we’re the lucky ones! We
made the decision and we do it. So yeah we are traveling yeah we are having fun, yeah we are making money so well thank you for waking us up this Monday morning Alison
love you so much I’m gonna be watching much love much abundance you

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