Careers on Vacation Review: From Travel Agency Owner Heather

Hey guys, Cyndi Williams here from I have the amazing Heather Lutz with us this morning from World of Wander Travel Heather, how are you today? Very good, How are you Cyndi? I am so good. Thank you so much for spending some time with us this morning
and sharing a case study if you will with us. You just graduated a couple
months ago from the Careers on Vacation program so, tell us a little bit about
where this whole process and journey started for you where your business was
before you started where your business is now. Well, I didn’t have a business
before I started. I was an avid traveler loved to plan my own vacations and plan
vacations for other people I love the research and finding you know off the
tourist norm so for people to go and to do and I was just scrolling through
Facebook looking for travel tips one day and I ran across your ad for the
Mastermind Program and picked up the phone and talked to Katlin and the next
thing I knew within two months I had a functioning business and within six
weeks into the program I was already booking my first trip and it had
traveled before I even graduated the program. That’s so amazing yes I say you
can earn as you learn and what I love about your story because so many people
are like oh I don’t have time or I’ve never been in the travel industry before
you you come from a completely different industry and never worked in travel you
had the want to do it you took the bold action and believed in yourself right
hey next weeks in your booking travel already. That’s amazing what would you
say is like been your biggest win or celebrations and taking the program? that I took like you said I took the risk
I’m totally in corporate America you know I’ve always kind of in the back of
my mind wanted to do something in travel it was too scared but I did it with the
mindset everyday which I still use. I believed in myself enough to take the
chain to put myself out there to not only
people I don’t know but friends and family and say this I’m doing this and
I’m gonna be a success and so far it’s going well yes and you are that’s
amazing that’s and it’s you know this is we’re actually filming this right before
New Year’s right so I know people are gonna watch it for years to come I’m sure
but like you took the journey in the middle of the year but like when you
have that wake-up call of like I’m gonna go for this I’m gonna do it and I think
you know the trap it’s not easy to be a travel agent like it’s not an easy thing
it’s it’s having that you know, dream of wanting to do what everyone wants to
do it or everyone wants to have the life that we have but it’s kind of having
that wake up of like you know I want to do it but then there’s that gap of like
but how the heck and that little gremlin comes in like you mentioned the mindset
work right but you made the decision and move forward which is amazing and from a
different industry which I love so you talked about mindset how would you say
the mindset work you said you’re still doing it today how that’s a pillar of
our program because we want people to think like business owners and think
like entrepreneurs and it can be it can be the shift that not just changes your
business but changes your life a little bit tell us a little bit about how it
impacted your business or life? Well it impacted the business because that’s the first thing that you teach us in the Mastermind Program is you got it that’s
the very first module very first call with you you have to have your mind set
what is your perfect day what is your perfect client so I put that in my mind
and I knew my perfect day was not the job that I’m doing today I want a job
that I can be mobile that I can help people relax and an enjoy life so when I
set up my mind set I pictured my day my perfect client and then what their
perfect vacation would be and I review that before I go to bed every night and
before I get in when when I’m getting up and before I go to my current job work
everyday and it’s the reason I keep doing it is easy especially when you
have another job to get tied spin it and forget that you have this
business on the side and kind of be tired at the end of the day and not
really want to go deal with putting a Facebook ad out there or doing your
marketing but if you keep that mindset going if you keep thinking about where
you want to be at the end of whatever the road is whether you give yourself a
year six years ten years if you keep that in place it helps you get over
those drains those energy drains as you call them yeah and get you there it’s I
think it’s one of the best parts of the program I mean getting you on track and
keeping you on track like at my core I’m a coach right so yes I know all these
cool things about how to like you know really jack marketing to make it work
for you how to close sales better automate all the stuff but really at the
heart of it is if you don’t have the belief and you don’t operate with the
minds have an entrepreneur because an entrepreneur figures out you know the
vision it’s not your job to know everything it’s your job to where the
information is and to keep you in that place where you’re staying motivated
moving forward forward momentum it makes the difference between you know average
businesses and kind of supersizing businesses but I want to ask you like a
bonus question, from a completely different industry
before you work you don’t just work full time like you work full time and over
time. because Heather did it not knowing anything about the industry. to have this guide handed to you that
says from A to Z here’s how you be a travel agent and A to Z how you set up
your business so it is automated you’re monetizing it properly you’re making
sales in your case within six weeks, that’s amazing! What did that mean to have that whole comprehensive thing dropped in your lap? Everything, it took the scare out of it it took a huge
weight off I would had no idea how to do it on my
own and I wouldn’t have done it on my own it it’s made me don’t only have a
successful business I mean I’m not up in doing six figures yet of course because I’m
brand new but I’m booking and getting people to come in but also made me more
of a confident person you don’t only teach us how to set up our logos or or
market but you give us a confidence to go out there and talk to you know just
friends and family but people that come in through our Facebook Ads or our agent
profile pages or just someone we hand our card to with confidence you teach us to to know everything but you know you need
to know how to go get it get the name and it’s okay to say you know what let
me look into that for you and get back to you cause I don’t want you to I don’t
want steer you wrong but I’ll get you thes best info possible everything you teach us gets us what you need to do I think the
mastermind format having the community of having other successful agents in
working alongside of you how did that impact your impressions of the industry because we always here people say are travel agents even a thing like we’re like a secret, sneaky you know on the side having these great careers and stuff and
people are like is that even a thing for like yes, but it how is it to sit and work and
in when I say sit virtually because we do calls twice a week Q&A calls to see
because you get to see people that are further along in the program, people that are already at the six figure mark, all different levels how did that
help you in your journey? It helped a lot, because it’s a community there is support just because we had people like Magnolia travel that were adding
