Careers on Vacation Review: From Travel Agency Owner Kristen

Hey everybody good afternoon or good
morning I don’t know which it is when you’re watching this video but I am
Cyndi Williams travel career coach and I have the funnest guest today Kristen
Christen from Well Deserved Travel Kristen my fellow midwesterner and I’m
a midwestern that relocated to Texas but I hope we have that Midwest bond how
are you? Fantastic, how are you Cyndi? I’m good and you just got back from Alaska so tell me something, tell the audience something we
don’t know about Alaska that you’re dying to share with the world. Everybody needs to go Alaska is amazing, beautiful, we did the whole Gold Rush all the way up to the into Dawson into Canada and it was spectacular every inch of the way
was every time we turned a corner it was even more beautiful than the corner
before. I love it I’ve been trying to talk my husband into Alaska for years and he’s he’s just he’s like no he doesn’t see Alaska the way that I see it
I’m like we have to go it’s so amazing we’ve been sitting clients there forever
and it’s like. My husband was like Alaska and I’m like we’re going and we’re both warm people you know we go to beaches we do the beach thing and we went we went
in July it was 80 degrees every day it was beautiful we had a little bit of
misty rain one morning but other than that it was spectacular
yes summer high season of course you don’t want to be there with me but they
have the extended days all that great stuff and you sent me the funniest
picture you tagged me in do you remember what it was? I can’t think It was the state of Alaska and then it was like Texas and said something like isn’t Texas cute and isn’t that cute they think they’re so big. So funny, I love that so much. They have that everywhere in
Alaska, Texas thinks they’re so big. I got news for them Kristen, you are a recent graduate of our careers on vacation mastermind you came to me a few months ago and just share with everybody kind of like the situation you were in
kind of what we talked through to to get you to a better place. Well, I had joined with a travel agency local and she basically only gave me
passwords so that’s all I had I didn’t know, I’ve never been in the travel
business I was a banker for a long very long time I’m no longer a banker I am
now a travel agency owner but she only gave, she didn’t show me how to do this
and you know as soon as they saw your information of course I stalked you just
like we all do we all stalk Cyndi and and as soon as I did I just knew that this
was the right thing for me. Yeah and if I remember correctly you were kind of like in a 50-50 deal right in terms of commission I was at a 50-50 payout and that was
don’t do that, I found a much better situation a much better plan a much better host and
I know how you taught me how to do this yeah and it was one of those things
where look it’s if you get into like a situation you’re like I’m not sure if
this is for me sometimes you just have to talk it through and bounce it bounce
it off with someone else in terms of like is this where I should be and this
is this the path for me in terms of really like doing what I want to do in
this industry and for you it was like you know you can work with me but it’s
gonna be really tough and you know just being honest with you like getting the
return on investment you’re gonna get it a whole
lot quicker if you’re making 80% of your commission or 90% of your commission and
you’re on a different type of commission split right you’re gonna have to work
30% harder if you stay in that existing situation so you decided hey I’ve been
an industry I’ve been booking trips maybe it is time for me to go out have
my own agency which is amazing so talk to me about like where your business was
before taking Careers on Vacation program and where you are now. Oh my gosh well
you know I’ve been on may you know graduated from you it’s been like a
month and a half and I have made more money in this month and a half than I
did the year and a half I was with the other Wow, that’s amazing you made more time let’s
just let that resonate for a second than you did in a year in a half with the
other agency Yes ma’am Oh my gosh that’s crazy It’s crazy and my business is just
I mean I’m booking trips every day I you know I every day my husband is like oh
what’d you do today I’m like Jamaica and we’re going to Hawaii. He’s like this was
the best decision that we’ve ever made was for you to do this you, so Im very thankful, very thankful for you. Ah, thats awesome, thank you know it’s one
of those things where you know my job as a mentor I always say is to get you try
to make you the most amount of money the least amount of time. Its so great when you guys
come back and your like not only did I make my investment I made more in a
month and a half then I did in a year and a half. Now what would you pay
like just for people out there in the world whether it’s whatever job or
industry that you’re in to go hey if I could have that same productivity that
it took me a year and a half to do just convince it down to six weeks. What is that worth to you? You turn your business around that’s amazing. So what would you say Kristen has been like
your biggest winner celebration is it that productivity or is it something
else? You know it’s it’s the productivity but
it’s the confidence it’s the it’s the knowledge that I have now you know
you gave me the roadmap and if you follow the road map you will succeed
there’s no if you don’t put any effort in you’re not gonna do anything but with
the effort you will and you follow the plan there’s that it’s a it’s a win-win
situation. Yeah and it’s you know you can have
results are excuses but you can’t have both that’s one of my favorite sayings I
