Careers on Vacation Review: From Travel Agency Owner Cindy

Well hey everybody Cyndi Williams here
the Travel Career Coach. I am here with Cindy Andersen from Blue Shore
Vacations. Cindy, how are you this morning? Hi, I’m great how are you? I’m so good! So, I’m so excited first of all because you just graduated our Careers on Vacation
Mastermind and it has been quite a journey has it not? Yeah it sure has! Yeah, well thank you for sharing kind of your story this morning
and let’s just start by shared with the audience where you were before taking
the Mastermind and where your business is now. Sure so I’ve been a travel agent
for over eight years a lot of that was an at-home agent for
different agencies and then I was in a brick and mortar for a little while.
Never really, I wanted to be more, I wanted to be just me and I finally broke
free in the spring and my husband and I started Blue Shore Vacations in March so
we’re a brand-new baby business just kicking off and it’s been really really
exciting to get the marketing managed and accomplished and known. Yeah for sure and kudos to you for taking that leap of coming out from the umbrella of working
for other people and saying you know what I’m gonna kind of do our own thing
and we can do it and you did! Yes, yes so that whole piece about where the
Commission’s are going and how much of it was huge to us when we like spelled
it out on paper and we looked at the numbers we just it makes so much more
sense to do it just us and so that’s good, that’s what we’re doing. Absolutely and that’s when we kind of connected which was amazing yes tell me a little
bit about what’s your biggest win or celebration that you’ve had since
starting the program? Hands down it’s the technology when that just the struggle with understanding all the different facets of what you can leverage and how
to do it Google was a beast, I know there’s no phone number, you can’t call
them. It’s hard and normally I would
just send my husband oh you just fix this for me because I just don’t have
time I have so many other things to do and I didn’t do that I took it I did it
I conquered it and I’m so I’m so proud of myself that I did that and I’m glad
that I did. Yeah and it’s so empowering right because now you know how to do it
your business is set up it’s automated and I like to answer to your first
question because it’s kind of like yeah on paper it made so much sense for us to
have our own agency but then you get out into the nuts and bolts and that’s where
people get stuck and they’re like how do what I do with the tech or the
automation or the process and so to be able to have that. Well I’m glad that’s a
win for you I know that having your life automated and the things together like
it takes a lot of work in the program to do it like it’s not an eas, like it’s not
easy owning your own business let’s face it right but it’s much easier having a
roadmap right. I don’t feel blind anymore Yeah That’s what I don’t I don’t have it
all mastered I’m still learning I’m still going back and re-watching the
videos because what I understood in the beginning was a little bit and then as
we went now I go back and I watch those and like now I get other things out of
it at a higher level so it that’s really amazing to to have all of that whenever
I want it whenever I need it yeah and I love that and that’s why we
did the program the way that we did so you would have that to keep forever
because when you’re you know business has no employees and then all the sudden
you you know snap your fingers like some of our clients and then they have 20
employees they’re like let me go back and watch out information about
recruiting so as you evolve your business no matter what stage you’re in
I think having those tools because look we we have your marketing plan together
for this year but when you go through that process each quarter and then an
annual basis for your planning no you can go back to those resources because
you know you have kind of that roadmap right to refer to. So good, so I have a
question a lot of people don’t realize with our program you get this whole mind
set piece that just comes for free, it’s like you’re gonna get it whether or not
because it’s Who I am. So talk to me about what the mindset work in the
program meant to you or did it mean anything to you or what was the impact
for you working through the exercises and things
we train you on how to think like a CEO and think like an entrepreneur how did
that help you if it did so if you if you just start your day and just go forward
or at least it is for me I feel like I’m just like like swimming in a river and
I’m kind of up to here in my day and sometimes the river is up here and I
don’t hardly ever get on top of it yeah I start my day with the different
mindset things that you’d set up and then some added things that I know that
are also good for me then I feel like I’m starting my day like standing on top
of a yacht in charge of everything instead of down here I’m like I am up
here and maybe everything doesn’t always go perfect but I don’t lose focus yeah I
don’t lose track of my small goals all the way to my long-term goals like it
just every day bring it right back to the why and how and and then your you
