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we’ve got some carnival cruise news
Carnival Cruise Lines has made a change they are changing from coca-cola
products to Pepsi products and I am a huge fan of Pepsi so I’m kind of happy
about that for the most part let me first read the statement that was
issued by John Heald and then we can dive in so here’s what it was it was
Carnival Cruise Lines selects PepsiCo as preferred beverage partner Carnival
Cruise Line will begin serving PepsiCo products in January 2020 right after our next
cruise so we definitely got to get booked again to see what this
implementation is like because I and as we go through you’ll see I’ve got some
questions so this was announced on November 13th of 2019 in a place called
purchase New York interesting name for a place but I’m in Paradise Nevada so
you know whatever they call it Las Vegas but I believe the municipality is
actually called Paradise so ok Vegas a little confident there may be over confident? I
don’t know this is fun I don’t know if I’d call it paradise. So anyways PepsiCo Inc is partnering with Carnival Cruise Line the world’s
most popular cruise line that’s true they have the largest fleet to become
the preferred beverage partner for its North American fleet so I suppose this
isn’t impacting the Australian fleet so that’s an important thing to note
beginning in January 2020 Carnival Cruise Line will begin serving a variety
of beverages from the PepsiCo portfolio featuring premier brands from Starbucks
ready to drink coffee to fast-growing bubly sparkling water which I am NOT a
fan of personal taste thing if you like it all the more power to you you may
have my allotment you may have my quota I am NOT interested in the bubly not
that kind of bubbly when the transition is complete carnival guests will have a
broad selection of beverage choices from iced tea sparkling water coffee drinks
and sports drinks to juices and soft drinks including an array of low-calorie
and no sugar options what I find interesting there is the inclusion of
iced tea because often times with the American definition of iced tea it’s
unsweetened so this is like literally tea that has been cold like chilled and
you know with like potentially ice cubes and you know like some lemon flavoring
sort of like that’s how you’d make it at home and like I grew up on a little bit
of that as a kid so you know I can kind of appreciate it
but in terms of the prepackaged stuff it doesn’t really do it for me
if it’s prepackaged stuff I like like you know the Nestea the stuff that has
you know it has some sugar to it so I’m wondering the iced tea on the ship I
don’t currently like my son Julian is great at creating Arnold Palmer’s which
is a 50/50 mix of iced tea and lemonade because those are both things on the
ship neither of them on their own honestly do
I think are very good but he combines them with a little bit of sugar in a
magical way so like my twelve-year-old son is my bartender on the cruise ship when
it comes to that sort of thing because I don’t like that iced tea I do often get
the bottomless bubbles and I have booked the bottomless bubbles for our
upcoming panorama sail so that’s nice to have it taken care of and not have to worry
about it at Carnival Cruise Line we invite our guests to choose fun and now
with Pepsico’s extensive portfolio of brands we’re able to give them more ways
to choose a beverage that suits their taste mood and preference so it did
include for example sports drinks and so like are we gonna have like a Powerade
type beverage that’ll be available and hopefully included in bottomless bubbles or
maybe as a free option maybe from like we have right now with iced tea and
lemonade I think that would be that would be cool that would be great if it
was an expansion PepsiCo’s lineup of beverages will give our guests access to
leading brands in growing non soda categories like iced tea juice and
sparkling water as well as popular soft drink brands that consumers love we’re
also excited to work with PepsiCo on our shared commitment to sustainability
including a reduced reliance on plastics and alternative ways to deliver and
serve water and other beverages now you notice I put some emphasis on certain
parts there sustainability makes me wonder I had at a conversation during a
Q&A session on the Carnival Breeze I believe it was with a the beverage
manager and I asked about coke freestyle machines if you’re unfamiliar with these
they are programmed and programmable fountain dispensers where you can have
all sorts of flavor combinations my personal favorite is a raspberry coke
and a peach sprite those are both fantastic but there’s tons and tons of
stuff and you can mix and combine and it’s awesome and I would love that to
come to Carnival for a couple of reasons one the flavor combinations are
outstanding two and frankly more importantly I want self-serve soda
options I want it badly they have self-serve beer they have self-serve
wine but they don’t have self-service soda? Like you need to control access to
beer and wine more than you do soda because of age restrictions for one
thing as well you know how does a machine know when to cut somebody off if
they’ve had too many so clearly those are non-issues for them whereas with
soda if you have the bottomless bubbles program you have to go up to the bar
wait your turn show your card they go and grab a can and they pour it and
crush it and throw it in a thing you know and and then you’re able to go on your way