see but when you have that it’s very overwhelming right like you had already
been booking trips you were a travel agent you had been doing that kind of at
a light level right right but how long do you think it would take you to figure
out like all the marketing all the automation all the things we teach in
the program you had to do it on your own what would that process of him process
looked like for you in opening you know your own awesome agency? You know that it
would take months and months and months of full-time and then some you know it
would be 40 50 60 and I’m you know I did all of this working only maybe 20-25
hours in my business so I’m just now cutting back from I have a part-time job
so I’m cutting back on that to now just two days a week so I can focus more
because if I can do this working part-time just barely imagine what is
gonna happen Yes and doesn’t that feel good you’re
like okay if I had you’ve done that you did a year’s worth of work in six weeks
and you were still you still had another part-time job so now you’re okay if I
did that imagine if all I have to do is expand my focus time energy oh my gosh
can i double that in the next six weeks it on and on after that what an amazing
feeling right? Absolutely absolutely So you talked about confidence and I
love that because a lot of our program we tie in a lot of mindset work, how to
think like an entrepreneur, how to really get crystal clear on what you want and
what you want your business to look like in terms of going forward so what what
did the mindset work in the program do for you? Oh you know it’s amazing because
you have to stay you have to stay focused you know you have to tell
yourself you’re the one that’s gonna do this there’s so much negativity out
there and you know you just have to in the morning you do your dailies you just
tell yourself that you’re knowledgeable you’re motivated you you can succeed you
are a rock star you can do this and once you get in that mindset
it just happens for you it just keeps coming in it does it starts to unfold
and I think working with the other people in the program some of them are
new some of them are already running huge teams and huge businesses so you
can you get to kind of interact and see okay I’m working with people that where
I want to be someday and then you’re in the middle and then you have the newbies
that you know you’re inspiring as well but I love that because if you get the
mindset piece right it doesn’t just like help you launch and supersize this
amazing travel business of course that’s the goal that’s why we’re all here but
if you get it right and you know how to use those tools and resources you can do
anything in life that you want to do period. Anything you know I’ve brought
this into you know my husband and in his job and my kids I got one that’s in
college one that’s in flight school one that’s finally working at a full-time
job and you know it’s positive stay positive Yes, absolutely. Introduce your kids to it early early. I’m always impressed with what my kids come back with because my son
he’s all like I want to do comic books and we got him an iPad and for his
birthday a couple days ago literally within like two days he had an entire
like trailer for a movie built, I’m like you’re nine, you just turned nine. And he’s like I’m gonna, he already has plans for his movie you know so things where, it’s it’s so critical to
and especially because we work by ourselves most of the time so keeping
yourself in that high motivated and expecting the abundance to come in and
making sure yes now you’re gonna have the tools processes in your arms with
the techniques on how do you market in this industry how do you automate how
do you do all those things that you have to do if you want to get to that six
figures and beyond but beyond that none of it will really cohesively come
together unless you believe you’re deserving and worthy right and you’re in
the place you know you I’ve seen someone else have that success I just you know
you’ve interacted and I’m always like if someone else can do, it I can do it. That’s me. I love it I love it and you shared something before we got on the
call which I love because for those of you guys that follow the feed or you
binge watch watch Cyndi like Kristen go you tube there’s hundreds of
videos on there knock yourself out For those of you who follow me on any of our social media platforms you know my dad’s been in the ICU over the past couple
weeks he’s home now but he had two surgeries so he had blood clot removed
and he had pacemaker surgery and Kristen and I were talking about you know just
that hey hanging around in the ICU will really give you some perspective and if
not now when like when and you know I hold another video out there I won’t go
into all that but my mom was very sickly as a child so I learned at an early age
like you don’t wait to live your dreams like cause tomorrow is not promised and
you know what’s your who’ll take on that shared with me how you feel about that
since it’s been such a hot topic on the sites Yeah you know I mean I lost my
lost my dad two and a half years ago and my mom a year and a half ago and I lost
my dad but I still have my mom but once I lost my mom I thought you know what
life is too short grab it and go and do it there’s you know there’s no at least
you tried you you don’t have that what if what if what if um just go for it and
do it because as you said tomorrow’s not promised and enjoy it today. Absolutely like and you know just don’t make your some day no day right like if you really
are passionate about one each one or travel business or passionate about
taking your business to the next level what are you waiting for you you’re the
CEO all you have to do it is your one decision away from a new
