Careers on Vacation Review: Travel Agency Owner Susan

Good morning everybody, Cyndi Williams here, CEO Careers on Vacation I have the amazing Susan from Vacation Hot Spots with us this morning Susan how are you? Thank you. I’m so good Thank you for joining us today I just love your story and and I wanted to share it with our community. So you’re a recent graduate of our Careers on Vacation program. Congratulations on
your graduation! Thank you thank you, I have to say I already miss you and the Mastermind. You are not a new agent in fact you’ve been in the industry for how long? I have been in the industry about 14 years Wow that’s amazing so you brought a lot
to the group, helping with the newbies, thank you for that Mentorship was awesome, that’s what’s so cool about our program is you get to
work with people at all different levels which is super fun um tell me a little
bit about where your business was before taking the program and where you are now? Wow Wow but I’ve never had a mentor and I never had like a road map actually
where I was supposed to go to get to the next level so I was searching for
something and I just kept seeing your and I said well this must be divine
intervention because I was looking at your program in another program but your
program always stuck out to me and I said I have to do it because that’s
where my heart is going you know COV Careers on Vacation, and so I’m glad
I did because I was looking for that road map and the mentorship and then
also like a community you have accountability being in a group it kind
of like pushes you to want to do because you see how everybody else is
progressing along and and that’s what I was doing
searching and I found I’m happy I did We call that a synchronicity and I
always say when the student is ready the teacher arrives no matter what you’re
doing in life if you’re following your bliss or you’re open to doing whatever
you’re you know it kind of pops into your world so I love
that’s how you found us and what would you say is your biggest win or
celebration since taking the program hmm just having that road map I’m pulling my
stuff together I have structure you know exactly what
steps you need to take it any system mmm there’s no way you can get lost unless
you just lay the system down but this system that you presented to me I mean
it just like re- ignited something instant in me my husband’s seen the
difference too he say he’s exciting so what’d you learn today okay we where you at in the program so so he can see a difference. I have a reason roadmap and a reason that I get up every morning and can’t go sleep too late at night now because I’m trying to figure
out things because I have you know you know what to do to get the most out of
your business and that’s I love taking a business like yours or one of my most
favorite to work with because you’ve been doing it for 14 years so you have a
decent-sized client base and for you it was about how do we automate better yeah
and if we automate better we can monetize better and if we monetize
better you can make more profit and you know I love working with the bigger
agencies because you can move more ground faster and like I didn’t have to
teach you to be an agent you knew that like you can be an agent backwards and
forwards you’re given advice to our students right so that means in the
program you got to escalate and start with the good juicy stuff which is okay
tell me how to really market okay tell me how to automate this system so I love
that we had a good plan in place for all of your data I know you know we made
some alterations there that are gonna be just amazing for you because when you
have a data base it’s just putting it in the right spot and then leverage it
how do you squeeze the most profit out of your business or how do you get more
opportunities in front of your clients and how do you do that so that was a
that was a fun one for me working with your business. At the beginning like you said you were looking between two different
programs was it hard for you to jump in once you’ve found us what was that
experience like for some people it’s like oh do I invest in my I mean you’ve
been a business owner for 14 years but like for the newbie who’s brand-new you
know or for someone who’s just in your shoes like they’ve been doing it forever
they don’t need training on how to be a great agent you were already that but
what was that process like like do I invest myself do I you know what what
did that look like and feel like for you when you went through that whole process? Well at first that was the question that’s always the question when you get
ready to dive into something you know different and new you know you have to
do like the self-evaluation it’s the way you really want to go and how much are
you worth and how much is that how much is that that opportunity that you see in
front of you going to you know play out and be a value to you at the very end
but I knew I was looking for something and I knew it wasn’t going to be you
know you know it was gonna be an investment so the thing is there is a
freight fear when you try to invest in yourself or anything you know my
investment and I’m looking for a rate of return or whatever and so to
me it was easyier then most people because I was
looking and I guess I’ve been in the industry long enough I know that to invest in yourself is to invest in your business and invest in a profit and