and you get like you know they put a bunch of ice in it they put a straw with
a little thing on the top you got to you know get rid of that and leave a mess
you probably you know you might get more or less ice than you want so you know
you might have to ask Oh a little ice you know and you know you’re being
difficult and then you know and then there’s the whole question of tipping
which I’m not gonna get into in this video get at me in the comments if you
want express your opinion down below if you’re watching this on youtube tell me
all about that like if you use bottomless bubbles do you tip every
single time I’m not gonna Express an opinion there partly cuz I’m actually
inconsistent in that regard but let’s leave that for the comment section for
now we might do a tipping video in the future but I am just not brave enough
yet there’s a sensitive issue in this community and I respect the fact that
it’s sensitive so anyways if there was self service I think this would be great
for everyone I think it’s great for the customer because hopefully it would be
faster it would be greater it would be better for Carnival because they would
have their staff not so busy how many times I have to wonder do people think
about going to buy that fancy cocktail and then they see the line and they say
no that’s okay I’ll have a water, I’ll have a iced tea or the lemonade something that doesn’t
cost them anything and therefore doesn’t benefit carnivals bottom line so I think
by reducing the lines at the bar they would improve profits because I think they
would sell more alcoholic beverages which as I understand it have a better
profit margin a better higher markup on them additionally I think the staff if
they are serving more of those kinds of beverages beverages that frankly take
more work and artistry and effort than pouring a can into a cup
are more likely to get more tips carnival makes more money their
employees make more money the customers get more value out of their stuff and
also I think and here’s where sustainability comes in I imagine my
understanding is the canisters of syrup combining with you know the available
water supply and stuff like that in those machines much better for the
environment then cans these aluminum cans you know they have to mine the you
know the ore and refine it and you know there is some recycling but they also
got you know there’s the coloring and the printing on it and then the
transporting of the can and it’s transported like with mostly water in it
because like beverages that we drink are mostly water so if you’re able to just
combine syrup on-site with local water supply through reverse osmosis on the
ship for example then you know the water isn’t being transported and so that
reduces the carbon footprint we’re not moving as much aluminum we’re not moving
as much water we’re able to get it down to its core so that less carbon is spent
moving those things across the nation maybe internationally even depending on
bottling and supply lines and so also I imagine that that further has a cost
savings where they’re not constantly loading cans on the forklift and
everything else and the staff crushing them and throwing them in a thing and
that thing has to go somewhere instead you have canisters you would they would take up
less space probably you know they would weigh less on average because the the
water is not there there would be fewer of them and I don’t know about the
maintenance of these machines when I spoke with that beverage manager on the
breeze he did mention that they had to be secured in a particular way but I
also know that there are other cruise lines that should be remaining nameless
that have Coke freestyles on them the technology exists so it’s out there it’s
proven it’s doable so what I’m my scree my rant there is getting to is Pepsi does
have their own programmable fountains now I love Pepsi I think it tastes
better than coke that’s my personal preference you know let me know if I’m
wrong in the comments if you’re watching on YouTube you know get me in the
comments come at me I don’t care come at me bro and you know it’s a
matter taste I respect people having a different opinion there I like having options but that having been said I will definitely give it to
coke that their freestyle machine is leagues ahead of Pepsi’s Pepsi has like
three flavors you can add lemon strawberry cherry that’s about it and
the flavors aren’t even that great I add a little extra lemon to something
I don’t taste it that much is cherry doesn’t really taste like cherry
sometimes you know the strawberry could be a little strawberryer it could be
stronger you know but at the same time if it’s really about the self-service
more than the other things but I think that would be great now some people I’ve
brought this up before and in the comments and in Facebook groups you know
they have mentioned that when they go to their local movie theater and they have
the freestyle they say there’s a lot of like flavor contamination that has not
been my personal experience I haven’t I’ve experienced that at all and I love
these machines so I go to them every chance I get
but hey if that does happen in some cases I hope that could be a maintenance
thing they might need to clean the lines a little bit but again I think versus
all the work that goes around those cans that’s that I think it would be better
all the way around but it’s interesting that they mentioned plastic they want to