just I don’t know I can’t I feel like I can manage it better. Yeah you’re putting
on the captain’s hat but having that I think the clarity and what your end game
is the clarity of exactly what you want to get through this business and then
parsing it down to on a daily basis what does that mean how am i setting my
intention for today what are the goals and things that I’m doing this week
right down to the tracker that we give you right the what am I doing this week
that’s going to move my business forward or bring abundance into my business
because as you put all these little pieces together then the whole puzzle
kind of comes together and creates your grand vision which is awesome. Right I like, I like a little visual view with the captain’s hat on I think we should
make that happen in our next photo shoot. So and when you started we when you and I originally
talked to had lots of conversations we even talked to your husband yeah look I
talked to husband all the time no problem talking to husbands I love
husbands but I love just like when they’re worried and then I like I’m
their superhero by the end that’s my favorite but um as we had that
conversation was it easy for you to jump into making
the decision did the mastermind or what you know what was that process like for
you yeah it was easy for me because I knew that these are things that I did
not know my education back I’m an educator I’m an elementary education
major I was a teacher before we had kids and then I’ve done various other things
most recently I was a travel agent on my own with the brick and mortar like I
said and but I never had to be responsible for the marketing I never
had to pay out my own money what which way is the best way and how much is a
good amount to be intentional about what you’re doing and how you manage that
there is no way I could have guessed even close to what works yeah no way no
no idea no marketing in my background because
coming from an education background it’s it’s the things that people don’t even
know to ask that you kind of find out through the process because being a
great travel agent is one thing being a great business owner is a completely
different hat so how you do finances payroll recruiting marketing closing
sales processes automation there’s a lot of pieces to running a successful any
business but especially travel business because our jobs super detail I think
somewhere in a video last week guys I said look when you you guys know when
someone calls you and they’re like I’ve never been to Disney before where I went
20 years ago you already know in the back of your head like I know in the
back of my head and what you need to make your travel business be successful
you guys know okay I tell my magic man I got to tell them the best type of dining
for their age group I have to tell butch Resort based on their needs I have to
tell them how the magic Express works you know how they put the tags on the
luggage you know all the things to tell them they don’t know half the time to
ask those questions so in with careers on vacation that’s why we had such a you
know an approach where we kind of wanted to detail everything out so it is a lot
like you said there I’m still going through some of the information I think
it’s valuable to give you more rather than less but as you cross bridges
your business to be able to go wow I didn’t even think about that or
monetizing that’s another huge one people are like oh I didn’t even think
about you run the numbers and it’s like oh my gosh I would have done this last
year I would have made this much more oh those are mine right you said at one
point in one of the less our meetings that whatever it is that you don’t like
or whatever it is that you hate to do hire that out yes I think the same is
true of the things that are not your strengths mm-hmm so we all have our
strengths my strength is educating my clients before they go on their vacation
so that they have a fabulous time I don’t want them to walk in and don’t
even have the app downloaded there’d be standing on Main Street
you know burning daylight trying to understand that and I want that for them
but I don’t know so in my case I don’t I’m not a marketing expert so that’s why
I paired up with you yeah that makes so much sense and whatever it is in your
business it’s not as a business owner your job is not ever to know every
single answer or to be able to even figure out every single answer your job
is to know how to assess the health of your business
through real data right and then if you know oh I don’t have enough leads
because I know my marketing is not working your job is really to know where
to get the resources so you can make a decision and move your business forward
and I think in this journey where we get stuck a lot is we look we work with a
lot of women it is what it is and it’s it’s kind of like oh do I invest in
myself it becomes an emotional decision when it
should be a business decision like look do you want to make you want to get more
leads like if you if you can close sales all you have to do is pull the lever and
get more leads fix your market right but it’s like oh do I do this or do what
would you tell people that are sitting on the fence about careers on vacation