therefore you have you know turnovers and you have increase so that’s the fear
that everybody’s going to face and any you know in any other Avenue that you’re
going down okay do I invest in myself or you know is this too much you know how
am I gonna make this back but if you have a determination and drag that
you’re gonna succeed and you want to succeed and you have a why also you’re
gonna push yourself beyond measures that you never thought you would you know but
with jumping and take it in you just you just start swimming just just keep yeah
let’s keep moving yeah you said something at the beginning that kind of
struck me and it’s so juicy you said and you said it without thinking and that’s
what I love unfiltered you said how much was I worth
how much am I worth right and that’s a big thing because it’s not
buying a pair of shoes it’s not even buying a vacation for you and your
husband it’s how much am I and my business and my future worth so if you
think about it from that perspective and you were already looking which is great
but it’s if you get down to the core of why people invest in their business or
don’t it comes down to a belief right I mean we have dozens and dozens and
dozens and dozens of these case studies out there right so it’s like ready like
are you serious like are you gonna work in because it’s not just I’m not doing
everything for you I’m showing you how to do everything that core belief of this like for you you’ve been
doing it full-time so you’re like you’re in it to win it right the person who
knew and once I get out of a crappy job or harder but it’s the same core
question what am i worth right is what is doing something worth so I love that so what would you tell that person who’s sitting on the fence out there whether
they’re new or whether they’ve been like you they’ve been doing it for 10 15 20
years and they’re just looking to uplevel it’s just super size and do that
next thing what would you say to that person about our program? Let me start with the beginner because you need a newbies if you’re if someone’s sitting on
the fence and they have to decide whether they know they like they love
travel they love the industry and they want to jump in I would say jump in
because if I had a system like this at the very beginning you know just
right there in black and white of what to do next you hold a lot of things that
I could have you know but if you’re brand new thinking about travel this is
a program that you want to invest in because Cyndi and and everyone in the
staff they are very helpful just having a group of people around you with with
similar you know I guess a similar desire to do business
in the industry with the Facebook group it’s an added it’s an added plus yeah
it’s almost scary for them to go it alone like you if you could go back at
the beginning and go oh my gosh there’s so much you don’t even know the
questions to ask to be successful like if you had this program 14 years ago
could you have been way successful way faster oh yes basically when I came into
the industry there was nobody there structure to to train me and I I just
dug in and did everything to get all the webinars think of and looked at and
that’s how I became for me with the industry and and I still do that to this
day I mean I’ve been into 14 years but if there’s a webinar coming out that I
can get on about a product or a supplier or a destination I’m on it because the
thing about this industry it’s ever-changing and you have to stay up on
top of it and one of the things too I probably would have picked a niche
pretty much quicker than How we train in module 3 we’re like okay let’s
slow your roll I would have done that earlier on in the game would have been more of an expert in the area and now you know
so in it and for the people that have been in it for a while I mean if you’re
thinking about looking for a place for guidance and direction get off the fence
jump in I mean you all know the industry is ever-changing the new technology all
of the social media platforms you’re not familiar with because you know you could
be familiar with the Facebook and maybe Instagram there’s other things out there
you don’t know about because the Google business I just took my my information
out there just to stick it out there before I became to the group and I don’t
know what it was out there actually doing it how the magic happens and how they
work together you’re actually get good leads right and then the structure about having an
appointment with the experienced ones you know it’s almost like you don’t have
an excuse you’re already making money make more but the second piece is with
with the experienced ones you know you’re in this environment you have to
realize like jumping on the webinars and learning all the travel stuff we have so
much that’s new just in that world but an experienced owner you wear two hats
one of them is awesome superstar travel agent but the other one is you have to
understand how to run an online business and that is where people don’t have time
to learn about proper marketing they don’t have time to learn about what’s
the best automation they don’t have time to learn about how do i monetize more
effectively how do I create my first couple sales funnels that hold people