reduce the reliance on plastics how much plastic is there in relation to those
cans they come out of twelve packs also twelve packs really not flats so like
there’s almost no plastic involved there maybe they plastic wrap like the skids
of them when they’re like the forklift brings it on the ship other than that I
don’t need a lot of plastic involved maybe they mean straws straws are a
whole other thing I hate paper straws they dissolve who
thought making a straw a vessel to carry liquid being something that can dissolve
was a good idea I’m all for the environment
you know there’s plant based straws that could be biodegradable that you could
use as an alternative let’s do that or let’s find a way to recycle these
straws whatever of those two options is better for the environment but paper
straws suck it will in fact actually they don’t because they lose their
cohesion and he can’t so you know pun not intended but I hate
paper straws I want to save the environment but it is a ticking time
bomb if I get a paper straw and I’m like well this drink is too big
I cannot consume it before that straw dissolves so I should have bought a
smaller one I should spend less money which means that the person that I’m
buying it from that company organization franchisee whatever it is makes less
money and so there’s impacts in you know the financial economic side of things as
well there a little bit off topic but I’m excited about the possibility of
maybe self-serve I really hope that as they cruise Carnival Cruise Line guests
will be able to enjoy some of their favorite PepsiCo brands such as bubly
pure leaf I don’t like pure leaf very much myself I do like pure leaf more
than the iced tea currently available on the ship though so maybe that’s not so
bad it’d be a slight step up naked juice as I understand that stuff is very healthy
and I think it’d be healthier than what’s currently available so from a health
perspective I believe that has less sugar more fiber things like that I
think that’s a great improvement as a parent I appreciate that as a person who
would like to get his weight a little bit more under control I appreciate that
option Gatorade there we go so I was talking
about sports drinks Gatorade Mountain Dew
Starbucks Pepsi Pepsi zero sugar Sierra Mist Sierra Mist Zero sugar among others
our brands both celebrate having fun and offering something special for everyone
making PepsiCo and Carnival Cruise Line a great match said Anne Fink President of
PepsiCo global food service we are excited to share the voyage as we create
enjoyable seamless experiences for Carnival Cruise Line passengers while
they enjoy their fun vacations at sea and ashore so as I understand it there
are a couple ports where one or two where Carnival actually has like food
and beverage that they themselves serve on the shoreline so I’m thinking that’s
maybe what they’re referring to although I also wonder maybe there’s like vending
machines in the ports in the waiting areas maybe there’ll be some options
there so that’s interesting thing to think about as the world’s most popular
cruise line Carnival Cruise Line annually sales more than 5.2 million
guests its fleet of 26 ships will grow to 28 with the delivery of the Carnival
panorama I can’t wait in December 2019 and the Mardi Gras in
August 2020 maybe I should try and get on that, what do you think? yeah so anyways it goes on from there
that John Heald kind of introduces his thoughts one thing that people were
freaking out about and I don’t mean that in a in a negative way I’m not being
critical by saying that it’s understandable
I had this concern but people were worried understandably that there would
be a price increase on the beverages or the Bottomless Bubbles program associated
with this because and I’ve talked about this on the podcast before there’s a
clip on youtube you can check about the bottomless bubbles price the second
increase they did in almost as many years well beyond what inflation would
justify to a ridiculous degree as a percentage as a dollar per day you know
amount it doesn’t sound that much but as a percentage that’s when you
realize this is borderline usurious I know usury is about borrowing money but
anyways the point is the increases were ridiculous and so I thought oh great
this is how they’re going to get number three in he explicitly stated that there is
currently no plans to increase the price now that phrasing is obviously very
careful and very corporate because it says no plans that doesn’t mean they
won’t they’re not guaranteeing anything but given how corporations need to be
careful with their language it doesn’t surprise me that he would have to phrase
it that way because what if you know five years from now they’d do it you
don’t want somebody coming up at digging up a Facebook post from all 2019 and
saying John Heald said so it’s not a never thing and so I think that they
hopefully learned their lesson over the last couple of increases I don’t know I’m
not sure I’d be curious to see if the sales of bottomless bubbles went up or
down but anyways I’m excited about it I like Pepsi and I think that anything
that gives the potential for self-service soda options would make the
cruising experience again better for the guests more profitable for the company
and potentially it would actually improve tips for the staff
I think it’s win-win-win and then a win for the environment as well so let’s go
for self-service


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