maybe they’ve been scoping out in the shadows and they’re watching
success story after success story it’s like how many will it take before you
pick up the phone and go I want to get in on this what’s going on buddy what
would you tell that person about making decision don’t wait don’t go wait a year
from now my business is gonna be in a million times healthier better stronger
shape than without this program Careers on Vacation changed everything for me
and I don’t have it all master I’ll have to have it all mastered I’m mastering it
one section at a time as I go but like I said I would never have guessed what I
needed could never have guessed the way to do
what I needed don’t wait just don’t yep and now you
have the tool you have to look at a great big toolbox and you have
everything you need and this is not like one of those weird programs you buy
online right you’re like oh let me spend whatever and then no one’s there to help
you right so you get that you know some people I guess we don’t talk a lot I
guess about what’s included in the Careers on Vacation program but it’s not
just modules it’s not just online training but you get you have access to
me twice a week for two hours to go Cyndi look at this I have questions
let’s do it you know so it’s one of those things where it’s very intensive
through the program but now like you’re you’re graduated you graduated a few
weeks ago and I’ve seen you’ve asked a couple questions in the grad group
already and are you getting responses are you getting help. Yeah, oh my gosh the grad group is great it’s so you know now I’m never I was so
alone before and isolated and I had no one to ask questions no one and now I
have this whole group of amazing women and agency owners and it’s great it’s an amazing community and we’re all there to help each other you guys know my message
has always been there is enough abundance for everybody like I was in
Disney I just came back a few days ago but the thousands of people walking through the gate in the morning there’s enough for all of us to book ten of those vacations a day
right and then we all have way over six-figure business so there’s enough
abundance for everyone we can all support each other and that’s why we you
know we have people apply for the program and make sure do you feel like
you’re ready are you ready looks you know and if you are you get to become
part of this community that we support each other where it whether you’re a
near one or we have people in your 10 doesn’t matter because everyone’s at a
different place in their journey but as long as you’re getting what you need
business forward I think that’s really key so last question is kind of
redundant but would you recommend the program to others? Yeah five stars! You’ve been so amazing and your branding turned out beautiful as a
process in the program that was part of your custom you know that we worked on
not just in our private calls but in our mastermind we had that chance to kind of
show everyone your logos and decide what you want it so we’re gonna put your info
below so people can follow you follow Cindy she’s amazing Blue Shore Vacations
and we’re gonna splice in a cool picture of your logo like here or here somewhere
in the magical editing process um but look I wish you so much love and
success that I think you’re planning on a retreat in the future did I hear that 100% yeah We just you know what we just announced the this video is
actually not coming out till next week so we just announced in the grad group
to grab her it’s about a week and we’ve actually we already sold the first five
slots the retreat at the last retreat people are like can I sign up for the
next one so we have plenty of spots for the grads don’t worry and then we’ll
open it up to everyone else but it’s been such a pleasure to work with you
and your husband and I’m so excited to see where you guys go in the future I’m
so excited for your journey. We are too and we just thank you for all your
knowledge and the way that you share and just empowering everybody around you it
we’re strangers on the Internet four months ago you know and then here we are
and it’s just it’s great thank you I love when people almost cry that’s my
favorite, no that’s so true and you know it’s I love building relationships with
my clients you guys see a lot of you guys watch Cyndi and it’s like this big
personality but really when I that’s why we only like have eight to ten in the
program because I want to have that personal relationship to go
what is Cindy and her husband what does the next client need what does an
excitable need so we are only focusing on a handful of businesses each month to
get you guys where you want to go and it does feel like an amazing friendship at
the end we are friends and we’ve so much in common like our
we’re both Cyndi’s yeah, Disney so much great stuff well Cindy anything you need
just let us know in the future we’ll see you over in the grad group I love you
send your husband my love and I’m you’re opening a branch office next year too we
have forgot to even mention that but we’ll be watching that thank you so much
for sharing today Cindy we’ll see you soon!

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