agents and have been in business for years and doing stuff. They were there to support you, didnt roll their eyes if you asked a beginner question, they were jumping in and helping you and into
the grad group the the support of the community through just the COV page and then the grad group now that I am out of the Mastermind is amazing. I am on that page all the time. I even look at it but I’m at my other
job just to see what’s going on and you learn from each other someone’s going to
post something you’ve not thought of or a question you are going to run into and you can go right there. are right on it and support you. Yeah and that’s, this is not a cookie cutter program it’s very much immersive what do
you want to do you get access to me to work with you but the grad group is
beautiful because it’s not one of these online things that you purchase and never talk to me, or never get access to me and then it sits
on your computer or something like that but then you have this beautiful
community this cool Club right where everyone knows these secret processes
everyone knows how to run their marketing engine people know how to in
the other case of the other agency they are now growing and in their case tripling their business in the time they were in the Mastermind. Amazing amazing stuff so
it’s one of those things where not just being in the environment but the post support, and you are coming out to visit for some post education – yeah
because it with me in Austin next month to do to expand out and really launch
your YouTube empire which is you know a huge passion of mine but that’s another
whole call but there’s extra stuff out there as you grow and as you scale up You never go away, I mean you’re always there to support us whether it’s training through
videos or one-on-ones or like the workshops you’re doing which you don’t
get that a lot of places. Yep and because I love what I do like my my life’s
mission is to inspire you to follow your bliss into abundance but abundance
underline bolded and circled being the key right so yes and that and the
industry changes like I go out to all these conventions and spend all this
money to work with the best consultants I translate it for travel industry. and then yes, there is reeducation that needs to happen. Kudos to you, I want to go back to the very beginning though. Was it hard for you to jump in because people are like should I you know because that big F word comes in
F-A-I-L, right so was it hard for you to jump in when you learned about the program? What was that process like for you? Actually it wasn’t I was at a
point in my life where I had went through some tough losses, I had lost both my parents in within the last 6 years before I joined you I had went through some rocky relationships and I just was at a point where like I’m
gonna do it for myself You can’t succeed if you never fail. That’s a good one, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. if I fail then I just have to try again
I have to try something different and and to me it was it was worth taking the
chance now if I had stumbled across you a little earlier I probably would have
been on the fence but I tell you that discovery call for anyone who’s sitting
on the fence taking the free Master Mind classes and then having that discovery
call with one of the COV people is amazing there they do not pressure you
to do anything they help you talk through what your dream is what you want
and they’re very realistic if this is something that would work for you yeah and we want to make sure that we don’t invite everyone to participate you know
if we would truly believe we can help you and you know because our goal is we want to get everyone to six figures and beyond so but thank you for sharing that
you know first of all condolences for the loss of your parents and when you go
through those big life changes I think you realize life is short. have I been waiting for like you get a
limited amount of sunsets and sunrises I always say like measure your life
and sunsets and sunrises and I always say all the time like if I drop dead
seen the world like I have traveled I you know so it’s one of those things
where it’s like if you decide to take live your life or whatever your passion is. if you come across this and have a travel business isn’t your thing, I would give you the same advice figure out what your passion
is and go for it are you waiting for and and the whole failure thing, I say don’t fear failure, fear being in the exact same spot a year from now Last question, would you recommend Careers on Vacation to others? Yes, I would
um there’s so much you get out of it if if you just end up running your business just to get the travel perks for yourself and don’t want to do like I
don’t want to make this my retirement I want to transition to this full-time
I’ve kind of given myself a time frame to start doing that the community that
you get the the knowledge you get is worth it
I would anybody that is thinking about going into this business no matter how
big or how small this you need to do this I would recommend I would I kind of
sometimes think I want to go back through the mastermind. I know I know! But it’s one of those
things where it’s one job to be a travel agent like that’s one skill set you have
to learn but like if I could rewind time and give myself my own program when I
started running it from home because it’s not a look I was an awesome travel
agent million dollars a year year after year but how to run a business that’s
the second hat you have to wear so it’s when you’re brand new like you were it’s
like you can take three to five years to make all these crazy mistakes that
you’re gonna make waste a bunch of money in marketing do all of the stuff because
you’re like grabbing at straws or you don’t know how to run a travel business
there’s no um shame in that like I don’t know how to fly an airplane if you put
me poor gonna crash for me to get behind the
wheel on an airplane. But if you have the manual being brand-new and we had another testimonial and she said you
know I’m looking on these sites and I’m watching these forums and I know more
than people that have been in the industry for ten years because I took this
program I know exactly how Facebook Ads work I know exactly how to create a
marketing machine I know exactly how to do all this cool stuff that they just
don’t even know about because if you run it like a hobby it’ll perform like a
hobby you’re in business so I think you know for the newbies that’s what I would
encourage you it’s it’s a really rough road if you try to go it alone and look
it can be done but if you don’t want to waste three five seven plus of time and
money and all that good stuff so guys follow Heather at World of Wander travel
her branding turned out so cute we’re gonna splice it in right here so you can
see a picture of it and listen if you have been wanting dreaming about being a
travel agent running your own travel business from home reach out to us at and apply to get in the mastermind we do
have a limited spots each month because it is a program where you work with me
as an industry expert directly so I can only take on some many clients at a time
but get registered ASAP and like Heather said our calls if nothing else, get some clarity on your business and how to move forward and if we can help you we will talk to you about enrollment process. Heather, thank you so much for joining us today. We love you so much. I am your cheerleader for life! And I am going to see you in Austin next week. I am not even going to say good bye, I am going to say, I’ll see you in a few weeks. That sounds awesome! Alright lady, thanks so much for sharing your amazing story, I love it.

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