Careers on Vacation Review: From Travel Agency Owner Brooke

Hey everybody Cyndi Williams here from
Careers on Vacation. I have the amazing Brooke from Enchanted Travel
Adventures How are you today Brooke? Good, how are you? I’m good! I have, so we’re
gonna get into Brooke’s story here in a second. She’s is Disney everything, she’s so amazing when it comes as a Disney. Usually I show you guys a coffee mug when we do these fun little case studies
but since Brooke was coming today I wanted to show her my cool little
coasters have you seen these? No, that is so cute! They’re like vintage
representations and I just thought these are so cute so that’s a snow-white one and
then Splash Mountain is totally like my favorite ride. These coming like a set of
like three or four I think but this is my total favorite one the mad tea-party This is the one usually in my office, I should have cleaned these before our session but
anyway I knew that you would appreciate that because you love all things Disney. So, guys Brookes a recent graduate of the Careers on Vacation program and I wanted to just invite her here to share her story today So, Brooke tell me a little
bit about where you were before doing the Careers on Vacation program and
where your business is now. So, before Careers on Vacation my business was just
in my head, I had no idea where to start, where to begin, what’s the first step to
do, do I need this, how do i market this, so I’m so glad that I took this course
because now I actually have a business. I love it, so you had never worked in the
travel industry or know anything about travel and that’s a tough thing because
when you’re so passionate about travel but you’re like okay it’s in my head how
do I make this happen now I love that. What would you say has been like your
biggest win since taking the program? Besides obviously getting it out you
know your business out of your head and into the real world right. Wow, I don’t know. There’s so many big wins really, I mean just getting I mean my business up
and going. The market, your marketing turned out
really nice. I have to say and you know our program is very custom so we work
with every person where they are but what I loved about you is even though
you’re in college still right, yeah. You’re in college, Round two actually. Yeah and you have all the stuff going on and you got so much ground covered and
a lot of times people are like what can you possibly how much stuff can you have
in a 12-week program but it’s really packed full I usually know what you know
people get to the very end and they still have a few things that they have
to do to really you know kind of jump over the hill and get to that but you
got everything done, you’re you know, YouTube Instagram Facebook. How did
that make you you know feel in terms of just having that whole completion or at
least having it out in the world ? I’m very very proud of myself because um
whenever I say hey I’m gonna do it I do it no matter what
so just like if you were in school you’re gonna treat this like school
you’re gonna do homework on it every single day to make sure that your
business thrives. Such the right attitude to have because if want to have a hobby you there’s no judgment there’s nothing wrong with having hobbies but you are one of those
that you said Cyndi I want to have a business like I want this to be a real
tangible thing that that I you did so that’s amazing
um look you have phone calls coming in right now I love it.
That’s what happens a live TV . One of the things that we do in our program that’s
really I think unique and different is we really work on your entrepreneurial
mindset how did the mindset work impact you in the program Oh my gosh it impact
me so much um if you ever decide to take this program please do everything that
she says to do. I have a stack of note cards with all my goals on it and once I
complete them I’m gonna put dun-dun-dun so it’s really really important to have
those note cards because if you don’t to set goals for yourself you’re
not gonna go anywhere in life so even setting like
smaller goals for yourself is okay. If you don’t know what you where you want
to be in five years that’s fine just set those goals for that small amount and
you will be able to reach them. Yeah every step forward is a step forward
that is so true and just sometimes it’s hard to have that big huge goal and it
feels like yes in five years I would love to be here. One of the
analogies I used with you guys in class is do you know how to get to San
Francisco? You know could you leave out your front door right now without
your phone and walk to San Francisco? well you know it’s West like maybe you
can follow the Sun right but it’s those things where it seems like ridiculous
but you don’t have to know every little step by step you just have to know your
job is not to know how everything is gonna exactly unfold but it’s to know
where you need to go to get the information and the GPS scenario you go
to your phone you GPS it you can drive or you can fly or you can do all these
ways to get to San Francisco but when you have a big life goal it’s kind of
like it can be overwhelming and feel that way but I love what you said just
about setting in little piece by little piece and kind of working towards that
that’s amazing. So Brooke, what would you tell someone who’s kind of sitting on the
fence like was it hard for you to jump in when you found the program or you
know what would you say to that person that’s like oh my gosh I think this is
what I need but I’m afraid to pull the trigger. I would say just take a leap of
faith and do it there’s nothing that you can lose so for me personally I honestly
just found you and I wrote a message saying I’ve never had a travel business
before but this is something I really want can this work for me and you got
back to me right away and I was like oh my gosh I think this is it so then I
mean of course you want to consult with a husband if you have one or your family
members to make sure this is legit, which it was, so I’m so excited that I took it
and if you are on the fence please please PLEASE jump in and even if you
are a person that has nothing right now like I did at first if you already
have a and you want to scale that even bigger
this is so for you I mean the people in here that I’ve seen that scale their
business just from taking this program it is amazing. I love that Brooke, and what
you know but one of the crazy things is you’re super tech-savvy like you know
and not everybody is but like it like I said that’s why a custom program works
for people because people who aren’t super tech savvy we work with where
they’re at and kind of work with them you were super tech savvy but even if
you are super tech savvy putting the business together and knowing how to
optimize I think is what for you because you you had a lot of like the tech stuff
you were like done done my guess is set up that set up but then
when you got into the application place of okay I’m testing ads now okay how
does this create have come together what were we supposed to do with this or I
had my first lead right it wasn’t that an exciting day have my first lead like
how do I handle XYZ. So you know that whole piece kind of coming together I
think you know I love your your referral so thank you for that of course but you
know being a tech savvy person how how long would you do you think it would
have taken you to figure all this stuff out knowing you’re smart you’re bright
you’re super tech savvy if you had to try to figure out how to do all this on
your own how long would it have taken you if ever? Oh my gosh I would say
possibly never but if I really tried it probably would have taken me three years
to get everything together honestly Its a lot, so well I’m so glad that you you
know that we got to work together and you had the confidence in the program
you believed in yourself you’ve done the work over the past 12 weeks and now you
have this amazing beautiful company out there in the world if you guys aren’t
already definitely follow Brooke she’s doing some really cool stuff and I thank
you for sharing your case study today and just popping in and wish you so much
love and abundance in in the future. And guys listen,
if you guys are like Brooke whether you have a travel business and want to scale
it or you’ve never ever been in the travel industry before what are you
waiting for reach out to us at Careers on Vacation have a clarity call, discovery call with my
team and if nothing else get clear on what is the path to get from A to Z and
we will help you make your get your dream out of your head like we did for
Brooke and into the real world making money so Brooke, I’m a fan for life as
you know thank you so much for joining us today! Thank you for having me

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