life which brings me to my kind of final question cause I want to talk some personal stuff but kind of last question regards the program. What would you say to that
person who’s like sitting on the fence they’ve been been binge-watching and
they’re hanging out in the shadows they’re like you know should I pull the
trigger what would you say to that person. Just do it just do it. You
know it it’s it’s gonna if this if you’re serious about your business and
you’re serious about the investment in you, in yourself do it because it’s worth
every penny and then some. I love it. Thank You Kristen that’s so awesome and I mean you guys know me like I’m super easy to work with but I do require
like if you’re serious you have to be serious right but if you’re serious I’m
ready to roll up my sleeves if you’re ready to roll your sleeves like you show
up and let’s get some magic happening. So, what are your like plans over the next
fourth quarter talk to me about like so Well Deserved Travel, first of all when
say your branding turned out super cute we’re gonna show everyone your logo and
Link your info below so go follow Kristen she’s amazing. What are your
plans coming up for the next quarter now that you’ve sold a year and a half’s
worth in six week you can probably just go hang out on a beach but I know
you’re super motivated to like do more so what’s your, what’s coming for you? Well you know I have, I have six trips cooking right now I have a group of
thirty for a Princess cruise to Hawaii. There’s going to be I believe 32
people on that on that trip so I’m working on that. I’m working on another a
trip of 10 friends to go to Jamaica so I’m doing that but I have a Switzerland
trip that I’m working on so I have a lot that’s going on and I get calls every
single day. Yes! I love that, you do have so much in the cooker which is nice because you’re
working on everything but the calls everyday. Were you having calls every day
under your other agency? No no no and you know it’s not even
friends and family because friends and family are hard. The worst! We love you
guys we love you, but no we cannot get you free travel or you know deals but yes they require
a lot more attention and expect a little bit more. I’m going to do my first
promotion with Disney for Christmas. I’m gonna try and get some sort of just some
information out there how they could do this how they could go to Disney for the
what is it the Merry Mickey Christmas Yeah, the holiday time frame. and then I’m going to I’m just
started my the process to get a group together to go on spring break.
And that’s gonna go to Jamaica because I’ve been booking a lot of trips
to Jamaica so I need to get there. We’re all going. I love that, so you’re traveling you have all these trips in
the cooker and you know how to market now right your marketing plan the reason
you’re getting calls every day who aren’t friends and family. What would you, I’m gonna ask,
I’m looking the camera right now y’all, who are out there you know, what would
you do or pay to have calls coming in every day that aren’t your friends and family. They can’t believe it
when it happens they’re like we had another one post last week and she’s
like I’m getting calls every day that aren’t friends I can’t believe it so
it’s a beautiful thing because that’s how you build your client base but you
know how to, I had a post yesterday and I said look if you aren’t planning
for first quarter of 2019 you’re too late like if you need to go right now like
now so you know having that whole process of doing your marketing a
quarter at a time and knowing what to do and what to post so. I’m excited for you, I’m so
excited for the future of Well Deserved Travel you ever just blowing up, I love
it. I do too I know it’s amazing. Well, Kristen it has been so fun to work with you one because I just remember our
first phone call and you’re from the Midwest and we just hit it off like you
were just an old friend from forever so I’m going to be your cheerleader
for life number one . I think you’re coming out to visit me in Austin at some point. I am I’m hoping
to get down to Austin in November it’s I have a lot of stuff going right now so I
have to kind of yeah but penciled in right now so yes sure whatever you guys
you know I do the VIP days and all that good stuff for our priors so we can you
know blast out your plan for next year and super size but congratulations to
you on all your amazing success you put in the work you showed up you showed up
for yourself and oh you’re like sitting back and reaping the rewards and you
have this new beautiful business and not only that you know how to do this again
and again so you have that same six weeks you know like six weeks / a year
like you can put five years worth of productivity in one year now. Crazy. I love
it I love it so much well I love you and I’ve loved working with you so thank you
so much for spending time with us today and listen guys if you’re watching this
video and you’re like I want to be like Kristen I want to do a year and a halfs worth of stuff in six weeks or if you’re struggling or your brand brand new and
you’re like I have no idea how to start a travel business, you want to do it
right from the beginning then reach out to us a Careers on Vacation if you’re
struggling or just your kind of a hobby traveling business on your hands but you
want to supersize and understand how to leverage marketing understanding how to
automate understand how to take your business to the next level reach out to
us at Careers on Vacation. I’m gonna put the link down below or up in the post or
somewhere around here and we have we have a couple spots left for our fall
enrollment we’ve sold out every month this year, every month, so fall kids
are back to school now is the time so. Yeah, well Kristen thanks again for
joining us today

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