like who’s got time when you already have leads coming in and you have a base
that you’re working with and that’s where I think our program is kind of
like here you go like we did all the work for you all the research all the
testing we know what doesn’t work and that’s why I love working with the
bigger agencies like yours because it’s just like you get you get way more
results faster because it’s just making shifts and getting stuff implemented so I
think that’s awesome so good yeah I mean in Susan you are
such a help to our newbies so I love that you broke it down for why newbies
would want to do it and why the experience so tell us what are the next
plans for Vacation Hot Spots what’s on your plan for this year, I mean you’ve done
so much in the program I know you were booking big groups and you had there
were times where you like Cyndi it’s so much business right now that I have
to go slower in its self paced every single group call to make sure you’re
taking advantage but what’s on your schedule for what’s next for you for you
this year oh wow actually you know I’ll get back to the mindset real quick right
yeah I start I knew about mindset years ago and I used to do the affirmations
daily and everything I had everything pasted on the on the glass windows on
and I stopped doing that but you can ignited that back into me since I
started doing with my affirmation some more and I had found some more that I
that are new to me and it’s just like one of us like I have success in every
area of my life man you know – I say that because I’ve
been host I’ve been invited as the hosted agent a partial hosted agent to
the to the romance travel travel forum that’s gonna be in Puerto Vallarta in a
couple of weeks so that was something as a result of me thinking positive I think
about myself in my business that that just came about and I got accepted into
the program and ever since then I’ve been getting like different in vice or
different information about all starts unfolding yes and people are calling about somebody else’s like it’s just
that flowing because I said oh my god they changed that like I forget to ask
you about that I usually asked with cuz mindset is I always say it’s like the
magic sauce of our program you know one of those things where we teach you how
to think like a CEO we think we teach you how to think like from a mindset
perspective where do I get clear and what’s my vision what’s my intention and
then I’ll give you real tools to open up the space that the millionaires and
billionaires they do this stuff every morning so we give you men that same set
of tools and I love everybody always has a surprise story for me because when you
kind of put it out there and go I’m gonna be successful in every area of my
life what does that mean and it just starts happening when you’re open you in
yourself on that on that track so I love this that’s my favorite so you’re gonna
be doing this cool forum you’re getting all these invites right
well you really we’re a leader amongst the group so you’re gonna be a leader
amongst your peers no doubt as you move forward in the industry we’ll be
following all of your good stuff across the board
so Susan it’s been such a pleasure I can’t believe it’s time already but you
know I’m your cheerleader for life and you know you’re going over to the grad
group any last words of advice for for our people watching? mmm if you’re if you’re thinking about
the industry but you’re not sure how to get started or how to accelerate your
already existing business you need to find somebody like Cyndi and the group
Careers on Vacation to help you matriculate through the process because
yeah you know with without it without a roadmap you end up at a dead end and most people think I can’t do this. it’s not that you
can’t just wasn’t equipped well enough it at there be times when you find a
system like this and you see that it works and you have people you see people
week after week on the calls something about or an even the newbies
I mean they’re getting excited yeah I want to know how to do this how to do
that that’s evident that it’s working that it can work and it’s just up to you
to get out there and and convince yourself and and say your affirmations I
mean you know whatever’s in that subconscious is gonna come out so you
know you put it out there in the universe and it happens so don’t
hesitate just just just go for it and you know you can always make more money
you can’t make more time and that’s what having that roadmap piece is so
important so guys whether your experience like Susan or you’re brand
new newbie thinking about getting into the industry reach out to us apply for
the cruise on vacation program you go to
and since the announcement of the TV show we’ve been super busy we’re
actually sold out right now but we are doing admissions for next month and
beyond so get your call scheduled what are you waiting for in twelve weeks your
life could be totally different and I would love to roll up my sleeves and
help you get there but in the meantime Susan we’re all gonna be following you
and watching you congratulations on all your success and I’m your cheerleader
for life thank you for visiting with us today thank you for having such a good
program in this industry, we really needed that oh you’re so welcome Susan, well take care I’ll
see you soon

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